Wednesday 4 March 2015

Who can get Megan back for us? Child abducted by UK "authorities".

Bulgarian woman Ellie Popova had her DAUGHTER taken off her when English courts decided Ellie couldn't protect the child from her violent English ex-husband !!!

Note: Why not punish the husband for his violence, not the mother?

Return Megan to her Bulgarian Mum: Petitions Committee Meeting 17 Jan 2015
Published on Jan 28, 2015

Petition by Ellie Popova and her mother about forced adoption of her daughter Megan. Following is transcript from the video. Various speakers.

28:00 Mr Radev: The British judge has !!! FAILED TO COMPLY !!!  - with the provisions of Brussels II (2) with regard to establishing contact with the central authorities in the country concerned... The [UK] social services were sent in to gather evidence and did not inform the relevant Ministry of Justice in Bulgaria.
The well being and the future of the child has been neglected. There is EU legislation, but which has not been respected. EU law takes presidence over national law after all, and we should be able to avail ourselves of its provisions in order to protect what is dearest to our hearts. The [UN] treaties and conventions should apply. 

32:00  Who authorised the [UK] social services to carry out the inquiries without informing the relevant departments of the Bulgarian Ministry of Justice? The Cambridge Court saw fit to order those inquiries without informing the home [Bulgarian] authorities. Here in the European Parliament, we must insure that all of the legislative practices in the member state respect the EU legislation.  What can we do to ensure that EU Legistation is respected to the letter? 

34:30  Mr Malenov.  We can not be passive. We can not remain indifferent. We must put an end to FORCIBLE ADOPTION of children across the European Union. This is not just ONE particular case. This is a practice which has been observed in the UK which is dubious. We don't know whether this is illegal or not. This IS a practice that exists in the United Kingdom. 
Quote from the Charter of the UN on the "Rights of the Child" >>   
  • Not permitting children to be taken away by force from their parents  
  • Can only be done if there is maltreatment by the parents
  • Due care must be given to the place of residence for the child
There is no problem when it comes to custody. The father has no ill-will against the child. It's possible for the child to be restored to the mother and to return to Bulgaria. The British authorities have behaved in an unacceptable fashion.  
"This is not one isolated case."  - Mr Malenov  

41:30  Are the member states taking full account of the "best interest of the child"? This is part of the Charter of "fundamental rights".  Are the voices of the family being heard, including the Grandparents? Family law courts are held in SECRET !! - so we don't understand what is happening. 
48:00  There are systemic problems here.
1:00  Sabine McNeill -  great speech !! Regarding the British judicial system: "It is so appalling. It is so disgusting !!  You are told that black is white and white is black! I beg you to listen."

Help Megi Return Home!
Wednesday, 26 March 2014

This is Megi, she is a Bulgarian child and she is placed for forced adoption in the UK.The courts in the UK decided that her British father is a violent man and dangerous for her wellbeing, and that her Bulgarian mother, even though very loving and caring for Megi, could not protect her from the father, whom she has already divorced. In addition, Megi also has a loving family in Bulgaria! She has a young grandmother, a grandfather, an uncle and an auntie. They love her to bits! They want her to stay in the family, so much that the grandmother has now filed her case with the Royal Court of Justice and is fighting to bring Megi home. 

Her words: “How will I ever live with the thought, that Megi will think all her life, that she has been abandoned, not only by her parents, but also by her grandparents?!How will I live with the thought, that all her life she will be trying to fill a hole in her soul?!”

The case regarding Bulgarian child Megan supports the acts of UNKINDNESS and outright ABUSE being carried out in Britain RIGHT NOW in regard to NOT upholding UN Charters regarding the "Rights of the Child."

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