Tuesday 31 March 2015

Ella & Abraham FIRST INTERVIEW: The People's Court Room Testimony

Part I: Ella Draper & Abe Christie's testimony on Hampstead pedophilia the UK High Court excluded

Published on Mar 31, 2015
Ella Draper & Abe Christie testimony on Hampstead pedophilia original by Alfred Lambremont Webre @ YT

Abraham and Ella in Morocco
August 2014. Photo provided.

Further background:

Rings Like a BELL... Ella and Abraham. TRUTH RINGS INSIDE YOU...

Ella and Abraham message How do you wish to be remembered

Published on Mar 29, 2015
Ella and Abraham message How do you wish to be remembered


Monday 30 March 2015

Disclaimer from ELLA DRAPER regarding "CHRISTINE ANN SANDS"



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Update:  Tuesday 31 March, 2015

Ella expressly said: 

"I have never asked Christine Ann Sands to read any statements for me or represent me or my children in any way, shape or form. I have never even met or spoken to this woman."

For background, please refer to this post:


Anonymous Presents - Christine Ann Sands (Update) 2014

IS Tricky SNOOP "Sands" sneaking around on YOUR SECRET Fb Groups ???

I'm posting these primarily to inform Sabine, Ella Draper, Abe Christie and other people who are not on Facebook or who have been currently banned from Facebook ...

What did the Anonymous videos tell you?


"Christine Ann Sands" (bogus name) IS HERE to create division in this camp.

The more you enable her Sabine, the GREATER the acceptance of her by the wider London activist community.  

You're doing yourself no favours.  

Here is "Christine Ann Sands" (bogus name) snooping onto a Secret Group under stealth, harvesting whatever she can to make the writers look bad.

I 100% agree with the author of this post. 
Name removed to protect identity.

Christine Ann Sands  - a repost onto another Group where it would be seen by many

(Author) posted in a Secret Group
27 March 09:29

I think I may have a solution to a potential problem in Hampstead with the new people who are going it, seems en masse. At the moment, the people with the plan that Sands is implementing may win either way...

She will be the face that most will accept -  or at least feel they are not loud, bold and mad enough to face off - and will allow her to be the voice that will be picked up in the mainstream media, esp the BBC and the Daily Fail.

The public will become aware of the people keeping the profile up at Hampstead, through video clips of Sands shouting, acting unhinged, shouting at the top of her lungs as little children leave the school about 'Eating and F'king babies'. Then she/they will win because the public will loathe us.

If the passionate youngsters rallied by HRS arrive aware and rightly angry about her, things will kick off.  The police will be called and tomorrow via an emergency court order, they will tie it up in law that there are exclusion zones. It will only harm our ability to highlight what is going on.

My genius plan (albeit it a special kind of simple genius) is that the protestors should approach the police, on camera and ask them to arrest her [Sands] and cite the reasons.  It would at the very worst gather some interesting videos of the police allowing someone to harass minors and terrify them, despite being asked by members of the public to intervene and do their job. We win either way then. Why shouldn't we use the police to our advantage for once, we pay them?

I didn't sleep last night because of the meeting between Sands and the passionate, desperate to stand up for good people arriving could have been a bit catastrophic. Even if one or two people linger around, there will always be some media that could pick it up and run with it - So the potential of a rebirth is there, why burn bridges you don't have to?

Far from being over I think this war of good vs S is steadily being won by good. Who'd have thought it? :-)

Source:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/369203919926067/

Comments - All Comments on this Facebook thread were made on March 28, 2015

Anon 1.  It reads like the (Author) wants Christine arrested for breach of the peace, but why has Christine posted it? I was there last Sunday and have a vid of Christine kicking off. I can't tell you how uncomfortable it made us feel. She had a real shout at a couple with kids who passed by. No wonder the elite get away with so much, if we can't get our act together and have a peaceful presence there...

Anon 2.  I spent 4/5 hours with her last week. I have a weird feeling about it all.

Anon 3.  I would love to get into the mind of this strange woman. Why was she shouting at kids? To me she was very OTT outside the church, very narcissistic! It's almost like she was trying too hard to be a top protester to try and use her position to manipulate public opinion, create divisions and mistrust!

Anon 2. You've nailed it. After the church we went to the pub, and she [Sands] took control of who spoke and when, which was unnecessary as you couldn't have met a nicer group of people. After that 5 of us went back up the church to form a circle and say a few words, again her idea and she filmed us all. A couple walked past, with small children, and she confronted the woman, quite aggressively. The woman said "I'm just glad it's all over" and tried to move on her way. Another verbal attack ensued from Christine. I felt awful. She accused the woman of being part of the cult. How is that behaviour doing us any favours?

Anon 3.  No acting awards for her then! I wonder what she will do next? Will she hide, will she deny, or will she just act like nothing has happened?

Anon 2.  She can have an award for looking like a radical-crazy-screaming-religious-fanatic! I'm intrigued how she even heard about this story. She's only been in the UK a couple of weeks and my American friends have said it hadn't broken over there. I wonder why she came to this story in the UK when there's a ton of similar ones in the USA? All very odd... What will she do next indeed....

CAS Demands Apology !! No... Backtracking... Sabine says, "Go ahead."

What an attention-seeker !! 

She definitely behaves like someone with Borderline Personality Disorder  :-/

Since the kids' mom believed all the lying federal agent videos about me, she stabbed me in the back for helping. I'll leave my http://HampsteadChristChurch.com web site up that I made for them, but I'm not helping them anymore until they apologize.

** SIGN & SHARE PETITION ** 1st petition w/ 16k signatures destroyed by Change.orgon a technicality. 100k needed now! Demanding Emergency Protective Order Join the...
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  • JN. Stay strong! I support you! They're harassing you because you're so good at exposing evil.
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  • Christine Ann Sands The Hampstead whistleblower Sabine McNeill says she wants me to continue despite the slander.
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  • JN Good news!
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  • Christine Ann Sands Well, I was informed that I was probably the first person to bind the demons there in public at the top of my lungs lol
  • JN That was so AWESOME!
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Source:  https://www.facebook.com/WikiPoet

Sunday 29 March 2015

"Christine Ann Sands" (bogus name) just loves digging holes for herself...

Sands needs men to help overthrow the United States government.

Following is yet ANOTHER email written by "Christine Ann Sands" (bogus name)
She's a glutton for punishment !!!  


9:00 PM (21 hours ago)

to:  27 email addresses deleted including two addresses for RT 

So now BronnyNZ is attacking Sabine.  This shows everyone BronnyNZ is nothing but a liar & destroyer.  

I trust Sabine more than I trust Ella Draper. The way Ella read off the facts of her kids being raped and killing babies as if she were reading a boring shopping list was weird. I do, however, believe the kids; and, everything else should be swept away for their sake.  Don't dare make this case about me because of a disinformed beggar bigmouth like BronnyNZ.

Christine Ann Sands

And of course...  My response:

Really ??

Who the heck are you "Christine Ann Sands" (bogus name)?

I see your tactics. You are very transparent to me.

You expect me to rush in and defend myself and tell you i'm not "attacking" Sabine.

Sabine knows i'm not attacking HER.  

I'm definitely disappointed in her that she allowed you to come into possession of my email address.  
However, I also acknowledge there are NO Coincidences !!  NONE !!  

Sabine and I have had several email contacts since March 22, 2015 - since: Christ Church CE Hampstead gathering.  All communications have been amicable.

What I Am attacking is Sabine's current affiliation to YOU -

"Sheriff Christine Ann Sands" (bogus name and position).

In this email, YOU HIGHLIGHT TO US YOURSELF the very reason for my concern.

In fact...  I would say this email is the beginning of your undoing to any gathered here who put any trust in you at all !!

You have just shown us your TRUE self.

(I wouldn't want to be you right now) !!!

Sheriff Sands (SS) - Why are you making a video of Ella Draper's Statement ? 

You say you will be reading out the sections you pick to read out (ie: not as a complete unadulterated piece).

Your reading of this incomplete "Statement" (no longer such since it won't be complete) will be accompanied by your running commentary of the situation interjecting throughout - which obviously are not the thoughts of the Prime Creator (= copyright holder) of that document. 

What under heaven gives you the Rite !!! ??  

Yes. I did Spell that correctly !!

Who gave you that per-Mission to go ahead and do this ??

You said in your Comment on your Facebook Timeline that "they" want you to do this.  

I'm interested to hear who "they" are ???

Many thanks for bringing MUCH MORE to The Light than I bet you ever thought you would so early in your campaign of bringing this company of people down.

Sincerely yours,

Bronwyn of the May family, commonly known as Bronny NZ

- of Epping Forest, Walthamstow, Essex Co. England (1831) and of Englefield House, Reading, England (1830); and of the royal house of Punjab - Military caste (c.1860), warriors of the Indus and of England, of Caledonia, Cumbria, Eire and of Nord Norge. Landholder of estates in Frisia and Groningen, Nederlands. Heiress of Domains seen and not seen. Affiliate of the Arcturian Collective. In service to Anastasia's purpose as written in "The Ringing Cedars of Russia" and perpetually in service to The One. Instructor in Bio-Resonance propulsion and of the Resonance Unity Field in this dimension and the one not so far away. Contributor to the Bio-resonance programme in the Department of Aeronautics, Princeton University USA. Verified. In transparency.

I would be very afraid if I were you "Christine Ann Sands" (bogus name)

I know Who I AM...  unlike yourself who attempts to bridge two worlds under deception.


What the heck is "Christine Ann Sands" (bogus name) up to now ???

It appears from this recent photo that "Christine Ann Sands" (bogus name) is attempting to reinvent herself.   " ~ By their fruit you will know them."

A letter to Ella Draper and Abraham Christie from BronnyNZ (10 minutes ago) 2:30 UK time - March 30, 2015

Hi Ella and Abe,

I just saw this on Christine Ann Sands' Facebook timeline.

I'm just wondering who it would be who has asked her to read out your statement?  

It sounds a bit odd.  I thought i'd better let you know...  particularly since I know you've already made videos of yourself giving your statements.  

This seems strange and incongruous.

Love to your families,


  • Jeff Nordahl Wow they really want to stop you. I stand with you Christine!
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  • Christine Ann Sands The funnist thing about all of this is that they ended up asking me to read the mother's statement lol go figure ha ha i did .... the parts i wanted to ... and injected my own thoughts and feelings inbetween it all with about 20 cams in my face hee hee
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  • Jeff Nordahl Can't wait to see it!
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Source:  https://www.facebook.com/WikiPoet

Update:  Tuesday 31 March, 2015

Ella expressly said: 

 "I have never asked Christine Ann Sands to read any statements for me or represent me or my children in any way, shape or form. I have never even met or spoken to the woman."

Where there is smoke there is fire. A plea to Sabine McNeill. LOOK & SEE !!

Definition of ANONYMOUS:

1. Having an unknown or unacknowledged name: an anonymous author.
2. Having an unknown or withheld authorship or agency: an anonymous letter.
3. Having no distinctive character or recognition factor: 

Nope. I can't see you at all "Christine Ann Sands" (bogus name)


See Video:  What Are You Waiting For?

>>  It's all about "Christine Ann Sands (bogus name)

Video made on July 30, 2014 in Washington District of Columbia. 

10:40  "I'm gonna run for Sheriff..."

Question 1)  Did you ever achieve the office of Sheriff?

Question 2)  WHY did "Christine Ann Sands" (bogus name) leave the U.S.A and go to the UK ??

I'm not being rude here. This is a legitimate question.

Yup...  The Anonomobile has ALL the big causes flying off it.  
Is this meant to reassure us "Christine Ann Sands" (bogus name) ??

Today's thoughts:

I was pondering a dilemma this morning -  That of "Sheriff Christine Ann Sands" (bogus name and self-given title) and how Sabine is unable to hear our WARNINGS.

I was thinking about all the children of past days, months and decades who have gone to parents saying: " X is hurting me. He/ she is putting (something) inside me.  I don't want them to do that. Help me..."

Did the parents listen to the child? Could the parents HEAR the child?  Were such things conceivable in the parents' minds?  In MOST cases: "No".  

So here we are at THIS particular point in history where ADULTS (us) ARE finally listening to all these little kids and to all these past victims of Child Sexual Abuse ... and WE are now saying to all the people of the UK:

"Wake UP !!  LOOK at what is going on !!  HERE is the PROOF !!  And we have ABSOLUTE UNDENIABLE proof in the testimony of the #WhistleblowerKids."

NOW....  I Am SHOUTING at Sabine saying: 

"Wake UP !!!  LOOK at what THREE SEPARATE VIDEOS made by THREE DIFFERENT ANONYMOUS video-makers are saying about "Christine Ann Sands" (bogus name). 
HERE is the PROOF !!

(1)  In the testimony of #Anonymous."

(2)  We have it in the PHOTOGRAPHS of her semi-naked - Honey Trap

(3)  We have it in the photographs of her and her HUGE "Anonymous" bus - Yeah Right !!  How "Anonymous" is an ENORMOUS RV ??  ffs !!

(4)  We have it in her OWN declarations on video where "she is the organiser of ~ " this and that !!  Ref: Youtube "Christine Ann Sands"

(5) Hell !!!  SHE EVEN STARTED THE "CHRISTCHURCH HAMPSTEAD. COM" WEBSITE !!!!  and is the cause's leading defender, by her own declaration at Christ Church Hampstead on March 22, 2015. (see from 17:00)

THAT PROVES IT, RIGHT ???  She Started EVERYTHING !!! ??? 

Look... She even STARTED THIS !!!

Global Network for WhistleblowerKids and Hampstead Scandal


Unbelievable....  Unbelievable...


My god...  It's laughable !!

Come on !!  Wakey Wakey !!

She even pulled out the old tried-and-true trick of trying to post on my blog

"... the writer of this blog is probably an infiltrator" 


Note: I have Comments filters on my blog - not that "Christine Ann Sands" would have realised that at the time.


It will all come out in the open eventually.

You'll remember the words i've written in these posts.

Then you'll Do what you will... no prompting from me.

I've given you the information you will need... 

I stand against any and all entrapments.

It is my observation - that THIS is an entrapment.

And as for Sabine:  Can she hear me?  No.



Sabine can't hear me because she doesn't want to believe it (just like the UK over child abuse).  Sabine's mind is firmly fixed on the idea that "Christine Ann Sands" (bogus name) is a sweet, lovely, helpful, intelligent woman of pure motives...

... Just like ALL THE PARENTS who thought "Uncle Ronnie" is lovely, "Your head teacher wouldn't do that", "Rolf Harris is a fun entertainer !! Never !! " and that PM Tony Blair "never hung around toilets trying to bugger young boys."

"Don't be silly !! It's all just lies...  " said the parents...  and is saying Sabine !!


Come on Sabine !!  Wake the fuck up !!!

All I can say is:  ~  I've really tried my hardest using every vehicle I have at my disposal to put this information in front of Sabine.  I have no idea if she's looked at it or not.

If she had, i'm sure she wouldn't still be defending "Christine Ann Sands" (bogus name) to me.
It appears that Sabine is going to have to learn the hard way.

Let's just hope and pray to Heaven that "Christine Ann Sands" (bogus name) doesn't finally get enough information about Sabine's whereabouts to enable EU Police to come and arrest her.  There is STILL an EU Warrant out for both Sabine and Ella's arrest.  Did Sabine "forget" that?  

And here she is, wanting to "play nicely" with a woman who is KNOWN in the Anonymous and other Activist Communities to have TESTIFIED in 100s of court cases where she has handed over information to the FBI and where people have been arrested !!!

The perpetual question:  How hard would it be for the police to check the alleged perpetrators?

The NEW question:  How hard would it be for Sabine to contact those Anonymous video makers?

Isn't it a little strange that an AMERICAN blows into this Scene at the END OF FEBRUARY - AFTER Sabine has been forced to leave the UK because of UK and EU Warrants out for her ARREST ???

Come on !!  Join the dots !!!

.... There you go now !!!

What IF....  "Sheriff"  IS the ONLY TRUE thing in the name that "Sheriff Christine Ann Sands" tells us about herself ??

"Hidden in plain sight."  ??

"The truth is stranger than fiction." ??

Baffled.  That's me.

I don't understand for ONE INSTANT why Sabine would put herself at risk like this  :-/


+ + +

Here's a message from Sabine to me this morning via this blog in Comments on an article (unpublished):
"I am sorry you fell for hoaxers, without ever having had any direct contact with Christine. 
It comes with the territory, as Belinda told me ages ago:  
Christine has put up a million dollar reward for anybody who proves that she is an FBI agent. Why don't people claim that reward? 

Two thoughts about that:

1)  WHY is "Christine Ann Sands" (bogus name) offering me the gold of the Black Saturnian slave masters?
(2)  Is she actually that rich?

Also: I have no idea how these links are meant to support what Sabine is saying ??
I think Sabine needs to read her own articles at this point.

"You can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink."    :-/

"Where there is smoke there is fire, Sabine..."   That's all I can say.

Think on it.