Tuesday 28 February 2017

David Seaman - Profiteer off #Pizzagate. The importance of creating BUZZ !!

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So you run away because you think you're going to be under "character assassination" soon? Isn't that pretty weak? Besides which, you've been under character assassination already for months. How about you pull a really good excuse out of your butt such as "you need to go to an unknown location because you are under the threat of death?"

Come on David... I'm not buying the bs. Where are your videos? Put them up again and i'd say my argument following is shattered. Your actions remain unexplained. Why did you remove the videos? Is somebody suing you ?? I mean... that would explain you removing everything off all of your social media outlets, right?

I notice in the above video that you don't mention the name "John Podesta" AT ALL !! You never once recite your mantra, "John Podesta is a pedophile" !!  There's one generic mention of "the Podestas".

You're being sued bro'. You were in the wrong - and now John Podesta's lawyers are after your skinny white ass!

THAT is the only reason why you would have taken everything down.
THAT is the only thing that makes logical sense.

*very fucking disappointing*  You found your "BUZZ". How does that BUZZ feel now?  *con artist*

                Amazon                                                                                        BUZZ interview

Such character assassination, in this case against John Podesta, is way out of the remit of what legitimate journalists do... and you full-well know that David !! - and now John Podesta's lawyers are after your skinny white ass! THAT is the only reason you would have taken absolutely everything down off YouTube, Twitter, VidMe, Reddit, Voat, and wherever else you had stuff up...

, aren't you bud?

You're being sued bro'. The evidence speaks for itself. You were in the wrong. and as we see from your 2008 interview about your book, you are prepared to walk a very fine line to get BUZZ. That is the only reason why commentators such as Lift the Veil are referencing your book when they talk about you bro' - because it's the evidence of how you operate.

These commentators are not saying you're selling the book. It's clear the book is not for sale. They are simply using the Amazon preview of the book (still online) to show the hacks you use to amass a flock of sheeple to follow you. You used your own methods to create BUZZ about Hillary Clinton (end of September 2016), Donald Trump (early October) and then onto John Podesta (late October 2016). This became full-blown #Pizzagate by November. You've been the poster-boy for #Pizzagate ever since. You are found guilty because you couldn't cover up the bread-crumb trail you left about using BUZZ !! You have declared your own guilt because you exposed the exact methods you use in 2008. It all fits.

And for my own disclaimer: Nope... I don't think John Podesta is innocent at all. But neither am I making buckets of money off reciting the catch-phase "John Podesta is a pedophile" and pissing people off big-time. I have no doubt whatsoever that David Seaman is being sued !!

Think about it people... David Seaman has just made a shit load of money since the end of September 2016 by besmirching (rightly or wrongly) the name of John Podesta. His only mistake ??  He showed the world in 2008 exactly what his methods are to create "BUZZ". From the mouth of David himself in that video, he is prepared to create BUZZ no matter what the cost - even to argue against gravity.

My judgement on the matter? 

David Seaman is an opportunist in the extreme !!  The Jewry have come to their verdict.

#Pizzagate   #DavidSeaman   #BUZZ   #GoldMoney 

Go watch Lift the Veil's most excellent analysis of the material he dug up over a week of researching the real David Seaman and find out exactly who and what "Gold Money Inc." is. "Lift the veil" presents the whole argument and all of his evidence (there's plenty) in very nicely presented easy-to-follow steps. Even a 10-year-old could understand that commentary. Check it out. 

David Seaman, Pizzagate & Goldmoney

Published on Feb 25, 2017

If you have an account with Goldmoney or are considering opening one, please watch this video. I've also been approached by some people concerned that David Seaman isn't being completely on the level with us, so I explore those concerns.

Link to public filing for Bitgold (Goldmoney): https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B_EH...

Sunday 19 February 2017


This image is from a facebook post.
Fake News media outlet Number One  (USA)

Fake News media outlet Number Two  (NZ)

Here's what is happening in Europe right now !!
There were riots in Germany last week. There are ongoing rapes by Muslim men forcing themselves on white women and children all over Europe and even in parts of Canada last week, such as in Alberta. Click on the link and get yourself informed !! There are riots and bricks being thrown by Muslims at Swedish police attending emergencies. These things are going on all the time and have been for years !!!  And the Swedes say "Wait, What?"  This fully illustrates the depth of the Swedish cognitive dissonance !!

Donald J. Trump is 100% right !!

Americans need to - 


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HERE is what Donald J. Trump was referencing. He said it himself for Pete's sake in "Fake News article Number 1" above (quote below in large blue letters). But if people can't be bothered to read a whole article and actually look for the "headline" that's buried within the copy (which prevents a law suit for defamation), you will get confused!

Here is the actual headline for Fake News article "Number 1".  This is what Trump's comment was about...

A reference to a Fox News item that was broadcast on Friday night.  

Trump's tweet on Sunday — he was referencing 
"a story that was broadcast on Fox News 
concerning immigrants and Sweden"

And yet, even knowing this, "Fake News media outlet Number 1" still chose to publish a bogus bullshit hit-article with Tweets from all the little upset Democrat #Snowflakes as if that is "evidence" of Trump losing the plot. 

And then to REALLY top it off, NZ's biggest print news organisation "Stuff.co.nz" - Fake News media outlet Number 2 picks up all the talking points from Fake News media outlet Number 1 and publishes it in basically the same format to PURPOSELY MISINFORM THE PEOPLE OF NEW ZEALAND. Ffs !! 

Who the fuck do you think you are ????  

And who the fuck do you really think we are ??  Absolute dipshits ??? !!!!!!!!!!   :-/

Come on you numb-skulls !!!  We are WAY OVER all the #FAKENEWS being broadcast and printed on NZ's TV1, TV3 and "Stuff.co.nz".  Jeeeeeze Louise.....   !!!!!  Get your shit together !!

_ _ _

Following. This is very likely the Fox News report that Donald J. Trump was referencing on Saturday in Florida as: 
"Look at what happened in Sweden yesterday" (meaning on Fox News). 

Mr Trump will have to choose his words far more particularly in the future.

Video:  Sweden Government Covering Up Immigrant Rape & Crime - Ami Horowitz - Tucker Carlson - Fox News

Image result for Sweden Government Covering Up Immigrant Rape & Crime - Ami Horowitz - Tucker Carlson - Fox News
Published on Feb 17, 2017

Tucker Carlson interviews Ami Horowitz an independent filmmaker about why he went to Sweden to film about the out of control rape and crime since the country has let in millions of Muslim immigrants. Ami Horowitz claims that this crime is not only the cause of the Muslim immigrants but that the Swedish government is actively trying to hide the crime from its citizens. It was originally aired February 17, 2017. Tucker Carlson Tonight, Fox News. 2/17/17

Article:  http://www.express.co.uk/news/world/768980/Sweden-cover-up-migrant-rape-violent-crime

_ _ _

And now....  From the Swedish point of view...

The Swedish Constitution

The Swedish Constitution (1974) prevents Swedish journalists, police, judges, immigrations officers, nurses, diplomats, members of parliament from telling the Truth about immigrants. Read Chapter 2 Part 4.  https://www.constituteproject.org/constitution/Sweden_2012.pdf?lang=en

Chapter 2, Part 1 and Part 4 contradict each other. This is at the foundation of Sweden's immigration crisis. The Swedes follow their Constitution like America follows its 2nd Amendment (gun laws).  The Swedish Constitution needs seriously to be re-written. It takes 8 years for that process to happen.  

With the steadily rising popularity of "Sweden Democrats"  #SverigeDemokraterna which is led by one of the most pragmatic candidates in Swedish politics currently, Jimmie Akersson#SDs are likely to win the 2018 Swedish election in a landslide victory. Many Swedish Immigration Laws will undoubtedly be changed after #SDs come away victorious.

A completely different culture

Sweden is not anything to do with American culture and therefore, cannot be considered "western" in the sense that an American, Canadian or Australian would consider themselves "western". When you speak to a Swede, don't expect conventional answers when you ask questions. You won't get them. In Swedish culture, you never ask a direct question, and you certainly never answer directly. If you want to say something "bad" about somebody, you use sarcasm. This is culturally the best thing to do. Therefore in Sweden I would never say, "Look at all the grown men who are living in children's refugee hostels. I have heard that many Christian children are being raped by those adult Muslim males."  Instead in Sweden I would say, "It's good how the bearded Muslim children are being looked after by the welfare state. They must be finding some fun games to play at night with all those Christian kids."  And then nobody would do anything, even though they know exactly what is going on.

How would I know this? Because my partner is Swedish, his family are native Swedes, and I have observed their inter-relationships with each other and other Swedish people. Culturally acceptable interchange is very low-level self-expression. You never "out" who you really are to another Swede. Expressions are very conservative and non-emotive with family, with colleagues, with other Swedes in a social setting. You don't get excited. You don't let your facial expressions give you away. You never talk about yourself. All of this seems to be part of the "Law of Jante" (Yontay). The Law of Jante seems only to apply to native Scandinavians  #JantesLaw  It's been a part of the Nordic psyche for centuries. It was finally packaged as the "societally accepted way for Nordics to be" (in a novel) in the early 20th century.

By contrast:  I am from New Zealand. Our culture is very close (but not identical) to Australian culture. We tend to be loud, outspoken and opinionated. New Zealanders are far, FAR more open than Swedes. If somebody disagrees with an Australian or New Zealander, there might be a bit of blood spilt... but generally, we shake hand and then go out for a beer.  "She'll be right mate".

To get any personal opinions or even information of fact out of my Swedish partner is like squeezing blood from a stone. Yes... It's an interesting relationship. I enjoy his stoic, socialist, aetheistic viewpoints. They feel solid to me. But to express them in black-and-white as I just have here ??  - He would never do that. That would make him "stand out" from everybody else as being somebody "extraordinary". This would feel very wrong to him. In Swedish culture, it's very important to be uniformly "normal".  That's why it's so easy in Swedish culture, that if you find anybody in your tribe who is stepping over the prescribed lines of perceived "correct" public sentiment or behaviour, you are allowed (culturally demanded to, it would seem) to attack them as if you were a rabid dog. This is permitted - practically demanded. But you don't dare do that to an immigrant - AT ALL !!  #SwedishConstitution Chapter 2, Part 4.

Swedes say nothing !! It's part of their culture. "Everybody is the same" #JantesLaw  They are taught to be happy (this is the public face), to take coffee and cake with their neighbours, and nod their heads in compliance - even when they don't agree.  And speak up? Just watch the Fox News video above towards the end (about the party). This illustrates perfectly what Swedes do to each other if one of their own white race is seen to be holding different ideas.

"Conventional Swedes" just put their heads down and pretend like nothing is happening... and neither does their media tell them what is actually happening. Swedish media is of course made up with Swedish people, therefore, they are all masters of indirect speech - particularly when it comes to immigrant issues. In summary, we find that the Swedes are the world's most perfect little mushrooms. They seem to relish being kept in the dark and fed horse-shit. This is all part of what I call the "Swedish affliction" - cognitive dissonance. "Stockholm syndrome" is definitely an aspect of the "Swedish affliction". They have eyes, but they cannot see...

Truly...  Swedes are gorgeous people. I wouldn't swap my guy for anyone. My feeling about Muslims being in Sweden? - I feel people of the Arabic and African branches of the Muslim religion should not be allowed within 200 kms of Swedish soil.  Islam (meaning "submission") walks all over the Swedish psyche in under 10 seconds. After being attacked (verbally, physically, raped, property burned), the native Swedes are just left with their mouths agape. They have no reference-points for how the Muslims behave. This is not how people behave. "What am I supposed to think of such a thing?" says a Swede to him or herself. "I don't know. So i'll just pretend like it didn't happen, and crawl back into my anonymity again."

Evidence of this befuddlement is seen in the numbers of Swedish police who are leaving law enforcement in droves. Swedes don't do "hands on" physical control over other people. Their policing style is more a stand-off style -
ie: eye-balling, giving non-emotive verbal instruction in a normal volume speaking voice, apparently "passively" taking notes, listening, questioning and nodding their heads. The Muslims also don't know what to think of this low-level non-conflict way of being "controlled". So they feel like they are not being "controlled" at all.

The Muslim way is to be pushed, prodded, poked, yelled at... (this is how they treat each other, their women, and their children) ... and at the end of a criminal conviction, to be executed is not so unusual.

These people are from very, VERY violent societies !!

So for the Swedish police, they culturally have no way of knowing how to handle such beligerance as what these Muslim asylum-seekers are exhibiting. Such behaviour is so in opposition to everything that "Swedish" is.  It's as though a bunch of aliens have landed - and they may as well have. The Swedes are left without defenses - emotionally, physically, psychologically, culturally.

It's no wonder the Muslims are having such a field-day in Sweden. Hell... When the native Swedish mamma of a 13-year-old girl who you raped just a few weeks before gets up at a public rally in 2016 and says, "We must feel sorry for these poor people [the male Muslim rapists] who have so obviously been traumatised in their home countries..." - then you know you're onto a really good thing !!

But that tide will turn. Sweden has military force that is right now bolstering up, is buying new equipment and is intaking more personnel. This force can just as easily be trained on a "Civil Defense" situation. So these usurpers of the Swedish motherland had better take a rain-check on their aspirations to over-run the country and declare Sharia law.  It's simply not going to happen.

To find out the Truth about the Swedish situation, you have to go to blogs like this one and read articles such as the ones below, or go directly to Swedish Facebook groups such as Stå Upp För Peter Springare or read straight-talking fearless Swedish journalists such as Ingrid Carlqvist.  

Please note:  Ingrid Carlqvist fled to Denmark quite a few years ago as it became to unsafe for her to stay in Sweden. Why was that? Who was attacking her?  It was her fellow- white Swedes !!  They were very upset at the TRUTH she was publishing about the Swedish immigration situation. It was physically unsafe for her to remain in Sweden any longer. So she packed up her household and left the land of her ancestors in Skåne, which was a very difficult thing for Ingrid to do. But for her and anyone else who chooses TRUE "freedom of expression", there is no other choice.

"No go zones". Muslim immigrant enclaves in Sweden. Challenges for police

Video in English language. Click on the image >>

Image result for Suécia: Epidemia de Estupros Cometidos Por Imigrantes | Ingrid Carlqvist [Legendado PT-BR]

"Everything is 'normal'."

So do not be surprised when even a Swedish official makes a response to an American news agency with the words... "What do you mean? Nothing is happening."   This is a very "normal" response of Swedes. Even if WW3 had just broken out on the Swedish doorstep they would say, "Nothing is happening. Everything is normal."

Here is the ACTUAL TRUTH about Sweden !!  This Swede dared to speak up !!  

SWEDISH policeman comes clean! Muslim crime is draining ALL resources!

- And yes...  He was charged and brought to court because he overstepped the mark and told the truth !!

Saturday 11 February 2017

SWEDISH policeman comes clean! Muslim crime is draining ALL resources!

Peter Springare - "I am so fucking tired..."

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The following was written by Peter Springare in Swedish language. Translated by Google Translate. 
Published February 3 at 11:18am (local time) · Örebro, Sweden

I'm so fucking tired...  What I will write here below, is not politically correct. But I don't care. What I'm going to tell all you taxpayers is prohibited to say for us state employees. It renders the loss of career and loss of individual salaries. Although it is true. I don't care about all of this, will soon still retire after 47 years in this activity. I will now and every week explain in detail what it's like for me employed as an researcher/investigator of serious crimes for squad police in Örebro. It will not harmonize with BRÅ perception [the state statistician] or other leftist criminologists' perception in the public debate.

Our pensioners are on their knees, the school's a mess, healthcare is an inferno, the police have been completely destroyed, etc, etc. We all know why but no one dares or wants to peddle (tell) the reason. Sweden has always lived on the myth of the magnificent ultimate society that has osinnliga resources to be in the forefront when it comes to being the only politically correct option in a dysfunctional world that bend over himself, through the destructive behavior of various religions name.

Here we go! This I've handled Monday-Friday this week: 

Rape, rape, aggravated rape, assault, rape, extortion, blackmail, abuse of judicial procedure, unlawful threats, violence against the police, the threat to the police, drug trafficking, aggravated drug offenses, attempted murder, rape again, extortion again and beatings.

Suspected perpetrators: 

Ali Mohammed, mahmod, Mohammed, Mohammed Ali, again, again, again Christopher... what is it true. Yes a Swedish name snuck on the outskirts of a drug crime, Mohammed, Mahmod Ali, again and again.

Countries representing the weekly all crimes: 

Iraq, Iraq, Turkey, Syria, Afghanistan, Somalia, Somalia, Syria again, Somalia, unknown, unknown country, Sweden. Half of the suspects, we can't be sure because they don't have any valid papers. Which in itself usually means that they're lying about their nationality and identity.

Now we're talking just Örebro municipality. And these crimes occupy 100% of our investigation ability.

So, that's what it looks like here, and has been like this for the past 10-15 years. I'll return next Friday with a statement for the past week. [on his Facebook Timeline]

Editing (tidying up of the Google English translation) done by BronnyNZSE

I'm so fucking tired... [as translated by Google Translate]
Actual Swedish meaning: "I am so freaking tired of having to lie all the time," as stated by Swedish journalist Celia Farbia. See the video below.

Image may contain: 1 person, text

Original text in Swedish by Peter Springare

Jag är så jävla trött. Det jag kommer att skriva här nedan, är inte politiskt korrekt. Men det skiter jag i. Det jag kommer att torgföra till er alla skattebetalare är förbjudet att torgföra för oss statligt anställda. Det renderar i utebliven karriär och utebliven individuell lön. Även fast det är sant. Jag skiter i allt detta, ska snart ändå gå i pension efter 47 år i denna verksamhet. Jag kommer nu och varje vecka framgent att redogöra i detalj för vad som sysselsätter Mig som utredare/förundersökningsledare på grova brottsroteln polisen i Örebro. Det kommer inte att harmoniera med BRÅ: s uppfattning eller andra vänstervridna kriminologers uppfattning i den allmänna debatten.

Våra pensionärer går på knäna, skolan är ett enda kaos, sjukvården är ett inferno, polisen har totalhavererat etc etc. Alla vet varför men ingen törs eller vill torgföra anledningen, p g a att Sverige alltid levt på myten om det präktiga ultimata samhället som har osinnliga resurser för att vara i framkant när det gäller att vara det enda politiskt korrekta alternativet i en dysfunktionell värld som slår knut på sig själv, genom destruktivt beteende i olika religioners namn.

Nu kör vi; Detta har jag hanterat Måndag- fredag denna vecka: Våldtäkt, våldtäkt, grov våldtäkt, överfallsvåldtäkt, utpressning, utpressning, övergrepp i rättssak, olaga hot, våld mot polis, hot mot polis, narkotikabrott, grovt narkotika brott, mordförsök, våldtäkt igen, utpressning igen och misshandel.

Misstänkta gärningsmän; Ali Mohamad, Mahmod , Mohammed, Mohammed Ali, igen , igen , igen Christoffer...va är det sant. Ja ett svenskt namn smög sig in i utkanten av ett narkotikabrott, Mohammed, Mahmod Ali, igen och igen.

Länder som representerar veckans alla brott: Irak , Irak, Turkiet , Syrien, Afganistan, Somalia, Somalia, Syrien igen, Somalia, okänt land, okänt land, Sverige. Hälften av de misstänkta kan vi inte veta säkert eftersom de inte har några giltiga papper. Vilket i sig oftast innebär att de ljuger om nationalitet och identitet.

Nu pratar vi bara Örebro kommun. Och dessa brott upptar vår utredningsförmåga till 100%.

Så här ser det ut och har sett ut de senaste 10-15 åren.
Återkommer nästa fredag med en redogörelse för den gångna veckan😱🇸🇪

Image result for Swedish Journalist Exposes Awakening To Islamic Rape Culture

 Published on Feb 9, 2017
Alex Jones talks with Swedish journalist Celia Farber about the ongoing immigration crisis in Sweden.

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- Opponent of unrestrained immigration policy.