Monday 22 September 2014

"Aotearoa News" - Expressions of Interest

Kia ora whanau, all up and down Aotearoa...

I'm toying with an idea of collaboratively creating a no bullshit news agency "Aotearoa News". NZ news is going down the tubes, as tens of thousands of us observed during this last election. Information was bent and buckled to the liking of the journalist or the editor - I guess in an attempt to shock people and sell more copy or video. I am sick of this bs.

Here in Aotearoa, I see the need to collaboratively form a news agency that is not dollar-driven with hungry investors snapping in the background wanting their cut. I want the REAL news... and I suspect that YOU want the REAL news too... not someone else's fabricated version or so-called "interpretation" of what's going on.

Labour's David Shearer
TV3 News

- Thanks Paddy Gower... I used to love you man... But when I saw what you did on Sunday morning in your Shearer interview, I lost all confidence. YOU ARE one of my motivators in this... Thanks. I now have a strong need within me to correct what I consider to be an overwhelmingly perverse situation in our NZ media... conjecture, LIES !!!  - all for the sake of building a story !!

The idea I have is to bring together THOUSANDS of OUR eyes and ears, with brains ticking over, fingers typing, and people taking photographs... That's YOU !!

The "Aotearoa News" co-operative is a place where we will all learn how to go about putting "news" together (yes, there is a formula) and getting it out there as a very professional finished product. "Aotearoa News" is a place where we can get our articles published that come from GRASS ROOTS NZ - a place where NZ'ers who are currently blinded by the msm headlights, can come and get the Truth... No bs.

And "no"... you're not going to get paid. "Money" is part of the old system. We are Shifting the Paradigm (please Search: Michael Tellinger, Ubuntu, New Earth Nation). The 'money system' is well on its way to collapsing. So contributors need to be on board with this and go back (in heart and mind) to the old pre-money ways of thinking which is: co-operative, collaborative sharing of skills, talents, insights, capabilities. That's also why there needs to be thousands of us... so WE as Contributors can still go out and earn the money we need to keep our households afloat during this monetary "transition".

What you WILL get is: your name out there (or nom de plume if you prefer), a great group of people to work and collaborate with (new friendships), and be one of our whanau who bring TRUTH to Aotearoa. Once you get on this buzz, nothing else can compare... Bringing Truth to people is its own reward.


I'm on the look-out for bloggers with intelligence and insight, for graphic artists, for web designers and builders, for people handy with a camera who are open to learning how to take great media pics, for people who can make good quality video and take and edit clear, crisp sound bites, for ex-journalists who got sick of the bs, for journalism students who didn't finish their diplomas, for people with English degrees who can edit our material... Or if you're a lawyer, accountant, farmer or dentist with an interest in the media... or an economist, ecologist, geologist or ex-miner... We need commentators. Join us. EVERYONE is NEEDED and MOST WELCOME.

We NEED the stories only YOU can tell And we need the expertise of ALL who want to contribute... especially for analysis and putting complicated information, eg: spreadsheets, into plain English - all that info. the non-specialist reader would have trouble to interpret.

We need people on the ground who have NEVER written before, but who have a PASSION for AOTEAROA.

- You might be busily squirrelling away on your local community project, your organic food co-op, within your local activist group or teaching disadvantaged kids how to surf - so YOU have a finger on the pulse like no-one else does in YOUR area. Yeah... We TOTALLY need you !!

WE NEED to find a way ahead for Aotearoa. We need to cut a track... and a part of being able to create our new Future Together effectively is COMMUNICATION !!

We need to be able to see what everyone else is doing - community building, protesting, making council submissions, learning to build earth ships and establish community gardens... and we need to keep an eye on what our poli- poli- poli- politicians are doing, our local body councillors, DOC and our DHBs. So some of the reporting will be dead fun while some of it will be dead boring. But that's the nature of my request... For YOU to go and collect the data, to take it back to your place, write it up, edit your photo, suggest your headline and submit it to our editors. If everyone wrote just ONE article a week, we would have PLENTY of material !! See the vision... ???

This is to be a NO bs "Aotearoa News" co-operative of The People, a service that's very much needed right now - especially since NZ foreign-owned media Fairfax and APNZ have very recently started to out-source as much as they can, at a dramatic rate, to India and other places in the South East of Asia. Yes. That's right. BECAUSE of the internet (Trade Me, online news, bloggers, etc.) our current news outlets can't make money. They are letting many of their staff go in NZ... hundreds of them. Only skeleton reporting crews will exist in NZ VERY SOON. The whole "media industry" in NZ is in decay...  It leaves me to wonder if NZ WILL have a bona fide "for the people" news service in the future, or just some "pretend ones" that sell you fabricated bs purely for the purposes of making money - which is what they've got in the U.S. right now. And WE NEED a bona fide news agency. I'm proposing for it to be called "Aotearoa News". Other input is welcome. This is just "step one".

Over time, I envisage we could provide an over-arching canopy (via publicity and promotion) that could embrace the likes of regional community radio shows, video shows created using YouTube, Vimeo, etc., whanau and marae news, and any other sorts of media-related endeavours that people have a drive to create.

Help me do this... ?? It can only happen if we ALL (to whoever hears this call), IF WE ALL pick up a paddle and give it a go. I'm sure our waka will go 'round and 'round in circles for a while... Par for the course.  But in the end, we'll learn from our bumblings and stumblings and we WILL get the waka going straight... hopefully, WELL BEFORE the next election

Who's on board?

Contact me.
Friends Requests welcome.
Let me know how you see yourself fitting in.

And please SHARE this post to whoever you know that might be interested.

Kia ora whanau. Arohanui,
Bronny NZ

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Update: 28 September 2014, 11:01

This IS happening right now. The People of Aotearoa are taking this idea up in Full Gusto. 

If you feel the call to be a Contributor, please come to this Group on Facebook (linked) or contact me below.  Thank you.  

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Thursday 18 September 2014

ISIL: An Instrument of the Western Military Alliance

Excerpts. Please go to the link for the whole article:


The Engineered Destruction and Political Fragmentation of Iraq. Towards the Creation of a US Sponsored Islamist Caliphate

The Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham: 

An instrument of the Western Military Alliance

First published by GR on June 14, 2014.
Update, August 9, 2014 
President Barack Obama has initiated a series of US bombing raids in Iraq allegedly directed towards the rebel army of the Islamic State (IS).
The Islamic State terrorists are portrayed as an enemy of America and the Western world. Amply documented, the Islamic State is a creation of Western intelligence, supported by the CIA and Israel’s Mossad and financed by Saudi Arabia and Qatar.
We are dealing with a diabolical military agenda whereby the United States is targeting a rebel army which is directly funded by the US and its allies. The incursion into Iraq of the Islamic State rebels in late June was part of a carefully planned intelligence operation...
The killings of innocent civilians by the Islamic state terrorists create a pretext and the justification for US military intervention on humanitarian grounds. Lest we forget, the rebels who committed these atrocities and who are a target of US military action are supported by the United States.
The bombing raids ordered by Obama are not intended to eliminate the terrorists. Quite the opposite, the US is targeting the civilian population as well as the Iraqi resistance movement.
The endgame is to destabilize Iraq as a nation state and trigger its partition into three separate entities.
* * *
The conflict is casually described as “sectarian warfare” between Radical Sunni and Shia without addressing “who is behind the various factions”.  What is at stake is a carefully staged US military-intelligence agenda...
The Al Qaeda affiliated Islamic State of Iraq (ISI) re-emerged in April 2013 with a different name and acronym, commonly referred to as the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS). The formation of a terrorist entity encompassing both Iraq and Syria was part of a US intelligence agenda... 
The Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham’s Sunni caliphate project coincides with a longstanding US agenda to carve up both Iraq and Syria into three separate territories: A Sunni Islamist Caliphate, an Arab Shia Republic, and a Republic of Kurdistan.
Whereas the (US proxy) government in Baghdad purchases advanced weapons systems from the US including F16 fighter jets from Lockheed Martin, the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham –which is fighting Iraqi government forces– is supported covertly by Western intelligence. The objective is to engineer a civil war in Iraq, in which both sides are controlled indirectly by US-NATO.
The scenario is to arm and equip them, on both sides, finance them with advanced weapons systems and then “let them fight”...

Under the banner of a civil war, an undercover war of aggression is being fought which essentially contributes to further destroying an entire country, its institutions, its economy. 
America’s military occupation of Iraq has been replaced by non-conventional forms of warfare. Realities are blurred. In a bitter irony, the aggressor nation [U.S.] is portrayed as coming to the rescue of a “sovereign Iraq”.
The break up of Iraq along sectarian lines is a longstanding policy of the US and its allies. 

See map of Middle East below:

“Supporting both Sides”
The “War on Terrorism” consists in creating Al Qaeda terrorist entities as part of an intelligence operation, as well as also coming to the rescue of governments which are the target of  the terrorist insurgency. This process is carried out under the banner of counter-terrorism. It creates the pretext to intervene.
ISIS is a caliphate project of creating a Sunni Islamist state. It is not a project of the Sunni population of Iraq which is broadly committed to secular forms of government. The caliphate project is part of a US intelligence agenda.
In response to the advance of the ISIS rebels, Washington is envisaging the use of aerial bombings as well as drone attacks in support of the Baghdad government as part of a counter-terrorism operation.  It is all for a good cause: to fight the terrorists, without of course acknowledging that these terrorists are the “foot soldiers” of the Western military alliance.
Needless to say, these developments contribute not only to destabilizing Iraq, but also to weakening the Iraqi resistance movement, which is one of the major objectives of US-NATO...

More broadly, the “Global War on Terrorism” (GWOT) encompasses a consistent and diabolical logic: both sides –namely the terrorists and the government– are supported by the same military and intelligence actors, namely US-NATO.

While this pattern describes the current situation in Iraq, the structure of “supporting both sides” with a view to engineering sectarian conflict has been implemented time and again in numerous countries. 
Insurgencies integrated by Al Qaeda operatives (and supported by Western intelligence) prevail in a large number of countries including Yemen, Libya, Nigeria, Somalia, Mali, the Central African Republic, Pakistan. The endgame is to destabilize sovereign nation states and to transform countries into open territories (on behalf of so-called foreign investors).
The pretext to intervene on humanitarian grounds (e.g. in Mali, Nigeria or the Central African Republic) is predicated on the existence of terrorist forces. Yet these terrorist forces would not exist without covert US-NATO support.

The Capture of Mosul:  US-NATO Covert Support to the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS)
... What is important to understand, is that both sides, namely the regular Iraqi forces and the ISIS rebel army are supported by US-NATO. There were US military advisers and special forces including operatives from private security companies on location in Mosul working with Iraq’s regular armed forces. In turn, there are Western special forces or mercenaries within ISIS (acting on contract to the CIA or the Pentagon) who are in liaison with US-NATO (e.g. through satellite phones).
Under these circumstances, with US intelligence amply involved, there would have been routine communication, coordination, logistics and exchange of intelligence between a US-NATO military and intelligence command center, US-NATO military advisers forces or private military contractors on the ground assigned to the Iraqi Army in Mosul and Western special forces attached to the ISIS brigades. These Western special forces operating covertly within the ISIS could have been dispatched by a private security company on contract to US-NATO.

Islamic State in Iraq and Greater Syria

About ISIS: "I am going to show you the Truth..." John Cantlie


Transcript from John Cantlie: "Hello, my name is John Cantlie. I'm a British journalist who used to work for some of the bigger newspapers and magazines in the UK - including The Sunday Times, The Sun and The Sunday Telegraph.

"In November 2012 I came to Syria where I was subsequently captured by the Islamic State. Now, nearly two years later many things have changed, including the expansion of the Islamic State to include large areas of eastern Syria and western Iraq, a land mass bigger than Britain and many other nations.

"Now, I know what you're thinking ... you're thinking, 'He's only doing this because he's a prisoner. He's got a gun at his head and he's being forced to do this ... right?' Well, it's true. I am a prisoner, that I cannot deny. But seeing as I've been abandoned by my government and my fate now lies in the hands of the Islamic State, I have nothing to lose. Maybe I will live, and maybe I WILL die. But I want to take this opportunity to convey some facts that you can verify. Facts that if you contemplate, might help preserving lives.

"Over the next few programmes I am going to show you the truth as the Western media tries to drag the public back to the abyss of another war with the Islamic State. After two disastrous and hugely unpopular wars in Afghanistan and Iraq - why is it that our governments appear so keen to get involved in yet another unwinnable conflict?

"I'm going to show you the truth behind the systems and motivation of the Islamic State and how the Western media - the very organisation I used to work for - can twist and manipulate that truth for the public back home.

"There are two sides to every story - think you're getting the whole picture?

"And I'll show you the truth behind what happened when many European citizens were imprisoned and later released by the Islamic State, and how the British and American governments thought they could do it differently to every other European country. They negotiated with the Islamic State and got their people home, while the British and Americans were left behind.

"It's very alarming to see where this is all headed, and it looks like history repeating itself yet again. There is time to change this seemingly inevitable sequence of events, but only if you - the public - act now. Join me for the next few programmes and I think you may be surprised at what you learn."

Last updated Thu 18 Sep 2014

Inquiry of "ISIS". Who is ISIS? What is ISIS? Answers here.

Answers to all your questions here, posted since June 20, 2014.



Detailed investigations:


Saturday 13 September 2014

No New War in Iraq

"The second Iraq war cost us:  4,425 American lives;  250,000 permanent brain abnormalities in U.S. soldiers;  $2-4 trillion.  Why are we going back to Iraq?"    *  #NoNewWar


Please go to the website to sign the petition...

btw. I live in New Zealand, so for me, this has nothing to do with whether I support Alan Grayson nor which party I affiliate with.  What I affiliate with is, for the wishes of the people of the world to be clearly heard.

No More War !!

Please sign...

No New War: We're Not Going Back to Iraq


25562 people have signed our petition -
51% toward our goal of 50000!


Bronwyn L.
Maureen K. Greenfield Town, MA
richard h. Sallisaw, OK
Jonathan B. Rochester, NY
NO NEW WAR! Dirty warmongers needs to be held accountable!
Trillions squandered is not enough to see military might is not effective. Stop Growler training on Whidbey Island, WA. Growlers burn 1,300 gallons of toxic jet fuel every hour. Growlers pilots train with earsplitting noise less than 200 feet over residential areas. American citizens should...
Coletta S. Breese, IL
Insurgents are advancing on Baghdad and again, the United States contemplates military action. But the American people have already made up our mind -- we're not going back to Iraq.
Petition: "U.S. military action in Iraq: It sure didn’t work out well last time. Let’s not make that mistake again."

Friday 12 September 2014

"NO ISIS..." says an Iraqi man. 17 June 2014. It's a LIE !!!

17 June 2014.  Time marker @ 6:30:

"If anyone tells you there is ISIS, tell them there IS NO ISIS.  There are only Sunnis who have been oppressed."

This is right from the horse's mouth - out of the mouth of a local man who is living in Iraq.  

PLEASE think about this... and think about the implications of what US Puppet Barak Obama announced this week about ISIL.  

THERE IS NO ISIS/ ISIL.  Zero. Zilch. Nada.

It is NOT true.  It is a LIE !!

So WHY is the U.S. administration wanting to start a new Middle-Eastern war ???

 WHY ???

It's time for COMPLETE transparency...
Long overdue.

REFUSE to go to war in the Middle East.

Say "NO" !!!

Fighting Back Against ISIS: The Battle for Iraq (Dispatch 1)

Published on Jun 17, 2014
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Last week, the extremist militant Sunni group — "Al-Dawlah al-Islamiyah" (the Islamic State, misrepresented by the U.S. media as "ISIS", along with other Sunni militias and former Baathist party members, seized control of large parts of Iraq, including Mosul, the nation's second largest city.

In many places, the Iraqi army barely put up a flight. Soldiers dropped their weapons and fled, whether because of fear, incompetence, or internal sabotage. Hundreds of thousands of Iraqis have become internally displaced after fleeing the fighting or the potential for potential Iraqi air strikes.

Many say the conflict was brewing for a while, and that al-Dawlah al-Islamiyah (aka. ISIS), along with some of the other groups, has had some semblance of control in Sunni areas for quite some time. They point to Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri Al-Maliki's increasingly sectarian polices and crackdowns on Sunnis as having provoked the events of the last week, and fear this could be the start of a devastating civil war.

In the north, Kurdish forces known as the peshmerga have used the opportunity to seize disputed areas, territories that the Kurds long felt belonged to them but the [U.S. puppet] government [called "Iraq" under Maliki] was hesitant relinquish. 

An informal border now exists between al-Dawlah al-Islamiyah (aka. ISIS) dominated areas and Kurdish territory. There has only been sporadic clashing, as neither group seems determined to break the strange detente.

Here's Who Is Fighting in Iraq and Why:

Crisis in Iraq: Kurdish Peshmerga Clash With Advancing ISIS:

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