Sunday 1 March 2015

A MILLION TIMES THANK YOU !!!! - For helping me stay online xx

I am utterly overwhelmed with gratitude to the kind, generous people and organisations who have contributed to my life in February. 
Thank you all with heartfelt thanks.  

In all honesty, I can not stay  online and continue this work without your continued kindness and acknowledgement of my efforts.

All donations have an 8.0% PayPal service fee subtracted for provision of international currency exchange.

Thank you to the following people in February...  Initials only to protect identities:

27/02/2015   V.F.    $50.00 NZD
23/02/2015   K.S-T $30.00 NZD
18/02/2015   A.I.   $10.00  NZD

Contributions this month will start to put my car back on the road. In total I need around NZ$500 to get mobile again. This will allow me to develop another couple of small businesses I have in mind where I need to transport music gear, and where I will be able to offer a second service to people in their own homes.

A heartfelt, "Thank you".

Your contributions are making a significant difference to me and how my future is unfolding.

Please note:  This is the first time I have sought remuneration for my blogs and Ning forums since I began online in April 2011. I guess my "apprenticeship" is done.  Also...

I do not seek great wealth. I just seek a little to live on.
I'm actually not interested in money at all.
I would rather live in a world without money.
It is the root of so many evils.

I embrace the "UBUNTU Contribution" philosophy that states:

- Michael Tellinger, South Africa.

This is how I attempt to live my life, to the best of my ability.

$100-$200 per week would certainly allow me to stay online and $300-400 per week would give me a livable income. I live very frugally here in NZ.  I don't need much. My "goal" amounts as donations for my blogs are exceedingly good value, as i'm often online for between 60-70 hours a week - doing research, writing blog articles, editing, developing commentary, or sharing material and notifications to Social Media. 

All income derived from donations is declared as donated funds with the NZ tax department and is dealt with accordingly.  Ie: I don't plan on operating a scam.  I'm not interested in Karma biting me on the butt somewhere down the track.  All dealings will be kept clean.

Many, MANY thanks to YOU

Bronwyn Llewellyn

Frequently writing under the noms de plume:
"Bronny NZ"

New Zealand
Sunday March 1, 2015

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