Saturday 4 May 2024

Arab Journalist DESTROYS ‘Racist’ Piers Morgan - May 5, 2024


Katie Halper talks to Rahma Zein about her recent interview with Piers Morgan, and how she is tired of having to explain the worth of Arab life.

Dear Students Protesting for Palestine [French Version] - Richard Medhurst. May 5, 2024


British journalist Richard Medhurst delivers a speech in French to students protesting for Gaza across France and globally.

Richard Thomas Medhurst (1992) is an independent journalist, political commentator, and analyst from the United Kingdom with a focus on international affairs, US politics, and the Middle East. Medhurst is known for his coverage of the Julian Assange extradition case in London, as one of the only journalists to report on the trial of the WikiLeaks founder from inside the court. He has also covered the Iran nuclear deal talks on the ground in Vienna. Medhurst was born in Damascus, Syria. His father is English and mother is Syrian. Both his parents served in United Nations Peacekeeping and Observer missions and were among the UN Peacekeepers awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1988. Owing to his parents’ professional mobility, he has lived in Syria, Pakistan, Switzerland, and Austria. He speaks four languages fluently: English, Arabic, French, and German. As an independent journalist, Medhurst regularly hosts live broadcasts and video reports on his YouTube channel. Previous guests include the Foreign Minister of Venezuela, the Dep Foreign Minister of Iran; the Palestinian, Russian and Cuban ambassadors to the United Nations in Vienna; the former British Ambassador to Syria; and various UN officials, journalists, and more. Medhurst’s reports and analysis on Yemen, Ukraine, Syria, Niger, Lebanon, Iran, the Israeli occupation in Palestine and its genocide in Gaza have gone viral countless times, racking up millions of views. Richard Medhurst has a combined following of roughly one million people online, and appears regularly on international news outlets including Al Jazeera, WikiLeaks, Black Agenda Report, Al Mayadeen, The Times, LBC, and others. 

Find Richard Medhurst on 

Monday 29 April 2024

Brave Norwegian reporter busts Israeli lies - UK David Mencer interview 26 April 2024


See interview excerpts with commentary here >

See full interview here on Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation (NRK)


Social media comments published 2 hours ago taken from the "excerpts" link above - 

  • Who's this liar with the BRITISH accent talking about the most moral army in the world.
  • Asking an Israeli for evidence is like calling them antisemetic
  • My blood pressure goes up to the roof when I hear Israeli spokesmen.
  • Is anybody else heartedly sick of these lying ppl.
  • If you repeat a lie enough times, eventually it becomes Israel.
  • The lies of these Psychopaths are disgusting!
  • They need kicking out of the UN FOR EVER
  • Former chairman of the Labour Friends of Israel. Shows you the state of British politics.
  • Former English politician; Labour Friends of Israel. Then bounces back as a spokesperson for a foreign government. How does that work?! Interesting
  • This guy talks the same as any other Israeli official. They repeat exactly the same lies over and over again
  • Liar n should be prosecuted for war crime
  • British accent and uk is fully complicit
  • Colonial Spokesman from the UK telling everyone the indigenous people count for nothing.
  • Thank you for relentlessly and courageously exposing Israel's lies.
  • It's sickening listening to their lies, unashamedly and with a straight face.
  • Hearing these Israeli propagandists is giving my eye rolling muscles repetitive strain injury.
  • "Where is the proof for these beheadings?"
  • "Just ask the IDF".
  • This is the arrogance of the untouchables
  • Why have they killed so many children, journalists, aid workers, Drs, hospital workers and paramedics if they are the most humane army in the history of the world?
  • Accountability is antisemitic
  • OMG, according to this guy, asking for ANY proof at all is an "unreasonable burden of proof" ?
  • These people have lost the world's credibility with all their blatant lies.
  • Thank you brave journalist.
  • Great job exposing this spokeman. He really lost it and had a real mard.
  • These people are first class Liars it is a disgrace
  • ICJ should include all our politicians in any war crimes trials.
  • That man holds NO values i hold.
  • Another guy who needs to face war crime justice sooner rather than later.
  • Why do so many Israelis have multiple citizenships if they belonged to the land in the first place?
  • Empty boast? He repeated lies while declaring moral superiority.
  • Interviewer better be careful he will be accused of being Anti-semitic & sacked for being too good at his job.
  • These patholical liars have no limit when it comes to lying !
  • Well done that man. He is a dirty liar. Free Palestine. We can see and hear for ourselves what they have done. None of us are free while the Palestinian people are not.
  • The IDF is winning against the Palestinian CIVILIAN POPULATION, but losing against Hamas, who they are supposedly fighting. Epic failure!
  • Israeli spokespersons are like stuck recorders


John 8:44   Jesus said:

44 You belong to your father, the devil, and you want to carry out your father’s desires. He was a murderer from the beginning, not holding to the truth, for there is no truth in him. When he lies, he speaks his native language, for he is a liar and the father of lies.

Sunday 28 April 2024

The genocide is ending. We see the truth now of who and what they are - Psychopaths. Unhinged.

The genocide has stopped. Aid trucks are being let in. Random shootings ceased. Negotiations are going on in the background that we can't see. Ever since Iran, Syria, Lebanon and Yemen's strikes against US, UK and Israeli attempts to keep up Iron Dome, the Israeli government has been brought to heel. They are now the bitch of the collective forces that surround them. Go here for insider commentary - Video: US Officials Confirm Israel WON’T ENTER RAFAH | IOF Reservists Refuse To Serve: “WE’RE INCAPABLE”. 

Israel is gutted economically - Israeli shipping up the Red Sea blockaded by Yemen. Kibbutzes in the north evacuated because of shelling from Lebanon. Those people have been housed by the government at expensive resorts and hotels. Dual passport holding Jews are getting out of there. They are not Arabic (Semitic). They have no connection to the land, so they leave! The Zionist experiment has ended. The collective Arab-Iranian forces spent millions on old drones already past their expiry date - canon fodder. They didn't matter. By contrast, US, UK, Israel spent multi-BILLIONS on the very expensive Iron Dome protection which is now failing. Lots of missiles are now getting through. Funding for this stupidity has dried up. US told Israel, "you're on your own". Benjamin Mileikowsky (Polish) aka "Netanyahu" (not a Semite = Arab) threw his toys out of the cot. He will be going to jail soon. Many of his inner circle are resigning and definitely stepping away from this war criminal. Mileikowsky is about to be arrested. The Zionist experiment has ended. 

The Jews had the chance to make good... they blew it. There will be no "two state solution" now. The world has seen what psychopaths and liars these murderers are. Palestine is about to be returned... a ONE STATE solution. And you can just suck that up you baby rapists... Ref: Babylonian Talmud, "It is permissible for an adult man to have intercourse with a girl who is 3 years and 1 day old.... as her virginity will grow back." (from two extracts) - said by some a-hole rabbis however many centuries ago. There's plenty of testimony around showing this practice is still happening today. You only have to look at John Key's kids to see how depraved they are. The apple doesn't fall too far from the tree. The Zionist experiment has ended. Jewish supremacist ideology has now likely ended as well... The world sees!  

Sunday 4 February 2024

Is it "climate change" or is it "something else"?

May 29, 2023

In this documentary, we'll be discussing the real Movement of Earth through the Galaxy, based off of the helical model. This model is much more accurate than the model currently used and provides a more clear understanding of the movement of the Earth. This video is a great way to learn more about the helical model and understand how it affects our understanding of the Movement of Earth. We'll be discussing the model in detail and providing examples to help you understand it better. So if you're interested in learning more about the Movement of Earth, watch this video!

Monday 25 September 2023

NZ Loyal policy briefs taken from Liz Gunn's videos. Original copy or Pdf available.


These bullet-points are extracted from Liz Gunn's policy videos found on the NZ Loyal website, uncommissioned work done by blogger BronnyNZ. A copy of these policy briefs was handed to Liz Gunn by myself on the evening of Saturday 23 September 2023 at the "Meet the candidates" gathering at the Orewa Town Hall. They were seven A4 pages typed as you see above, delivered in a daffodil yellow clearfile folder. Liz was delighted to see them. It will save somebody in the NZ Loyal admin team many hours of work. The current focus is Liz Gunn's tour of the North Island. 

These policy briefs may be amended at any time. They are not "official", but they are as close to what Liz says in her videos - with extracts both verbatim as well as ethically reworked by this journalist, to retain the same meanings as Liz had intended. Hopefully, these briefs will be published in some form on the NZ Loyal website. In the meantime, these brief sheets could be a useful tool for you to use as "cheat sheets" as you talk to people around you. These briefs took me many hours to type up over a 3-day period. Please feel free to make your own document by copy-pasting the text below, to hand to whomever you wish. I will be adding to these policy briefs each time Liz releases a new policy video on Rumble. If you wish to obtain a copy of the original document or Pdf by email, please write in the Comments below (moderated, unpublished) leaving your email address, and I will get this to you asap. Please ask. 


Notes from the compiler:  

1. You will not find a policy video on two of the topics listed below. In her videos, Liz Gunn speaks often about subjects aside from the main topic. Two additional subject areas that kept coming up were, A. "Relationship between people and The State" and B. "NZ Loyal’s position regarding Globalist Organisations." I also decided to include these two subjects in this list. Please find these at the end of this article under "Addendum".

2. Under A. "Relationionship between..." Liz never states in any of her videos the following words, "The Westminster system for running NZ's parliamentary processes may need to be reviewed and developed to more fully meet the needs of the people." These are my own words (BronnyNZ) in reflection of the current situation where I feel many of the Westminster practices, protocols and attitudes do not allow our parliamentary representatives to properly stand for the people. Please see "Historic background" on the above link. Let me explain further: 

The Westminster System is the very reason why politicians all through the British Commonwealth pledge their allegiance to the British Monarch, not to the people. The Westminster System was set in place by Edward 1 "Longshanks" in 1295 AD. As you see on the previous link, the Catholic clergy (pre-Reformation) had a large representation in those first parliaments. The system was established not as a representative system for the people, but as an oversight system whereby the king or queen could tally how much revenue could be gathered from each of the regions. This tally would inform the monarch whether they could afford to go to war, or engage in various colonisation projects as happened here in the antipodes from the late 18th century. 

The Westminster System is not about "serving" the people. It is yet another system of accountancy (in keeping with the Domesday Book) which translates today into portfolios such as "Building and Construction", "Health", "Education", "Immigration", "Tourism" and "Women". The overarching idea is to show how much money is either made or saved in each of these portfolio areas which equates to profits that can be returned to the monarch and The Crown entity, which includes the papacy via the Church of England. 

Please go to the "accountancy" link above where you will see "Her Majesty The Queen In Right Of New Zealand" listed on the Securities Exchange Commission, Washington District of Colombia (who is actually the goddess Isis). Open all the links on that article to see how we the people of Aotearoa New Zealand and Papatuanuku are considered by our successive NZ governments as no more than commodity slaves... "stock", traded on the  New York "Stock" Exchange! (of course)


The Economy

NZL sees the following five areas as cornerstones of building a strong economy:
(1) Finance, (2) Communication, (3) Energy, (4) Water, (5) Transportation.
    • Public assets will be administered by professional managers who have a complete knowledge in the area being overseen.
    • International trade will not be taken to the extreme.
    • Industry will no longer be sent offshore.
    • NZL supports the re-industrialisation of our economy.
    • There will be a plethora of opportunities for school leavers.

    • Re-nationalise the Reserve Bank of New Zealand.
    • NZL will end the usury and control mechanism currently over New Zealanders put in place by the BIS, the IMF and the World Bank
    • End insider trading
    • End the “revolving door” system of nepotism.
    • NZ will no longer run on a fiat monetary system.

  • Every home will have a copper landline that is independent of the internet or any other digital system.
  • Government owned providers will be on offer.

  • Marsden Point oil refinery will be reinstated.
  • New Zealand is abundant in energy which will become nationally owned.
  • NZL recognises that solar panels, wind farms and electric batteries are all a hazard to the environment.

  • Nationalisation of water, to be administered by local bodies
  • Fluoride will be banned in public water supply
  • Upgrade of all services.

  • NZL will nationalise the transportation system.
  • The “green agenda” will be abandoned.
  • Honest and ethical environmental policies will be put in place.

The Monetary System

Terms and definitions 
  • New Zealand has a fiat debt-based currency.
  • The NZ Reserve Bank (1934) influences interest rates and inflation, is independent and privately owned. It answers to the BIS in Switzerland.
  • The Crown is the government as the representative of the monarch under the Westminster System (1295).
  • The Crown is a corporate entity known as a “Constitutional Monarchy”. It exists because of a formal contractual agreement between the UK parliament and the Anglican Church.
  • The Crown and Chancery has several corporate interests, including “the attack on foreign nations”. Eg: The British East India Company. The 3-pronged strategy of take-over used Force, Religion and Legislation.
  • The power behind The Crown is said to be controlled by an elite society, the Fabian Socialists. Their motto: “Hammer stoutly, Prey devoutly.”
  • Another Crown corporation is the Bar Association which also uses the term “The Crown” which has Charles II as its figurehead.
  • “Assumed parliamentary sovereignty” . Ultimate power and control does not reside in the people, it resides in the parliament itself.

NZL policies around the monetary system:
  • Bring monetary policy under the remit of the Ministry of Finance.
  • Monetary policy will be under the control of the people.
  • The creation of money will not come with an obligation to pay interest.
  • There will be enough paper money and coins in circulation to serve the needs of the nation’s economy.
  • The fiat currency shall be back by precious metals or other commodities.
  • Money printing which creates inflation will not be tolerated, nor the creation of any situation which necessitates the over-printing of money.


Aims and discussion points: Under NZL the middle class will rise again. Small business will once again rise. The current taxation system is theft. The debate over GST is distraction. 
  • Income Tax, GST and Company Tax will all be abolished.
  • There will be a 1% Transaction Tax.
  • There will be no need for the Inland Revenue Department.
  • Taxation compliance will be a thing of the past.

  • Education is seen by NZL as a foundation-stone of our society.
  • Education policy will be informed by the people who are the end users.
  • Elimination of the “one size fits all” model currently used in education.
  • Academic pursuits of learning will not be the only branch of education offered. University has become the default destination for students, to the detriment of our economy.
  • NZ Loyal will seek to end this morally bankrupt education agenda.
  • NZL will reinvigorate the economy so the off-ramps for students will be many and varied.
  • Education will provide a base on which to build other skills, a foundation
  • The ability to read, write and effectively communicate.
  • The ability to spell correctly and to comprehend the language.
  • The ability to add, subtract, divide and multiply.
  • NZL does not support children doing homework.
  • Young people will be directed towards the trades. The apprenticeship schemes will be reinstated once more.
  • Young people will be directed to subjects that interest them and in which they excel.
  • Build vocational training facilities in every province
  • Value equally vocational certificates and degrees as compared to academic degrees.
  • Give opportunities and recognition to those who are self-taught.


Background: There has been a wholesale destruction of our marine reserves. 1986 The Quota Management System for fisheries was introduced in NZ. Huge quantities of NZ fish are exported for less than $3/kg. Around 90% of all commercial catch is exported. 14 million tonnes of fish was dumped 1950-2010, mainly dumped by foreign trawlers – enough fish to feed NZ’ers for 125 years. 78% of all quotas are now owned by 10 entities – a powerful lobby group.

  • Bottom trawling will be banned in the 12 mile limit (19.3 kms).
  • Only recreational fishermen using long lines and charter businesses will be able to undertake fishing activities within the 12 mile limit.
  • The Quota Management System will be completely scrapped.
  • Only those who hold Commercial Permits will be able to fish the Marine Economic Zone.
  • The practice of leasing permits to third parties will be abolished.
  • Onshore processing where practical, will be made law.
  • Real and viable solutions will be introduced such as aquaculture.
  • Zero tolerance of any corrupt practices. Close all loopholes.

  • NZ Loyal supports the use of alternative treatments and therapies.
  • No more suppression of real cures, such as Ivermectin
  • No more manipulation of data and “modelling” to terrify people into taking medicines.
  • No more coercion, propaganda and bullying.
  • NZ Loyal will criminally investigate everyone who was involved in the Covid-19 con.
  • NZ Loyal will track all communications, funding streams, agreements and meetings that have led to this shameful and deliberate attack on NZ’ers.
  • Compensations will be paid to vax victims out of fines paid by the conspirators who used the Covid-19 bioweapon against the people.
  • The harms caused will be publicly admitted without excuse.
  • Wrap around services will be offered to victims to mitigate their suffering.
  • The NZ Medical Council will be stripped of any power and influence they currently hold.
  • There will be Nuremberg Trials 2.0 in NZ for conspirators against the people. These individuals will face public inquisition.
  • Everyone who participated in pushing or applying the so-called Covid-19 “vaccinations” will be held to account.
  • Televised truth and reconciliation commission.
  • Anyone who has received Knighthoods for carrying out these crimes will have those honours stripped from them.
  • The over-bloated administrative arm in NZ’s hospitals and the Ministry of Health will be removed.
  • Doctors and nurses will be put in charge of the health services.
  • Decentralisation of health facilities will exist with small clinics and hospitals dotted all around NZ.
  • Various healing modalities will be available through such health facilities.
  • NZ will cease being a drug-pushing enterprise for Big Pharma. Alternative health options will be seen to be on a equal footing to Big Pharma.
  • All mandated personnel shall be restored to their positions and compensated.
  • Health practitioners in varying healing modalities will not be ostracised, ridiculed or derided in mainstream media and other places.
  • End of NZ’s participation in the WHO.
  • NZ Loyal upholds the NZ Bill of Rights 1990 which states that all NZ’ers have sovereign bodily autonomy. Ie: Individuals make their own decisions about the health care they choose to use.

Property Rights
  • NZ Loyal defends the private property rights of New Zealanders.
  • Legislation around Significant Natural Areas (SNA) on farmland and other places that minimises the use of the owner’s land, will be repealed.
  • All such land will be returned to full and sovereign use by the owner.
  • The State will not be allowed to trespass against your person, on your property, nor over your property rights.
  • Where there may be a dispute, there will be a speedy investigation and speedy legal processing should that be necessary.
  • No more long drawn out trials or intimidation tactics by the State.
  • Local bodies’ rates reform will be implemented.
  • Owners will hold the Deeds to their land, not just the Title.

Gun ownership
  • Repeal the Prohibited Firearms, Magazines and Parts Amendment Regulations 2019 which came into effect on June 20, 2019.
  • Roll back the “gun buy back” scheme and unwind nonsense policies.
  • NZ Loyal will build a nationwide “Loyal Gun Club”.
  • People will have an absolute right to exercise self defence, to protect themselves, their families, and their property.
  • No restriction on types of small arms weapons owned, with exclusion of projectiles such as grenades and Molotov Cocktails, as well as bombs.
  • No gun licence will be required.
  • A Certificate of Competency will be issued – Requirement to attend courses on weapons knowledge, handling and storage.

  • NZ Loyal stands for the sanctity of life and does everything in its power to preserve it.
  • Repeal any part of the law that allows abortion up to nine months unless the mother’s life may be in jeopardy or if a medical examination determines that there would be no quality of life for the child.
  • Prevent the need for women to seek abortions as a birth control method though education programmes for young people and adults.
  • Education about bringing a baby into the world, the responsibilities involved, and costs associated with raising a child.


A. Relationship between people and The State
  • Government exists to serve the will of the people
  • Tyranny, corruption and coercion has no place in government.
  • End of State over-reach into people’s affairs.
  • End the attack of people by the State.
  • End the influence of supra-national institutions such as the UN, the WEF, the WHO, and other shadowy hidden-from-sight entities.
  • Politicians will not be allowed to back-track on election promises.
  • Politicians will not carry out the will of any globalist entities.
  • Governments will not take direction from academia.
  • Full decentralisation of power.
  • Laws cannot be passed that infringe on The People’s inalienable rights.
  • People have the right to question their government.
  • Electorate representatives are required to bring the concerns of the people to parliament for discussion.
  • The Westminster system for running parliament processes may need to be reviewed and developed to more fully meet the needs of the people.
  • The State may not cause harm to the people in any sphere of life.
  • Publicly owned assets may not ever be sold by a sitting government.
  • Assets will be renationalised.
  • Fear-mongering by the State will not be tolerated.

B. NZ Loyal’s position regarding Globalist Organisations
  • Globalist narratives, influence, agenda and censorship directives will be identified and brought to an end.
  • The United Nations “Sustainable Development Plan” which purports to provide solutions for poverty, gender issues, climate change, inequality, finance, leadership, resources, Smart solutions, policies, budgets, institutions, regulatory frameworks in government, city and local authorities, shall end.
  • The United Nations “Sustainable Development Plan” utilising the efforts and activities of youth, civil society, the media, the private sector, unions, academia and other stakeholders, shall also end.
  • The UN Secretariat is completely unaccountable to the people of New Zealand. The UN’s influence and interference will end.
  • NZL will scuttle the globalist plan to destroy our economy.
  • Investigations will be carried out to find out who has been forwarding the globalist agendas in New Zealand.
  • Propaganda leading to forced implementation of globalist narratives will end.

See also: 

NZ Loyal policies - General overview


Sunday 24 September 2023

NZ Loyal policies - General overview

Join NZ Loyal supporters doing "pop-up billboard" actions all over New Zealand. Go to NZ Loyal Official Action Group on Telegram to find a group of people near you - 





Policy overviews found on FreeNZ Substack and on the NZ Loyal website


Loyalty to New Zealanders’ interests, not the globalists’ interests.

    • Bring an end to our participation in the WEF, the WHO and the UN
    • End any UN-forced climate accords based on faulty science and media-driven hysteria
    • We will Immediately repeal the Therapeutic Products Bill that Labour & Greens have scheduled to come into effect from 2026.
    • Energy independence, including oil products
    • Immigration moratorium
    • Removal of fluoride to public water supply
    • End the poisoning of our land through, eg: 10-80 and RoundUp
    • Void any restrictive regulations on farming and industry
    • Scrap the current tax system
    • Investigate the Reserve Bank of New Zealand
    • Move away from the fiat money system
    • Government will no longer be able to use a “confidentiality” excuse to keep secrets from the NZ people
    • Scrap all race-based policies
    • End divisive practices that weaken communities
    • Recognise that the resources of this land belong to all of the people
    • Put an end to sanctioned greed
    • The justice system will be set right
    • A constitution will be set in place
    • Criminally investigate all who have acted against the people of NZ, including historic events
    • Whistleblower protection - See the Opal File
    • Children will be protected from all means of exploitation
    • Eradication of propaganda and media spin doctors
    • Open and unfettered choice in the health sector
    • Go beyond Big Pharma medical solutions
    • Postal votes will not be counted on corruptible counting machines

Power will be given back to the people

Aim: To leave a legacy of respect, listening, decency, morality and courage for our children’s children to inherit.

See also: 

NZ Loyal policy briefs taken from Liz Gunn's videos. Original copy or Pdf available.

Friday 22 September 2023

Election Interference: Supply your intention to vote NZ Loyal verification with your JP.

Video: Whangārei Public Meeting | NZLoyal

19th September 2023 - Footage from our New Zealand Loyal public meeting in Whangārei with candidate Janita Andrews and party leader Liz Gunn.

At this meeting, Liz Gunn requests that all people who are intending to Party Vote NZ Loyal and candidate vote NZ Loyal, copy a Declaration of Intent from the NZ Loyal website (will soon be available), sign it in front of your Justice of the Peace, then scan it and send it back to the NZ Loyal website. Signing will possibly be done before the election, and scanning will possibly be after the election. This action done by us all will help verify the "official" election results. Thank you. 

Liz Gunn with candidate for Whangarei Janita Andrews.

Tuesday 19 September 2023

The Hidden Hand. NZ Loyal initiation: No coat-tailers! Admission on one's own merit.


Published September 20, 2023

What a roller-coaster ride! This is one of the best movies I've ever been a part of. The goal post has shifted! Radically! "Efficiency" and "Effectiveness" are now our catch-words. Every particle of effort now needs to be captured and directed for maximum impact. This is our testing and our making. This is our rite of passage - a proving to ourselves and to all New Zealanders that every NZ Loyal candidate who wins their seat, deserves to be there. To the candidates: Nobody makes it across the line who is not willing to sweat blood to get there. Nobody rides in on the coattails of anyone else's good ideas and hard work. If you want to get it, you will go for it, with all of your might! This is your proving ground. This is your initiation. If you can surmount this final obstacle, you will prove yourself worthy. Good luck and God bless to you all.

Go to for much, much more.
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Monday 18 September 2023



There are 17 parties contesting in this year's general election. Following are the total number of List candidates for each party. As the only party who really challenges the status quo, has NZ Loyal been discriminated against?

Sources: (article) (Lists)

NZ Loyal supporters needed to know what is going on. It's great that Liz came out and told us all facets of the story. Do NZ Loyal supporters now need to put some level of pressure on the NZEC or any other culpable bodies or individuals who are behind this agenda to stop NZ Loyal being voted into parliament? Is this how much of a threat NZ Loyal is?!  If this is an act of discrimination (election interference), it bears witness that there is indeed a hidden "swamp" [deep state] in full operation here in Aotearoa-New Zealand. 


Act - 61

Animal Justice - 17

Legalise Cannabis -16

Democracy NZ -13

Freedoms - 35

Greens - 49

Labour - 65

Leighton - 3

National - 65

New Conservative - 10

New Nation - 10

New Zeal - 11

NZ First - 35

NZ Loyal - 3

Te Pati Maori - 31

TOP - 13

Women's Rights - 12

These figures are quite compelling. How is it that insignificantly polling parties such as Animal Justice, Democracy NZ, Freedoms coalition, New Nation and New Zeal all have lists that likely represent all or most of their candidates? - But NOT NZ Loyal? Who was it in the NZ Electoral Commission who gave misdirection? Scumbags!

Image source: Voters United Poll #7 August 28, 2023

Note: This poll was developed by supporters who attended the Freedom Village protest in Wellington early 2022, and samples people largely who stand on the side of that protest, so the margin of error will certainly be much more than + or - the standard 4% in terms of nation-wide accuracy, but it least does give an indication. As the two biggest supported parties on this poll, both NZ First and NZ Loyal will have many thousands of supporters who do not participate on Voters United polls. Therefore, proportionally, the poll could still be rather accurate for these two better supported parties. 

NZ Loyal candidate for Port Waikato Kim Turner stated on Facebook on Sunday, " [NZ Loyal is suffering election interference by] the Electoral Commission endeavouring to stop us standing [List] candidates. Under law they have a responsibility to ensure the accuracy of carrying out the legislation... These are the depths of corruption in our government [deep state] right now. Hold the line. Hold the faith, and VOTE NZ LOYAL."