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#YellowVests French police assault civil protesters. French lawyer speaks out.

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February 26, 2019

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I am typing up the transcript off this video (read out in English) so readers of this blog can see what Georgia says, in all languages. Also, I suspect that YouTube will soon censor this video and remove it, so I type up the transcript as a way of preserving what Georgia says. Please share this article - even if the video gets removed. Thanks.

Please help me, Georgia, Houndog (USA video channel) and the French patriots of the Yellow Vest movement get this message out into all corners of the world. We need to debunk the myths spewed out by the MSM about the Yellow Vest movement. The MSM is telling us lies! The world needs to know the truth! You are the means for telling this truth... Your help needed now!  FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT!

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(Georgia holds up A4 sheet of paper):

Georgia Pouliquen. French "yellow vest" lawyer. Testimony on massive domestic repression in France. 2019/2/23  [Feb 23, 2019]

Hi. My name is Georgia Pouliquen. I'm a French lawyer. I am 45 years old. I have been a lawyer for 22 years, and I am a "yellow vest".

I want to provide a testimony from France to the the world about massive domestic repression in my country, France, and violence of our government against us civilian peaceful protesters, so-called "yellow vests".

I want to testify about what is really happening in my country because French media lies and propagates Fake News in order to mislead you.

Yellow Vests are a peaceful, massive, non-political movement which protests about violent policy in France - against poor workers, deprived persons, poor elderly people, disabled persons - especially children.

It's not about fuel prices - Fake news!

It's about the President who hurts vulnerable people and intentionally impoverishes workers, destroys our country, our jobs, our educational system, our Earth system.

"Yellow Vests" are a humanist movement, a beautiful movement and now, we suffer massive domestic repression and the only reason is that we want to protect our children, our future, our humanity, our dignity.

This is about freedom, and government commits violations of fundamental human rights here, in France.

French police are equipped with guns, so-called "defense ball launchers" often called "flash balls", so called "less lethal weapons" - flash balls (holds up image) - against civilian people.


A lot of protesters have lost an eye after being hit by these dangerous projectiles,
including young people, and that's illegal. For example:

Fiorina - 20 years old. She lost her eye.
Frank - 20 years old. He lost his eye.
Jean Marc. He lost his eye.
Ellis. He lost his eye.

- And this victim, he lost his eye... and this victim... and this victim.

What danger did this girl Fiorina pose, to deserve this? This is not an accident. This is an illegal systematic police practice.

French police have caused numerous injuries, disfigurations, made them handicapped for the rest of their life, made them fall into a coma, or die.

Peaceful protesters, high school students, senior citizens, journalists... have been among the victims.

You can see these pictures on the French website "Désarmons-Les"  which means: "Let us disarm them".

That's not "crowd control" - that's massive and bloody repression, and the French government tried to hide the truth.

French police detain illegally peaceful protesters in spite of a lack of infringement and are violent towards them.

I testify that French police are violent towards people without any indictment. For example: They locked a protester in a cell, hand cuffed with a motor cycle helmet on the head, with no right to counsel, no right to make a phone call, no rights at all.

Justice, French justice, protect these violations.

We have no rights anymore. We are isolated and injured.

We have no news, or media provides fake news - false accusations of violence against us, false accusation of anti-Semetism, in order to discredit this movement. This movement is not political.

I am a lawyer, I am a "Yellow Vest", I am peaceful, and am not anti-Semitist, I am not homophobic, I am not a criminal, I like my country, I am a patriot, I have been a military woman, I have served my country, now I am a lawyer, I am humanist, and a wife.

I want to tell you that all Yellow Vest citizens are peaceful and humanist, as I am.

Our government lies to you. Our government lies to the world.

You need to know the truth - and, we need you to propagate the truth all around the world. Because we need you... We need you to propagate the truth... because soon, it could be your turn.

Thank you for watching.

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