Tuesday 17 March 2015

Meeting EVERY Sunday outside #ChristChurch in #Hampstead London


Gather together on Sundays... 

Meet together on Sundays at 10.30am outside the Christ Church in Hampstead London 
– a call from ardent supporters, investigators and activists:

Christ Church, Hampstead Square, London NW3 1AB  

It seems to be on Christ Church Hill Road near Queen Mary's Hospital. Near Holdford St, Cannon Plc. and Well Road. It's right near the West side of the Heath. Please refer to the map below. Please double-check. It's the only school with church adjacent I can see - Bron. 
Phone:020 7435 0054
Church website:

We are meeting to put a stop to satanic rituals on the planet, starting with the schools in Hampstead where many children are fostered (satanists are paid to look after children and babies who have been kidnapped from normal loving families or at birth from young girls who are raped) for the purposes of satanic rapes, murders, cannibalism and blood drinking rituals in nursery, primary and secondary schools, paid for by the public in the war between humanity vs satanity.

Thousands of babies from all over the world have been trafficked through Heathrow airport, bypassing customs and quarantine, transported to Hampstead, where they are tortured and killed, their organs harvested, their blood passed around to the children, the babies are cooked, their flesh cannibalised for lunch (no other food prepared) at this church for decades and Father Paul Conrad, who is accused of rapes, murders & cannibalism of babies, continues “business as normal” despite the Police interviews detailing the crimes committed by him and other teachers, Head-teachers, CAFCASS, social services, Police, neighbours, friends, family of over 8 schools in the area, see links below.

In the public interests, in matters of great public importance, under the Criminal Law Act 1967, we are REQUIRED BY LAW TO PUBLICISE AND STOP ALL CRIMES OF RAPE & MURDERS AGAINST VULNERABLE HUMANS and banish all satanic rituals from Mother Earth .

http://zeeklytv.com/video/19744/Gabriel-05-Sep-I-27-min – G1 part 1 All facts denied by “Steve” Police officer to 8 year old describing rapes and murders of babies and children at the primary school and church – dening education (Ofsted, education standards Inspectors’ report says school is “outstanding”)
http://zeeklytv.com/video/19743/Gabriel-05-Sep-II-18-min – G1 part 2 left waiting for 20 minutes to breaking point – at 45 mins – well past bed-time
http://zeeklytv.com/video/19743/Gabriel-05-Sep-II-18-min – A1 interview with 9 yr old starts at 23-13pm on 05 sept 2014 – pointless descriptions of teachers house interior and directions how to get there – and interior of church – Police should have been taking names of all the parents and teachers and children involved in the rituals
http://zeeklytv.com/video/19742/Gabriel-11-Sep-I-25-min second interview with “Steve” Police officer G2 part 1 of 4
With a fabulous analysis of the retraction video:

Right click and Open in a New Tab.  NW3 is on this map.


  1. Omg. I've just noticed the road to get up to Heath Street is "Rose Line" Hill. Omg. The church is right on a lay-line. There are no less than four primary schools all influenced by that line. That's WHY they do these rituals in Hampstead. It's an old road up the hill (like in the crucifixion scene) where prisoners in rough brown clothes walked up the hill to their fate. I'd say it's been a ritual killing-ground since Roman times. The native people of the area all went into slavery under Rome. We're still under it. "One Ring to rule them all..." Hidden in plain sight. That Ring will be CRUSHED this year. The abominations are nearly at an end.

  2. Truth and Justice22 March 2015 at 12:45

    So what happened at the protest today? How many turned up? Where are the videos?

    1. I've no idea Truth and Justice. I live in New Zealand. Unless you live in Dunedin NZ, you're probably closer to the action than what I am. Could you find out please? Thanks.


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