Wednesday 29 April 2015

OCCUPY DEMOCRACY: Westminster Parliament Square 1-10 May, 2015.

As advertised on this Facebook group...

Want to do more for our democracy this May 
than just put an X in a box?

As Britain gets ready to go to the polls, join the ten day occupation of Parliament Square to continue building a movement for real democracy: free from corporate control, working for people and planet!

Join the fight for real democracy now!

On 1st May, Occupy Democracy will return to Parliament Square 
to expose our broken democracy and work towards real democratic solutions through engaging workshops, lively discussions and creative direct action.

... Because the super-rich keep winning whoever gets into power!

More details to be confirmed, watch this space.

Tuesday 28 April 2015

April 2015. Cheshire UK dad speaks out: Kids ABUSED in Cafcass "care"

All of these Cheshire children ARE AT RISK of being REMOVED from their parents because of current CAFCASS policies in the UK !!!  DO SOMETHING !!!  Join ACTION GROUPS to STOP these abuses continuing !!  Sign the petition !!  This is the very LEAST you can do !! 

STOP being a doormat, and STAND UP !!!  

YOU are the ADULT !!!  

Stand UP NOW for kids all over Britain !!!!

They are being Sodomised, Raped, Beaten by people they DO NOT KNOW !!!

They have no-one to turn to except for US.

WE are the ONLY WAY these kids are going to STAY SAFE...

- By charging ahead in a ground-swell of creating Public Awareness.

You must SHARE ALL POSTS of this nature with your Friends Networks, on Twitter, with friends over a cup of tea.

It's only through HUGE GENERALISED PUBLIC AWARENESS that WE can help Keep These Kids Safe.

Become ACTIVE NOW !!!! 

Following is a letter from a UK father who is in a long-running battle with the courts and police over Cafcass who are ALLOWING and covering up abuses of his young children - including RAPE !!  All of this is happening while they are in Cafcass' "care" ...  

It's a HUGE STINKING cover-up !!   : (

Hi Miriam Stevenson,
you are a social worker,
so, can you help change it all
please - for the better.

I am a father
who is a consultant physicist
highly trained in management and business,
covering organisations and companies world wide.

In 6 years of interfacing
with a plethora of social workers
out of Cheshire West and Chester,
i have not met one who is decent.
-  Pretentious and pretending
they are decent.
I had social worker after social worker
sacrifice my children's well being to keep their jobs.

My daughter was raped,
there was a police report,
and all of the social workers
buried this and tried to hide police reports.

Social workers wrote reports in 2009 -
- reporting the abuses and violence to the children
by their mum.

New social workers were appointed in 2010,
suddenly, the children were liars -
- and all the reports of abuse hidden
BUT i had copies

The new social workers wrote
life was idyllic at mum's.
When the children ran away from mum's house,
Cafcass worked with the children
and reported violence and abuse.

The children were placed
100% in my custody in 2011.

This drove the local authority livid,
because they had tried to keep
the children at mum's
in order to cover up
the horrendous mistakes they had made.

Then followed 26 appearances
before the family court
where they lied,
in order to get the children gagged
back under their control.

Eventually they got a judge
to agree dad could not work with these social workers

- and the judge let the social workers
put the children back into abuse
to protect the social workers (his cronies).

You have never seen desperation like these people
trying to keep this covered up.

Even NHS psychiatrists
wrote reports stating these authorities
(based on evidence) were behaving abusively.

When I reported the abuses
and abusers of my children
to the police (cronies of the local authority )
I was arrested and charged with harassment
of the abusers
and stuck in prison on remand for a year.

At my trial in the Crown Court in Chester
9, 10, 11, 12 March 2015, I was acquitted.

The child abuses were witnessed
as me reporting crimes to the police.

It was described as a mess
of Biblical proportions by the authorities.

The crown court judge said
he could not do anything
about the evidenced child abuses
as the abusers were not on trial !!!!!

So, the children are still being abused
and the local authority
and a plethora of social workers are
desperate to keep them gagged there.

Police are refusing to investigate.

- They simply report the children are fine
because social services say so.

When my daughter told social workers
in 2011 that she and her little brother
had been abused,
they told her she was a liar.

When my daughter told teachers,
they told social workers
who told her not to tell people.

When my daughter told childline,
they told social workers
who told her not to tell people.

When I told social workers,
they sent me a lawyers letter
saying 'do not tell us' !!

When I told Barnardos,
they told social workers
who told my daughter to stop telling people.

When I told NSPCC,
they told social workers
who told my daughter to stop telling people.

When I told police,
they told social workers
who told my daughter to stop telling people.

When i demanded the police investigate
directly to the children,
social services told the police
that the police could not interview the children.

Cheshire police refuse to investigate themselves
and are deliberately covering up child abuses,
authorised by John Dwyer their crime commissioner.

Cheshire West and Chester council
are refusing to investigate themselves
and are deliberately covering up child abuses
authorised by Steve Robinson their Chief Executive.

Cafcass are refusing to investigate themselves
and are deliberately covering up child abuses
authorised by the head of complaints.

Judge Barnett of Chester,
covered up rape and sexual abuses
along with a host of criminal acts by Cheshire West and Chester in order to protect his cronies.

Effectively, the children are being abused to make MONEY !!!

All of this is hard evidenced.

CORPUS Delicti --- we have the corpses

There appears to be a deeply embedded CULTURE within the police of Cheshire to "turn a blind eye" and not carry out investigations of Child Abuse allegations.

Each one of those police personnel needs to come in front of a magistrate and ACCOUNT for his or her lack of action !!!


Chester man alleges his child abuse claims 
were ignored for more than a decade

Mr Frost, 75, who has lived in Chester since 1960, recalled: “I spoke to two CID officers who came out to see me at home. I told them who I was and where I worked and about the allegations and asked if they would pass the information on to Wrexham police. I didn’t think they were that interested because it wasn’t on their patch but I assumed they would pass on the information. It was pretty serious even in those days.”
He added: “I didn’t hear anything but presumed they were doing undercover work and at some stage somebody would come and speak to me but nobody ever did. Thirty years ago there was an implicit trust in the police and, naively, even though they never came back to me, I assumed they had done something.
“Most of the offences took place between 1975 and 1985, there were some more later on into the 90s, so certainly he could have been stopped from perpetrating a number of these offences.”
In hindsight, Mr Frost, a married father of four, wishes he had done more to raise the alarm, but commented: “I didn’t have the benefit of hindsight.”

Brilliant Woman !! This is The POWER of ONE !!! We ARE that ONE !!!

Noreen Gosch - The Conspiracy Of Silence

Published on Sep 16, 2013

This lecture is mirrored from:

The quality of this video isn't the best... but it's a very absorbing story. If you haven't heard of the Johnny Gosch story yet, you will be amazed at what this woman has achieved through her pain.

What an inspiration !!!

Monday 27 April 2015

GET YOUR HEAD OUT OF THE SAND !!! - ENGLISH Sex Trafficking !!!!

DREADFUL Story of SEX SLAVERY !!!  - And you ask WHY we should GET RID OF MONEY OFF THIS PLANET !! ???  And what happened to those three young boys once they got on English soil ??  :(   Who do THEY have to advocate for them ??  : (   UTTERLY DREADFUL !!!!

Scandal: A young 26 year old Nigerian made revelations in breath away ...

Please be so good to copy this English translation and Share it on your Facebook Timeline, etc. to CREATE AWARENESS that TRAFFICKING OF SEX SLAVES INTO ENGLAND IS HAPPENING RIGHT NOW !!!   Thank you.

Let's NOT put our heads in the sand again !!!!

Lolita's story....  the original is in French translated below with Google.  Published: October 5, 2014

Lolita is Nigerian and has only 26 springs when her testimony is harvested. Her journey is a perfect illustration of the plight of thousands of African women. Prostitution has made her a drug addict and an alcoholic that AIDS rushes into the arms of the Grim Reaper. Here is a tip of her ordeal ... "

If only I knew what awaited me in this crazy world, this world that everyone admires this world where they all want to come [...] A world where we African prostitutes are considered shit, the slaves who are made to eat excrement and drink urine. It is normal for the sick, perverse, rich people use their power and money to make such serious things about human beings. They say we're willing adults. This is wrong because no one asked my opinion before throwing me into this shit. I was forced and threatened. And if we are adults, what about the children who are in these environments?

Children of all ages. And the younger they are, the more they are expensive. It is not the poor who can pay huge sums as their salaries are not enough ... I am outraged and I'm not afraid anymore, anyway my days are numbered. My AIDS is terminal. They have more respect for their dogs for us, I know all the girls do not go through the same steps as me. But I know what happens in this medium and girls deny any fear of reprisals. Their money gives them rights to our life ...

If drugs, AIDS and alcohol do not kill me, their dirt I swallowed as well as those of their dogs not to mention all the shots I took, enough to kill me ... I begged God forgive me and take me back. No one can live with what I have in my head, I only have to close my eyes to the horrors that come back to me. And every day, every night it's the same ordeal, it is a torture. Somebody help me finish, I have the strength to try anything. Good God! I just want a break, a rest. Ending this world, leaving, leaving, just go ... My ordeal began in Lagos, I came across an ad on the Internet where a businessman looking girls looking for marriage for his marriage agency. There were photos of successful marriage cases. I also answered ads in magazines found everywhere now.

It went very quickly. The gentleman contacted me and we communicate through the Internet. He offered things no woman can refuse. The dream what! Within three months I had everything needed to leave for London. He gave me the names of people to see and everything went smoothly. I just had to go to Benin City (Nigeria city, ie) looking for a small parcel for him. I was very surprised to see that the package in question, it was three boys between eight and twelve. Their passports were ready, visas too. Everything was ok. I went to a gentleman that people called "sorcerer" who gave me instructions. Our trip was through Ghana and there, someone else had to recover from the Liberian passports, and it is with these new passports we left for London. They allow us to get faster to the status of refugees. We left after three days in a slum in Accra where we were hiding, to avoid jealousy of those who did not have our luck ...

The youngest boy was paralyzed by fear: he cries a lot, he trembles and do not say a word, only refuge, my arms he will leave just so I go to the bathroom or wash me ... At the airport my fiance and waiting for me as the one who would pick up the children. The separation was painful. It took a lot of force to detach the younger boy to me, I have also not seen or heard from these children. I followed this man of whom I knew nothing except that he called himself "BRYAN". Just arrived home, the nightmare began. First he had to get to know. I tried to resist explaining that I needed a little time, it was not easy to give and someone you barely know. But the firmness with which he caught me sell immediately. My first hours on English soil were rape hours on the mat living room. I should not say anything. He rested, drank whiskey and over again painful and disgusting things that I never knew existed. I thought I was dying. I had to do what he wanted, I only knew him, and he took my papers.

After abusing me, he asked me to watch tapes where we saw girls with animals and he said well look at what were the girls. Because I should do the same. My coming had cost him a lot of money I had to pay. And also, as he's nice, he will find us markets, filming and we will share the money equally. He told me he would give me something to give me courage because it would take me, but in the end, there was money. A lot of money. The little trick to give me courage, it's drugs. Thus, three weeks after my arrival on English soil, I became actress porn movies with animals from Amsterdam, Berlin, Paris and London, my residence. Once or twice a week, I went to film studios or particular turn the crap.

Sometimes the master or dogs joined us and it made a scene that gives nausea. The dog and handler at the same time with the wife watching this circus, fun, sipping a cocktail. I did drugs and drank a shot before because I could not have done it without hovering. These animals in me, their slime, their hair, their bad breath, claws and violence due to the encouragement of teachers whose orders can get the rhythm of soft animals violent. And you below, you cash these shots. I cried, I cried, eyes closed, I still pray that God take me. What was I doing? My poor mother would die if she only knew. To prevent it are questions I sent him money and photos carefully staged by Bryan ...

The worst moments was when he had to make oral sex to these animals. Can not they make condoms, the reports were unprotected and Mr. said I risked nothing for God had done things. It was impossible that fertilization takes place. For years, I have done it: thousands of gallons of animal waste in my stomach. My body is so dirty that no child can develop it. One day to decorate the shootings, the wife of the master of the dogs went to get the puppies a few days it has made my breasts. [breast feeding] It was very painful because they drew all their strength because nothing came out.

Professionals resell these cassettes by the thousands in the world and individuals repass between the home evenings with friends around a perverse food. I must admit that I had a lot of money. I built my home and my family lives well. I pay the tuition younger and I respected and revered. My family is proud of me because they know nothing.

Gluttony, I increased turning speeds, it also increased my income, but also drug doses and alcohol. During dead periods, he lent me a friend in the South of France since the summer in some boats in the sea, with the arrival of celebrities, there is a large market of prostitutes and drugs. There orgies all night and it is big. It allows to change activities and to make money throughout the year. This is perhaps there that I contracted the AIDS virus, but are not regularly monitored, the disease was discovered too late, I was abandoned on the beach of Saint-Tropez. Bryan has disappeared and moved. This is a Polish prostitute who helped me but as she could not take my drug doses, in addition to everything she did for me, she introduced me to an African girl in the profession that m ' spoke of the association that deals with African women with AIDS ...

My illness is terminal, I will not have thirty years, my body is covered with infected pimples, I'm addicted, anorexic, alcoholic. And yet sometimes I make passes, but I am careful to customers who know nothing of my situation. I do not put them in danger is to pay me my drug and alcohol doses. I take these junk to speed my end. The images are torturing me and it is a poison that kills me slowly. This is the worst of the dead ... What I regret having come into this world. At home, I'd be healthy, wife and mother ... "

Translated by Google:

Original article in French:

Friday 24 April 2015

"Happy Birthday Alisa - We Love You" - A Group on Facebook xxxx

This image is the Facebook Group banner on: 


This page is for you Alisa, from all of us - Happy Birthday sweet girl. We will do the same for your brother when his birthday comes around. All of our best wishes for a lovely birthday

+ + + + 

This is an international community of people who have been following the #WhistleblowerKids events which broke in early February 2015.  

We all wish Alisa a very happy birthday !!  

I hope Alisa sees this post. I hope something inside her makes her Google:  "Happy Birthday Alisa". She will find a number of blog posts by different people from all over the world if she does that. Let's intend together for Alisa to type this into her laptop. Let's intend that she sees this post !!!

Please reply in Comments dear Alisa if you see this....  xxxx

Here is what people have put up on the group for you...  
Dear Alisa... 

This page is for you Alisa, from all of us - Happy Birthday. We are all working very hard to make sure you and your brother get back to your Mum very quickly. So don't give up on us. We are many, from all over the world  ♡  - Kristie

Dear Alisa and dear Gabriel, you stole my heart ♡ im thinking about you two every single day and I really wish you will soon be with your mom again... You two are very brave, sweet children. Be proud of yourself... Bless you little angels ♡  - Sophie

Happy birthday, Alisa. I pray that God will keep you and Gabriel safe and protected from all harm.  - Dale

"Penbloedh Lowen" Alisa!  That means "Happy Birthday" in the Cornish Language. I live in Cornwall . I hope you get a nice cake and have a great day with your brother. xx My grand daughter, Ellen, will be 9 on the 22nd April!  - Ann

Happy birthday, brave girl!  - Ed from the Netherlands (Holland)


Happy Birthday Alisa!! Hope you have a wonderful day. Stay strong beautiful girl ♡  - Wendy

Much love brave young lady  ♡  Maria

 Happy 10th birthday - I hope the sun shines for you today!
 - Melissa  

Dear Alisa, you are such a beautiful ray of sunshine. Happy birthday little one.... I'm praying for you and Gabriel everyday. Hope you get home to Mummy very soon. (2 Samuel 22:3-4) Lots of Love - Nicki xxx

Happy birthday Alisa !  - from Gabriel K.

Happy birthday sweet Alisa. We are praying for you and Gabriel. - Val

Happy Birthday Alisa. Thinking about you every day and thinking of Gabriel as well. You both are very strong!  - Terry

Happy birthday Alisa  :)  I pray for you and your brother everyday! - Emine, Australia

- from Karen                       

Happy Birthday Dear Alisa ~ You and your brother have a world of friends who truly care about you both. We want you to be happy, healthy and free. Hoping you will be reunited with your Mother and Grandparents soon. Please know that many people are working hard to make this happen. Lots of love from me and thousands and thousands of your other new friends. Warmly, Heather (New York, USA)

Hi Alisa! Wish you a happy birthday with lots of love from Arizona USA. You and Gabriel are the most courageous young people I have ever seen to be able to speak the truth. I wish and pray everyday that you and your brother will get back to your mom and grandparents soon. Just remember that there are lots of people who really love and care about you both ♡ - Amarison 

Tillykke med fødselsdagen Alisa ♡ That means happy birthday in Danish. I am sending you love and birthday hugs from Denmark where I live. I think about you and your brother every day. ♡ ♡

Happy Birthday sweet brave girl many thoughts of you and your little brother God bless you xx  - Lynne

Happy Birthday Sweetie. Call upon Angels to wrap you in Love and protection when needed. They cannot help unless you ask first. Ask them... ♡  - from Cynthia Marie

AA Gabriel ~ Picture Wings of Angels Enfolding You in Light by Shanta Gabriel

Published on Apr 13, 2015

May the light of angels surround me.
The love of angels enfold me,
The power of angels protect me.
May the angels always watch over me.

I would like you to know, Alisa,
and your brother, Gabriel,
that I believe you and your brother,
and you have my love and support.

I know you are imprisoned by the state,
and will probably not see this for years,
if at all.

Nonetheless, I send this positive energy to you.

I am certain you will find freedom,
and that the unpleasant people will be dealt with,
one way or another.

I believe in The Law of Karma.
Best wishes to you both and your mother,

♪♪♪ Happy Birthday, Alisa ♪♪♪ ... Wishing you a truly magical Birthday, and sending you lots and lots of love heart emoticon and hugs ((((( heart emoticon )))). Stay strong. Know that you are loved by many. And may all your dreams come true ((((( heart emoticon ))))) - Julie

This page is for you Alisa, from all of us-Happy Birthday sweet girl. We will do the same for your brother when his birthday comes around. All of our best wishes for a lovely birthday heart emoticon  -  Kristie 

I've been thinking of you all day, Alisa -- and your brother too. Thinking of you all the time  heart emoticon - Kristen, Canada

Happy Birthday, Alisa
smile emoticon
I've mailed cards to you and Gabriel, but they'll probably arrive late, as they're coming from Canada. Hang in there, and put your heart into your dreams; you are the best!  

- Kristen, Canada  

Happy Birthday Alisa!

I would like to celebrate with you and Gabriel, the courageous ones! All around the world we are with you in defense of the beautiful idea to Speak The Truth. We are with you to stand up for what is Right and Good and True. Celebrating the Beautiful Life!  - Terry

Happy 10th Birthday Alisa. The world is full of love for you & your little brother   - Sally

Happy b day to a wonderful little girl may all your wishes come true and may the creator watch over you xxxxxxx  - Kevin

Happy Birthday Alisa !!!! xxx  - love Bronny, New Zealand

To beautiful brave angel, Alisa, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Hip Hip Horray! From Australia! Sending you a heart filled with love and a million wishes for your safety. Hope all your wishes come true. I think about you and pray for you everyday. You are amazing! xxx I sent you a real card (and one to your brother too!) earlier on this week. I hope you got it, lots and lots and lots of love, Evelyn xx

"Happy Birthday Alisa - We Love You" 

Aragorn's Sleepsong

Uploaded on Oct 30, 2008

In Irish the word for a lullaby is SUANTRAI sleepsong a beautiful and simple way of describing what the song is meant to do sing someone to sleep. The words are written by Brendan Graham. The Irish singer is Saoirse.

Sleep Song lyrics

Lay down your head
And I'll sing you a lullaby
Back to the years
Of loo-li, lai-ley
And I'll sing you to sleep
And I'll sing you tomorrow
Bless you with love
For the road that you go

May you sail fair
To the far fields of fortune
With dimonds and pearls
At your head and your feet
And may you need never
To banish misfortune
May you find kindness
In all that you meet

May there always be angels
To watch over you
To guard you each step of the way
To guard you and keep you
Safe from all harm
Loo-li, loo-li, lai-ley

May you bring love
And may you bring happiness
Be loved in return
To the end your days
Now fall off to sleep
I'm not meaning to keep you
I'll just sit for awhile
And sing
Loo-li, lai-ley

May there always be angels
To watch over you
To guard you each step of the way
To guard you and keep you
Safe from all harm
Loo-li, loo-li, lai-ley
Loo-li, loo-li, lai-ley

Lyrics from:

Happy 10th Birthday Alisa for April 24, 2015

Love from Safe Kids International on Facebook

Happy 10th Birthday to Alisa - A Hero at Such a Young Age!

Alisa "Faced Her Fear" and Reported Horrific Abuse:
She Helped Save at Least 20 Other Kids and Raise Awareness about Child Sexual Assault

You can wish Alisa a Happy Birthday on her event page:

Despite Establishment Cover Up, many people believe Alisa and Gabriel and believe the Power Elite is orchestrating a massive cover up, such as was the case for prolific pedophile Jimmy Sevile and other entertainers, politicians, police and others.

Alisa and Little Brother Gabriel's brave disclosures:

For the latest on Alisa's case:
Social Media Case Watch for Alisa and Gabriel

BBC Colludes in "Paedophile Elite" Cover Up of Ritual Abuse

WhistleblowerKids Blog

Hampstead Research

Thursday 23 April 2015

The Lion & The Lotus feat. Ill Baz - Composers: Angelo King & Jono Das

Angelo King & Jono Das

Angelo King & Jono Das 

The collaborative project, 'The Lion & The Lotus' has been described as psychedelic jazz rap. Angelo King weaves a web of intricate lyricism fusing spiritually-conscious subject matter with Jono Das’ beat-driven soundscapes of jazz-influenced drum samples; overall creating a truly crisp euphonious production. 

Made in Aotearoa-New Zealand (2015)

Sunday 19 April 2015

New Earth symposium: "BIG BROTHER OUT OF CONTROL"

Note:  This Symposium starts in 30 minutes.  
It will be archived so you can play it later.  
I'll add the URL here once the address is added to the internet... 

Go here:

Big Brother Out Of Control

Meta Data & Dragnet Surveillance Exposed!

April 19th, 2015 – 5pm PDT / 8pm EDT (USA)
April 20th, 2015 – 1am GMT  / 10am 


This three hour event will cover the following themes:

  • What is Metadata and Dragnet Surveillance?
  • How are so-called Authorities thereby committing treason and fraud?
  • What personal liberties are being eroded and sacrificed in their wake?
  • What are the financial implications to people of the world?
  • What does the future look like should these institutional crimes continue?
  • How do we prosecute so-called authorities and governments gone rogue?
  • How do we hold publicly elected ‘officials’ personally liable for their wet-ink-signature crimes?


Sacha Stone - Founder

Former rock musician Sacha is founder of the New Earth Project, the planetary sovereignty, consciousness and sustainability movement convening itself as the worlds first extraterritorial nation of peoples from all cultures & faiths. Newearth nationals are living men and women (not their corporate fiction personas) who choose to step out of invisible contracts with corporate entities...

Paul Seils PSA - Paul Seils & Associates

Speaker, Activist & Privacy Advocate Paul Seils is a gypsy in heart, soul and life. After reaching the top of his profession in landscape consultancy, and possessing all the glittering trinkets that go with worldly success, an inner yearning to connect more deeply with his own truth prompted him to walk down a more holistic path...

Joined by Special Guests:

Foster Gamble – The Thrive Movement

Paul Craig Roberts – Former US Assistant Secretary of the Treasury

Noam Chomsky – Political Commentator and Activist

Max Igan – Author, Researcher, Film Maker

Pippa King – Privacy Advocate, Specialist In Biometrics Use Within The Educational Arena

Saturday 18 April 2015

Has the Energy on the Planet shifted? What do you think?

Is it just me... ??? Or has Facebook just gone deathly quiet for the last two days? What storm is going to break? The Energy has shifted.

I really noticed it yesterday. Today is the same. It feels like "tranquility in status". Everything is quiet and still... and on the eve of Awakening. That's how it feels to me...

Peace upon all Beings xx

This is a Facebook conversation I just had with people from around the world...

Anon 1:  Brilliant image.

Anon 2:  noticed
BronnyNZ:  Ok... You too ?? Interesting... Thank you for replying xx

Anon 3:  Yes I felt it too.
BronnyNZ:  Ok... You too ?? Interesting... Thank you for replying xx

Anon 4:  I notice it too. Too quiet. Perhaps it's the calm before the storm.
BronnyNZ:  Ok... You too ?? Interesting... Thank you for replying xx

Anon 2:  love the light language in your image
BronnyNZ: Thanks Anon 2. It was in my Arcturian image file You know i'm in contact with the Arcturian collective... ?? and I highly suspect everyone who's feeling this to be in contact with their star family collectives, also.

BronnyNZ:  I'm just wondering what it means... ??? I have no energy or desire to be in the darkness. I've been tracking the Paedophile story now since February 11. And yesterday or the day before, it all STOPPED. This is very odd. I no longer feel I want to be chasing it. Maybe we've done enough to create a Critical Mass AWAKENING of the illusory nature of this world ?? The next movement will be The People TAKING CHARGE of the darkness... not just trying to EXPOSE it. We've exposed it. The sun just came out in full Shine where I Am in NZ. It tells me "Yes". The light is Shining on all Darkness. The People have woken up. We are at or on Critical Mass. Wow... ??? What's going to happen next?

BronnyNZ:  Yes. It feels like the calm before the storm for me as well Anon 4. But not of a "negative" kind. Has the Energy on the Planet shifted? What do you think?

Please feel free to reply in Comments below...

UK Government Cover-up over Madeleine McCann

The mainstream media only exists for 
"perception management" purposes.  
- Richard D. Hall, 2014

Buried by Mainstream Media,The Madeleine McCann Coverup - Live Talk by Richard D. Hall

Published on Sep 21, 2014

Buried by Mainstream Media,The Madeleine McCann Coverup
Live Talk by Richard D. Hall.

In July and August 2014 Richard D. Hall toured the UK lecturing on a range of subjects including media subversion. He has recently launched a 4 hour documentary about the Madeleine McCann case, with which he uses to illustrate the hapless, but at the same time subtly manipulative mainstream media’s coverage of this issue. The full talk is now available on DVD from this website, see link below. In the rest of the talk various issues are covered including the bogus/manufactured "modern slavery" stories and also in part 3, the secret space programme. The full Madeleine McCann documentaries can be watched from links on his website, check the links below. The films can also be downloaded, made into DVD's and freely distributed or re-posted on youtube.

Please spread the word and help expose the criminals controlling mainstream media.

Official Richard D Hall's Website on Madeline McCann:

Watch Part 1 of the Documentary here: