Thursday 5 March 2015

UK: Who is JUDGING the Judges? Who is AUDITING the Police?

Is the UK Family Courts system FALLING?  

HOW ??  By what mechanism?

I just saw this printed somewhere...

UK Family Courts are screwed: EU Law 

- They either get in line or get squashed.

Maybe someone who knows about the workings of the British regulatory systems could answer these questions below in comments.

Who would do the quashing ?

The government makes the laws but doesn't oversee them.

The police oversee the laws but don't know the laws - they just make stuff up as they go along.

The court judges want to protect their own paedophile activities, so go along with the police's erroneous handling of situations, and police cover-ups to protect members of its own fraternity.

So: Who's monitoring the police?

And: Who's monitoring the judges?

Under whose authority would the EU be acting if they were to intervene?

And God knows... INTERVENTION IS needed !!

Who or what would give the EU the right to come in and sort out the UK "Just-Us" system?


I'm just trying to see how the words, "EU Law - They either get in line or get squashed," would be implemented in practice.

Are there systems in place in the UK to "judge the judges" ??

And, how effective are the bodies that are currently in place?  eg: IPCC

~  Thanks.


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  1. EXCELLENT questions, Ramallah!!! A policy advisor in Brussels is 'catching up' with us to find out:

    1. Proceedings for Infringement violations:

    2. what the previous UK secretary of the Petitions Committee had said to me: the UK can't have it both ways, be a member of a club and NOT play by its rules.

    The key is for me:

    But UK police AND courts act above and beyond the Rule of Law, as we've observed for YEARS! See


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