Wednesday, 25 March 2015

News from The Pit: London #Whistleblower BANNED from Facebook again!

That "TIME" is NOW

From Araya...  Please share on social media and tag people in it . 

Dear all, I have been banned from Fb again, this time for a month. I also removed a few 'friends' from my Fb, as this Hampstead case is showing everyone's true colors - love or lack of ~ and intelligence or complete lack of ~


It's the most ridiculous thing. You either KNOW the truth or YOU DONT.

I may be privileged in knowing the real truth... I need to understand that not everyone knows it.

So let me ask you THIS then:

HOW would you REACT or feel if you had a child or two that behaved strangely... Who you then caught "playing games" with each others anuses, animals' anuses and other little children ????

Don't be ridiculous !! ... You would be extremely WORRIED unless you are a total degenerate.

You would seek answers!  

So if your children behaved like A and G, and refused to talk and also were fighting like cats and dogs everyday, putting poo in your meals, and refusing to tell you how they could behave in such a way, I am sure and CERTAIN that you would do whatever it took - which is what Abe did...

He hit them with spoons - not enough to hurt them badly, may I add.

I've had FAR worse from my grandad and dad. 

So now... let's say you finally got it out of the children... and they named about 70 PLUS abusers by name, and also DESCRIBED about 10 of those people's genitals with specific marks and tattoos and moles in very specific ways and exactly where. 

Don't tell me that you would just be a total idiot and NOT believe them. 

You would WANT TO SEE EVERY NAMED ASSHOLE STRIPPED NAKED to ENSURE they were indeed NOT fucking lying

... And if those kids told you that people from the police, the whole school community, other children, social services etc., were involved, what the fuck would you do ???  - especially if you really are NOT an idiot. 

By now, don't you know the establishment is a ring that is 
protected by an outer ring? - and they are ALL in it together.  

What ????

It's true. This is what's happening. 

Would you just go to the cops after the kids told you they were all in on it? 

NO!  I wouldn't !! 

But Ella and Abe did eventually, because they had no other help and didn't know what else to do. 

So if you do not understand the work we are trying to do and refuse to see 

reason nor how DEEP this hole goes... or just don't care... 

- please unfriend me right now !!

"SEX" - the creative power - can be used for creating beauty or HELL on earth depending if it's lust or love you chose to be motivated by. 

I only want to be friends with people who are BALANCED BETWEEN their inner and outer worlds.

Its only with balance that you have LOVE. 

I want friends who are such, with FUCKING courage !! - who are able to realise the truth and able to say "We know what SHIT this is - We are in this TOGETHER - We are here to help one another." 

Those who only care about their little lives fuck off !! - and don't come crying to ME when it's your turn to experience the evil that runs this world. 


Get off your arses, go to the churches, to all the rallies, LOVE yourselves, meditate... 

UNITE in this !!  

Because this is for YOU, for ME, for all of us for our/your children... 

This is so big that on judgment day, if you don't UNITE and CHOOSE what to KNOW, the scale will tip to one side with you in it.

Help us create heaven on earth and put the 

whole lot of these degenerates in 

special healing centers , meditation boot camps, etc. 


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