Thursday 31 October 2013

Russell Brand Announces "The Revolution of the Awakening"

NEWSNIGHT: Paxman vs Brand - full interview

KMC » 11am - Oct 24, 2013

The revolution itself may not be televised, but on last night's edition of the BBC's Newsnight...

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The revolution itself may not be televised, but on last night's edition of the BBC's Newsnight, viewers may have witnessed the start of one.
Actor-slash-comedian-slash-Messiah Russell Brand, in his capacity as guest editor of the New Statesman's just-published revolution-themed issue, was invited to explain to Jeremy Paxman why anyone should listen to a man who has never voted in his life.
"I don't get my authority from this preexisting paradigm which is quite narrow and only serves a few people," Russell responded. "I look elsewhere for alternatives that might be of service to humanity."
And with that, the first shots of Russell's revolutionary interview were fired.
Over the course of the following ten-or-so minutes, Brand and Paxo volleyed back and forth over subjects ranging from political apathy, to corporate greed, to gorgeous beards.
Throughout the interview, Brand repeatedly dodged Paxman's efforts to trivialize his message — at one point Paxman literally called Brand a "very trivial man" — until finally, even the entrenched newsman appeared to relent against the rushing tide of Brand's valid arguments.
After Brand reminded Paxman that he cried after learning that his grandma too had been "fucked over" by aristocrats, the Newsnight host was stunned into silence.
"If we can engage that feeling and change things, why wouldn't we?" Brand crescendoed. "Why is that naive? Why is that not my right because I'm an 'actor'? I've taken the right. I don't need the right from you. I don't need the right from anybody. I'm taking it."
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Wednesday 30 October 2013

Solar Flares: Shaking us Awake - by Dana Mrkich

The Video Version with Commentary is here

If you're feeling a little wired/exhausted/emotional/on edge, the Sun has released 3 X Class Solar Flares since Friday. October has been one of the most active Solar months in years with 22 M Class Solar Flares so far.
For those wondering what's the difference between classes, flares are graded from least powerful A through to B, C, M or most powerful X class. Each class is ten times more powerful than the previous class, and has 9 grades of power, except X class which goes on without limit. These recent X-class flares have been in the X.1 and X.2 range.

People will say that the Sun has been more quiet than expected this year, and this has been true (until perhaps right now)– however our sensory awareness of solar activity has increased and our physical/emotional response to solar activity has definitely heightened – even for those who may not be aware of why they are feeling how they are feeling.

Over the last few years we have all become increasingly sensitive to solar activity, feeling it on physical, mental, emotional and energetic levels. These flares are playing an integral role in waking us up: triggering aspects of ourselves that we need to address, confront, acknowledge, be aware of, make peace with, transform, activate, use, or release.

Each flare, or series of flares, seems to come with a ‘theme’. Currently the ‘theme’ feels to be revolving around remembering our potential (as individuals and as a society/humanity), and actively wanting to use and express it. We are being made aware of potent energy we all hold that allows us to live our lives differently, if we so choose it. Thus we are no longer able to tolerate old patterns around restriction whether that be global and societal issues related to freedom, or personal issues around work fulfilment, how much joy/abundance/love etc you allow yourself to receive and feel you/we all deserve.

We have outgrown our old boxes. We are pushing through old ceilings. We are seeing where we have kept ourselves small, and less than. We are heading into territory where we will look back and not be able to relate, at all, to who we used to be, and how we used to be. We will think ,“We accepted that? We tolerated that?” Whether ‘that’ is an old internal belief, or an external authority, it’s all up for an overhaul. Where past flares, and years, have made us more aware of why and how we've held ourselves back, now the emphasis feels to be more and more on 'more' - on how much 'more' of ourselves we can become, on the expansion that is available to us. We are re-connecting with feelings of motivation and passion after those feelings going awol for quite some time - only our renewed passion may be for new areas and interests previously unexplored with old dreams falling by the wayside as no longer feeling like a right match for us. For some, long given up on dreams may be returning, only this time with new beliefs that 'yes it can happen!'.

Some people are quite rightly questioning whether the old power structures are actually on the way out when we still see so much evidence around us that old ways are still running the show – or at the least trying to. I want to speak directly to the concern people have regarding the “Powers that be” and the Global elite. 

People are highly sceptical that the so called 1% and those working in the shadows for their own gain, at the cost of the majority of humanity, will so easily let go of their grip on power. Here is the thing: Power of this nature, over-powering the masses, relies on either forcing compliance on others (various forms of slavery) or manipulating people into compliance (making it so that people are not aware they are being over-powered, or believe that’s just how it is, and there’s nothing we can do about it). As we wake up the grip that this power has had over us lessens. We are no longer buying what is being sold. We are pulling the plugs out of the old systems with every viewing choice, purchasing choice, habit choice, lifestyle choice, opinion and comment choice, thought choice, ‘share on facebook’ choice and so on that we make. We are putting our plugs into new sockets, and as we do so the old systems cannot help but collapse or be called to transform. The old powers can hold onto their old reins as tightly as they like, but if everyone is letting go of the rope from the other end and moving on to greener pastures, well, they will be left holding limp reins eventually.

This is our time of choosing. The greener pastures are available to us, and we are here this lifetime to know that they are available to us. We are here to know we have the right, the capabilities and the resources to create them and expand them so that they are available to everyone. This may seem like an idealistic dream and from the perspective of our current reality and recent history, it sure can seem like an impossible one. Yet for future generations, that is surely the reality we want to strive to pass on to them? My vision is that my grandchildren will turn around and say, “Back in the olden days grandma, when the world had war, what was that like?” War will seem as barbaric to them as the Roman Gladiator days are now to us.

So as the Solar Flares shake us up like a cocktail mixer, be thankful. Better to be shaken and awakened than…not.

© Dana Mrkich 2013

Dana Mrkich is an Energy Intuitive, Author of A New Chapter, Creator of E-course Create a Life you Love and an inspirational teacher, writer and speaker. For more info, please visit herwebsite, join her on Facebook or follow her on Twitter.

Tuesday 29 October 2013

A Message to "Tui Garden Products" New Zealand

Tui is the new distributor for "RoundUp" produced by Monsanto. Buyer beware

Boycott Tui Garden Products Please don't support Tui to continue supporting the Monsanto agenda... Please.... No !!

Monsanto agenda is the Rockefeller agenda for health care... Humanity monetised - when you sign off on your procedure... There's SOOOOOO much more to this story...

Tui Garden. Please educate yourselves. Don't be complicit Corporate Bio-robots who are selling your fellow man down the river of grief.

I have a grandchild sitting right now in StarShip hospital in Auckland with cancer - tumors on his kidney and on both his lungs. He is to have his kidney REMOVED. He's only just turned 8. This is not OK !!!



Saturday 26 October 2013

Cancers Dissolve in the Presence of High Oxygen

This article was sent to me by a friend...
As I recall, there a many beneficial uses of 35% food grade peroxide.
35% food grade hydrogen peroxide can be purchased in NZ from this Tapawera, Nelson company:
25 litres costs $300; 4 litres costs $90. 
Other sources:
An info pdf is here: 
 and beyond
& more info here: 
FYI/interest.  Isabel

Beat cancer with 35% hydrogen peroxide

October 19, 2013 by: S. D. Wells

Cancer is dangerous. Don't flirt with disaster. Don't eat it and don't go near it. Don't drink it. Don't put it on your skin. Yes, this is a warning not to put cancer on or inside your body. 
Cancer is in GMO pesticide DNA seed designs and the treatments used on vegetables and fruit. Cancer is in sun block lotions full of toxins that hold in your sweat and block out the vitamin D you would normally get from the sun. Cancer is in cosmetics, makeup, soaps, toothpaste and shampoos. Cancer may be lurking in your refrigerator, your pantry and in your medicine cabinet, but it has an arch-enemy. Cancer has a rival that destroys it like an M-60 leveling a field of enemy soldiers. 
It's called "hydrogen peroxide" and the "lame-stream," mainstream media will tell you how "dangerous" it is at 35%, but they won't tell you that you can drip a couple drops in a glass of water each day and end cancer. Yes, it's true.

Cancer thrives in an acid-heavy system, where the blood and the organs are flooded with processed salt, sugar, animal fat [Isabel: I'm uncertain about the animal fat - need more data] and artificial food. 
The heart and brain struggle to filter out the toxins found in most conventional forms of food, like antibiotics, hormones, pesticides, insecticides, herbicides, bleach, ammonia, fluoride, heavy metals and much more. 
This is why the doctors and oncologists tell chemo patients not to eat alkalizing foods like kale, because it will "interfere with the chemotherapy." 
God forbid you should try to alkalize all that acid that's killing your GOOD cells. It is not uncommon for cancer patients die as a result of the chemotherapy and radiation damage to their non-cancerous cells
In other words, your good cells that are trying to help your body beat cancer are deprived of oxygen also, leading to new cancers and often death within 5 years.
"The most overlooked solution to all manner of illness and disease is perhaps the simplest. All pathogens, viruses, and parasites are anaerobic. They thrive in the absence of oxygen, but cannot survive with an abundance of oxygen. Even cancer cells cannot exist in oxygen. They depend on fermenting glucose to survive and multiply."

What should you do, whether you have cancer or not? 
Alkalize your body, that's what. 
Now keep in mind, hydrogen peroxide does not rebuild the immune system or repair the cells damaged by toxic chemo; however, there's no better time to welcome that "change of season" for the regeneration of new cells, skin, hair and organ cells than right now. This is pre-programmed in your DNA. Men and women have the same schedule:

120 Days - NEW Red Blood Cells
90 Days - NEW Skeleton
60 Days - NEW Brain Cells, Tissue
49 Days - NEW Bladder
45 Days - NEW Liver, NEW DNA Cell Material
30 Days - NEW Hair, NEW Skin
5 Days - NEW Stomach Lining


Getting enough hydrogen peroxide inside the cancer cells is key.

It has been clinically demonstrated that the spread or metastatis of cancer is "inversely proportional to the amount of oxygen around the cancer cells." That means that the more oxygen, the slower the cancer spreads. Conversely, the less oxygen, the faster the cancer spreads.
If cancer cells get enough oxygen, they will die! Hydrogen peroxide kills cancer cells, because cancer cells do not have the mechanism to break down the hydrogen peroxide and stop it from doing its work.

The key to curing cancer with hydrogen peroxide is getting ENOUGH hydrogen peroxide INSIDE the cancer cells. There is a scientific description of this: Proteolytic enzymes, also called pancreatic enzymes, literally cut apart the thick protein coating that covers cancer cells, so the immune system can recognize the cells as cancerous. Well, you don't have to be a scientist to understand that! By cutting apart the protein coating, the hydrogen peroxide then gets inside the cancer cells. You won't hear about that on any CNN "cancer special" or on "Dr. Oz."

Science has known this for 50 years
Nobel prize winner Dr. Otto Warburg demonstrated OVER 50 YEARS AGO the basic difference between normal cells and cancer cells. Both derive energy from glucose (sugar), but the normal cell requires oxygen to combine with the glucose, while cancer cells break down glucose without oxygen, yielding only about 1/15 of the energy per glucose molecule that a normal cell produces. This is why cancer cells have such a huge appetite for sugar and why people who are obese get cancer more often. It's called the "biochemical cascade."

Hydrogen peroxide and several other oxygen therapies are proven to be safe and effective. Pay attention to what you buy though, because 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide is the only grade recommended for internal use.

Beware of the 3% "Pharmaceutical Grade." This is the grade sold at your local drugstore or supermarket. This product is not recommended for internal use, because it contains an assortment of stabilizers which shouldn't be ingested.

Home use advice: Some individuals add a cup of 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide to a bathtub of warm water and soak for 20 to 30 minutes. The hydrogen peroxide is absorbed through the skin, which is your largest organ. Others drink a glass of water with several drops of food or re-agent grade hydrogen peroxide. Also look into digestive enzymes. Researchers have noted for years a correspondence between low levels of enzymes and cancer; in fact, enzyme therapy has been used with good results against cancers in Europe and by some doctors in the United States.

Sources for this article include:

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

There is nothing particularly scientific about excessive caution. Cautious explorers do not cross the Atlantic of truth - Lancelot Hogben

4. Litres Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide.

Monday 21 October 2013

"Doctors Who Are Curing Cancer" by Suzanne Somers

At the end of Suzanne's book (yes, she's a cancer survivor) in the list of Resources is a section called:

"Integrative Health Care Practitioners Providing Support for cancer prevention during cancer treatment and/or remission."

Here's a list that Suzanne provides with contact details:

Priya Advani, L.Ac
Santa Monica, CA

David Allen, M.D
Los Angeles, CA

Koren Barret, N.D
Costa Mesa, CA

Be Hive of Healing
Habib Sadeghi, MD
Los Angeles, CA

Roger Billica, M.D.
William Billica, M.D.
Mark Hoenig, M.D.
TriLife Health, PC.
Fort Collins, CO (Colerado)

Russell Blaylock, M.D.

Stanislaw R. Burzynski, M.D., Ph.D
Bursynski Clinic
Houston, TX

Hyla Cass, M.D.
Pacific Palisades, CA
Beveryly Hills, CA

Nalini Chilkov, OMD
Santa Monica, CA

Marc Darrow, M.D., J.D.
Darrow Wellness Institute
Los Angeles, CA

Martin Dayton, M.D., D.O.
Dayton Medical Centre
Sunny Isles Beach, FL

Jeanne Drisko, M.D.
University of Kansas Medical Centre
Kansas City, KS

Kelly Marie Fitzpatrick, B.S.N.,
    M.P.S., N.D.
Eugene, OR (Oregon)

James W. Forsythe, M.D., H.M.D.
Reno, NV (Nevada)

Drew Frencis, OmM.D., L.Ac.
Golden Cabinet Medical Healing Centre
Los Angeles, CA

Sonja N. Fung, N.D.
Live Well Clinic
La Quinta, CA

Michael Galitzer, M.D.
Los Angeles, CA

Robert J. Gilbard, M.D. 
Ray Hammond, D.C., D.N.B.H.E., N.M.D.
Alternative and Traditional Medical Centre

Burton Goldberg
Tiburon, CA

Steve Gomberg, L.Ac., C.C.N., R.H.(A.H.G.)
Eastern Center for Complementary Medicine
Los Angesles, CA

Nicholas Gozales, M.D.
New York, NY

Allen Green, M.D.
Centre for Optimum Health
Los Angeles, CA

Payam Hakimi, M.D.
Beverly Hills, CA

Steve Haltiwanger,M.D., CCN
La Jolla, CA

Mary Hardy, M.D.
Los Angeles, CA

Lisa Harsch, M.D.
Newport Women's Health & Wellness
Newport Beach, CA

Janet Hranicky, Ph.D
The American Health Institute, Inc.
Los Angeles, CA

Institute for Progressive Medicine
Irvine, CA

Geoffrey Jones, M.D.
Jones Institute for Advanced Medicine
Oak Brook, IL (Illinois)

Aran E. Katz, M.D.
Columbia University medical Center
New York, NY

Carolyn Katzin

Shiva Lalezar, M.D., D.O.
Health and Vitality Centre

Howard Liebowitz, M.D.,F.A.C.E.P.
Santa Monica, CA

Anja Lindblad, N.D.
Walnut Creek, CA

Rand McClain, D.O.
Santa Monica, CA
Whittier, CA

Andreas Moritz
Ener-Chi Wellness Center
Landrum, SC

Ralph Moss, Ph.D.

Steven E. Nelson, Pharm.D., Ph.D.,
    N.M.D., Di.Hom
Palm Desert, CA

Nourishing Wellness Medical Center
Redondo Beach, CA

Nicole Ortiz, N.D.
Live Well Clinic
La Quinta, CA

Chrisine Paoletti, M.A., M.D.,
Santa Monica, CA

Christian Renna, D.O.
Dominique Fradin-Read, M.D.
Robert Maki, N.D.
LifeSpan Medicine
Santa Monica, CA

Christian Renna, D.O.
David Lancaster, D.O.
LifeSpan Medicine
Dallas, TX

.... a few more left to add   : )

Thursday 17 October 2013

How The Rockefeller Foundation "Stitched Us Up"

General note: This article is based on my own research. Pieces of this puzzle started coming to me in 2013 as centenaries of these various foundations were being celebrated. I didn't have to go far to join the dots. Most of my primary research was done on Wikipedia then cross-checked with other sources online. Please enjoy contemplating this material, and PLEASE share with your friends. I think we all need to become aware of what the medical agenda is. Thanks, Bronny NZ

Here's how the manipulation went down. The stage for Rockefeller domination of world health (the allopathic medical agenda) was all set up in 1913.
  1. It was 1913 when the Rockefeller Foundation was formed... Through that mechanism US $500,000,000  was injected into medical schools around the world over the next two years.  See: Rockefeller Foundation Annual Report 1913-14. Please note:  A lot of these funds were securities as stated in the Annual Report 1913-14. ie: It's not even real money - It's like a pledge to pay back on a piece of paper secured from the share market gambling hall. See how the gambling hall scam works here >  Please see "New capital" and "Investment" on the securities link.
  2. In 1913, the Bureau of Chemistry in the US was re-named the Food and Drug Administration: the FDA.
  3. In 1913 The Cancer Society was also founded by John D. Rockefeller.  

    Please remember that Rockfeller is a miner. By the 1890s, the mining industry knew exactly what uranium and plutonium was and what its potential was for use in the 20th century.  A savvy investor could not lose by establishing a cancer research division in 1913 - right in time for a century of war and a boom in industrialisation, all over the world.

    Please also note that American President Herbert Hoover (1929–1933) spent the first half of his life in mining, from 1897. I'd say the chances were rather high that Hoover and Rockefeller had a mining industry relationship prior to Hoover's rise through the political ranks. I have no doubt whatsoever they would have been rather keen to line each other's pockets, as happens in politics.

    Please check out the following article for more perspectives:  Doctors & You 

    On the banking and finance front:

    Political opponents of the Federal Reserve Bill were "disposed of" at sea in the great maritime disaster known to us as the sinking of the Titanic (1912). The Bill was passed into law on 23rd December 1913, and made way for the likes of Rockefeller to take up positions as dominant figures on the world stage, in EVERY AREA of the world's future... including health.

    Please take into account that in the US, laws prohibiting Cannabis Sativa use began in 1906. By 1920 cannabis was completely outlawed in the US.

    Side note: In 2014, Cannabis Sativa is becoming a well documented and researched cancer treatment showing excellent success in clinical trials. Sativa is often tried by patients, or the parents of children undergoing treatments, as a 'last resort' after the burn, cut, poison treatments have been inflicted by the Rockefeller medical agenda. Sativa is now becoming a 'first line' cure as people gain more confidence in its effectiveness.  The cannabis variety "Sativa" is found particularly to have excellent medicinal effect on MANY of our bodily ailments. 

    If you use cannabis unheated and it has no narcotic effect.  Either juice the leaves or use cold pressed oil. See YouTube videos which are plentiful... 

    Search on YouTube : brain tumour healed children cannabis juice 

    Closer to home

    In New Zealand the Tohunga Suppression Act (1907) was passed. To quote: "... any Maori by professing or pretending to possess supernatural powers in the treatment or cure of any disease, or in the foretelling of future events, or otherwise" was liable for prosecution." 

    The act was finally repealed in 1962. Within those two generations, a lot of indigenous knowledge was lost.

    All over the world, the agenda that governments backed regarding public health was Rockefeller's: "Close everything else down".  The world had found itself a very generous benefactor. Any treatments other than the Rockefeller-recognised medical school treatments would no longer be tolerated. Governments would now skip to the tune of the Rockefeller fiddle.

    I add a quote here cited in the Rockefeller Annual Report - that any treatments being offered to the public from now on would "exclude individual charity and relief, exclude local enterprises..." 

John D. Rockefeller wanted to have the sole monopoly on providing treatments to the world.  And he damn near got there.  It's just a pity for him that literacy has spread like wild-fire across the world for the last 100 years, and we can now all see very clearly what he was up to.

  • It's not "philanthropy" that runs the Rockefeller machine. It's greed.

    "The Rockefeller Foundation Annual Report 1913-14" offers us some great insights. Please take note of pp.7-16: "INVESTIGATION OF INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS" and p.31: MENTAL HYGIENE which states: 
    "One of the important subjects considered by the Trustees, within the general field of public health, has been that of mental hygiene. It has been established beyond any doubt that mental defect and mental disease are factors of great social and economic importance..."

For other Rockefeller annual reports please go to the above .org/ website and scroll to the footer. There you will see "Annual Reports".

Further to this line of study: In the early 1990's I picked up a copy of "New Zealand Soil and Health" concerning "organophosphate" pesticides. It said that in around 1974-76 or thereabouts, it was recognised that pesticides were likely impacting human good health. Only a handful of countries at that time decided to no longer use organophosphates in agriculture. One of these was Israel. Over the following 3 years, the rate of breast cancer in Israel dropped by around 30%. That's unbelievable, right ?? Sorry... old edition so it's not available online. So this shows you the web of deceit.

Rockefeller have huge interests in oil. Many pesticides and herbicides are derived from the petroleum industry. Many modern medicines are ALSO derived from the petroleum industry.

How was it that the world didn't notice when one of the planet's most prominent oil magnates established:

(1) a health-oriented so-called philanthropic foundation that dictated "good practice" health care to the medical schools of the world

(2) a cancer foundation whose prime purpose is to perpetually ask for public funds for research

Organic NZ used to be called "Soil and Health". There are lots of great articles available. For example, this one called Cancer and the poisons in our food (2000). There you go - There's your "cancer research" done! ** The conclusions that can be made are not very complex: Get rid of the poisons out of food production, and everything comes into balance. Most cancers then don't have a chance.

Additionally, you will never ever again have that guilty feeling about NOT dropping your spare change into the donations bucket on "Daffodil Day" (NZ cancer awareness week) which funds Rockefeller-approved research. You now know it was all a set-up...  Just another money-making business using human lives to keep the financial wheels turning.


**  Note added to bring attention to the fact that "cancer research" from the Rockefeller point of view is about finding ways to utilise chemical and petro-chem by-products to treat people. Money, money, money. Their point of view is not: "What is out there in the world that will cure people?"  No, no. You can't make money off herbs such as - bloodroot (see Amazonian Black Salve), red clover, graviola, burdock root, chaparral, yarrow, turmeric, cannabis sativa (cold juicing is non-psychoactive and extremely effective), green walnut hull, cloves, wormwood... just to name a few - since God is already in possession of those patents!

Let's go back.... Here's what happened in 1913

The following quotes are from the Rockefeller Foundation Annual Report 1913-14 which is linked above on this article.
The New York State Legislature passes an act on April 24 incorporating the Rockefeller Foundation. New York Governor William Sulzer approves the charter on May 14. 
With the Foundation incorporated, John D. Rockefeller Sr. makes gifts to the Foundation totaling $35 million, followed a year later by $65 million. 
Jerome D. Greene, secretary of the Foundation and former secretary of Harvard, writes “a memorandum on principles and policies” for an early meeting of the trustees. An influential document, it establishes a rough framework for the Foundation's work. It's major points are:  
"... exclude individual charity and relief, exclude local enterprises, make sure when going into a community with a gift that the community has “its own will…and its own resources, both material and spiritual” to meet the need, avoid gifts in perpetuity, and focus on problems that “go to the root of individual or social ill-being and misery.” 

The first meeting of the board of trustees is held May 22. John D. Rockefeller Jr., age 39, is elected president... 
On December 5, the Foundation's board makes its first grant: $100,000 to the American Red Cross to purchase property for its headquarters in Washington, DC.* and for “a memorial to commemorate the services of the women of the United States in caring for the sick and wounded of the Civil War.” 
Influenced by Abraham Flexner’s landmark study, “Medical Education in the United States and Canada,” the Foundation makes a grant to Johns Hopkins University to extend its model “full-time” system of basic medical education to clinical departments of medicine, surgery and pediatrics. Other specialties are added later... 
Aware of the domestic success of the Rockefeller Sanitary Commission for Eradication of Hookworm Disease and desirous of expanding that work overseas, the board of trustees in June appropriates its first funds for work outside the US—$25,000 to create the International Health Commission (later called a board), which launches the Foundation into international public health. This pioneering work establishes the pattern of modern public health services. 

Washington DC is not under US law, and is a tax haven. Corporate Entities based in that jurisdiction  are exempt from taxes, just like The Vatican and the square mile City of London. 

John D. Rockefeller contribution                         14 May 1913     US $35,000,000

Charter of the Incorporated Foundation             22 May 1913
was accepted  (TRF p.9)

Rockefeller Foundation grant made to the         5 Dec 1913           US $100,000
   American Red Cross

Rockefeller Foundation grant made to            unknown date        unknown sum
   John Hopkins University for 
   "medical education"

Rockefeller "Sanitary Commission for Eradication of Hookworm Disease" established in the US.

Rockefeller Foundation establishes the                27  June 1913            US $25,000
  International Health Commission outside 
  of the US. ("TRF" p.11)

 John D. Rockefeller contribution                                  1914     US $65,000,000       

"The Gift"


May 29,1913, through Messrs. John D. Rockefeller, Jr.,  Starr J. Murphy,  Edward L. Ballard and  Jerome D. Greene, Trustees, in bonds, par value # 3,200,000.00

June 4, 1913, in securities and accrued income  21,052,028.54*

June 27,1913, in securities and accrued income  10,178,402,00*

March 6,1914, in securities and accrued income  65,569,569.46*

                                                                                                                           Total $100,000,000.00


June 7,1913, Income payable at Foundation's discretion to The Baptist Ministers' Home Society of New York    $ 8,000.00

Sept, ii, 1913, Income payable^at Foundation's discretion to The Baptist Home of Northern Ohio * 8,000.00

Nov. 29, 1913, Income payable at Foundation's discretion to Euclid Avenue Baptist Church, Cleveland, Ohio 24,000.00

Dec. 9, 1913, Income payable to The Baptist Home Society of the City of New York 8,000. oo

                                                                                                                                   Total $48,000.00
(TRF p.10)

"The offices of the Commission were located at Washington, D. C., with the offices of the Rockefeller Sanitary Commission. A full report of the operations of the International Health Commission from the time of its establishment to December 13, 1914, is issued as a separate document. It discloses remarkable progress toward the fulfilment of the immediate object of the Commission, namely the initiation of measures for the eradication of hookworm disease in foreign countries. A visit by the Director-General to England in the summer of 1913 resulted in a cordial invitation from the Colonial authorities to visit the tropical colonies of Great Britain, with a view to the inauguration of the work under the auspices of the several local governments."  (TRF p.13)


[ - Oh yes...  They were very interested in getting the population off to work.]


"One of the important subjects considered by the Trustees, within the general field of public health, has been that of mental hygiene. It has been established beyond any doubt that mental defect and mental disease are factors of great social and economic importance..."

Wednesday 16 October 2013

New Earth Economics. UBUNTU: "Contritubutionism"

Contributionism Part 1 - Introduction


A WORLD WITHOUT MONEY: UBUNTU – Contribution System(The Natural Order of Things)

“Let each citizen contribute their natural talents or acquired skills to the greater benefit of all in the community.”  -  Michael Tellinger.

To convey the message of a whole new philosophy about a world without money is a complex task. Some people get it immediately, within seconds, while some take a little longer to digest the information and work it out for themselves, and then there are those who fundamentally struggle with the concept and really fight it with their accumulated knowledge, using their reason and logic to argue that it is NOT possible for humanity to live without money. 

Let me remind you that in science and the field of consciousness, change is the only constant and everything is possible. What I urge you to do, is to clear your mind completely of any preconceived ideas and acquired knowledge, and keep this infinitely powerful mind of yours absolutely open to any new information. Even if the information may sound unreasonable or unrealistic or simply crazy – keep your mind open and let the information wash over you without trying to analyze it. Having an open mind is like being pregnant. You cannot be half pregnant – so you either have an open mind or you don’t.

In areas of research and true learning, this is a very important part of growth and realisation. We have to let go of the ego, and all other hurdles that will prevent us from acquiring new knowledge. I have had to learn this the hard way just like millions of others, often allowing my ego to reason away some of the most important findings in my research and path to enlightenment. 

This is a very important point that I need to stress. A move towards a world without money, is a giant step towards higher consciousness and a highway to enlightenment. UBUNTU Contributionism is a system for a new world of evolved and conscious beings that realise the importance of unity and equality. Because we are a deeply divided species, on every possible level, there is no unity and equality present on our planet. We need to re-learn the basic principles of unity and equality – which will be difficult for many, based on the gluttony and greed that has taken a firm hold of the world disguised in many cloaks of glitter. 

It has taken me more than six years to be brave enough to share this information with others, because it is very easy for others to shoot me down without my complete and firm understanding of the detailed workings of a money-less society. I have faced the angry onslaught of many in an attempt trying to protect what they call “everything I have worked for all my life”. I am sure you can see the irony in that statement and the recognition that we are a product of a system designed to make us addicted to stuff, and the accumulation of stuff, believing in some twisted way that the more we have when we die, the more successful we have been.

As we progress with this introduction, you will see how the UBUNTU Contribution system provides everything to everyone at all times. Once again I remind you that this is not a crazy utopian dream, but rather the natural order of things that we have been denied. There is no need to accumulate or horde stuff and no need to plan for old age. All such notions and patterns of behaviour are clear symptoms of an enslaved society, ignorant of their slave species status. 

On this path, I had to analyse every aspect of society, how it has functioned in the past and how it works today. I had to figure out how the complex human puzzle will function without money in the future. How each and every area of our lives will be affected, for the better, and how we will adapt to it. What you will find just like I did, is that it is a beautiful journey of discovery when you start to unravel the complex structures of global economics, that are understood by very few, and replace them by the simplest and effective ways that I have called “the natural order of things”.

I do need to remind you that there is a natural order of things in the universe. We observe this order as we gaze into the night sky and marvel at the size and beauty of distant galaxies and nebulae. The universe around us is spectacular in its beauty, infinite in abundance of divine creation – and it all functions without money. 

The global movements like ‘Occupy Wall Street’ have brought to our attention that the 99% of the people are waking up to the gross inequality among the people of our planet and the massive abuse that we have endured under those who control the supply of money.

Thomas Jefferson, one of the founding fathers of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA made the following statement circa 1780.
I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies. If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around [the banks] will deprive the people of all property until their children wake-up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered. The issuing power should be taken from the banks and restored to the people, to whom it properly belongs.

This day has come. 

It is now very clear that the global bankers and those who control the supply and flow of money, are in control of our planet and have been for a long, long time. How and why this has happened is a fascinating tale of unimaginable exposure that takes us back thousands of years to the Sumerian civilisation and the creation of the first money, in the form of clay tablets. I cover much of this in my research and presentations for those who are interested. 

Money did not evolve as a beneficial tool for humans, on some kind of a natural evolutionary path that brought us here. That is the disinformation we have been force-fed by the government-sponsored education systems, set up to keep us ‘dumbed down’. The reality is far more sinister, and therefore more unbelievable to many.

Money was maliciously introduced thousands of years ago as a tool of enslavement by the royal political bloodline of high priests and kings that still rule the world today, and still control the supply of money. This group of faceless controllers belong to highly secret societies, sometimes called the Illuminati and other names. They are real, and they control pretty much everything on this planet... for now.

On the 27th of April 1961 United States President, John F Kennedy delivered a speech which referred to the secret dealings of societies and corporations which included the Federal Reserve System and their banking subsidiaries. This is what he had to say:
“The very word "secrecy" is repugnant in a free and open society; and we are as a people, inherently and historically opposed to secret societies, to secret oaths and to secret proceedings... Its preparations are concealed, not published. Its mistakes are buried, not headlined. Its dissenters are silenced, not praised. No expenditure is questioned, no rumour is printed, no secret is revealed.” 

Many people are of the opinion that this was inevitably the speech that got Kennedy assassinated. In essence, he was blowing the whistle on this secretive group of bankers and controllers of humanity, when he realised that he was not really in charge of the path to prosperity of the American people, but that this small group of powerful individuals were in absolute control. 

The producers of the documentary “Zeitgeist”, made it clear that to keep people enslaved physically, you have to house them, feed them and clothe them. Through the introduction of money as a tool of enslavement, people need to work for money; but in the process they have to feed, clothe and house themselves. What a brilliant and simple twist in the clever enslavement of humanity – with money.

Secret societies of a chosen few have been playing games with humanity forever. Many ancient texts, including the Bible are full of this information, but we have been too arrogant and ignorant to recognise it. The Tower Of Babel incident in the Bible is just one example of the attempt to keep humanity divided and at war with each other. It was very successful. 

The sooner we come to terms with this historic fact, the easier it will be for us to discard money and revert back to the natural order of things, and enjoy the abundance of all things that the universe and our planet provide.

The money-less UBUNTU-style system I am referring to, which is an adaptation of ancient African customs, is not based on barter or trade. This is often the mistake that many have made in the past. This is also the reason why all previous socio-economic policies have failed. Barter and trading is just another form of money and he who has more to trade will eventually want to rule the roost. 

I found that often it is those who are more educated and have risen to high levels of respect through their higher ‘education’, discard this information out of hand. They feel that because of their level of education, it is impossible to have kept such information hidden from them, and that they are too smart for anyone to pull the wool over their eyes.

These highly trained and educated individuals have become the most vicious protectors of their slave masters, the bankers and their governments, that have cunningly conned them into the false sense of superiority, believing they are defending their freedoms and privileges in a free society – a society where those who are smarter will succeed. At this stage it is also important to remind you that “there are none more enslaved, than those who believe they are free”. And this my fellow humans, is the predominant case in the world today.

Democracy is another sugar coated poison pill we have been choking on for too long. Democracy has been sold to us the ultimate rights of individuals and that the choice of the majority has to be implemented. Once you really think about this, you will realise that democracy is nothing else than a bullying tactic. The democratic process can be manipulated, and has very successfully been manipulated by those who control money. It has been said that USA presidents are not elected, but rather selected by those faceless money makers.

There is constant talk of “debt” and “injecting more money into the economy” and every country in the world owes some other country money. The banks keep getting bailed out by some magical stroke of the government’s wand, and the Reserve Banks “inject more funds” or they “release more money” to the various banks and economies to bail them out. With every new “injection of money” the people become more indebted and more enslaved. There is no way out of this mess.

What we need to ask is – who do we owe all this money to? 

Who does Greece and Italy and Spain and Ireland and all other countries owe all this money to? Who has the exclusive power and authority to just keep printing more money, creating money out of thin air, and enslaving all countries and their people? The answer is cold and sobering and I hope it will wake up all those who still believe in a fairytale ending to this global economic mess. 

We owe all this imaginary money to the same group of untouchable elites, in the secret societies that JFK was referring to, who have claimed the right to print money, and written these rights into law to protect themselves. They control political and economic policy of governments and therefore own all of us, as their ignorant slaves, to keep working for the less than 1% of the world’s elite. These are the royal political bloodlines who remain faceless and who continue to control the supply of money and the absolute enslavement of the human race. 

This is the point where many newcomers to this information will have to keep an open mind on the path to enlightenment, because this is NOT what we have been taught, and it is indeed a tough pill to swallow for all those who believed that the government was their friend, doing the best they can for us. And especially those ‘educated’ members of society who still believe that they are too smart for someone to have deceived them so monumentally. 

Since the governments are supposed to be the servants of the people, they should consult the people about what to do. Let’s face it, the answers to the problems are actually very simple. Just ask a bunch of junior school kids to get some hard-hitting and sobering answers. The people know exactly what they need, but there seems to be no government in the world that is listening. 

The largest majority of the nearly 7 billion people in the world live in misery. They hate their life, their job, their boss; the fact that they have to get up early on cold and rainy days, to catch a train, or bus, or ride a bicycle in the rain, to a job they despise, just so that they can earn some money. 

Money to buy bread and milk and pay rent, or the mortgage, and pay for electricity and pay the phone bill and pay the groceries and pay for virtually everything that crosses our path or that we need in our lives. But most of us never really make enough money to live a fulfilled life, because other than air, virtually everything else has a price on it, in some twisted way. How did this happen? 

On this long and convoluted path of deception about money, we have become well trained soldiers marching to the rhythm, of the beat of the invisible whip, of the money makers. We have slowly been fed statements like “money makes the world go round” and “if you work hard, you will make it to the top”, and “the money buys the whiskey’... without questioning it for so long. 

The truth is that world goes around all by itself; and when you get to the top, it’s never quite enough; and while at present it may be the money that buys the whiskey, it is people who make the whiskey, and therefore it should be the people, and not the money, who decide who and how the whiskey is consumed. 

Through subtle indoctrination, money has become the life-blood of the human psyche. But in fact it is more like a drug, because most of us believe that we cannot survive without money. Well, nothing can be further from the truth. Everything around us exists in abundance and functions without money. We are the only species know to us, that has adopted this thing called money. 

So what do we need to survive? We need water, food, shelter, love, health, education, knowhow, technology, art, culture, friends, clothes, tables, chairs, light, energy, heat, transport, agriculture, and all the other things we use in our daily activity. We do NOT need money – all of these things can be available to us without money. 

Millions of people around the world create millions of things every day, that fill the shelves of supermarkets. Millions of farmers around the world produce millions of tons of food every month. But instead of the food and other necessities reaching the people, it gets discarded and dumped, while millions die of starvation for the simple reason that they do not have money. This is the most evil kind of enslavement that anyone could have concocted. 

But the control of the enslaved species called humanity does not end with the control of money. The supply of food has been the holy grail of the controllers for several decades. As long as companies like Monsanto continue being given the freedom to mess with nature and create invasive, genetically modified food species, the farmers will rapidly lose their ability to grow organic natural food and will have to resort to becoming the slaves of Monsanto and their faceless owners. Food will fall completely under the control of the same small minority of controllers. 

Many good-hearted, law abiding citizens are unaware that this maliciously planned control of food supply is at an advanced stage. It is the most important thing we must guard against with every resource we have. These agendas are not new to many who have been researching it for a long time, but until now, many of the vigilant visionaries who predicted this a long time ago, have been called conspiracy theorists and other derogatory names by the masses who thought that they were too smart for anyone to pull the wool over their eyes. 

With the imminent collapse of the financial industries, all of these so-called conspiracies are being blatantly exposed for all to see. The time for us to wake up is here. The controlled media will not really cover the full extent of the march on Wall Street and many other economic centres of the world, but they will continue to sow dissent among people, trying to keep us divided.

One of the other major tools of control is energy. This covers the supply of electricity, oil and gas, among others. The development of free-energy has probably been one the best guarded secrets for the past 120 years. There have been hundreds if not thousands of new-energy, and free-energy devices discovered. One of the best examples of such discovery is Nikola Tesla, who gave the world free energy around 1902, when he built his Tesla Tower at Wardencliffe on Long Island, NY, and sent free energy to light up thousands of homes and even a car, without wires and without any payment. 

But every time any scientist or ordinary person reveals such discoveries, they either silenced with money; or they mysteriously die; disappear; or they are ridiculed into obscurity by the well orchestrated disinformation campaigns by the oil and energy giants. Those who control the supply of energy cannot allow free energy devices to become a reality, and they have all the legal and military power to enforce their control. 

I know that there are still the uninformed sceptics who cannot wrap their heads around the concept of free energy. They keep arguing in support of the controllers, saying things like: “it is expensive to generate electricity”. To those I say, please inform yourself, take a science or physics class, scratch around the internet, and you will discover the greatest cover-up imaginable. 

In physics class, they teach us that the universe is one giant ball of energy which cannot be destroyed. It can be converted from one kind of energy to another, infinitely. Nature does it very successfully all around us. So, ask yourself, why are we paying for it?

Because it’s all about money. The controllers will not let go of the control of energy until they are forced to. But how can we get the powerful, faceless controllers of money and energy to release their grip on humanity? 

The answer is simple – remove their tool of enslavement. Remove money from society.

This simple step is the fastest and most effective way to immediately break the stranglehold of the bankers and their sidekicks like the energy companies. If they cannot make money through their corporations, they cannot control the supply. Unless of course the government declares Marshall law and there is a military enforced take-over, in which case it will make the government the enemy of the people and the outcome of these situations is inevitable, as we have seen in the past 150 years. 

Here are some hints and examples to look for in the search of free energy. Cars can run on water, hydrogen, oxygen and electric or magnetic energy. Salt water burns when exposed to a certain radio frequency. Water can be instantly boiled with sound frequency; and the ancient ruins in South Africa are still active with unimaginably high levels of sound and electromagnetic frequencies, giving us endless amounts of free energy, even after thousands of years of ruin.

Universally, free energy is an aspect of the divine consciousness of the infinite source of all. It is there for us to use as we grow in consciousness, enlightenment and wisdom towards a world in unity.

But today, the reality is that billions of people live in poverty and a strange kind of quiet desperation, waiting for some kind of miracle to deliver them from the harsh economic times. They dream of fame and fortune, which can be seen in the endless number of television shows offering exactly that. People everywhere are looking for any kind of salvation or relief to their own personal suffering. But because of the mass ignorance of what is really going on, and why it is happening, most people don’t really know where to turn or what to do. Most believe that there is no happy ending.
This document presents the world with the opportunity to embrace a really happy ending, with unimaginable prosperity for all its inhabitants, in perfect harmony will all of nature and mother Earth.

But for now, there is constant talk about stimulating the economy; capital injection; job creation; stabilising business growth; increasing international trade and other such failed actions of the past that have landed us in this mess in the first place. None of what the governments and bankers are proposing are solutions for the people. They are solutions and further acts of enrichment for the banks and their owners. Governments who are supposed to serve their people, treat them like disposable commodities. 

The Wall Street protest is a clear sign that the people have had enough. Especially the youth, who are waking up to the fact that the government has stolen their country, and made them their slaves. The signs are everywhere... the global economic system is on the verge of collapse. How long before it falls is not clear. But we need to be wide awake and think ahead and we have to be realistic about this. 

What will we do as a species when it all falls down, and there is no money to buy stuff?

We have to realise that money is, and has been, the hurdle to all progress. It has caused unimaginable hardship and suffering among humans all over the world and continues to do so now more than ever before. Money is the overwhelming reason for most crimes committed, corruption, extortion and most other social diseases we have developed. Money tears families apart and causes brilliant people to commit suicide. It is not only the tool that enslaves us, but it has also become the cancer of society.

Every socio-political system we have ever had as the human race has failed us dramatically – not because of incompetent people, but because of money. Some people jump to the conclusion by saying that Contributionism is just another form of communism or socialism. Those assumptions are absolutely wrong. Every system we have had was always based on money, including communism. And any system that uses money, barter or trade, will remain a failed system of enslavement and we as the majority of this planet have to move beyond it. 

So now that we know what the cause of our misery is, what will we do about it? There is only one way out of our enslavement, and move to a world of absolute equality, unity and abundance for all, on every level of life.


Some people think that living without money is like going back to the dark ages or living in caves. This is very indicative of our poisoned minds by consumerism and the trap of money. Without money we actually achieve the complete opposite. The unleashing of scientific knowledge, sharing of the most advanced discoveries in technology, free energy, engineering, design, construction, and every other area of society. By removing money, we remove all obstacles to discovery and progress in every sector.

As unimaginable as it may be for some, you will soon see how liberating it is, when you embrace this simple philosophy or the “natural order of things” and imagine the possibilities. A system where people contribute to the greater benefit of all in their community, locally and globally, rather than chasing money to buy bread. Where they can follow their natural talents or acquired skills and love every moment of every day, living a fulfilled live. Whether they are farmers, scientists, shoemakers, civil engineers, or anything else they choose, the positive energy generated by these conditions is unimaginable to us at present. 

They say that history has taught us nothing. Well - this is the time when we finally have to learn from history and choose a completely new course. This potentially catastrophic economic situation presents us with a shining opportunity to consciously change our course and secure our destiny as the human race – a destiny of abundance for all.

The immediate benefits in a world without money are inspiring. Please look at these and think about the situation from your own perspective. You will find many more benefits that relate to your own journey on this planet.


No Crime
No Hunger
No Homelessness
No Greed
No Gluttony
No Extortion
No Hording
No Debts
No Hierarchy
No Control
No Accounts
No Obstacles to any kind of progress
Not Utopia – but The Natural Order of Things

Spread this information among all the people at Occupy Wall Street, London, Sydney, Tokyo and all other cities of the world. Let the people realise that the only way ahead is to remove money from the system. This will bring down all the control structures established by the “banksters” and the governments they control.