Friday 18 August 2023

Hawaiian wildfires wrought with suspicion - People barricaded in and left to incinerate, news agencies banned, water turned off, power lines left alive in high winds, evidence of plasma targeted weapons, insurance companies not paying out, developers rushing in to buy, aid not allowed in.


The How Will Be Hard For Most People To Understand, Focus On Why, It’s Happening Now

Anonymous - "A Message to Maui... The Truth May Shock You"

BREAKING! Maui Fires & WEF plan for Hawaii | Redacted with Clayton Morris

Maui Fire Video

Maui Fire - Smart City Sacrifice with Scott Adam on Red Pill News

8/10/2023 - Maui Fire Updates! Gov. isn't helping Residents in need of food/water/trasnportation!

Note: The "wild fires" only burnt down homes of the residents and amazingly, left most of the trees!
How is that even possible?

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I tried to keep an open mind about the fire in Maui but then these city leaders cannot help themselves but run their mouths about how deliberate their failure to act was. It doesn't matter how it started, they wanted Lahaina to burn to ashes. There's no debating it, they admit it

Aug 16

In MAUI, now we know there's between 500-1000 people, mostly children, who've died now, from these DELIBERATE 'Wild Fires' ! ARSON by the GLOBALIST ELITE LAND GRABBERS ! WEF wanted 15 min cties, but the people RESISTED ! Death & destruction was the result ! This is WAR !

What a F**KING lie ! You KNOW there will be a 'liitle plaque' or tree, to commemorate the 100s of people who DIED so that YOU could PROFIT from this land !

Aug 14

From what I’m gathering, lots of Maui residents believe the fire was a deliberate attack and land grab by the US government, ultimately backed by the WEF and its plans for Agenda 2030, snatching sacred land from sacred people under the guise of environmental protection and conservation, moving populations towards specified urban centers.

Tuesday 15 August 2023

Georgia DA vs Trump on alleged Racketeering and Conspiracy charges - Joe Biden's exact crimes!


Facebook melts down when people share too much truth.


Bye-bye Facebook. Third account since 2010. That went well !!

Apparently Facebook has issues with people talking about directed energy weapons that were dubbed "wildfires" by the media, re: the Hawaii travesty.

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Friday 11 August 2023

New Facebook group "The Storm Is Upon Us "


New Facebook group The Storm Is Upon Us. Q proofs and related material welcome. Please note: The group has been up on Facebook for two weeks now and has not received any notification for breaking community guidelines. I've even been posting the link "qanon posts online" straight on the group as well. This is extraordinary. I think the last of the Q groups on Facebook were removed in early 2020. But here we are again, being allowed a voice! I do believe that since June 6, 2023 there's been a change of guard. I saw 10 proofs across various platforms in the space of 3 days. I do believe power was handed over on 6/6. Ironic, right? It is my observation that Patriots are now in control across many platforms #MilitaryIntelligence

Where we go one we go all...

Join us!

Update 15 August 2023

Facebook melts down when people share too much truth.

... So I have no idea if the group is still up on Facebook. I think it's probably gone. My other Admin has been repelled also. Apparently Facebook has issues with people talking about directed energy weapons that were dubbed "wildfires" by the media, re: the Hawaii travesty.

Attacks in Peru. Very strange timing.

I find the timing of these attacks extremely suspect. Joe Biden is about to get arrested. The world's media is ignoring Biden and son Hunter's 100s of crimes, including child sex trafficking. What kind of distraction do you need to take the world's eyes off these crimes? Something like this. We Know that Ronald Regan knew about humanity's contact with alien life forms. We know about DARPA's Black Ops projects that sucked on 1.2 trillion US tax payer's $ up to 9/10 2001 - the day before 9/11. Ref: Donald Rumsfield. We know that the Lockheed Martin skunkworks have been developing mechanical as well as biological projects including cloning in Alaska, and hybrid human species at various other DUMBs for which there are eye witnesses.

We now know that these attacks have been happening in Peru since God knows when, and yet this story hits our news feeds right now? Really? Right when the biggest bust on the international crime syndicate is going down - The destruction of the old guard who has had control of 90% of the world's banks #ReserveBank system, the #RockefellerFoundation medical system that owns all of our medical schools, the petroleum industry, the world's stock exchanges, the world's governments... Really ?? Right now? This becomes public knowledge exactly when the globalist crime syndicate is going down? Timing wise I smeIl a rat, big time.

In summary IMHO, these attacks are real. The presence of both on-world and off-world entities is quite real. The world's elite families Medici, Borgia, Augustus and many other families, right back to the time of the pharaohs most likely, have been using alliances with these "others" to their own advantage. Where have all the children gone? Millions every year missing, right across the world. Where are the bodies buried? General Michael Flynn knows, and so does Donald J Trump. That's why the globalist-owned media constantly goes after him. No idiot. Patriots are in control.

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