Sunday 30 December 2012

Rothschild - We See You

Oh my gosh... This is quite the eye-opener !!! Please watch this video if you want to know how the world's finances are run. The implications are absolutely shocking !!  Why don't we know about this stuff ??  We have been asleep for many, many generations.  We now Wake Up.

The house of Rothschild - the Money's prophets - full 56min

Uploaded on Jan 24, 2011
Secret History of the International Bond Market.
A commentary on Niall Ferguson's The House of Rothschild by youtube user Realpolitikdocs:


The Seamless Web that leads us back into The Heart of Nature

Earth Transformation 2012 prepare your vibration pineal gland third eye shift

Uploaded on Dec 31, 2011
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Perceptable Changes Since 21 December 2012

Bella Capozzi: A Kinder, Gentler World – 

My Experiences With Life After December 21

By Bella Capozzi. December 28, 2012

Here we are. It’s December 28th, and we’re sitting on the cusp of a brand new year. December 21st has come and gone, as has another Christmas. I must admit that this has been a pretty eventful week!

... So, what are my impressions of Ascension? I must admit that for me it was an extremely gentle process... This is exactly how they’ve been telling me it would be all along; a slow process, a beginning and not an end. They’ve consistently maintained that December 21st would be an embarkation point rather than a destination in and of itself.

... But truly, ascension has been anything but a disappointment for me... I feel happier, lighter and very centered, all the time. My path is becoming clearer and the lines less blurred. But the greatest thing I’m noticing is a dramatic change in the attitude of the people I’m encountering. They seem less stressed-out and more patient. They are suddenly far more gracious and willing to help one another .

...I got the chance to experience this immediately, along with a plethora of newly enhanced sychronicities, and a welcome speed-up of manifestational abilities. Nowhere was this more evident than at the airport. I began the Aquarian Age by traveling back to Connecticut for Christmas. My Mom had booked my son and I a flight with a 4-and-a-half hour layover in Atlanta (eek!), and I had called a few hours before my flight to change our connector – fully expecting to be hit with the mandatory, exorbitant fees. But no, it was not be.

The woman on the line was so sweet and friendly. She said, “That’s ok. I’m not going to charge you this time.” Then she put us on a flight that left only 40 minutes after our arrival. We then went on to experience a delay in takeoff that should have caused us to miss out connection to White Plains. So I asked the Angels to please delay the connecting flight. And voila! When we arrived at the gate, we were told that the air-conditioning on the plane had mysteriously shut down, and there would be a delay in departure. This type of thing happened again on the flight back to Florida.

Since December 21st, I’m observing this new peacefulness and joy, everywhere I go. In the shops, on the roads, at the doggy-resort when I picked up Ozzy and Ava. People are smiling. They are beginning to genuinely care. There already appears to be a relaxing of the old “me-first”, “survival-of-the-fittest” attitude. It’s also somewhat shocking to me, never having been a master-manifester, to find that things are just falling into place by simply intending that they should. This has absolutely been the biggest surprise! 

... My advice to anybody who feels that nothing happened on the 21st is to take a good, thorough look around you. Get out there and interact with the people. Talk to them. Observe them. Become interested in them. Then, make your assessment. Also, Archangel Michael has advised me to focus my meditation time on the upgrading of my DNA. When selecting guided meditations, he suggests choosing the ones with DNA as the focal-point, and that these should be done every day. I have to say that I think he’s right.

I’m noticing a difference in how I look and feel, and I’m starting to see lots of little blue lights around me all time! We are the pioneers of this New Earth, and our jobs are actually just about to get started. It’s the very reason we came here in the first place. I’m told that right now, this is our down-time. Kind of like a mini vacation, a reward for a job, thus far, very well done. However, I do believe that January is not going to be quite so restful. Take a look at the link below. This is the January astrological forecast, by Carl Boudreau. It pretty much says it all...

Click here to view the embedded video.

A Financial History of The World

The Ascent of Money: A Financial History of The World by Niall Ferguson Eps...

Uploaded on Nov 7, 2011

Niall Ferguson follows the money to tell the human story behind the evolution of finance, from its origins in ancient Mesopotamia to the latest upheavals on what he calls Planet Finance.

Bread, cash, dosh, dough, loot, lucre, moolah, readies, the wherewithal: Call it what you like, it matters. To Christians, love of it is the root of all evil. To generals, it's the sinews of war. To revolutionaries, it's the chains of labor. But in The Ascent of Money, Niall Ferguson shows that finance is in fact the foundation of human progress. What's more, he reveals financial history as the essential backstory behind all history.

Through Ferguson's expert lens familiar historical landmarks appear in a new and sharper financial focus. Suddenly, the civilization of the Renaissance looks very different: a boom in the market for art and architecture made possible when Italian bankers adopted Arabic mathematics. The rise of the Dutch republic is reinterpreted as the triumph of the world's first modern bond market over insolvent Habsburg absolutism. And the origins of the French Revolution are traced back to a stock market bubble caused by a convicted Scot murderer.

With the clarity and verve for which he is known, Ferguson elucidates key financial institutions and concepts by showing where they came from. What is money? What do banks do? What's the difference between a stock and a bond? Why buy insurance or real estate? And what exactly does a hedge fund do?

This is history for the present. Ferguson travels to post-Katrina New Orleans to ask why the free market can't provide adequate protection against catastrophe. He delves into the origins of the subprime mortgage crisis.

Perhaps most important, The Ascent of Money documents how a new financial revolution is propelling the world's biggest countries, India and China, from poverty to wealth in the space of a single generation—an economic transformation unprecedented in human history.

Yet the central lesson of the financial history is that sooner or later every bubble bursts—sooner or later the bearish sellers outnumber the bullish buyers, sooner or later greed flips into fear. And that's why, whether you're scraping by or rolling in it, there's never been a better time to understand the ascent of money.

Saturday 29 December 2012

Thursday 27 December 2012

Earth's History - Arcturian Star Nation

21 December 2012 - NEW Message from the Star Nations

Published on Dec 11, 2012
This video might shock you, but I hope it will excite you. It is based on information given to Judy Satori by Star Beings to share with all on 12.12.12. They bring a message of peace, love and support to our planet at this time of Earth transition.

Judy Satori has been spiritually trained and physically prepared by the Elohim, the creator aspect of God and the higher dimensional Councils of Light as a spiritual teacher and energy healer working with sound. She speaks very fast frequencies of sound and light, 'Light Language' energy words, transmitted from the Elohim and others of the spiritual hierarchy that instill upgraded vibratory energy patterns into the cells and DNA template of the body. These energy patterns literally rewire the body energetically and recode the DNA, acting as a catalyst to create the physical and consciousness changes required for life on a fifth dimensional Earth. She is the author of "Sunshine Before the Dawn", telepathically transmitted by higher dimensional beings as being the true story of why we're here on Earth. Visit for free audio energy transmissions from Spirit to support your ascension process. 

Music "Home Coming" from the Song of Lyra, a collaborative Album created by Judy and Grammy award nominee, Russel Walder -

Video Produced by with original footage from cameraman Rich Humphreys

Supplementary footage --
Earth HD| Time Lapse View from Space, Fly Over
Images Courtesy of the Image Science & Analysis Laboratory, 
NASA Johnson Space Center, The Gateway to Astronaut Photography of Earth
Composition / Editing: Michael König |

DNA and Heavenly Particle Animations courtesy of 
Logan Kenesis @

Space Journey footage - A small tribute to the Hubble Space Telescope (

Arctic Ice Animation
The National Snow and Ice Data Center (

Earth Animation Credits
Chaîne de weip

Cancun Underwater Museum.NEW STATUES!

Pole Shift info

Vancouver City footage - TimeLapse HD

Wednesday 26 December 2012

Ascending - Arcurian Healing Prayer

21 December 2012 - Prayer For Preparation

Published on Nov 20, 2012
The Arcturian Prayer of Healing and Spiritual Protection has been transmitted to spiritual channel and teacher Judy Satori to assist people through Earth's ascension process and beyond. The Arcturians are a 'Christed' extraterrestrial Star Nation whose motivation is to guide humanity through this time of Earth transition.

Other contributors: 

  • Voiceover - Mary Jane Wells, Los Angeles, 
  • Video Creation and Production - Rich Humphreys, New Zealand,
  • Truly, a demonstration of fifth dimensional Unity and Co-Creation!

"We are not alone here on Earth..."

Saturday 22 December 2012

Electromagnetic Disturbance: Sound Science

Hi there.  I'd really like to recommend this channel to you.  I've been following him for around 2 years now. He's one of the few people on YouTube who is an actual scientist and knows how to read the data. He's got all kinds of monitoring equipment and does some pretty cool little experiments in the comfort of his own home or in the facilities where he works.  Please Subscribe  :  )   He's a voice of reason  : )

Electromagnetic Disturbance

Published on Dec 22, 2012
No description available.

Friday 21 December 2012

Welcome to the Age of Aquarius !!

Thank you to American Kabuki who posted this beautiful version of "The Age of Aquarius" from the 1967 musical "Hair" on his site today, which was sung by no other than "The Fifth Dimension". Can you believe it ??  Or was all this stuff common knowledge back in 1967 as well ??   I think not somehow.  Weird synchronicities.  Speaking of which...  did you notice that AK posted this vid on his site at exactly 1:11 ??   Was this by design or divine intervention  I wonder ??  Also, enjoy the beautiful artwork on this video !!   It's wonderful  : )

Welcome ALL to the New Earth we are ALL Co-creating together  !!!    : )
Love Bron  xx

"The Age of Aquarius"

Uploaded on Feb 13, 2009
You can view a new updated widescreen version of this video here...

'Aquarius/Let The Sun Shine' In by The Fifth Dimension, was a hit song in the sixties, with very intuitive lyrics, that carry great symbolism & significance in the times now at hand.


Mayan Elder Don Alejandro. Free Movie "Shift of the Ages" Until 15 January 2013


Uploaded on Apr 11, 2009
Mayan Elder and 13th Generation Shaman
Don Alejandro Perez Oxlaj

The following is a letter I received as a Shift of the Ages subscriber:

Shift of the Ages

Good day friends of Common Passion and Shift of the Ages,

We are deep into a period of heightened collective consciousness activity around the winter solstice, and the hopes and fears around Dec 21st, 2012, who many believe is the end of the Mayan Calendar.

If you've had a chance to view the Shift of the Ages film you'll know what actual Mayan elders have to say about this nonsensical, non-Mayan perceptive of their ancient system of time keeping.

The indigenous elders with whom we work - Grand Elder Wandering Wolf, Grandmother Elizabeth Araujo and Chief Phil Lane, Jr. - have made a special request of us:

They have asked us to extend the opportunity for donation-based viewing of Shift of the Ages as a tribute to the children who lost their lives, not only recently in the tragedy in the US, but also those innocent souls who suffer and die daily around the world. They feel it is critical that the world receives now the powerful message in Shift of the Ages.
Therefore we have decided to extend the donation-based viewing as part of our Global Online Benefit Premiere of Shift of the Ages until January 15th, 2013. So people around the world may view the film online, and then make donations as they feel is appropriate. This allows those who cannot afford to pay the opportunity to view it for another 25 days.

You may view Shift of the Ages film from any internet-connected computer here:

Please be aware that this is costly endeavor for us. Even though over 10,000 people have viewed the film to date, less than 2% are giving. Those who give are giving quite generously though, an average of $60! And we thank you most humbly. However that generous giving leaves us far short of the costs to continue hosting the film on this basis. We are trusting in the compassion and generosity of our viewers to help spread Wandering Wolf's message to a global audience, and we know that YOU are already doing that, and we thank you!

One final note, the Common Passion Global Concordance on December 22nd will only occur offline, not as a Tele-Webcast as planned. Here is the Shared Intention we can hold in heart and mind throughout the next few days:

With the world obviously not ending - as many people falsely believed the Maya predicted would happen tomorrow - we have the same opportunity as today, to greet each day anew and work with its unique energies. We always have the ability to live in two worlds simultaneously. Those who are experiencing their shift can truly give testimony to how awkward yet how delightful this sensibility can be. However, it takes courage, perseverance and compassion to be willing to shift and still live amongst those who have not.

I AM born anew every moment. I am whole this moment. I am aware of my connection with others, like the fingers of the hand. I smile in appreciation for the positive changes I see in my shifting world, and become an active part of the solution to the conflict, poverty and divisiveness in my world.

Please join us!

All our best,
Joseph R Giove and the Common Passion and Shift of the Ages Creative Teams
Founder, Executive Director

PS. Please view our work and the organizations we support here:  

Daily Mayan Calendar descriptions: Mayamajix site

I'm sure this is a simplified version of the meaning of the day in the Mayan Calendar...  I'm sure it's good for our purposes  : )

Tzolkin date for 12/21/2012: 


I hope you're enjoying your day of re-connecting to the ancestors...  or as Don Alejandro might put it, of witnessing the return of the ancestors from the skies  : )

Text above reads:  

Galactic Tone:  4  Four/ Stability
Four is the cube, the most stable of all forms, and the establishment of volume by definition. The four directions give orientation to any form as the height, length, depth and breadth give shape to any form. The energy of Four sets the parameters, which establish the freedoms and barriers needed to create a game, work or relationship.

Mayan Sun Signs:  Sun  (Ajpuu * Ahau)
Day of the ancestors and connection to their guidance. The divine face of the sun, lord, musician, singer, dancer and marksman. Suns are artistic, heroic athletes, visionaries with wise judgement who lead and defend the people. So much is expected from themselves and by other people that unfulfilled expectations are a certainty. An accumulation of these disappointments may lead Sun to evade responsibilities, not accept corrections and even build resentment and disdain towards others. Suns should simplify their lives to be able to rise and shine with unconditional love once again.

A Good Day to:
Ask for the wisdom and continued honored memory of our ancestors.

Tzolkin date for 12/20/2012:

Yesterday, there WAS a huge rain storm where I live  : )   

Click on "Previous" and "Next" tabs at the bottom of the Mayanmajix page for a daily reading/ description of the day  : )


Thursday 20 December 2012

The Mayan Long Count Calendar

12-21-12 Meditation at 11:11am NZ Time

Well, it was a lovely meditation. Nothing at all spectacular happened...  

I went out to the back of the property where I live just before I started the meditation.  There I found my very nice Awakened land lady fossicking away in the garden shed. There she was... TIDYING UP the mess that's been in there for the last 2 years !!!  - one of the topics of my last post !!  ... "clearing". Wow !!  That pretty much confirmed it for me  :D   We ARE releasing the old.

I then went to my front garden and sat on the porch step...  but that didn't feel "close enough".  I HAD TO lie on the grass...  on my front lawn with no fence to the street  ; )   It's a very safe neighbourhood so it's fine to do this.  I tucked myself away behind a small bushy tree - a ponga/ tree fern.  And there I lay for 30 minutes or so...  musing on the situation of the Energy of "clearing" and then paying attention to Mother. I made the connection with Mother by placing my awareness in my heart-space, then simply allowing that loving energy to drop down and into the earth. I felt a twinge in my lower spine (grounding) and so I focussed on this area too for a while and allowed strong cords to go down...  attaching/ anchoring myself to Gaia. I connected myself strongly to her and sent her my love and gratitude. I expressed to her thoughts of thanks, and "how she's always there for me", providing food, shelter, warmth, clothing, water, air...  When all else fails, Mother Earth is there for us  : )   This is compassion. 

Bron's garden Jan-April 2011

I felt very heavy in my body lying there on the grass... on our Mother... and then a very 'cute' thing happened. I felt myself as a little baby in the arm of the mother...  So nurtured...  So at peace.  She IS our Mother  : )   

We feel so good when we lie on the ground, don't we?  Why do we only 'allow' ourselves to do this at the beach?  It would be great if humanity could regularly lie on the ground, just as a 'normal' thing to do...  They used to do this on the Russian steppes during the time of the Vedrus. It re-energised the people and gave the young warriors great strength  : )

"Young man enjoying daisies" - Estonia        "Young woman communing with Mother" - Aussie

There was some very light drizzle... just whispers of moisture really... as I lay there on the grass finishing my meditation. As I hadn't eaten breakfast yet (11:45am) I decided my 'ceremony' would be drawn to a perfect close if I ate my brunch out of the garden entirely.  I wandered about picking strawberries, cape gooseberries, black currants and small leafy bits of this and that until I had a good couple of handfuls - lacy lettuce, purple lettuce, rocket, young brassica leaves, mint, thyme & thyme flowers, sage, milk weed/ sow thistle, parsley, parcel, silverbeet... It got topped off with grated green ginger and a couple of good pinches of Black Himalayan Salt and organic aniseed, a swirl or two of Italian cold pressed olive oil and a splodge of feijoa chutney I made from last year's autumn harvest.  Hungry yet?  Good  : )   This IS the way to eat...  directly from our Mother  : )   And except for the sugar, vinegar (chutney), oil, ginger and seeds, IT WAS ALL FREE !!  Thank you Mother.

It began to rain...  rain began cascading off the spouting (a convenient blockage in the guttering) so I brought my rainwater collection container out to catch the rainwater  : )   I sat on the old wicker seat eating a vibrant, fresh, free, VERY HEALTHY lunch listening to the rain fill up my container.  I filled up 3 x 10 litre containers  : )   Wow !!  It's all so easy !!!   :D   Total provision !!   :D

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you....    


None of us need to feel like a motherless child any longer...  We Have Mother   : )



Richie Havens 1969 Woodstock - Freedom

Uploaded on Feb 27, 2008

Richie Havens 1969 Woodstock - Freedom