Monday 30 March 2015

IS Tricky SNOOP "Sands" sneaking around on YOUR SECRET Fb Groups ???

I'm posting these primarily to inform Sabine, Ella Draper, Abe Christie and other people who are not on Facebook or who have been currently banned from Facebook ...

What did the Anonymous videos tell you?

"Christine Ann Sands" (bogus name) IS HERE to create division in this camp.

The more you enable her Sabine, the GREATER the acceptance of her by the wider London activist community.  

You're doing yourself no favours.  

Here is "Christine Ann Sands" (bogus name) snooping onto a Secret Group under stealth, harvesting whatever she can to make the writers look bad.

I 100% agree with the author of this post. 
Name removed to protect identity.

Christine Ann Sands  - a repost onto another Group where it would be seen by many

(Author) posted in a Secret Group
27 March 09:29

I think I may have a solution to a potential problem in Hampstead with the new people who are going it, seems en masse. At the moment, the people with the plan that Sands is implementing may win either way...

She will be the face that most will accept -  or at least feel they are not loud, bold and mad enough to face off - and will allow her to be the voice that will be picked up in the mainstream media, esp the BBC and the Daily Fail.

The public will become aware of the people keeping the profile up at Hampstead, through video clips of Sands shouting, acting unhinged, shouting at the top of her lungs as little children leave the school about 'Eating and F'king babies'. Then she/they will win because the public will loathe us.

If the passionate youngsters rallied by HRS arrive aware and rightly angry about her, things will kick off.  The police will be called and tomorrow via an emergency court order, they will tie it up in law that there are exclusion zones. It will only harm our ability to highlight what is going on.

My genius plan (albeit it a special kind of simple genius) is that the protestors should approach the police, on camera and ask them to arrest her [Sands] and cite the reasons.  It would at the very worst gather some interesting videos of the police allowing someone to harass minors and terrify them, despite being asked by members of the public to intervene and do their job. We win either way then. Why shouldn't we use the police to our advantage for once, we pay them?

I didn't sleep last night because of the meeting between Sands and the passionate, desperate to stand up for good people arriving could have been a bit catastrophic. Even if one or two people linger around, there will always be some media that could pick it up and run with it - So the potential of a rebirth is there, why burn bridges you don't have to?

Far from being over I think this war of good vs S is steadily being won by good. Who'd have thought it? :-)


Comments - All Comments on this Facebook thread were made on March 28, 2015

Anon 1.  It reads like the (Author) wants Christine arrested for breach of the peace, but why has Christine posted it? I was there last Sunday and have a vid of Christine kicking off. I can't tell you how uncomfortable it made us feel. She had a real shout at a couple with kids who passed by. No wonder the elite get away with so much, if we can't get our act together and have a peaceful presence there...

Anon 2.  I spent 4/5 hours with her last week. I have a weird feeling about it all.

Anon 3.  I would love to get into the mind of this strange woman. Why was she shouting at kids? To me she was very OTT outside the church, very narcissistic! It's almost like she was trying too hard to be a top protester to try and use her position to manipulate public opinion, create divisions and mistrust!

Anon 2. You've nailed it. After the church we went to the pub, and she [Sands] took control of who spoke and when, which was unnecessary as you couldn't have met a nicer group of people. After that 5 of us went back up the church to form a circle and say a few words, again her idea and she filmed us all. A couple walked past, with small children, and she confronted the woman, quite aggressively. The woman said "I'm just glad it's all over" and tried to move on her way. Another verbal attack ensued from Christine. I felt awful. She accused the woman of being part of the cult. How is that behaviour doing us any favours?

Anon 3.  No acting awards for her then! I wonder what she will do next? Will she hide, will she deny, or will she just act like nothing has happened?

Anon 2.  She can have an award for looking like a radical-crazy-screaming-religious-fanatic! I'm intrigued how she even heard about this story. She's only been in the UK a couple of weeks and my American friends have said it hadn't broken over there. I wonder why she came to this story in the UK when there's a ton of similar ones in the USA? All very odd... What will she do next indeed....

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