Tuesday, 5 July 2022

Who are these thought leaders? Profiling New Zealand's Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern - Bill and Melinda Gates' patsy @ "Goalkeepers" September-October 2019.

Goalkeepers 2019: Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern

Note: "Goalkeepers" is a project of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. I know... So trustworthy !!

Freudian slip at 1:33 - "she's pledged to have child poverty in the next decade" !!!  

Hahahahaha... Good one Melinda Gates. Ardern is definitely sticking to that one!

+++ All the garbage about the Maori language being brought into day-to-day use by Ardern. Thought that was Dame Whena Cooper did that in the 1970s-80s ??? Ardern/media are only using te reo so much now to soften tangata whenua to the globalist agenda - by trying to make Maori feel all comfy!

At 9:09 - 9:55. She's singing from the Rockefeller Foundation songbook. 

11:22 She's now singing from the globalist's songbook, particularly in reference to the Georgia Guidestones.   

At 12:07 - Yeah... What is that about "human rights" Jacinda ??

"Climate change" has been going on since and before the ice ages. Planet Earth is not on a perfect ellipse in relation to the sun. Think about it. Do you want to change the pollution status of the planet? - just go knock of the door of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) to address that one!

Video dated October 1, 2019. Please spread far and wide. The people of Aotearoa New Zealand need to wake up to the scam artist this woman is and exactly who it is who's pulling on her puppet strings!

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Tuesday, 12 April 2022

April 12, 2022 - VIDEO of Russian soldiers giving food to Ukrainian people being attacked by their own government !!

🚛  Russian servicemen deliver more than 10 tonnes of humanitarian aid to Stanislav ▫️ In the future, it is planned to deliver food and essential goods on a regular basis.

Statement of the Joint Coordination Headquarters [in Russia] for Humanitarian Response in Ukraine 

April 12, 2022. Excerpts below. Edited. For the full statement please click on the link above.

In accordance with its humanitarian commitments, the Russian Federation is carrying out systematic and coordinated work to evacuate civilians and foreign nationals from dangerous areas, [including] Donetsk and Lugansk. During the special military operation, the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, unlike the Ukrainian army and nationalist armed formations [such as the Azov Regiment], treat the local population with extreme humanity, providing civilians with all manner of assistance and support. A daily analysis of appeals by Ukrainian citizens to the hotline of the Joint Coordination Headquarters of the Russian Federation for humanitarian response in Ukraine, to federal executive authorities, various public organisations, as well as constituent entities of the Russian Federation, to family, friends and acquaintances living in Russia, shows that a significant part of the population forcibly held by nationalists in Ukrainian cities is still seeking any opportunity to evacuate to Russian territory. The Russian Armed Forces have been opening humanitarian corridors in the Kharkov and Mariupol directions daily. Ukrainian nationalists continue to hold 6,255 foreign nationals from 12 countries hostage as human shields. The Russian Federation's Joint Coordination Headquarters for Humanitarian Response in Ukraine, in co-operation with the authorised federal executive authorities, continues to carefully record the continuing egregious facts of the inhumane treatment of Ukrainian civilians [by their own government]. Here are just some of them over the past day:
  • In Kharkov, Ukrainian Armed Forces and nationalist fighters [Ukraine government's Azov Regiment] set up firing positions and deployed MLRS's near the Turboatom plant and public school No 100; [ie: Azov purposely set themselves up in a public place to cause maximum damage against their own civilian population]
  • In Slavyansk, Donetsk People's Republic, militants of the territorial defence are conducting punitive raids in order to check local residents for any signs of pro-Russian views. The reason for the detention is the phone records of calls with Russian numbers, SMS and messenger correspondence condemning the current [Ukrainian] regime, social media subscriptions to Russian channels and others found in the phones. The detainees are taken to an unknown location, subjected to brutal torture, threatened with handover to the SBU, as well as physical violence against relatives (murder, gang rape of wives and daughters), and forced to set up strongholds and roadblocks. To get rid of this anguish, money of between $500 and $1000 is extorted. Dozens of the detainees never returned home, and their fate is still unknown.
Against the background of unprecedented measures taken by the Russian Federation to save civilians and foreign nationals, the Kiev regime, under the "keen" guidance of the so-called "civilised West" led by the United States of America [the corrupt Biden administration], which has years of experience in organising provocations with human casualties, continues a campaign to create and promote false "evidence" in the world media of mistreatment of Ukrainian civilians by the Russian army.

New false staged provocations to accuse the Russian Armed Forces of allegedly abusing the population of Ukraine are being prepared by the Kiev regime under the guidance of the British intelligence services in Sumy region.

Representatives of the Ukrainian and Western media have been invited to Seredina Buda town in Sumy Region, which was formerly under the control of Russian troops, to conduct staged video footage. In order to conceal the provocation and prevent it from being exposed by real witnesses, a curfew has been imposed in the city and the local population has been forcibly evicted from the places where the filming took place.

In Nizhnyaya Syrovatka near Sumy, bodies are being dragged into one of the basements of residential buildings to be presented as allegedly another victim of the Russian Army. As conceived by the "British filmmakers", units of Russian troops allegedly massacred and humiliated civilians as they withdrew. Please note that Russian troops withdrew from this location three weeks ago - on March 20. The Kiev regime is looking for any reasons to accuse Russia of genocide of the Ukrainians. The Ukrainian authorities also make extensive use of interested countries and non-profit organisations.

More than 9,500 temporary accommodation centres continue to operate in the constituent entities of the Russian Federation and are fully equipped with recreational facilities and hot meals. The refugees are treated individually and provided with qualified medical and psychological assistance. Federal executive authorities together with the subjects of the Russian Federation, various public organisations, and patriotic movements continue to accumulate humanitarian aid. Since March 2, there has been 10,807.3 tons of humanitarian cargo delivered to Ukraine. 803 humanitarian actions have been carried out.

Saturday, 5 March 2022

President Vladimir Putin's defense of the Ukrainian motherland and her peoples... #NaziTakedown #MoneyLaundering #ChildTrafficking



The elephant in the room is mainstream media not reporting on US Election 2020 audits that are right now in real time proving that Joe Biden did NOT win the US Presidential election. Instead, all cameras are pointing to Ukraine where The Russian Federation's (which is no longer the Soviet Union since 1990, did you hear about that?) President Vladimir Putin is destroying multiple chemical, germ warfare bio-weapons labs (that have been developing such organisms as C19) inside Ukraine https://rumble.com/vvin15-ep.-2708b-durham-has-only-scraped-the-surface-peace-through-strength.html; destroying the infrastructure of the Neo-Nazi #AzovRegiment https://www.aljazeera.com/news/2022/3/1/who-are-the-azov-regiment who are thugs "the government of Ukraine" uses - often reported in translation as "the nationalists" who have KILLED 14,000 Ukrainian citizens since 2014 https://www.facebook.com/TruthaboutUkraine; and he's shutting down the international money laundering operation the deep state cabal set up there, for their own perverse and perverted purposes https://rumble.com/vvlshe-ep.-2709b-ukraine-is-a-money-laundering-machine-for-the-ds-nothing-can-stop.html #ChildTrafficking, etc, etc. https://adinakutnicki.com/2022/02/28/putin-vows-to-crush-child-traffickers-in-ukraine%ef%bf%bc/ 

(Where did pedophile Justin Castro-Trudeau just send billions of Canadian taxpayer dollars that were earmarked "Covid Aid", still unaccounted for? To Ukraine?) 

The mainstream media labels Putin's actions as "an attack on Ukraine". It's not. Putin is freeing the people of Ukraine from a totalitarian Nazi facist dictatorship and Western hegemony that existed before, but became endorsed, more deeply entrenched and supported militarily and financially by Barack Hussein Obama (US President 2000-2016). The old Nazi patsy Hungarian "philanthropist" George Soros is very much in on the Ukraine "game" also. Putin is tearing it all down.

Have no fear... Putin is your friend, not your enemy!

Hard to get all of that into a caption !!

- BronnyNZ, blogger
"Co-creating Our New Earth"

"There appears to be doctoring of the data." - US Senator Ron Johnson. NO SHIT! Inquiry into tampering with DOD records!!! My question is: Who ordered this crime?


Video here on Rumble "And We Know" channel - from 45:40

Thursday, 3 March 2022

Vladimir Putin is taking down the NWO globalists and the World Economic Forum agenda #KlausSchwab


Source for meme images is on Facebook

Last image got lost in translation ??  I think Putin might be saying: If you want to bring "fire power" (the fog of war) over this issue, bring it on! I'm ready!

Check the dates on the images above. 

Search "Vladimir Putin" and "Vladimir Putin speech" on this blog to see Putin outing the globalists ever since 2014 !!! Why do you think the Western media and governments attack him?  - because he's outing their Satanic child rape and sacrifice rings. Same reason why they attack Donald Trump - See Trump's December 2017 Executive Order to stop child trafficking. 

Search: English children say Wednesday is the big day of sex for them" on this blog. Alisa and Gabriel tell you the truth... and so does Dutch banker Gerald Ronald - video below. Note: Gerald's videos were all over YouTube a couple of years ago... all been removed now. "They" (the child sacrificing pedo-cabal) don't want you to know!

We know... We know.

Tuesday, 1 March 2022

NATE: "WE SAY NO." . Album: "Rebelution." Are you ready to hear the truth straight up?

Rebelution (Do Not Comply)

Published Dec 24, 2021

Nate, We say no - London medical freedom march 25.09.2021

‘We Say No’ captures the essence of standing against coercion & tyranny. It’s time to take back control & empower ourselves. Track taken off the album 'Rebelution'... Full album available on Spotify. It's sensational! You will not be disappointed (and i'm not even into rap... but this guy is awesome. Btw. I'm aged 61. And I love Nate!)

Nate on YouTube - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3ZK7GSkMwtlmGascgyUyPg


Saturday, 26 February 2022

Is Russia bombing Bio-Weapons labs in Ukraine that operate as USA Department Of Defense facilities?

It has now been discovered that there are at least 11 bioweapons labs in Ukraine which operate under the auspices of the American Department of Defense. Please see this latest video by X22 Report where it is revealed that Russia is bombing ONLY strategic positions in the Ukraine, and these are not civilian facilities! 

This revelation certainly explains why Bill Gates said what he did with such confidence in the video at the end !!

The images at the top and following are taken from @WarClandestine's Twitter account. They were clearly onto something as he/she has now been been suspended from Twitter. Please click the link above to see the account.

Video: How to Prevent the Next Pandemic

Published February 9, 2022

Bill Gates' duper's delight can't be hidden... That's the smirk liars get when they believe nobody will see through their lies. How delighted he must be over all the money he's making off a vaccine that doesn't work and is not safe. 



Tuesday, 4 January 2022

Pfizer partnered with Chinese Communist Party (CCP) tech giant a YEAR before the pandemic outbreak



Steve Bannon, Bannons War Room on Rumble said:

Pfizer, whose CEO was just named businessman (CEO) of the year, tell us what they're doing in being in partnership with the criminal regime in Beijing...

Journalist Natalie Winters answered:

At the National Pulse we've done a lot of research into how we got Covid-19, the virus itself. This of course implicates the Chinese Communist Party, people like Peter Daszak and groups like EcoHealth Alliance.

Now we looking at how we got the totalitarian over-reach, really I think the authoritarian over-kill aided and abetted by big business, by Big Pharma that we're seeing in response to Covid-19.

Pfizer is one of the most guilty companies when it comes to carrying out this approach, mandating tests to go back to school, whether you're working there, or as a student.

In the story we published today, it even blew my mind which at this point takes a lot...  In the year preceding the alleged onset of Covid-19, Pfizer actually partnered with Alipay which is an offshoot of Alibaba which a Chinese Communist Party-linked tech company. It's a massive, massive industry - It's been flagged by the US State Department for its very concerning and very close ties to China's Military. It really functions as part of the country's (China's) goal to overtake the United States in terms of technology and cyber supremacy.

This company is very closely linked to the CCP, it's actually weaponised by Beijing not just for vaccine passports - this is one of the primary platforms that the regime has used throughout the pandemic to tell people whether they're allowed to go outside their house, to go into a certain store, if they've been allegedly exposed to Covid-19, but it also functions very closely to the state's (China's) apparatus for Social Credit Score.

In other words, anytime you look around here in the USA and you see this authoritarian model encroaching, especially under the Biden regime, the technological infrastructure and foundation for that is  supplied and really epitomised by Alipay.

So it's really bizarre that Pfizer around a year before Covid-19 started, partnered with the company to help increase access to vaccines... They kind of euphemise as "educating the Chinese people about medicine", but anytime you're involving the Chinese regime and people's personal health decisions, there's always some form of mandate or something forced involved. What's even more concerning, although anyone who's paid attention to the news knows that corporate America loves to display their complete and utter reverence for the Chinese Communist Party... In a tweet the company put out, they actually said they were "Proud to stand with China's leaders" in partnering with Alipay and a lot of the regime's various initiatives when it comes to health, at least allegedly.

Some there's really, really interesting Tweets coming from Pfizer, i've shared some of these on my Twitter where they talk about "Pfizer celebrates being the highest ranked company to work for in China". 

We're just documenting these insane ties between Big Pharma and the CCP, but more concerningly, these Vax Passports and really, Social Credit Scores - which I think is the final iteration, the final "variant" of this pandemic.