Saturday 14 March 2015

Anonymous stand in the breach. Last day "Fact Finding" hearing. 12-3-15

#Operation Death Eater - Hampstead Whistleblower Kids - #Anonymous

Published on Mar 14, 2015

Anonymous at the Royal Courts of (No)Justice 12 March 2015

May I hasten to add that this video is being shot in the City of London, which is outside of jurisdiction of any English Laws. It is a "law" unto itself. The courts are set up as revenue collecting agencies. They serve the people/entities who set them up - Hence:  "Courts of Just Us."

There is NO Justice to be found in these Courts. They are not the people's courts. These are the courts set up under Canon Law - after the "collapse" of the Roman Empire (we're still living under the Empire). Under Canon Law, people working for the Vatican such as politicians, Free Masons, bankers, courts, police, intelligence agencies (CIA, MI6, etc.), military, journalists, the Jimmy Savilles, social services, schools, hospitals and so on....  are ALL UNDER PROTECTION in Canon Law.

Please see the following article that tells you exactly the rights and privileges paedophiles receive under Canon Law...

Hence: why everything is being SUPPRESSED in the #WhistleblowerKids case !!!  Crown Colonies, including the USA are all under Canon Law.

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Canon Law: Why have British Family Courts embraced Vatican Canon Law ?

The Italian parliament is trying to figure out ways of removing "Independent status" from the Vatican City. The deeds continuing within the Vatican (eg: the age of 'consent' for sex in the Vatican City according to Canon Law is currently 12 years old), will then come under scrutiny according to the Laws of the country of Italy...  NOT under Canon Law !!

This is where we really need to start pushing into...  of helping Italy repeal the rights the Vatican City has as an independent entity, within the city of Rome. Overturn those rights !!  Give the paedophiles into the hands of the people.

The People WILL have their say over the 



“At the moment there are three bishops under investigation. One has already been convicted and the punishment needs to be decided. There will be no preferential treatment when it comes to child abuse. In Argentina we call those who receive preferential treatment “spoilt children”. There will be no “spoilt children” in this case. It is a very serious problem. When a priest commits abuse, he betrays the Lord’s body."  - Pope Francis

Nice words, I must say. Francis has been in on this racket for decades as well. The bishops are probably being investigated under Canon Law... Is there any other in the Vatican? Which means they'll get verbally reprimanded, have to say a few "Hail Marys..." and then they'll get packed off into some part of the world that doesn't have the internet. This is the specific recommendation in Canon Law. And then... They molest children, all over again.  They're protected.  There's "No worries" over fingering and penetrating little children and young people... All in a day's work. As long as you keep bringing the gold into the Empire, you can basically do what you want to.

So... Nice SENTIMENTS Sir !!  

I see NO SUBSTANCE behind it !!

GET RID of Canon Law... THEN,

You've got my attention !!

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  1. Excellent, your wider context, once again, Ramallah! Just note that we have a short week of 'grace' for action: Thursday March 19th is the date of the next hearing, possibly for handing down the judgement. See


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