Monday 2 March 2015

"The Establishment" Cover-Up of PAEDOPHILIA. Time to UNITE !!

There's no more hiding it...

It's right out there in the open, 

where EVERYBODY can SEE IT !!!

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By Anonymous
March 1, 2015

"The Establishment has been challenged !!"

In the UK, when the Establishment is challenged they have been trained to take the knee jerk reaction - undermine the victims.

If that fails, Plan B is always then to - PUNISH THE VICTIMS!

It's pathetic!

Why do you think Sabine's website is called Victims Unite?

All of you who are or have been 
victims of the Establishment,
NOW is the time to UNITE*

We cannot sit back and watch a campaigner for the protection of children against rape, be subject to a witch hunt by the corrupt British government and its lap dog judiciary.

The testimony of these children IS a matter of public interest and both social services and police cover up reported murders and rape of children, simply because the government wants it that way.

The rape and murder of children by members of the UK establishment is being uncovered right, left and centre, and they don't want the public at large to see the UK Establishment for what IT REALLY IS - a Satanic, puss-filled, rotting cesspit.

There's nothing "great" about Great Britain any more 

except the magnitude of it's licentiousness.

* Unite is an anagram for "untie".  

Something else to ponder...

When people "UNITE", they collectively have the STRENGTH to "UNTIE" all the evils of the past, including what has been passed in "LAW" (ie: pretend, made up bits of paper with "sentences" on them) and the "Culture of Acceptance".

ALL of these will be UNTIED this year, when The People STAND UNITED.

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