Monday 2 March 2015

We NEED to Share this information with London, UK. JOIN US !!

Hampstead village

Greater London is a city of 16 million people. That means, everybody reading this post needs to be getting involved in this initiative.  If you're not organising something, writing a blog, running a radio show, doing graphics and making artwork for Sabine and the other McKenzie Friends, if you're not making placards for the protest on March 11, 2015...  If you're just reading and taking this information in........

!! THIS !! is where you need to engage.  This is not a spectator sport !!

We NEED YOUR help now to start telling 16 MILLION people throughout London, exactly what the story is.  Thanks.  Sabine NEEDS YOU.  And the Children NEED YOU - ALL the children who are being institutionally gang raped in London right now, that is...  ALL of those children and babies NEED YOU.

Please help.  Thank you. We need your fingers on your key pads and your voice heard through your words. This is a mammoth task ahead. It will take some months. Diligence required. And it can be done !! This is a "finite" project.  It will just need our daily diligence to chip away at the big old "stone"  : )

Q:  How do you eat an elephant?

A:  One mouthful at a time.

Following is a link to Facebook Pages, Groups, Profiles and Directories where you can start to get to know people, make conversation and slowly bring the Christ Church Primary School CE topic up. The aim is to tell every corner of London England. The "regular" news isn't going to tell London. It's up to us.

atm. I would estimate <1% of the London population knows these Child Sex Abuse and Baby Sacrifice Cults are going on...   Let's tell them.

Houses in South Hampstead - thousands of them. We can do this.


  1. Beyond Mind, the Beast Of Abomination. Yes, we reveal them in my Facebook group CHILDREN BE SAFE. We repeat these posts... about the MPs and the pedophilic rings of the sick bastards in the offices. Also, I will promote the awareness through my music work
    Thank You For Your Care.

  2. Thank you Shamsan for your reply. Thank you for telling us about your UK Facebook Group: "Children Be Safe" and your other websites and Fb Pages. I'll add "Children Be Safe" to the list on this article,


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