Monday 2 March 2015

Hampstead London Fb Groups, Pages... Join and Share this information

Hampstead-Highgate looking South over London

"Start to Create MORE Content than what You Consume..." 

- Vinny Eastwood. Tuesday 3rd March, 2015

Here are Facebook Pages, Groups, Profiles and Directories where you can start to get to know people, make conversation and slowly bring the Christ Church Primary School CE topic up. The aim is to tell every corner of London England. The "regular" news isn't going to tell London. It's up to us.

atm. I would estimate <1% of the London population knows these Child Sex Abuse and Baby Sacrifice Cults are going on...   Let's tell them.

Note: This list is being added to all the time.
Please BOOKMARK this page and check from time to time and so you can make more Requests.

Please also:  Add your London and English Groups in Comments at the bottom so I can add them to this article as well. Thanks.  Group effort. This is too big a job for just one of us to do.


Hampstead, United Kingdom  -  Many links.

Here's a small selection of links on Hampstead, United Kingdom that you might be able to start a conversation on.  There will be hundreds of businesses and organisations on this link. Just keep scrolling until you find ones you like the look of, then make some comments on a few of the Posts to test out the water with these proprietors. Here's a few examples of what you will find:

West Hampstead - Government

Gary Ingham Lifestyle Salon & Spa - hairdressers are good

Maud and Mabel - retail

The Horseshoe - pub

The Hampstead Physiotherapy Practice

Highgate Cemetery -  Many links.

Highgate Wood - Many links.


Christ Church School Hampstead.

Hampstead group.

Hampstead area London - Sell your stuff.  
(1650 members - make Friends and talk)



London Brewing Staff Page - Profile (make Friends)

Highgate-School Leavers - 

Use maps like these (find them on Google Images) to help you find schools, hospitals, suburb names, churches, community groups. Put these names into the Facebook search engine to find groups. TELL EVERYONE in Hampstead so they KNOW the world is watching.

Hampstead Heath.  
Right click to open in a new tab.

West Hampstead.  
Right click to open in a new tab.

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