Sunday 22 March 2015

It's time to LOOK at Systematic Ritual Child Abuse. It's time to SEE it.

It is no coincidence our Roman Year starts with the two faces of Janus which is ruled by Saturnian BLACK MAGIC -  dark trickery and illusion.

Everything you think is "REAL" is nothing but a trick.  It is  FALSE !!!

The world is NOT what you think it is.

Everybody is walking around like this, below...

You are caught in the illusory world of the Puppet Masters.

To get FREE - Just LOOK at how it really is !!!

You are then on the road to FREEDOM !!

At this current time.... ?? 

The complacency and the UNWILLINGNESS to call a Spade a Spade is God-forsaken "deafening" among the general population of the UK. A visit to any number of UK Facebook groups shows you the disconnect.

On one English Group today I saw a photo of a cup with a spout on the side where you drink out of. The problem ?? The "spout" was a penis.  The people on that Group are "awake" people apparently, who are "fighting the system" on behalf of the #WhistleblowerKids.

Really ???

Strange...  I thought you were totally buying into the SATANIC AGENDA !!!

In the light of the subject matter we are investigating, I found the photo and the accompanying conversation MORALLY REPREHENSIBLE !!!!

What a flaming DISCONNECT !!

All too often, the language and word choices i've  heard people using to describe events are uttered with such "politeness" and "gentility" as to render those descriptions absolutely meaningless. Bizarre !!

This unspoken social contract to talk like this is nothing but a social construct that thousands of Brits seem to have taken as being the "correct" way of speaking. Even the #WhistleblowerKids talk like this !!!!


There seems to me, to be little WILLINGNESS to say "What IS".

When somebody DOES say "What IS", the impulse is to go into their personal space, to hold and embrace them - as if they're really "upset" or something.   

They're NOT "upset" in the way YOU think... deep inside them. THEY'VE ALREADY DEALT WITH IT.  They've dealt with it SO MUCH they can NOW tell you their story.

It's YOU that's upset with what you're hearing. 
You're PROJECTING.  So back off !!   
They're telling their TRUTH !!!  So Let Them Be...  And just let them tell their story.   

There is GREATER POWER in ALLOWING someone to stand in THEIR TRUTH than to go in and rescue them.  You're just vampiring their Energy when you do that, and you're shutting their experience down. 

There is FAR Greater HEALING in allowing someone to DEEPLY FEEL their emotions. 
It's what we're all scared of... of being "hurt" when we start to FEEL again. So PLEASE don't rush in and "rescue" when somebody's healing starts to flow. Stand back 2 metres. Just stand with them... and ALLOW them to have their experience. Don't stand in "pity".  Just stand and BE "The Observer". This gives a great sense of strength to someone.  You are their "witness" to the fact. They will be greatly healed by the strength of your STAND with them. They are no longer alone.

I heard someone say: 
"They did some unusual things to the children."

I'm pretty sure what the speaker REALLY meant was: 
"Depraved, educated, "respectable", English adults pushed dildos so far up into young children's bowel cavities that one of the children described being able to feel the "plastic willies" on his belly. Adult "respectable" women were the worst, he said. The children's anuses bled profusely while they were being sodomised. The "respectable" adults didn't stop. The children were often physically sick for hours and days afterwards, because of the sopoforics they were injected with to make them stop screaming during the repeated rapes by "respectable" adults. The children couldn't take a poo for the next two days without excruciating agony."

Just say it. Name What IT IS.

There is POWER and CLARITY in The Word !!

I heard someone else say: 
"I'm baffled why the judge is allowing the children to see their father twice a week."

I'm pretty sure what they REALLY meant was:
"The Judge is SO FUCKING CORRUPT. What the hell gives a so-called "Royal Court Judge" the license to deliver two innocent little kids back to filthy, psychotic, drug-addled paedophile rapists ??? 

How can a population Get Free who WON'T EVEN NAME WHAT'S REALLY GOING ON ???


It's time England shook herself and DECIDED to SEE !!!!

It's TIME to LOOK !!!!


Satanist activities, USA. This is real.

Exorcism of a demon. USA. This is real. This happened in my family as well - demonic possessions, different voices coming out.

Satanic church member testimony

Project Monarch. UK

Generational Satanic abuse. USA. This is the experience also of the #Whistleblower children - their father, their grandmother, their uncle and aunt ALL involved in abusing these kids.

You can't know what the "enemy" is, nor how you can overcome it, until you've looked at it.

Thanks. Just look... 

- And name what you see, without embellishment. 

This is healing.

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