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Malmö Sweden: The threat from Islamist violent extremism.

Caption: Islam has always disturbed Mona Sahlin close

My comment:  Really? Because from the way you're covering yourself up lady, it looks like you're 100% bowing to Sharia Law !!

Note: Mona is a Swedish-born politician. 

My apologies in advance... Much gets lost in translation. The translation below is provided by Google Translate. We will try to understand this article by Swedish journalist Ingrid Carlqvist as best we can...

Please note: The meaning of the world "Islam" is "submission" according to Ingrid in her video interview dated May 6, 2016. It definitely sounds like the new "refugee" population invited into Sweden in 2014-2015 has taken Sweden into subjugation!

The meaning of "into" I use in this context is both Biblical and literal, as demonstrably seen in 500 rapes a month in Sweden in June-July 2015. 53% of these rapes were perpetrated against 14 year old girls and younger. These statistics have worsened for 2016. Please see Ingrid Carlqvist interviews here >>  Please see statistics here >> Please see more articles below before or after you continue on to Ingrid's article...

Islamic Sweden is now the world’s second largest rape nation with a 1,472% increase in rapes - July 3, 2015

Sweden: est 77% of rapes committed by 2% Muslim male population – Crime statistics - March 19, 2015

Sweden and Denmark have highest number of sexual assaults in Europe: EU’s flawed Muslim migration policy - January 10, 2016

A look at statistics: Sweden – A raped country - July 27, 2015

Sweden: Since 2013 illegal threats increased 6%, muggings 11%, burglaries 12% - July 15, 2014

Sweden: Muslims and rape: a new hell for Swedish women - October 31, 2013

Europe’s Muslim rape epidemic: ‘Cologne is every day’ - July 11, 2016

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Muslims lead web keyword searches for ‘sex’, ‘gay sex’, ‘ass sex’ and ‘sexy children’ - November 8, 2012

Image - Malmö: Mona Sahlin
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by Ingrid Carlqvist April 12, 2016

Note:  The original article is in Swedish language - linked above on the title.
The article was translated by Google Translate, so there are some errors of meaning and idiom.

The article begins:  "Now operates Mona Sahlin to have back free."

Blogger comment  >>  I'm unsure what this Swedish idiom means. Perhaps it means Sahlin is now free from scrutiny, for example. Perhaps this article indicates that Mona Sahlin has now seen the error of her ways and actually sees now the problems created by Muslims (mainly Muslim men) who have "entered" ** Sweden carte blanche since early this decade. Wholesale "entry" ** into Sweden is due to Swedish liberal socialist mindsets and culture - a beautiful thing in and of itself, but it demands protection. That's because Swedish liberal socialist culture has no boundaries or protections from other races who do not hold to those values.

** This is a reference to the wholesale sexual "entry" of Muslim and migrant men's penises into Swedish women, 53% of whom were young Swedish girls aged 14 years and younger (June-July 2015 statistics). Of course, you can't make any complaint about such rapes in Swedish culture, because this is considered "racist", right?

Please pay attention to this information:  To make sure you understood the statistic - 53% of all rape crimes committed in Sweden in June-July 2015 were against children up to 14 years old. Total rapes in June-July 2015 of all women totalled 1091 rapes. These were only the reported rapes. Many more violations (possibly up to 100% more) were likely not reported due to the liberal socialist mindset and culture that is Sweden. Not all rapes were commited by Muslim men of course, but a huge majority of them are committed by Muslim men on a daily basis right now. This is not racism. This is simply pointing out the facts of who the perpetrators of this crime are.

Ingrid Carlqvist's article continues...

In an article she [Mona Sahlin] accuses the city of Malmö to have missed the same thing she did:

The threat from Islamist violent extremism.

The article says that the 23-year-old Swedish citizen Osama Krayem from Rosengård in Malmö is suspected of direct involvement in the bloody terrorist attacks in Brussels and Paris.

Sahlin says that Malmö's politicians have not seen Islam's recruitment 
of young Muslim residents of Malmö as a problem, according to Sahlin... 

They have instead focused on extreme right-wing circles. Sahlin, who is the national coordinator against violent extremism [but being a good Swede, never names the ideology from whence this "extremism" is mostly derived], focusing herself on the "extreme right", she finds even on the circuits sometimes!

★ In the debate program, she participated in the Islam of terrorism, she has western front "Breivik" where Islam terrorism would be debated. Sahlin is one of the largest Islamo we have in Sweden, she dare not speak about Islam.

★ As Swedish nationals (many of them older women) demonstrated against the madcap government we have, she [Sahlin] called them "extreme right violent Nazis." Mona Sahlin wrote this in an article (which rather carry Expos hallmark) where she shamelessly lied. I have described this in a column.

Now she criticizes Malmo to Malmo done the same thing that she did. Talk about throwing stones in glass houses. Sahlin is thus national coordinator against violent extremism, but misses herself [at the heart of the matter] which extremism is the biggest threat to Sweden's democracy.

Terror researcher Magnus Ranstorp says that even more people with Swedish connection may show up in the investigations of Islamic terrorism. Sahlin has focused on the wrong threat and its coordinating role. She has obviously led others to do the same. We need not be a terror scientist to understand that even more "Swedes" will appear in the Islamist terrorist. It requires also no rocket science to figure out that Sahlin is now acting to save her own skin.

Suffice - go to the internet to read what is going on to see a trend, "Swedish" terrorists over the years has become more and more, some examples:

★ 2012 was arrested on "Swedish" Lebanese terrorist Atris Hussein in Thailand. The suspect had ties to Hezbollah, the Shia Islamist group in Lebanon backed by Syria and Iran. The group, according to Expressen's article on US and EU terrorist lists.

★ 2012 sentenced a number of "Swedish" terrorists to 2010 of plotting a bomb attack against the Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten. The magazine's "crime": The published drawings of Islam's Prophet Muhammad.

★ 2012 arrested a "Swedish" terrorist in Cyprus, he planned to blow up Israelis in the air. Although he "Swede" terrorist working for the anti-Israel Shiite organization Hezbollah's behalf.

★ January 2016: Cyprus again, two "Swedish" terrorists arrested. They have been known since 2005 and openly shown their terrorist sympathies!

★ In February this year, the verdict against a 17 year old "Swedish" girl who was arrested in Austria when she was heading to the Sunni Muslim organization, the Islamic State. In the girl's cell phone were among other tributes to the mass murders in Paris.

National Board of Social Democratic chairman says: "When the girl comes home to Sweden to investigate the social services which support she and her family need, " - should they give out the phone number for Mona Sahlin hotline for prospective terrorists?

The signs have been there for many years, 
but Sahlin has missed them completely.

Signs suggest that Islam is increasingly affecting more people in Sweden to become terrorists, or terrorist sexual access (which is a woman's lot in those circles).

★ In 2014, Swedish newspaper Svenska Dagbladet wrote about how "young 'Swedes' travel to Syria and the Islamic State" Why abandon young women, his family and the security of Sweden to join a UN terror stamped organization? "

★ A "Swedish" terrorists have even been in SVT's "Mission Review" and told of their business!

★ SÄPO think 300 "Swedes" have traveled to the Islamic state.

In retrospect, one can wonder about Sahlins talent or her agenda. Rather than cooperate against Islamist terrorism seems she hands to conceal this violent extremism. They might be the cause Sahlin find that older women are demonstrating extreme right violent Nazis.

It seems that Islam not only manages to trick fiddling Mona. 

[Reference: The Q'ran tells Mulims to lie to Christians and other religions to advance Islamic aims and purposes.]

At least one Swede has converted to Islam and become a terrorist. Michael Skråmo participated in 2009 in SVT's "Debate", under the heading of "witch hunt against Muslims." From an article about Michael we read:
"This terror is in Switzerland against minarets ... minorities ... er, or what is it called? Minarets. This fear forms of [sic] ignorance of Islam," said Michael Skråmo in the program.

For over a year ago took Skråmo his family to Syria where he was in a video calling for the murder of the enemies of Islam. Frantic race seems to be directed against non-Muslims, it is in each case, the victims of Islamic terrorism and murder.

Sahlin did not see the signs then again - 

Probably because her ignorance of Islam is gigantic.

I have emailed the question to many in power, to the media and the Swedish Church:

When are they and we going to learn what Islam is?

I have received a few responses, including from democracy, Alice Bah Kuhnke Minister and Social Democrat party secretary Carin Jämtin. Any response contains essentially the same set phrases and argument that we have religion in Sweden.

★ From Bah Kuhnke was the answer in brief, from a gender perspective to have to learn what is Islamophobia.

★ From Jämtin came this: "I do not share your view of Islam, but I believe that all religions are fully compatible with humanism and democracy."

Jämtin think! Meanwhile Jämtin think and democracy Minister Bah Kuhnke want to learn not to be critical of Islam, it is likely more "Swedes" [naturalised from other countries] become killers in the name of Allah [inside and outside of Sweden, and continue to rape young girls].

Sahlins trick has been to find what is not there, to hide what is.

When it is reality (Islamic terror) grows and becomes so large that it takes the lives of those who were fooled by it barely exists (extreme right), Sahlin will not be so popular. Mona Sahlin has been highly paid national coordinator against violent extremism in almost two years, during which time she has succeeded:

★ to get the Red Cross to open a support line as well

★ to identify 'the older ladies' demonstrating as Nazi, violent, right-wing men.

Case closed in case Sahlin.

In Dante's the "Divine Comedy" is that of the Inferno (Hell) ports was a text with the words: "I like these entries, the song all hope."

The text should be above the door to Sahlins office. In that which entries are truly hopeless.

- Ingrid Carlqvist

Video:  Sweden Now Rape Capital Of Europe Thanks To Muslim Migrants!

Here is a photoshop of an actual medical centre billboard in Africa that's been circulating the internet. The actual unaltered image is for a rape crisis centre to help women. And as the Swedish examples turn out, this is largely true !!!! 

Because of the horrific violence of these crimes against Swedish women and girls, the crackdowns have begun. Perpetrators of sexual crime are now being quickly detained, charged and deported. They are no longer wanted in Sweden. They are out !!

Image without censorship pixels...

Swedish Police Warn Women Not To Go Out At Night

Friday, March 11, 2016

Original article: 

Women in Östersund had better stay home at night, or get used to being raped. 

The whole of Sweden is a crime scene and Östersund is a small town in the northern part of Sweden the Muslim rape capital of the world. Like most such towns, Östersund has always been a placid, orderly, law-abiding place — that’s the Swedish way.

Until recently. Everything has changed since the arrival of “refugees” at asylum centers that are popping up like mushrooms all over the Swedish landscape, even in the most rural areas. In the past few weeks six violent crimes — including rape and attempted rape — have been committed by men of “foreign appearance” against women out alone at night in Östersund.

Sleepy Swedish town rocked by eight sex attacks in just three weeks, including on young children, by Muslim migrant men. Two 10-year-old girls were groped at a bus stop by a gang of Muslim migrants who threatened to rape them.

The following day, a woman was punched in the face, splitting her eyebrow, by a Muslim who threatened to kill her after he made a rude comment to her. Just five days later a woman walking on her own was attacked by three men, beaten and pushed to the ground. They held her down, forced their fingers into her mouth while saying offensive, sexual words to her.

And in the latest incident just five days ago, a woman had to use martial arts to elbow her would-be rapist in the head and escape after three men surrounded her and punched to the ground and tried to pull her trousers down.

Now the police are advising women to stay at home at night, or at the very least not go out except in groups. The police chief would obviously prefer not to issue such advice, but he has been forced to acknowledge that his force is unable to protect the women of Östersund. There would have to be a policeman, or possibly several, to accompany each woman when she is away from home.

One of the “new Swedes” might say: “Ah, but there is an easy solution — the women should go out only if accompanied by their husbands, fathers, brothers, or sons!” In other words, the self-enforced practice of sharia law. Are Swedish women unhappy with this de-facto condition of purdah to which they are now being relegated? Yes, probably so.

Are they angry enough about it to vote out the multiculturalist politicians who forced it upon them without their consent? No, apparently not. Not yet, anyway.

by Hla Oo - Burmese blogger living in exile

2013 article:  "Sweden Now Rape Capital of the World Due to Islamic Immigration"

January 8, 2016 article: "Sweden: Rapes, Acquittals and Severed Heads…"

November 11, 2015 article:  
"Sweden opened its doors to Muslim immigration: Today, it's the rape capital of the world.  

The latest case of leftwing psychosis concerns Swedish Left Party politician Barbro Sörman, who recently suggested that it’s far worse when Swedish men rape women than when migrants do it.

“The Swedish men who rape do it despite the growing gender equality. They make an active choice. It’s worse imo [in my opinion],” Sörman tweeted.

Sörman, a self-described socialist and a feminist, made the observation in response to what she claimed was excessive media focus on the fact that most of the rapes in Sweden are committed by immigrants.

She explained that Swedish men are brought up in a society that believes in gender equality and therefore should be held to higher standards than migrants, who come from cultures where women are treated as second-rate citizens.

After facing a storm of backlash, the Swedish politician canceled her Twitter account.


Ingrid Carlqvist's original article here in Swedish language


KRÖNIKA: Mona Sahlin och Dantes Inferno
av Ingrid Carlqvist  12 april, 2016

Nu manövrerar Mona Sahlin för att ha ryggen fri. I en artikel anklagar hon Malmö stad för att ha missat samma sak hon själv gjort: Hotet från den islamistiska våldsbejakande extremismen.

I artikeln står att den 23-årige svenske medborgaren Osama Krayem från Rosengård i Malmö är misstänkt för direkt inblandning i de blodiga terrordåden i Bryssel och Paris.

Sahlin påstår att Malmös politiker inte har sett islams rekrytering av unga muslimska Malmöbor som ett problem, enligt Sahlin har de i stället fokuserat på högerextrema kretsar. Sahlin, som är nationell samordnare mot våldsbejakande extremism, fokuserar gärna själv på ”högerextrema”, hon hittar till och med på de kretsarna ibland!

★ I de debattprogram hon medverkat i efter islams terrordåd har hon väst fram “Breivik” då islams terrorism skulle debatteras. Sahlin är en av de största islamofober vi har i Sverige, hon vågar inte tala om islam.

★ Då svenska medborgare (många av dem äldre kvinnor) demonstrerade mot den stolliga regering vi har, kallade hon dem för “högerextrema våldsbejakande nazister”. Mona Sahlin skrev detta i en artikel (som snarare bär Expos signum) där hon skamlöst ljög. Jag har beskrivit detta i en krönika.

Nu kritiserar hon Malmö för att Malmö gjort samma sak som hon själv gjort. Tala om att kasta sten i glashus. Sahlin är alltså nationell samordnare mot våldsbejakande extremismen, men missar själv vilken extremism som är det största hotet mot Sveriges demokrati.

Terrorforskaren Magnus Ranstorp säger att ännu fler personer med svenskkoppling kan dyka upp i utredningarna om islams terrordåd. Sahlin har fokuserat på fel hot och i sin samordnande funktion har hon uppenbarligen lett andra att göra samma sak. Vi behöver inte vara terrorforskare för att begripa att ännu fler “svenskar” kommer att dyka upp i islamistiska terroraktioner. Det krävs heller ingen raketforskning för att räkna ut att Sahlin nu agerar för att rädda sitt eget skinn.

Det räcker att via internet läsa vad som sker för att se en tendens: “Svenska” terrorister har genom åren blivit allt fler, några exempel:

★ 2012 greps den “svenske” libanesiske terroristen Atris Hussein i Thailand. Den misstänkte hade band till Hizbollah, den shiamuslimska islamistgruppen i Libanon som backas upp av Syrien och Iran. Gruppen är enligt Expressens artikel med på USAs och EUs terrorlistor.

★ 2012 dömdes ett antal “svenska” terrorister för att 2010 ha planerat ett bombdåd mot danska tidningen Jyllandsposten. Tidningens “brott”: De publicerade teckningar på islams profet Muhammed.

★ 2012 greps en “svensk” terrorist på Cypern, han planerade att spränga israeler i luften. Även denne “svenske” terrorist arbetade för den antiisraeliska shiamuslimska organisationen Hizbollahs räkning.

★ Januari 2016: Cypern igen, två “svenska” terrorister greps. De har varit kända sedan 2005 och öppet visat sina terroristsympatier!

★ I februari i år föll domen mot en 17-årig svensk flicka som greps i Österrike då hon var på väg till den sunnimuslimska organisationen Islamiska staten. I flickans mobiltelefon fanns bland annat hyllningar till massmorden i Paris.

Socialnämndens socialdemokratiska ordförande säger: “När flickan kommer hem till Sverige ska socialtjänsten utreda vilket stöd hon och hennes familj behöver.” Ska de lämna ut telefonnumret till Mona Sahlins hotline för blivande terrorister?

Tecknen har funnits i många år, men Sahlin har missat dem helt.

Tecken tyder på att islam påverkar allt fler i Sverige att bli terrorister eller terroristers sexuella tillgång (vilket är kvinnans lott i de kretsarna).

★ Redan 2014 skrev Svenska Dagbladet om hur “unga svenskor” reser till Syrien och Islamiska staten: “Varför överger unga kvinnor sin familj och tryggheten i Sverige för att ansluta till en av FN terrorstämplad organisation?”

★ En “svensk” terrorist har till och med suttit i SVTs ”Uppdrag granskning” och berättat om sin verksamhet!

★ SÄPO tror att 300 “svenskar” har rest till Islamiska staten.

Med facit i hand kan man undra över Sahlins begåvning eller hennes agenda. I stället för att samverka mot islamistisk terrorism verkar hon samverka för att dölja denna våldsbejakande extremism. De kanske är av den orsaken Sahlin hittar på att äldre demonstrerande kvinnor är högerextrema våldsamma nazister.

Det verkar som att islam inte bara lyckas lura fifflande Mona.

Minst en svensk har konverterat till islam och blivit terrorist. Mikael Skråmo deltog redan 2009 i SVTs ”Debatt”, under vinjetten ”Hetsjakt på muslimer”. Ur en artikel kan vi läsa:

”Den här skräcken som finns i Schweiz mot minaret… minoriteter… eeh eller vad heter det? Minareter. Den här skräcken bildar på [sic] okunskap i islam”, säger Michael Skråmo i programmet.

För över ett år sedan tog Skråmo sin familj till Syrien varifrån han i en video uppmanade till mord på islams fiender. Hetsjakten verkar vara riktad mot icke-muslimer, det är i varje fall de som utsätts för islams terrorism och mord.

Sahlin och andra såg inte tecknen då heller, sannolikt för att deras okunskap om islam är gigantisk.

Jag har mailat frågan till många inom makten, medierna och Svenska kyrkan: När ska de och vi få lära oss vad islam är?

Jag har fått några få svar, bland annat från demokratiminister Alice Bah Kuhnke och socialdemokraternas partisekreterare Carin Jämtin. Alla svar innehåller i stort sett samma floskler och argumentet att vi har religionsfrihet i Sverige.

★ Från Bah Kuhnke var svaret i korthet att vi ur ett genusperspektiv ska få lära oss vad islamofobi är.

★ Från Carin Jämtin kom detta: “Jag delar inte din syn på islam, utan jag tror att alla religioner är fullt förenliga med humanism och demokrati.”

Jämtin tror. Under tiden Jämtin tror och demokratiminister Bah Kuhnke vill lära oss att inte vara kritiska mot islam kommer sannolikt fler “svenskar” bli mördare i Allahs namn.

Sahlins trick har varit att hitta på det som inte finns för att dölja det som är.

När det som är verklighet (islams terror) växer och blir så stort att det tar livet av dem som lurades av det som knappt finns (högerextremism), kommer Sahlin inte att vara så populär. Mona Sahlin har varit högt betald nationell samordnare mot våldsbejakande extremism i snart två år, under den tiden har hon lyckats med:

★ att få Röda Korset att öppna en stödlinje samt

★ kallat äldre demonstrerande damer för nazistiska, våldsbejakande, högerextremistiska män.

Case closed i fallet Sahlin.

I Dante´s “Divina Commedia” står att över infernots (helvetets) portar fanns en text med orden ”I som här inträden, låten hoppet fara”.

Den texten borde sitta ovanför dörren till Sahlins tjänsterum. I som där inträden äro i sanning hopplösa.

Saturday 30 July 2016

Sweden: When is it alright to be raped? When a Muslim man rapes me.

Article: Stockholm. January 25, 2016

Sweden: When is it alright to be raped? When a Muslim man rapes me... 

Such is the cognitive dissonace of Swedish natives. When their child gets raped, they fall completely into 'Stockholm Syndrome' and wonder how they can do more for the poor migrant (their child's attacker) who has so obviously (in their minds) had such a hard time growing up in such dysfunctional Middle Eastern societies.

I am not bullshitting you. This is the Swedish affliction. This is why Sweden is now the rape capital of the world. Their government has now stepped up to the plate and have closed borders, have tightened Migration and social policy, and are now deporting back to their own countries 80,000 of these f-wits who only ever came in to the country as "economic migrants" aka "dole bludgers". Thousands upon thousands of these migrants have not come from war-torn areas in either the Middle East or North Africa. They're just here because they know they can cream it off hard-working Swedes who pay 30% - 60% in tax into their very good welfare systems. These infiltrators will never work... They will never pay taxes. Their modus operanti is to take! That's all they know. 

So it's the people - the average Swedish man and woman in the street, who now have to wake up! Will they? They can not ignore this... the plunder of their daughter's, wives and children's bodies. It's time for Sweden to wake up out of their lovely utopian dream that has now crumbled into a dystopian nightmare. They will have to wake up to what the world actually is and remove the lovely fuzzy pink lenses that have blocked out the true reality up until now. This nightmare is affecting every one of them.

And it's only when the Swedish people themselves get a grip on the seriousness of what's going on, that they will ever have the chance to save their own country. It's time for the inner Viking to emerge. You can not let this violence continue against your women, children and old people. It is you yourselves who are allowing this !!  The allowance of depravity on the first occasions has now led to an epidemic of violence against your women and children. The perpetrators quickly realised they could get away with it.  So now... Let your mind be awakened !!  It's time for you to see plainly what is actually there. It's time to get these rapists and paedophiles out of your country. Sweden is no place for them. Get them out.

Swedes...  Please feel free to take a page out of my book...

Here is my response to these paedophiles ... !!!!



You get the idea...



My Chat with Ingrid Carlqvist- Oh Sweden! (THE SAAD TRUTH_217)

Published on Jul 13, 2016

We discuss a broad range of issues dealing with Sweden's current reality, as shaped by stifling political correctness, pathological virtue signalling, and breathtakingly lax open border immigration policies.

Ingrid's articles at the Gatestone Institute:

Ingrids' Twitter account: @ingridcarlqvist

Video:  The Fall of Sweden | Ingrid Carlqvist and Stefan Molyneux

Image result for The Fall of Sweden | Ingrid Carlqvist and Stefan Molyneux

Published on May 6, 2016


In the midst of the European Migrant Crisis, Sweden has been said to be on the verge of economic collapse under the weight of mass Muslim immigration. Ingrid Carlqvist joins Stefan Molyneux to discuss the state of Sweden, the impact of multiculturalism, Islam as a totalitarian political ideology, the massive increase of crime, the rise of a true rape culture and what the future looks like for the Swedish people.

Ingrid Carlqvist is a journalist and author based in Sweden, a Distinguished Senior Fellow of Gatestone Institute, and editor-in-chief of Dispatch International.

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The truth about Hillary Clinton destroying Middle East nations

Media lies! lies! lies!  Hillary Clinton lies! lies! lies !!!

Only accept eye witness testimony.


Hillary and the True Beast She Is.

Published on Aug 2, 2015
Larry Nichols tells of his first meeting with Hillary Clinton.
Included in the video is a list of the dozens of people killed within the Clinton's circle of friends and associates.