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Canon Law: Why have British Family Courts embraced Vatican Canon Law ?


Ok...  I just watched all four parts in this video series below. This fourth video discusses "solicitation" in the Catholic Church, ie: a priest/ Father seducing children for sexual puposes. It's an acknowledged part of a Roman Catholic priest's life, according to evidences in this video. "Celibacy" apparently doesn't disclude sexual activity...  You just can't have a spouse.

I know...  all of this is confusing.  However, it's all perfectly in line with an originating branch of the Catholic Church called the Nicolaitans who Jesus even spoke about with great disdain in the New Testament. He used the word "hate".

That branch was founded in Antioch, in modern day Turkey. There were a lot of Babylonian cultural influences, practices and mores in Antioch at that time. Well of course there was... The Nicolaitans practice paedophilia. Babylon was a hotbed for paedophilia. It appears the Nicolaitans still sit on the gold throne in Rome, to this day.

Do you remember how paedophilia and baby sacrifice is all linked to Molech the "baby eater" and his wife Ishtar = Easter - which is where you kill the baby sacrificially, then later eat his flesh and drink his blood (symbolically in church). It's all coming together now. It's all making perfect sense...

Babylon, Phoenicia, Egypt, Rome...  They are all pedophile cultures.

"Saint" Nicholas' form of "Christianity" went with the Nicolaitans from Antioch to the Church of Rome.  Right...  So besides paedophilia being rife in Rome, the Westward movement of this new Christian cult hit Rome like a storm and has remained in the enclave ever since.

Oh my lord...  They were all up little kids' bottoms.  AND they dared to call themselves "Christians"  :-/

In Canon Law, the perpetrator, the child, nor anyone else who witnessed the incident, were NOT allowed to speak of it. They were under a vow of "secrecy".  This is a great video.  I had to keep stopping it for the first 10 minutes though, to read all the slides.  The summary is given at around 12:00-14:00.  That's when the pennies dropped for me... 

The requirements of the parties under Canon Law regarding child sexual abuse (fornication), are the EXACT restrictions that get put on the parties in the UK family courts today.  Everything is kept hidden away in "secrecy".  I think you'll enjoy this video.

Please click on this title or the photo.  This is SUCH important information that YouTube WON'T allow it to link...

THE VATICAN (Part4) -Nicolaitanism & Criminal Sex

Image result for THE VATICAN (Part4) -Nicolaitanism & Criminal Sex
Published on Oct 24, 2012

Documented proof the Vatican was the institutionalization of Nicolaitanism in western Europe.

Sex Crimes and the Vatican Part 1/3


Uploaded on Oct 17, 2010
Comments in Last Part i.e 3/3

These videos are quite difficult to find in consecutive order - YouTube likes hiding this material for their pedophile bosses. Here is a suggestion for the next video in the series. The third in this series comes up in the directory easily enough:

Sex Crimes and the Vatican Part 2 of 3

Here is another personal testimony...  These incidents are not isolated.


Uploaded on May 31, 2007
documentario bbc

This is Canon Law !! 

So WHY is Britain practicing Canon Law in its Family Courts?

WHY is New Zealand practicing Canon Law in its Family Courts?

What hold does the Pope and the Vatican have over Britain...  and the rest of the world?


  1. I agree. I have arrived at the same conclusion from reading the bible and from other people's investigations. Like you, I too have commited the rest of my time here to exposing the truth. I suddenly felt compelled to read the bible even though I have never been religious. It contains so many clues for anyone waking up to the Satanic reality around them.

    There is so much evidence of advanced technology being used in the OT and I find that I understand exactly what Jesus says and it is not what cultural teachings have been filling our heads with. He was a whistleblower and a defender of the innocent. He was an activist against the secret system (why light a candle only to hide it under a bushel) He knew they would hunt him down, because they wanted to remain covert. We all know this when we begin his journey ourselves.

    I know what the risks are and I will do it anyway. I am not fearful as I know that this is not my only home and that I am just passing through. I think I heard the weeping of the children and decided to come here to help people hear them. Being righteous is the only way to leave this joint. That is the door. He said that he is the way, meaning speaking out for the innocent even if they imprison or kill you for it. I don't need a reward in heaven, I just want to do what is right and I will die trying.

    These satanists must drop the claim they are of Christ or anyone of good intention. If they were good we wouldn't have the corrupt and deceptive world we have today. They've had thousands of years to heal and transform Earth in the name of Christ. They have stolen enough money from the poor to fix the world and yet they don't. Now, we find out that the same things that happened in Babylon is happening in our villages and cities. Yet, these evil authorities instead punish the brainwashed common man for their churches sins. They have programmed decent humans into becoming evil. The temptations are everywhere and yet people comment to each other, "it's just the way it is". They say to me "you can't do anything about it" and I say "no, not with that attitude, I can't".

    Great article. I will return for more. Thanks, my friend in light.

    1. OH MY LORD !!! THIS IS AMAZING !!! Thank you so MUCH !! I hope I have your permission to put this Comment up as an Article. You have NO IDEA of how FAST my heart is RUSHING !!! You really spoke to my Heart Angela !! "Angel" - and I think you may be. You have just given me the burst of energy I needed to continue in the mission of getting 100,000 signatures on Sabine's #WhistleblowerKids petition:

      Facebook have nearly completely LOCKED ME OUT. I worked out (mathematically) this morning that they have me on 0.05% REACH in my Shares - that's 5 Views per 10,000 people. That's right! At the moment, i'm pushing the excrement uphill on Fb. I'm part way through writing another article on this blog about this as to how to remedy this situation, which you will see posted in the next 30 minutes or so.

    2. You ARE SO on-track !! You are SO who I needed to hear from today... Thank you, thank you, thank you! You ARE an Angel. You were sent to help me... to keep me going. Because atm. I am running up a box canyon... and I know Sabine is finding the same. There are blocks in the road at every turn now... and we must learn to overcome these. We are DESPERATE now, and are calling out for others to come into understanding of WHAT the Solutions are to these "box canyons".

      I have the solutions... but for some reason, people can't hear me. I Am at the point where I NEED people to understand how to use Fb properly. People are not using it properly. You're not using it properly. You can't even see that you're not using it properly. People need to GRAB a hold of the tools i've been offering them for the last THREE WEEKS !! I have the solutions. But for whatever reasons, you are not hearing. Ask me. And we will begin.

      Hmmm.... :-/ When will the scales fall from the eyes?
      Maybe I have to start "spitting" at people ;)

      Ref: "Jesus mixed up some dirt where they were standing, adding his spit into it and applied the "mud" he'd made to the blind man's eyes. The man instantly regained his vision." How do I start getting the "spit" into your eyes? Tell me... I'm at a loss... "He who has ears let him hear."

      Yes !! Let's FOLLOW the example that Jesus gave us all...
      ... and BE Whistleblowers (BE THAT) and BE Defenders of the innocent (BE THAT).

      That is: DON'T just LOOK this Blog and various Fb posts and other articles and videos you see, like the good little Observers you have been CONDITIONED TO BE - via TV "audience"; sports field, "audience"; game shows, "audience"; City Council's planning meetings, "audience"; Parliamentary house debate, "audience"; someone playing music, "audience"; someone getting mugged in the street, "audience" - "Oooooo... I'd better get out my cell phone and get the video of that mugger so we can identify him later", "audience"; "Ooooo... Look at those 'poor little kids' over in England getting raped by Police and Child Protection services", "audience"; "I'd better learn EVERYTHING I can about it !! *it excites and appalls me* - But my Friends aren't listening... So i'll stop Sharing now", "audience".

      Do you get it yet?


      !! CONDITIONING !!


      Only YOU can break YOURSELF out of it. No-one else can do this, but YOU.


      BE AN ACTIVIST against the Secret System.
      DO NOT "light a candle only to hide it under a bushel" - words of Yeshua.

      Let's put aside our fears of being hunted down, because "they" have convinced you there are "consequences" if you DO Stand Up - through the fear they have imposed on you with their Courts System - PURPOSEFULLY set up to Intimidate you and STOP YOU from stepping into your own Personal Sovereignty of:


      You can't know Who You Are while you are still grovelling on the ground in the
      LUNACY of FEAR !!

      "They" want to continue holding power, and "they" are trying to remain covert at every turn. Don't let them !! It's OUR JOB to flush them out into the open. Only WE can do it. They're not going to "magically" arrest themselves now, are they??

      WE SEE THEM NOW !!! We are the REMNANT Who SEE THEM.

      It's OUR JOB NOW to keep pushing this information OUT - so that OTHERS can SEE TOO !!

      It's UP TO US !! TOGETHER.

      Thank you Angel *whoever you are and from wherever you've come from* for putting the FIRE back in my belly, when all I was starting to see was cinders. THANK YOU !!!! xxxxxxxx

  2. You're welcome. The feeling is very mutual. You are a fire starter that ignites passion in others and we all help each other stay strong when we make that connection with fellow compassionate hearts. Yes, use my comment at will, please do. I will be in touch again.

    I am getting ready for the train to London right now. We're going to the Royal Courts today to show support for all the children who speak out and feel they aren't heard. This is the root of all our problems. They breed sociopaths in their schools and they go on to become the new abusers and corrupters of humanity.

    I am doing a few sites of my own now, and will post here in a couple of days. I have a few more 'raising awareness' ideas up my sleeve. Right, must go, the train tickets were booked in advance.

    Back later. Much love to you friend, and keep up the excellent work. It was the last kick I needed so don't ever stop. xxxx

    1. Brilliant !! Please, let's work together. I'd love to be in touch with you more. Please add your email contact in comments - I won't publish it. Thank you darling.

  3. People here talk about "The Christ" yet no one has qualified what "The Christ" is. The "Christ Office" always was prior to the creation of our Local Universe, i.e. our Milky Way Galaxy, which is less than a trillion years old. There are older Galaxies. Christianity appears to have borrowed this word "The Christ", and the "Christ Consciousness" from the sanskrit "Krisna Consciousness", "Lord Krsna" where HARI-KRSNA is the YIN-YANG SOURCE. I am not referring to the Lord Krsna the man who lived on Earth, and certainly the man Jesus had nothing to do with "The Christ." The Christ Office is below the Buddhic Office. Jesus may have been a member of the Christ Office, but he was not the Christ Office. One may be a member of Parliament, but this does not make them the Parliament. People are trying to misled people to go outside themselves and go on a wild goose chase and find this Christ out there in the Universe, believing that some man who died 2,000 years ago, Jesus, has this Christ to give to you. The Biblical saying, "I AM THE WAY THE TRUTH AND THE LIFE" sounds like a load of Christianity nonsense. There were many great Avatars that walked this planet (especially Lord Caitanya and Shree Vasudeva Datta Thakur who was much more advanced than Jesus), but so what? Be like them, don't worship them. The Christian Bible big lie is that Jesus was the only begotten son of some supreme BEING, and that the rest us our SOULS are not offsprings of the COSMIC SOUL. Jesus had biological parents like everyone else, his father was Emperor Tiberius Pantera (1st Husband) and his mother was Princess Mariamne Herod (Virgin Mary). She was a virgin before she gave birth to twins Judas Khrestus the elder and Rabbi Jesus the younger, Druid King, King of the Jews. Emperor Tiberius Pantera was the grandson of Emperor Augustus. Princess Mariamne Herod was the granddaughter of King Herod the Great who decreed the death of his own great grandson Jesus. What a corrupt wicked family. Jesus son is Joseph Rama-Theo founded the MEROVINGIAN DYNASTY. This is the evil Dynasty of the Illuminati Bloodlines that controls this planet.

  4. The lies of lawyers: common law isn't entirely manmade.


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