Tuesday 23 June 2015

Here's WHY Catholic Priests get AWAY with SEX CRIMES !!

In this video, you will see the Canon Law documents that protect Catholic Priests from being arrested for sexually abusing children in their parishes. In the Catholic church, sodomising 5-year-old altar boys and persuading children to give the priest fallatio is called "Solicitation".

Here is the Vatican's own document "Crimen Sollicitationis" that now has to be in public view. This is the document that allows Catholic pedophile priests to carry out their crimes.

Update December 17, 2019

Has Pope Francis just overturned Crimen Sollicitationis?  See the story:

Pope abolishes ‘pontifical secret’ in clergy sex abuse cases

Video: THE VATICAN (Part4) -Nicolaitanism & Criminal Sex

Priests are protected by the Vatican for sex crimes !!

Published by ChristmasIsALie.com on Oct 24, 2012

Documented proof the Vatican was the institutionalization of Nicolaitanism in western Europe.
Until very recently these documents were kept secret. Some time soon after 2010, it was ordered that these documents be disclosed to the public. This information is out now. Please keep on Sharing !!

Christmas is all about giving "Gifts" and Sweets to children...

And then the children got sodomised and raped, both girls and boys. Paedophiles tend to prefer boys.

This practice of "giving gifts and sweets" to children so adults can get sex with them is going on right now, today.  Ref: #WhistleblowerKids on this blog, Alisa and Gabriel, Hampstead London, UK.

Saturday 20 June 2015

SATANISM PREVAILS in EVERY Strata of society. WAKE UP and SEE !!

HAMPSTEAD COVER-UP on WorldBeyondBelief w/Ella and Abraham

Published on 14 Jun 2015

SHOCKING NEWS IN THE HAMPSTEAD COVER-UP! Ella and Abraham Present and Update The World Beyond Belief on the Hampstead Affair

This week Ella Draper and Abraham Christie in a live interview bring us up to date on what is happening regarding her two children trapped between a satanic death cult and the UK child protection service racket. Much has happened since the judge’s bogus ruling (devoid of investigation) regarding the fate of the children in a case that involves serious allegations of child sex abuse and infanticide currently happening in Hampstead schools and churches. We are informed that many people are independently researching deeply into this case and finding rather significant links to money laundering, child trafficking and high-ranking officials within the UK government. This is our chance to become knowledgeable about this case and the many others happening now throughout the world and start to do something about these death cults that are currently enslaving the earth. This pod cast does not seek condemnation for the members of these dark satanic cults; on the contrary, Ella and Abraham offer a ray of hope for all the victims/perpetrators trapped in these death cults through his scientific work in the field of plant based blood transfusions and nutrition. We all (Ella, Abraham, Paul and Mindy) feel that the ideal situation would be for these practices to STOP and for all of us to “ascend together.”

For more information regarding this case and others like it:







www.hampsteadcoverup.com Ella and Abraham's new website coming soon.



And be sure to visit Paul and Mindy´s blog at http://pineconeutopia.wordpress.com

Saturday 13 June 2015

SOUTH AFRICA: International Tribunal for Natural Justice is Established !!

Without prejudice, we are proud to announce that The Unified Common Law Grand Jury of Southern Africa aka Unified Grand Jury ZA, hereinafter UZA is proudly confirmed as a Southern Africa Chapter of the ITNJ:

“To the Peoples in and of the World and To All Those to Whom these Presents shall come, be It Known and Declared that:

The International Tribunal for Natural Justice is hereby established by this Proclamation, and by Mandate of the People having ratified the ITNJ Treaty, on this the 14th Day of February 2015, in memory of St Valentine who died defending the natural rights of the people this day over 1700 years past.

The International Tribunal for Natural Justice shall exist and function according to the Constitution of the International Tribunal for Natural Justice pursuant to the ultimate purpose of realising equal rights and dignity for each member of the human family – restoring truth and reason to the delivery of justice in the world.”

The ITNJ initiative has arisen as a response to the disregard for the rule of law exhibited by (alleged) public officials, the judiciary and corporate CEOs who have deliberately privatized the governments of the world against “We, the People”. Many legal scholars, researchers, and activists who make up the ITNJ’s body of volunteers have discovered conclusively that ALL the courts of EVERY country are in fact for-profit corporations masquerading as legitimate authority; any institution that deliberately pursues differing or contrary aims cannot be rightly considered a true source of Law!

“Natural Justice” = the Golden Rule in action. And the twin pillars of Natural Law are:
1) Do no harm.
2) Do not allow anyone else to get away with harming you or another. (Especially when a systemic pattern of abuse has revealed itself conclusively to the whole community!)

This is why the ITNJ was officially established and announced to the world on Feb. 14, 2015. It is a valid court of the people, and it is here to set a basic precedent: that the rights of the people to a sustainable and peaceful life, and the community, resources, knowledge, and wisdom necessary to maintain such an existence are more important than the “rights” of corporate/legal-fictions to do whatever they want regardless of how their actions affect the living world and humanity.

The ITNJ plans on being the first international court in the history of the world to be live-streamed on the Internet. We are inviting the world to participate – a feature of this court is that we will be using the principles of e-governance to allow the public to be a voice at this court, and we now have the technology that allows us to do this.

For the ITNJ Constitution and Treaty under the “ITNJ” drop-down menu, and to sign the Treaty if it speaks to your conscience as it is for everyone:http://www.itnj.org

For more information, research, and to learn about how to participate/volunteer go to http://www.itnjcommittee.org; documentation and confirming research will be updated.

We looking forward the ITNJ inauguration on the 15th of June, 2015; we will update you;

UZA comment:

The judiciary, as a separate and independent branch of government, SHOULD BE providing fair and accessible justice services that protect the rights of people, preserve community welfare and inspire real public confidence. INSTEAD, THERE CURRENTLY IS NO CONFIDENCE IN THE SYSTEM! We currently do not have a lawful Republic, a common wealth of all people, equally which is based on the will of the people; It is up to “We, the People” to say no to all forms of tyranny, oppression and injustice and to hold the perpetrators accountable by convening a forum or hearing of the people, by the people and for the people.

The so called leadership of this world has failed us. Acts of war are committed daily on “we, the People”. Poverty is probably the biggest act of war perpetuated by an elite few hiding behind the shadows of world governments;

“We, the People” are now taking action in holding our courts and governments to account when they violate basic human rights. Whenever the community at large neglects to do this then it sets a precedent that allows continued violations to take place;

Remember, the Power is in “We, the People”: We are the very energy source that the Powers-That-Were need to exist. This is good news for us, for it means we have the ability to change it! We will only bring about change through education, co-operation and activism.


We are reaching out to You, the People for support. The more who donate, the more effective and efficient our court actions will become; these are Your Courts so please consider making a donation:

To make a donation to ITNJ: http://www.itnjcommittee.org

To make a donation to UZA which is the Southern Africa Chapter of ITNJ, please request details :

Cape: Jan Lohfeldt – email commonlawsouthafrica@gmail.com

Gauteng: Brother Thomas - email commonlawsa@gmail.com

To get the ITNJ mailing list and receive updates: http://www.itnj.org/get-involved/subscribe/ or follow us here athttp://www.giftoftruth.wordpress.com/

If this resonates with you, then read and share the material in the links and pages and help make it go viral;

all rights reserved;

in peace and with gratitude,

bt & jan

Friday 12 June 2015

SAVE "CAMPBELL LIVE" (AGAIN) !!! June 12, 2015

Yes... !!!!  We are saving John Campbell AGAIN !!!

I just received this email today...


Laura - ActionStation team@actionstation.org.nz

1:54 PM (5 hours ago)
to me
Yes, you read that subject line correctly Bronwyn, we might have a second chance to #SaveCampbellLive.

Following the ratings crash at TV3, Jay Wintrob the CEO of Oaktree Capital (the company poised to take 100% ownership of MediaWorks) and Jonas Mitzschke (also of Oaktree Capital) are in New Zealand to find out what has been going on at MediaWorks New Zealand. They'll be making a review of the decisions that have led to this steady decline in ratings for their network. [1] [2]

This could be our chance to bring back Campbell LiveWill you take 2 minutes to send a quick email to these US bosses asking them to consider bringing back our favourite show?

Together we can show them that if they are serious about saving the network they need to bring back John Campbell andCampbell Live. Some people have asked, would John and his team really want to go back to the channel that has treated them so poorly? We can't speak for John Campbell or his team, but we have spoken to some of them to ensure this isn't a terrible idea. In fact, we think if there was a big enough shake up at TV3, they may well be happy to return. Wouldn't that be bloody marvellous?

Let's stand together once again and show our commitment to quality, public interest, investigative journalism for the people of NZ.

We’ve made it really easy for you to do.

With hope and determination,
Laura, Marianne, Ryan and Nina.

~ References ~
  1. ‘Ratings 7pm post-Campbell Live’, Throng Website
  2. ‘US fun poised to take 100pc of MediaWorks’ NZ Herald Business.

Here's the letter pre-written on the form (on the link) to those drips who CANNED Campbell Live.  I guess they pre-wrote a letter to help stop people like me from SWEARING at them.  Fair enough too!

ATTN: Jay Wintrob & Jonas Mitzschke of Oaktree Capital
cc: Julie Christie & Mark Weldon of MediaWorks NZ

I am writing to you today as a long-standing supporter and committed viewer of the TV3 show Campbell Live -- a show that was the highlight of TV3 for me, until the MediaWorks NZ network very recently cancelled it.

I am one of the 90,000 + people who signed a petition to save the Campbell Live show. I am also aware that more than 17,000 emails were sent to MediaWorks offices from people all around the country urging for the show to be saved, as well as rallies and demonstrations in Auckland, Christchurch, Dunedin and Wellington. I have never seen such commitment and perseverance  from Kiwis over a TV show before.

I am also aware that for the few weeks that the show was "under review" it was consistently ranked in the highest rating shows across all of the networks culminating in a viewership of more than 500,000 people for the "final" episode.

Campbell Live has a loyal and committed community and following. I know that there have been active boycotts of the TV3 station as a continued protest against the decision to can the show.

I write to you today to strongly urge you to reconsider that decision and to bring back Campbell Live and John Campbell. I am of the opinion it is the only thing that will save your network and regain the support of your fanbase and viewership at this critical time.

Thank you for your consideration.

A loyal Campbell Live supporter, and fan of public interest, public good journalism for NZ.

[good letter]



Monday 8 June 2015

Her Majesty The Queen In Right Of New Zealand COMPANY, aka "NZ"

These initiatives and this Stand we take is for ALL New Zealanders, to get us out from under the corporate thumb of "Her Majesty The Queen In Right Of New Zealand". That's the corporate name we are all traded under on the New York Stock Exchange.  NZ is a "business"... a Company!  Just like most of the other nations in the world, all except around 6 countries, including Cuba, North Korea and Syria.

Are you seeing a pattern here? - all "enemies" of the USA.  Our Company (HMTQIRONZ)  Is Registered on the Securities Exchange Commission in Washington DC (linked on the image above).  Washington DC is NOT a state of the USA. It does NOT abide by American law. It has a whole different set of laws it operates under.  Washington DC is just another puppet principality overseen by Vatican Inc., in the same way that the 1 square mile "City of London" is also overseen by Vatican Inc.

Why do you think there's been Germans sitting on the English throne since George I who ruled Britain from 1714-1727?  He was born 28 May 1660 in Osnabrück, Lower Saxony, Germany to Ernst August von Braunschweig-Calenberg (1629-1698) and Sophie von der Pfalz (1630-1714) and died 11 June 1727 in Osnabrück, Lower Saxony, Germany of unspecified causes. What ??  Yes. These are the monarchs of "England".  The reason?  Well... that's because Germany traditionally was the strong man of the Vatican.  Germany oversees the affairs of England to this day - the great sea-going nation and coloniser of dozens of countries in the world. Why do you think there's still a Swiss Guard in the Vatican?  Because the war lords of Germany have always protected the principalities of the Vatican, ever since 488 AD.

The Roman Empire never dissolved, as the history books tell us. We are still living under Rome...  the signs are EVERYWHERE...  "hidden in plain sight".  Do you need a starting point?  Ok... How many countries have eagles in their insignia?  And how many countries continue to bow to the Roman goddess "Juno Moneta" every single day, just to buy a loaf of bread?  Are you "a person"?  Oh good - another proof you are still under Rome.  A "persona" is the Roman theatrical mask.  It's a character who walks from scene to scene, obeying words written in Acts by playwrights hidden in secret rooms, scripting out our every move.  At times, some of the "persons" find themselves in "theatres of war".  That's where the most "moneta" is to be made.  There is GREAT PROFITS to be made if the slaves can be hypnotised, and seduced into going to war.

We are still SLAVES under Rome...  via institutions such as the NYSE, the FED, the Reserve Bank system - a global banking cartel (owned primarily by Rothschild along with his fellows, the Warburg family, Schiff family, Oppenheimer family, Royal Family of England, Saxe-Coburg-Gotha family, Rockefeller family, (JP) Morgan family, Harriman family, Carnegie family), and through the military arm which IS the main function of the USA's existence.

Why do you think children in the USA brought up having "the 2nd Amendment" drummed into them (the right to bear arms) and accepting it's ok to own and fire weapons? I know no-where else on earth like it. It's just crazy bs!! But because people in the US are so inculturated into accepting firearms and weapons as their "right", they are well trained from the cradle to the grave, to take up arms basically for, Vatican Inc. and the Old Houses of Europe.  Americans are the cannon fodder for the world... to go in and wreak havoc in the world, to generate income for the banksters with every round that is fired... every grenade detonated... every missile launched... every litre or gallon of aviation fuel sucked up....  It's all money in the coffers of the bankers...  the Jewish cabal...  in cahoots with Vatican Inc.  You can tell they're of the same brood, because they both wear the same hats.  That's no accident.  The roots are ancient... down into Egypt...  down into Babylon.  Don't be fooled by the illusionists of this world who put us under their SPELLING - letters of Laws and Acts and Statutes... all paper fictions, but which people beLIEve are real and tangible.  They are not.  ALL is PayPer filing fiction, to harvest our Energies via "Juno Moneta".  All modern systems sit on top of these deceptions.  It's them... the Black Magicians of Babylon, Egypt and Rome who do this... and only them. These are the wicked, evil entities we take our Stand against now...  It is these entities who we will be entirely FREE of, within this generation.  Humanity is breaking FREE !!  

Rome... "Babylon the Great" ... the Harlot that sits on the seven hills, Is Falling.... Is Falling....  right now, in front of our eyes.  The People take it back !!  It's up to us.    

Please also see:

Go onto Google Images and type in "Her Majesty The Queen In Right Of..."  and see how many names you get in your drop-down. Apparently, NZ is pretty-much in the same category as the Canadian provinces. Check it out...  interesting stuff !!  Introducing... "The Corporation" !!

Heraldry Today
Ottawa, Ontario
Registration of the Arms and Supporters of Her Majesty The Queen in Right of Canada
March 15, 2005
Vol. IV, p. 457

Letters Patent registering the Arms and Supporters of Her Majesty the Queen in Right of Canada

Thursday 4 June 2015

Newsletter #2: Waiora o te Puti - Kawhia Aotearoa. April 5, 2015

News from "Waiora o te Puti" community, Kawhia Aotearoa
We've had a very eventful week.  Young Jasher Kerepa is recovering well in Starship Children's Hospital in Auckland, and donations of equine gear is rolling in from all over the North Island, after a theft at the Kawhia Kids Pony and Horse Club.
  • The Community Garden next to the boat storage place needs weeding and more veges needing to be planted. Anyone wanting to contribute, please make contact.

  • Naomi Davies, 29, donated her kidney to her six-year-old son, giving him a second chance at life. Her son Jasher Kerapa, underwent surgery in Auckland on May 27, 2015. Jasher's kidney was operating at just 10 per cent.

  • New Earth Nation's Sacha Stone on June 4, 2015 said: Clandestine visit from a most remarkable gent (no names yet): erstwhile economic consultant to sovereign state Presidents, Governors, Dictators, CIA, Mossad, MI5 and MI6. About to blow the whole shitty shebang in a series of formidably evidenced exposes after surviving a remarkable near death experience. Baton down the hatches and stay tuned.
Arise homosapiens.  ❤

  • Thousands of dollars' worth of horse gear stolen from a unique pony-trekking club in Kawhia has stunned locals who say at-risk kids will be the big losers.  
Bevan Taylor's message to the thieves is simple: Bring back the gear.
He says it won't earn them much, but it's priceless for the children.

Those wishing to support Bevan's club can email info@kawhia.co.nz or
contact the Kawhia General Store on (07) 871 0711. If you want to make a donation from overseas, please use the donate button on my blog,
and i'll forward your donation to Bevan. Thank you so much.

Please see our "News" tab for these full stories, and stories of generosity of
New Zealanders who are sending their no-longer-used equine gear to Bevan. Thank you everybody for caring about our little community. Much love...