Saturday 28 March 2015

ELLA and ABRAHAM Message: Sat 2pm UK time. Re: "Christine Ann Sands"


Ella and Abraham's statement 
March 28, 2015. 2pm UK time.

We would like to take this opportunity to state that Christine Ann Sands does not represent Alisa, Gabriel, Ella or Abraham. 
We have never met this person nor had any contact with her. 
We advise all of our supporters to distance themselves from this  person till such time as we can ascertain exactly who she is and what her intentions are. 
Her behaviour last Sunday cannot be condoned. We feel sure she has the intention to assume the role of co-ordinator of the peaceful gathering of our friends and supporters at Christchurch School and Church on Sundays in order to disrupt and discredit us, and  to prevent the Truth from being revealed.     
They are desperate Tricky Demons.   
May Love continue to guide and protect us all particularly the innocent victims of this Demonic cult.   
- from Ella Draper and Abe Christie. 
Currently in exile from the UK due to arrest warrants issued by Barnet Police, London.

Note:  In the following videos, CAS has the accent of a Southern Belle - Texas.  When she yells, she sounds like a New Yorker. Her bio says she is an actor. Anything is possible."

                                  Image:  "Christine Ann Sands"

Text:  WikiPoet, aka Twatwaffle, aka Christine Anne Sands:  

INFORMANT FOR THE FBI  (Federal Bureau of Intelligence, USA).  


Wikipoet Informant Warning

Published on Nov 2, 2013

This is a final warning about Christine Ann Sands AKA Wiki Poet aka Twatwaffle. I have 100% confirmation that she is a federal informant that has testified in dozens of cases. Right now we are awaiting information giving details as to what she is doing now and what she is after and who she is being handled by. We want to know what information she is giving to the feds. I can not release the info that I have without potentially exposing my source so I will wait until I have everything I need to lay out and expose her once and for all. This my friends is the final warning before that happens because I am certain that when she is exposed and her cover is blown that anyone near her at the time is in trouble. You have been warned.

Anonymous Presents - Christine Ann Sands


Published on Dec 29, 2013
Be Mindful Of Imposters.

More about CAS after this video description...

Anonymous Presents - Christine Ann Sands (Update) 2014


Published on Mar 6, 2014
Let's start with Christine A. Sands, because she has been the most public and the most difficult for several Anons to deal with.

Christina Sands (a.k.a. Chris Nevada, and on Twitter and the WWW: WikiPoet, PolymathPoet, WikiParrot, Anonomobile.... ) owns She owns the "Anonomobile." Most of us never heard of her until after somebody posted dox on a "journalist" named Justin King, accusing him of being a snitch for the FBI:

She is not the original organizer or coordinator of the MillionMaskMarch. She suddenly appeared, started buying domains, including, and bought a big shiny RV, had it customized to be, what she intended, as the Anonymous version of the WikiLeaks truck (With help from its owner). Chris Sands has posed as the spokesperson for this march, giving interviews with The Russian Voice, such as, this (Citizen Action is not a breakaway group. We've talked to enough participants in that group to know they're clueless about Anonymous. Those we spoke to are hostile toward Anonymous.)

This is the first interview she had with the Russian Voice:

Here is one source's version of how Chris Sands got involved with MillionMaskMarch:

Whats Up With The #MillionMaskMarch

She bragged about being "the first to expose....Mario Brito" - the OccupyLA organizer. She has a pattern of "taking down" certain people, and gaining some sort of position of control or influence as a result.

Video of Chris Sands (A.K.A. Nevada) flipping out at OccupyLA General Assembly
Chris's Presumed Background (that she provided via ):

At the end of her brief auto-bio Chris claims: "Served the public as Shepherd for the New Mexican Governor's Council on Film and Media Industries exposing lawlessness of NM Governor Susana Martinez"

She has a knack for "exposing" people.. wherever she roams? Remember Brita? And the other guys mentioned above?

Her next intended targets?:

Christine married Egyptian Diplomat:

["Research of the name Christine Wahab brought up more information, including info that indicated she may be married to a Mahmoud Wahab, previously of Vail, CO. - now listed in Windsor, CT. ( ) via ]

She also worked at "Vail Airport - 'marshaling jets, night ops & ticketing'"? (She went to airline school for that...)

Claims she was affiliated with corporate lobbyists: RCA Communications to the FCC,

Employed by "Ross Perot's tech company" (Which one? ) She did not specify.

Claims to have worked on Ron Paul's political campaign (as a genuine helper, or a political mole?).

Ties to Wall Street - sold mutual funds for New York Life. (Is she an investor, too? If so, small time, or big time? Mutual funds, hedge funds, major shares in specific companies?)

Claims to have "spearheaded a Supreme Court case....regarding judicial conflict of interest in matter of police corruption" but did not stipulate what case it was and any other information to show that she actually did this.

Anonymous is for Freedom

We are Anonymous,
We are Legion.
We do not forgive.
We do not forget.
Expect us.

Photo caption:  "What if the Russian government is using women like her to infiltrate and target key (lonely) members of the Occupy and Militia Movement (classic honey-trap).  Image Source 

This alias "Christine Ann Sands" was at the #WhistleblowerKids peaceful meeting at Christ Church, Hampstead London on March 22, 2015. You can see her from 17 minutes in the video below. It seems this woman has been working as a honey trap for some time now. In this video, she appears a good 15-20 years older.


Published on Mar 24, 2015
Everything in this video is alleged

Guest on BBS radio:  Christine Ann Sands/ Christine Ann Nevada

Guest Name: 
Christine Ann Sands


A muse. Russian, German and Spanish (Madrid) heritage. A Langenscheidt. Born in Reno, Nevada, August 5, 1961: same town and year where Marilyn Monroe filmed her last movie The Misfits. Marilyn died on Nevada’s birthday. Al Capone burned down Nevada’s grandfather’s “soda pop factory” on the southside of Chicago after refusing to pay protection money. Father worked at Fort Belvoir and mother was the Ambassador of Venezuela’s administrator in Washington, DC. Was married to a former Egyptian Diplomat. Single 13 years.

Nevada grew up in the Nation’s Capital. Worked as a magazine editor for NAIOP; as a liaison for RCA Communications to the Federal Communications Commission; for HBO’s Comedy Festival in Aspen; Sargent Shriver’s law firm; for Fox Television as voice talent; Ross Perot’s technology company; Ron Paul’s political campaign; sold mutual funds for New York Life and worked at Vail Airport marshaling jets, night operations and ticketing. Worked also at Grumman Aerospace in administration, sold shoes, was a waitress, construction worker, stock clerk at Dart Drug, caregiver for the elderly, board-certified esthetician and nail tech, make-up artist for Chanel, as a red coat skiing at Vail Resorts, manager at Macy’s Department store, webmaster and acting. Cast in: The Avengers, Lone Ranger, Perception, Longmire, We’re the Millers, In Plain Sight, Odd Thomas, Vegas and Grey’s Anatomy.

Pioneered the field of naturopathic dermatology. Authored a book and web site where millions of people with the world’s #1 skin disorder were freely helped and where Yale Dermatology referred their physicians and patients.

Spearheaded a Supreme Court case in the Constitution State regarding judicial conflict of interest in the matter of police corruption where the State legally represents the police and pays salaries of judges in the Superior, Appellate and Supreme Courts. Names withheld to protect the victimized youth; but, inquiring legal expert mind researchers may view online.

Opened her home to any stranger who was sad or afraid to help people suffering with depression and anxiety through

Traveled Amsterdam, Egypt, Jordan, Israel, Greece, Rome, Canada Mexico, Caribbean, Hawaii and much of the USA with many comical and inspiring experiences. Spent 5 months camping solo from Tijuana to Santa Barbara in 2011. A personality somewhere between George Carlin, Mother Teresa, Carol Burnette, Joan of Arc, Marilyn Monroe, Ellen DeGeneres and Clara Barton.

Attended eight trade schools and five universities: CT School of Broadcasting, John Casablancas Modeling and Career, Stage Acting, Glenwood Beauty Academy, New York Life Securities, United Airlines Los Angeles, American University, University of CT, Central CT State University, Central New Mexico State University, Manchester Community College, New Horizons Graphics & Web Design and The Washington DC School for Executive Admininstration.

Served the public as Shepherd for the New Mexican Governor’s Council on Film and Media Industries exposing lawlessness of NM Governor Susana Martinez and was the first to expose the Mario Brito scandal at Occupy Los Angeles. Now working to free Julian Assange, Chelsea Manning, Jeremy Hammond, Don Siegelman, Barrett Brown and to promote WikiLeaks and Anonymous.

Having just returned from a 3-month tour in Nashville and continuing in the world’s fight against corruption, current projects are: Anonomobile, Great American Revolt, Million Mask March, Occupy DC 2014, DC Sheriff, WaveOfAction, OpJuly4th and Monday Marches.


 "Anonymous"  ????????   Really ???????

"Government Intelligence" sounds a little more like it !!


  1. Thanks for this. Spot on.


  2. Our powers are compassion and knowledge. Another puppet, another Cathy O'Brien. This is why it's vital to always be of peace. Forgive them for they know not what they do. I just removed a toxic presence from my life and did it with peace and refusal to engage. Rebuke them.
    Showing this page to others as proof of how worried the satanists are that they actually sent an agent!


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