Friday 20 March 2015

"Dame" Pauffley MUST be one of them... NO OTHER EXPLANATION !!


The paedophiles at the top give it away completely by making "Sirs" and "Dames" of all their paedophile friends. They're all feeding from the same trough...

NO OTHER EXPLANATION can account for the judgement Judge Pauffley gave in regard to the #WhistleblowerKids' testimonies.

Why isn't this judge going to follow up 

on the children's  allegations ??

Oh dear God !!  

Don't tell me she's ONE OF THEM !!!

Internet campaign about satanic cult at Hampstead school was ‘fantasy’ says judge

12:54 19 March 2015

#SatanicCult? Dismissed. You must be joking! #DamePauffley knows!?

March 19, 2015  - by Sabine McNeill

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