Friday 29 May 2015

Newsletter #1: Waiora o te Puti - Kawhia Aotearoa. May 30, 2015

Thank you for following developments at "Waiora o te Puti"

We appreciate you following how we're progressing... Please tell us if you can help us with any of our projects, or if you have ideas you can add to ours. Many thanks. This project belongs to all of us. We walk forward together.

Members of "Waiora o te Puti" are engaged with inside jobs currently as we head into a Southern Hemisphere winter. Bron is working on setting up our website, Maree is continuing work on extensive proposals that clarifies our direction and purpose, Cj is enthusiastically forging ahead with finding new technologies and equipment which will be functional and useful.

All of these elements (and more) are essential pieces of the puzzle to get our community running really well. All efforts and intention in every corner of the globe is noticed, felt, and welcomed, to help make manifest our new community in Kawhia Aotearoa. Thank you to everyone... in whichever ways you are participating with us to co-create and give birth to this dream.

Our request currently is that anyone reading this notification share our website to one or two of your Friends or Facebook groups each day. Leave a comment below to let us know you are working with us to help let people know about this initiative. Please remember us, and prepare your friends for the future by letting them see the ways in which the world is so dramatically changing. There ARE ways to get out of the Slave Market. We forge the way ahead simply by DOing it... In co-operation and visualisation with you all, we ALL co-create this future, together.

Thank you all. Much appreciation.
Arohanui <3

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Money is not part of natural evolution -

Michael Tellinger at Breakthrough Energy Conference

Excerpt from Michael Tellinger's presentation at BEM 2012.

Tuesday 26 May 2015

We Are Manifesting REALITY through THOUGHT !!

I've held a "dream" to move onto land since 1976, and most particularly since I read "The Ringing Cedars Of Russia" series in 2011, when Anastasia really gets into the nuts and bolts of "The Science of Imagery".

Keep going in your clear envisioning. The quantum field MUST obey our Thoughts!! It's an impossibility for it not to. WE are the Creators!! Hence: the Resonance Unity Field Truth Sharing Project... I think my "dreams" were a bit too big at the time for most people to grasp. I got impatient and didn't explain things properly. But here we are... Here is the manifestation of getting into vibration with the Resonance Unity Field... It IS vibration... and we CAN direct outcomes.

When somebody has decided to take one hand off this "reality", they get to see the game-play. Keep creating my friends. Please keep the visualisations going of the World you want to live in... for YOU... Personally... No "buts". Just "dream" it... and the quantum field HAS to bring it about.

This is the POWER of your thoughts. Of my Thoughts. Of everyone on the Planet. WE ARE CREATORS !! This is what the Black Babylonian Priesthood wants us to forget... But too late !! We are waking up !!

An example of the tricks the Babylonian magicians have played on us is 9/11 which keeps on turning up in human consciousness.  9/11 is part of the illusion... Another one of the tricks of the Babylonian magicians to keep the Debt Slaves (us) on our knees.

9:11 is a MAGIC number... It keeps coming up in the news, throughout history.  It's even been "glued" into the human consciousness as the "emergency number" for the whole American nation...  *danger Will Robinson*

The 9/11 event in the USA was a jack-up. Osama bin Laden's brother was sitting in the Carlyle Hotel in Washington DC having cups of tea with George Bush Snr. watching all the events unfold at the Twin Towers on September 11, 2001. 

It's all an excuse to make war.  War = more money in the bank. Every time you convince somebody it's a good idea to kill their fellow human, it's money in the bank. This is the plain truth. This stratagem has been going on for around 250 years now... Ever since the Rothschild Dynasty came to ascendance in Britain and took over the Germans, Victoria and Albert (cousins) who sat on the English throne. German Rothschild is the only reason why the house of Battenberg/ Mountbatten/ "Windsor" has any money. Rothschild is the $ behind the throne.

Don't be duped. We need to keep our eyes wide open !! These are all tricks of the Babylonian masters... It's an alliance between the houses of ancient Egypt (19th dynasty), Babylon and Rome. They've held us in bondage for millennia. The Debt Slaves are now seeing the trick. Discussions like this one are profoundly important to help people come to a greater understanding of what this world system is.

The oil-rich House of Bush are in very close alliance with oil-rich House of bin Laden... and the oil rich House of Saud - of Saudi Arabia. You find heaps of articles on this blog. Just enter keywords into the Search, and you'll find articles on nearly every topic.

In other words... The United States Corporation (1871) aka "The United States of America" (a fictional name), KILLED its OWN PEOPLE on 9/11 2001, purely to make a "killing" on the New York Stock Exchange (insider tip-offs). All the big players KNEW 9/11 was going to happen, and so they (both sides - Arab and US) could launch a 20-year war in the middle east. Look at the mess it is. 

There is NO Al Qaeda in the form the media sells it to us. The media is in on the trick as well. 

There is NO "ISIS". The Iraqi people on the ground in June 2014 had never heard such a name - That's because IT DOESN'T EXIST !!!  It only exists in the media and by being propped up by the CIA defense budget... to keep creating "the trick" going, and to keep all the good little Debt Slaves living in FEAR, and in obedience. It's an old, old game. "They", the puppet masters #ThePriesthood know how to play the game well. But now we are waking up now and seeing the Fictions for what they are !!!

Some people are still living out of a "victim mentality". While you're still in this mode, you are creating and re-creating the situations that maintain you continuing to be a victim. Please ponder these words... and return to the top where I talk about us creating manifest reality through our Thoughts.

WE are the Creators of the World we live in. To Recognise and KNOW that we are the Creators of ALL we experience, comes from a very different place than "being in the victim", which is where so many people are right now.

"Seek nothing outside of yourself." - Lord Gautama Buddha.

ALL answers lie within... YOU !!

YOU are the only solution there ever is.

We are ALL our own "saviours". There is NO Salvation outside of ourselves. The fiction of "Jesus" as "saviour" is another illusion the Black Babylonian magicians have put into the human consciousness and psyche, to TRICK you into beLIEving you don't have to SAVE YOURSELF. You ABSOLUTELY have to save yourself!  There is no other.  You can see now what a Trick this is...  the dependence on the "Knight in shining armour", the "Narnia" story, the "Everyman" of the Pilgrim's Progress...  ALL of these are "saved". It's a trick of the "light" - Luciferian.  

There IS NO Salvation besides that which WE CHOOSE to exercise ourselves.  

This is the ONLY "Salvation". Me. That's the bottom line. I AM the only one who can let me out of the prison I have constructed for myself. Anyone or anything else can attempt to "save" me... even angels. I won't know freedom until I have fully freed myself from the constraints of my own mind. This is where the struggle is...

All of this rhetoric takes on much greater potency once you Real Eyes the Germanic word "FREE" actually means "LOVE".  This begs the question: At what point are you going to fully love yourself enough that you will declare, "I will no longer be a slave !!!" ???

YOU are the Solution... the ONLY Solution. It's not me... It's not any agency... It's not any religion... It's not any philosophy. There is nothing outside of yourself. You are the solution. Please remember the words of Mahatma Ghandi:

"BE the change you want to see."

The "butt" stops with YOU. You are the solution. No-one else but You !! 

↠ ↠ ↠

I had a violent knee-jerk reaction when I heard Alisa and Gabriel's story on Feb 11, 2015.

A UK friend who knows I blog dropped the story on me like a bomb-shell. I was blown out of the water for 3 days and swore like a trooper constantly... even using the 'c' word, which I never do. I was SO angry !!!

After that... I just did what I do... Research, reflect, make commentary, uncover the truth, advocate for people. But that was up to a point.

ALL people in the UK need to grab a hold of this story, and Publicise and Run with it !!! People in the UK (generally) are SO STUCK in the victim mentality (coming back to my first point) that they feel they need somebody else to rescue them (my second point).

People in the UK need to Real Eyes there are norescuers coming... No advocates... No-one in the head of the charge... Besides themselves!

It is up to each one of you to pick up on this story, and create the change - each one of you, inside your hearts - to remove yourself out of the Victim, out of the Debt Slave, out of compliance and amenability and ignorance... and into the bright light of day of Who you Are !!  - which is marvellous, wonderful CREATORS of infinite possibility !!! That is Who You Are !!!!

I will no longer be a DEBT SLAVE.  

I have been living on "no money" since October 2013. I won't "earn" money for their War Machine any longer. I've been living on Student Allowance in 2014 and Unemployment...

It's THEIR "Money-Go-Round". Not mine. I won't be a party to it any more. I'm out. I've stood staunch in my "no money" position since October 2013. My determination sent out into the Universe is simple: 

"I will not return to Slavery!"  

"BE the change you want to see."

- Mahatma Ghandi

We flow forward with ease into a most glorious future...

I am free because I know that I alone am morally responsible for every-thing I do. I am free, no matter what rules surround me. If I find them tolerable, I tolerate them; if I find them too obnoxious, I break them. I am free because I know that I alone am morally responsible for everything I do.  

Robert A. Heinlein

Saturday 23 May 2015

SCAM ARTISTS !!! US government, US military, US bankers, US media

Don't be taken in by the scams !!!!

The caption that WASHINGTON POST put out with this image is: "Islamic State burned a woman alive for not engaging in an ‘extreme’ sex act, U.N. official says..."

Click on the image to be linked to the original article.
Following is my response to this on Facebook:

I hope you know there's no such thing as "ISIS". It's a media construct to keep the sheeple in "shock". Please see my blog... Search >> ISIS, PMC, DynCorp, Senator Cynthia McKinney. Thanks.
Also check out this article to see the extent of the webs they weave for the people to gorge themselves on.
There's FOUR players in the subterfuge: governments (NATO & G20), militaries, bankers and the media. They're playing a game against the people called "the science of imagery". They construct bs. for you to beLIEve in, and then it becomes "true". They're using exactly the SAME tool to get you to beLIEve in Ebola, "terrorism", the "new world order"... etc, etc...  As soon as you get enough people beLIEving their bs. they pipe to us via TV primarily, "the science of imagery", it comes TO BE SO. It's a quantum field thing. 

WE are creating OUR REALITY all the time by what we send into the Field via our thoughts... through the IMAGERY WE beLIEve to be True !! Only WE can change this, by becoming VERY AWARE of WHAT the game is.  

.... besides which... Do you REALLY think the "Washington Post" will serve itself well by telling you the TRUTH ?? Of course not. They have an agenda to forward.... Namely, to make money off guns, war, armaments... They can ONLY achieve this IF they can create an agreeable public who will go to war... against these "so-called" atrocities being done by this "ISIS" that the US machine has itself created. Are you starting to see the picture yet? 
My next question is, does "ISIS" check out these "pretty young women" while they're still wearing balaclavas and black gloves? If they are, these perpetrators ARE 100% the US military contractor DynCorp, who are KNOWN traffickers, both in the Bosnian conflict (1998) AND in the middle eastern occupation currently being done by US and NATO allies!! THIS is who is REALLY to be held accountable. It is WE OURSELVES in the West who are the PERPETRATORS OF THESE CRIMES.

That's "Why, Why, Why". Are you clear now?

War is ONLY ever about MONEY !!  - never about putting wrongs to right... In just the same way that the "Just Us" system is ONLY ever about MONEY !! - and NEVER about putting wrongs to right. Both are a poxy scam, used to dupe the good little slaves of the world, and keep them working. Don't be duped by the scam!
Women are not innocent in the creation of WAR. Whoever puts their hand out for MONEY, regardless of what their occupation is, are in the business of CREATING WAR !! Money = War. It might just look like "a job" to you. If you are RECEIVING MONEY without conscience, YOU are a part of the problem !!!

Monday 11 May 2015

Agent Provocateurs: UK Police may have infiltrated your protest group

Violent Undercover Agents REVISED... #Nov9 2011 Student Protests!!!

Uploaded on Nov 16, 2011

Violent Undercover Agents REVISED... Nov9 Student Protests!!!


Agent AgitatorWhatever you do don't ask him the time!David Cameron moonlighting?
The sign says unite and fight mmm...PC with a hatHe looks like he could flip at a moments notice
I was rightA convincing demonstrator Have a nice day sir.
police womanFinally the hats go on    Aother policeman
PC Hoodie          Everything is fakeThe faces tell a story

Occupy Is An Inside Job MIRROR

Published on Apr 17, 2012

This is copied from swilliamism. Truth You Can Wake Up To - 17th April 2012
Host Samuel William analyses the evidence that the protest movement is infiltrated, nay riddled, with undercover operatives. If you feel like sharing this evidence with people, why not add this video to your facebook page, blog or website. Thank you :)

  • Mark Kennedy - Undercover policeman embedded in the environmental protest movement for around 7 years. (video below) 
  • Lyn Watson - Undercover police woman. Anti-war "protester".
  • Peace Strike (PS) Democracy Village (DV) was set up after the main Occupy camp.
  • Brian Hore - Legitimate Occupy organiser. - Brian called PS and DV "Cameron's rent a mob" - likely working for the police.
  • Barbara Tucker - not allowed sleeping gear
  • Phoenix - Democracy Village
  • Dom @ 19:00 exposes the ruse. See: Youtube "commonlyknownasdom"
  • "Climate Camp" - present at Occupy 2012 - follow Agenda 21 principles
  • Tavistock Institute - "Social Dreaming". Behavioural manipulation.
  • "Common Purpose" NLP - Neuro-Linguistic programming



police agent provocateurs
This film (and the graphic on the left) was made by an independent group of people called Agent Provocateur Watch. It came into my hands recently, and having viewed the video, I would have to say it raises several interesting questions. It seems to suggest that the police are now using unusual techniques to arrest and agitate demonstrators. In the video you will see, groups of plain clothes police grabbing protesters, affecting arrests, and apparently attempting to goad the placid crowd into violence. The video shows policemen in hoodies and jeans launching themselves at unweary protesters, and arresting them.

I would urge you to watch the video very carefully. You can enlarge the screen so as to see every detail. On the video you will witness a coordinated arrest on a protester who, as far as can be seen, is doing nothing wrong. He is grabbed swung around, clearly terrified, and throughout his intimidating arrest, offers absolutely no resistance whatsoever.

You will also notice a large man screaming abuse at the police (a force,it appears, he himself belongs to) in an attempt to "stir up" the crowd. The crowd is not stirred, it is entirely peaceful. But, should any one start joining in with the undercover policeman, then they will no doubt become the victim of a sudden arrest.

Please study the tape yourself, and decide if this sort of agitation is an acceptable form of policing. Is this the sort of police force we want? This is a question you should bear in mind as you watch the video. Even allowing for it's rather dramatic commentary, it raises some worrying questions.

The police are paid by taxes to serve the public; yet the he person arrested on this film appears done nothing wrong. When someone asks him why he is arrested he replies "I don't really know". It would be interesting to see what he was actually charged with.There is also I'm afraid something that looks very much like a police assault on whoever is holding the camera - remember filming in a public place is legal in the UK. Having watched this film the question remains, is this how we consent to have our society policed?


Confessions of An Undercover Cop  [very good]

Published on May 4, 2013

The inside story of Mark Kennedy, the police officer who lived a remarkable double life deep undercover, as environmental campaigner 'Mark Stone'.

The most important single factor in any 'orderly society' is predictability. Unless you are predictable, you are a threat.  If you are part of a group, expect to be infiltrated.. It doesn't matter whether you are discussing football, cooking, crochet, or politics.

They may not all be as cunning as Officer Kennedy, but they are definitely out there, and they will stop at nothing short of exposure to make sure that you are predictable.

This Mark Kennedy/ Mark Stone doco explains the bigger picture really well... 

What it comes back to is "Personal Responsibility and Integrity". Because Mark agreed in his Employment Contract to tell people lies, his life is now a train-wreck. That was the cost of putting out his hand for his Salary (salt) without proper reflection on what the outcomes may have been.. Most of us tend to go for the money.

I can't sell my soul to the Devil like that. I didn't agree... and I lost my job. I'm glad I told the truth though, about my experience and the organisation I used to work for. Other managers have since left as well, since I made my stand. I couldn't stand by and let psychiatrists drug people up over the limits published in the MIMS book. Criminal... particularly for drugs where there are outcomes leading to medications-induced AIDS symptoms - failure of white blood cells. You can't stand there and watch that shit, and say nothing. Especially when it involves a vulnerable young 23-year-old with better-than-average life prospects.

Underlying message: Don't EVER be a slave to the Corporations !!

The Police in most countries/ all countries in NATO/G20 are Corporate Entities. They're there to make it good for the corporations... not to make it good for the people. They're "POLICE" after all. Therefore, their job is to follow the Corporation's POLICY.

eg: New Zealand's company name is "Her Majesty The Queen In Right Of New Zealand (1934)." It's a CORPORATION. All countries are corporations except for a half-a-dozen countries globally - North Korea, Syria, Iceland, Hungary, Cuba... They've all bolted from the Rothschild banking IMF-World Bank strangle-hold.

Therefore, the world's "policemen" are simply keeping "Policy" ... just like you are in YOUR job. You keep "Company Policy" don't you? The cops are just keeping "PolicEy" too... But in their job, the policies are on a national scale and are whatever gets enacted in Parliament or Congress.

It must be a bitch working in a job where there are shifting goal-posts all the time. No wonder the cops get frustrated. At some point, they would Real Eyes they are just the flunkies of the corporation. Wouldn't that piss you off too? :-/

Saturday 9 May 2015

Sept 29, 2015 Stock Market Crash, "Death" is an illusion, Natural Man

This is an interesting article. I know, I know... We've heard this same old tune a number of times in the last few years - Comet ISON, Nibiru, CMEs, 2012 - flood, pestilence, financial markets bottoming out, storm troopers invading our homes, the alien invasion... However, let's give this another listen-to.  Btw. There's some thoughts and ruminations from me below on how I think some of this story will be played out over the next two years...  The article that sparked all this thinking follows. It's from "Before It's News"

The World Is Going To End On September 2015 And This Is Why 
Wall Street analysts have pondered the mystery of what appears to be seven-year 
economic cycles. They’ve also wondered why crashes seem to come in September.

Economic Collapse Is Being Predicted By The Shemitah In 2015?
(Bible Prophecy) Part 2

Published on Nov 29, 2014

Wall Street analysts have pondered the mystery of what appears to be seven-year economic cycles. They’ve also wondered why crashes seem to come in September. 

Jonathan Cahn, author of the mega-bestselling book “The Harbinger,” thinks he has figured it out. In his sequel, called of “The Mystery of the Shemitah,” the messianic rabbi reveals the shocking discovery that the five great economic crashes of the last 40 years – 1973, 1980, 1987, 2001 and 2008 – have all occurred in Shemitah years – those God set apart as sabbath years.


Yes. Most definitely !!  September 2015 COULD be the END of the US dollar !!  Here's some blog links to back up that claim... and solutions for what lies ahead...


Even the BRICS nations are preparing themselves... big time !!
They're not going to put themselves in the path of this HUMONGOUS melt-down !!

As well as their own Independent SWIFT set up "in the last half" of 2015, the BRICS nations will have their own INTERNET (non NSA) set up before 2015 is over. All of this spells ABSOLUTE Independence from the US-Lead Hegemony... It's time to BAIL... !!!

Even American journalist Lyndon Larouche has been trying to steer the American perception AWAY from the US Agenda !! He know the game... The US is about to Go Down....

Hot on the heels of US Senator Feinstein's exposing of TORTURE being done in Black Ops camps in the US against Muslims, Senator Elizabeth Warren dropped this little beauty on the world in December... while you were all out Christmas shopping and I was inside scooping up all this priceless information... "IT" always happens over Christmas when 'the slaves' are out racking up even more debt on their Credit Cards... good little slaves...

Simultaneously, Gordon Duff was exposing who REALLY holds the purse-strings of the US Congress... along with CitiBank is an unknown individual... Sheldon Adelson... Yup !! Another AshkeNAZI Jew !!

I highly recommend for people to get a hold of the Ringing Cedars Of Russia series of books. These teach you everything you need to know about yourself, Mother Earth, and the Puppet Masters. Then you don't have to be worried anymore

The teachings of Anastasia the Vedrus is the focus of the Ringing Cedars Of Russia books.
She's teaching humanity how to BE once more

People on my Facebook are making a variety of comments from:

"I moved to the country years ago..."  to "Here we go again..."   One of my friends referred to a Bucket List.  It's this reference that lead to me writing the following... [after the images]. You might find it interesting too  : )

Please note: The woman below is 100 years old. She's been living in a toxic environment, and has undoubtedly faced her share of life's stressors. Imagine what the possibilities are for humanity if we remove stress and toxicity from our lives and environments? Our bodies are designed to last infinitely longer than this "three score year and ten" mortal coil. We are designed to be Infinite Beings... Especially as we continue Awakening and inviting more LIGHT into our bodies, minds, hearts.  
We are Infinite... and Eternal...

As a comparison, this is myself at age 54 - as I am this year. Our ideas of "aging" and "death" therefore need to be reshaped along with many other "truths" from that past that we have unthinkingly accepted. All of these old concepts become redundant as we continue to reshape our New Earth...  in MIND, as well as in BODY !!  : )

Here's my thoughts on the subject. I've been having these thoughts since 1986, since I was 25. I've been inviting new cells into my body since then. I think maybe my cells have responded  : )

"Death" is part of The ILLUSION.

There's no reason for the human body to die. We replace all our cells every 7 years the experts tell us... so on a cellular level, we are constantly regenerating. That's why the Puppet Masters have to keep feeding us poison in our food and water, cigarettes, MSG, propyl in our shampoos (a liver killer) and carbon monoxide and toxins in our air, over this last century...  They do it (intentionally or not) to keep our cells aging, so we will be dead by their "three score years and ten" (70 years) as they prescribed in the Bible. 

If we live longer than that, we begin to SEE their games... simply because of our longevity. We would keep seeing the same old tactics being played and replayed. That's why it's important to keep killing us off. I mean, you only need to get to 120 years of age, and you will CLEARLY see the game. Heck i'm only 54, and I VERY CLEARLY see the replays... Vietnam, Desert Storm, Iraq since 2003, share market and gold panics, the squeeze on housing then suddenly, lots of cheap loans the Banksters offer people to build... The actions of the Goons are now most predictable !! Imagine how many more parallels I would see in another 54 years. HEAPS !! But The People are not going to be living under those Goons for much longer anyway. It's all coming to a head.   

I think the timeline of 2015-2016 is spot-on. "The system" will be crashing down, totally by then. The only reason why we don't see it now is because the MSM is not covering it. There are protests everywhere... all around the world atm. The People are preparing themselves in Will and Mind to take back their lands, to take back their inheritance of Mother Earth, a return to a model of GUARDIANSHIP for the Land, the Air, the Plants, the Animals, the Water... We have seen where the model of SUBJUGATION has ended us up.

This SHIFT will happen a flood.  A Physical Shift !!  In just 7 days, the physical landscape of population distributions on the planet will suddenly change... an Exodus OUT of Egypt and away from the Slave Drivers !! We will return to our Pristine Mother... She provides all. She is the Source of ALL we need for physical well-being.

It will be hard for a lot of people at the start. The wise ones will get out and end up in rich rural farmlands. People already on the land will teach Newcomers... Then we ALL will be housed and fed. The resources of the Earth are plentiful - we just need to learn how to manage them efficiently once again, and give her and us "breathing space"  :)

It will all come into balance again perfectly. It will only take 10 years. That's pretty quick, considering how long it took for this slavery system to become established (since 4000 BC).  But nature KNOWS...  and Humanity will reconnect with Nature and once again, and figure out how to BE within her  : )

Eco Village - Eco Truly Park
South America -Peru - Lima

Monday 4 May 2015

Out of Darkness Into Light: Florida USA. Child Sexual Abuse.

2015 marks the sixth anniversary of Lauren Book’s 1,500-mile 
Walk in My Shoesjourney across the state of Florida.  Thousands of  have come out to walk with Lauren and show their support for her mission to end child sexual abuse and help survivors heal.

Out of Darkness, Into Light: Child Sexual Abuse - A WLRN Original Production

Published on May 11, 2012
"Out of Darkness, Into Light" is a half hour documentary which delves into the lives of three adult survivors of child sexual abuse, who through their own personal experiences, are committed to helping others affected by this unthinkable crime.

PUBLIC NOTICE: Supporter of #WhistleblowerKids bereavement in family

This was a notification was on Facebook, and re-posted here so non-Fb users can also be made aware... PUBLIC NOTICE on behalf of Angela Power-d'Isigny for the passing of her sister... 

"Fiona will be resting at RAINBOW FARM on Wednesday. Visitors welcome 6 pm to 10pm. 

"The funeral will be at St. Brigid's Church Oldcastle at 11 am on THURSDAY 7th - not Wednesday as announced at Mass today in error. She will be buried in the adjoining cemetery afterwards. 

"All welcome to join us in saying Farewell and God Speed until we meet again." - Angela​ x

May the road rise to meet you and the wind be ever at your back may the sun shine warm upon your face and the rain fall soft upon your fields and until we meet again may God hold you ever in the palm of his hand. xx - Posted by Trevor Mulvany May 4, 2015.

Saturday 2 May 2015

OCCUPY DEMOCRACY @Westminster UK Photos. Day 1. May 2, 2015

Day 1.  Saturday May 2, 2015.

Our reporter on the ground just lodged this update:

"A group of 200 - 300 people gathered on Parliament Square 
and in several locations around London. Anarchists and activists protested across the capital. Tower Bridge was closed down as fire crackers and smoke grenades were let off. In other parts of The City, mobile music platforms were positioned in the roads as people danced around, partying, closing roads and causing grid-lock in central London. Obvious concern by the authorities has lead to an increased police presence. Officers having been drafted in from all round the country."

- by Anarchic News on Facebook. Published 06:42 Sunday May 3, 2015 local UK time.

ALL Political Parties in the UK are ENTANGLED in Child Sexual Abuse !!

"Pressure mounts on Blair over Paedophile 'cover-up'. Former Prime Minister Blair visited paedophile house but the Establishment in the Blair era stopped the investigation.  Note: This happens no matter who is in power, because the abuse networks infect all parties."

Tony Blair is in on it as well... He had a vested interest to shut it down !!

See links:  

GUILTY: Tony Blair "Forced" boys in Public Toilets - 1974 and 1983


- Tony Blair sex scandal edition in Archives: April 7, 2015

"Democracy" UK a Scary Place... Expanding Thoughts On Co-creating the UK

This is edited highlights from a conversation I had with a friend this week. It's very full... and I hope you enjoy reading it. As you can see... there's lots of links. So i'd suggest that after you've read through the article, please refer to the links as well. You'll get a lot more additional information to help in an understanding of the subject areas. Thank you. Please enjoy...

    P:  That guy you wrote the article for, thanks you for sharing his story. I feel very sorry for the bloke. He's been treated terribly by the UK "Justice" [Just Us] System and Police. They arrested him for writing a poem and posting it on FB and harass him quite regularly. He's trying to get as much coverage as he can, so... He was very happy you posted his story.

    He said, "This is excellent... This is the spearhead we need. Thank you."

    B:  Cool. Thank you for that. I'm very aware that people in the UK are very vulnerable, so people living in other countries need to step up to the mark with putting the info into the world.

    P:  Indeed, I'm getting lots of attention and need to be careful..

    B:  Yes. It's best to lie low. I have no idea why Neelu posted stuff on her blog which got her arrested by the Black Magicians a second time

    P: Yeah. There's a protest in London this weekend. I've got a bolt hole if I need it...

    B:  Nice Contingency plans are always good.

    P:  It's Occupy Democracy and May Day Protest

    B: Great. I've seen stuff around, but couldn't remember where i'd seen it.
    Published on Apr 24, 2013

    Port(s): 6667 — SSL(6697)
    Channel: #MayDay

    Greetings World.

    We are Anonymous. We hereby call forth this May 1st a Global Day Of Resistance. We call upon every person in the world, every city or town, every country; Unite, rise up - and take back the public commons from the oppressors. March in your streets, occupy public space - be free and reclaim your world. And stay. Become part of a world-wide "Global Spring". From Idle No More in Canada to the pro-democracy protesters in Bahrain, on May 1st let us shake the world and the very foundations of all power and authority.

    Anonymous will use all the tools at our disposal to facilitate and encourage this Global Day of Awakening. We are tired of having activists around the world hunted, jailed - and abused. We are tired of watching our own fall. And so Anonymous will stand with our freedom loving comrades all over the world and in unity raise our fist to the sky and shout: We Are Not Afraid!

    We Are Anonymous.
    We Are Everywhere.
    We Are Legion.
    We Do Not Forgive.
    We Do Not Forget.
    One week from today world, Expect Us.

    Occupy activists form a blockade in Parliament Square on November 21, 2014.

    P: I'm at occupy for the week... The police think 10,000 will be in london for 5pm. It's the first day of OCCUPY and they'll be right in Parliament Square... I've got a feeling I'll get arrested next week little things. Do your best for the CA causes if I do... You're a bloody hero, you know that...

    B: Awww... Thank you. Much appreciated.  
    I hope to keep in touch with people at "OCCUPY DEMOCRACY" @Westminster. 

    B: I'd like to cover the OCCUPATION on my Co-creating blog. I need people to get 6x ++ daily information to me so I can put up articles up about any workshops, visitors, speakers - a breakdown of speeches, police actions, protest actions, the village environment/ life, music-making, prayer vigils, etc...  Also, identification of people's needs in the UK that are not being met currently by "UK Democracy" etc. etc.
    Photos and video too please. I'll get them all up on my blog... 

    B: This will make it much easier for you all on the ground there... Please ask other people to do the same. Thank you. Please put me in touch with other people you find who are also going to "OCCUPY DEMOCRACY: OCCUPY PARLIAMENT @ WESTMINSTER". Thank you.

    Note: Just leave a message in comments with your email (unpublished) and we can link up that way.

    P:  I'm getting blocked from groups left right and centre, thanks for all you do... If go I quiet for more than week... speak to [name]. If they say i've been nicked make a bit of noise...

    P:  My FB is proper done can't do much than add to my own wall...

    B:  Re your comment: " I'll get arrested next week little things..."

    B:  Please be mindful that our thoughts going out into the Quantum Field actually Creates our Reality !!!  So if this is your intention for yourself, ie: to get arrested, please continue on, putting thoughts out to this effect. 

    P: I'm pushing all the vibrations I can to avoid that...

    B: Ok. You need to read some of my articles... I'll get the links now. Because you SERIOUSLY have to STOP thinking this way my friend !!

    B: What you Create through your thoughts in the "un-Manifest" will be created in the "Manifest".  This is Quantum Physics. I'm not talking pseudo-spiritual science here. Google: "quantum physics, the Observation Problem".

    P: I know you're right of course but it's all been a bit lively this end for last few weeks... I spend a lot of time on my own, it's hard...

    B: Here is the Principle of Resistance: The more you PUSH / RESIST, the more you will likely Manifest this. There's a maxim that says:  "What you resist is what you get."  I've seen this bearing out myself.

    B: We need to go Zen, and FLOW with the arrows that come against us. Just think: "Neo" when he got to the stage of moving within the Matrix at micro-seconds of speed, and could EASILY dodge bullets. That's YOU !!!  These are the mental images you need to create for yourself.

    P: Thanks for this Bron, you're a legend...

    B:  Ok. You look at the "Observation Problem". I'll go look for these articles

    P:  My FB just freed up after hours of being blocked of everything... hopefully I'm dodging a few bullets...

    B:  Your Fb JUST NOW Freed up !! ????

    P:  Yup just this second... Just after you said that lol... I'm going with it, it's positive...

    B:  Oh my lord. And NOW tell me that the Quantum Field aka. "Consciousness" does not respond to our Thoughts !!!! Oh YES IT DOES !!!  

    B:  Instantaneous. As soon as I put the Image in your mind of Neo dodging bullets, it happens !!! See... ???? This is NOT a coincidence. I hope you hold this occurrence close to you as you continue up this STEEP learning curve with me this weekend. You're about to Face a LOT of "miracles". You are about to have your MIND entirely re-programmed !!!! Thank you for choosing to come on this AMAZING journey with me !!

    P: It's my pleasure, I understand it's a matrix... I'm with you...

    B:  Sweet !!  - NZ colloquialism You might have heard it before.  I'm so happy, happy, happy....

    btw. It's not "positive thinking" per se.  It's called "The Science of Imagery".

    P:  ... Visualize what you want, speak it out loud and it will happen. We shape the universe with our thought and words... It's how magic works. That's why NWO want the world full of stress and anger it breaks this down... I'm just popping to shop!  It's already happening we just need to flow with it and believe...

    B: Yes !! Exactly. We don't need to even "say it out loud". Look at us. We are silent. We are just here typing and creating the mental images... and the Quantum Field-Consciousness (QF-C) flows with that "Thought Form" (as called by Eckhart Tolle in The Power of NOW) and the QF-C CREATES it for us...

    B: Sometimes it takes longer for us to Manifest it... It still needs to be in the "right timing" in the "big plan". So it's not a "magic trick" or "party trick" at all. It's not Father Christmas. It needs to be done with pure intentions and towards a "divine" purpose

    B: So obviously, it was in Perfect Timing within Conscious Mind for you to be locked out of Fb all day, to allow us to have this conversation now, so the QF-C can demonstrate to you (once again) the Truth of what i'm saying

    B: In Buddhism, this is called the "Expedient Means", aka "the vehicle" by which the Teaching is effected...

    So... You thought being blocked from Fb was bad ?? No.... It was an "Expedient Means" ... a Means whereby you REALLY get the lesson

    P:  I can see that and thank you, like really...

    B:  Also... Words like "hope" and "beLIEve" are all magick tricks instilled in our language and consciousness to keep recreating ILLUSION !!  I know... they are tricky, tricky, tricky little buggers !!

    B: I learned about "The Science of Imagery" in late 2010 and early 2011 when I read a series of books called "The Ringing Cedars of Russia" by Vladimir Megre.

    B: Megre writes about a Siberian mystic called "Anastasia" - a young woman in her early 20s back in 1994'ish when he met her - who lives in the taiga around the Ob River area in Russia/ Siberia.

    B: Ok. I'm going to send you links now. You don't have to read them tonight... But maybe you can make a start ?? Freewill Sovereign Choice. Some of these are "channelled" understandings. I have an Arcturian connection. Maybe we'll start there

    P: Sounds good.

    B: Ok. I've got around 8 blogs. This is another one of them: "The People's Disclosure". I've not been building on this one since February... that's when the "adventure" with the #WhistleblowerKids began. 
    Like Angels... right ??
    B:  Please take note of the publication dates in these articles. I was getting floods of awareness at the end of 2012. You'll see the progression of what I was receiving Here's the next Awareness... It came only a few days after my Arcturian "dream"

    B: Here's where Humanity is heading [link following]. All this will happen as Consciousness within The People keeps rising... and the Real Eyes'ation of the Mechanisms that keep us in slavery to the Babylonian Magicians... money, words, mind pictures (images), beLIEfs, ideologies/religion... All of these keep us in Separation.

    Here's the passage in this next link that shows where humanity is heading... Very SOON, as the vibration keeps rising...
    "I was watching/ directing this powerful waterfall of Energy as it poured out of the North, wildly rage past me near the South then be sucked up through the core of the Mother again... before it came pouring out of the North again. I then 'woke up' to what this energy might be able to achieve, so I then "peopled" all of the continents in my mind with the 7 billion that we are... and I saw you all in your countries standing up in the force of this great cleansing and Awakening Energy. After a couple more sweeps over all the people on the Earth, I saw it... A look of "What the hell am I doing?" on all of the faces of the people... and with that, thousands and thousands of men particularly, millions of them in fact, just put down their guns and put them on the ground. They bent down and lay all of their weapons down. They could not pick them up any more. No more violence was left in any One."
"... thousands and thousands of men particularly, millions of them in fact, just put down their guns and put them on the ground. They bent down and lay all of their weapons down. They could not pick them up any more. No more violence was left in any One."

B: This is a demonstration of how Co-creation and "the science of imagery" works. I've kept that image in my mind of ALL combatants putting down their weapons, ever since I was shown those images by Consciousness in 2012. We must keep the Image in our mind.

B: We don't just have the image and then say: "that was nice... I hope so, I wish so, I beLIEve so..."

B: We KEEP the Image affixed in our minds... and KNOW it is SO. 
Then the particles and atoms in the QF simply HAVE TO OBEY.... They are our "servants" if you will. There is NO WAY the particles and atoms can not obey us... Especially when there's "more than two or three joined together" (Jesus) in the act of Co-creating the same mental image

B: Here are some insights into the magick tricks of the Black Magicians of Babylon, Egypt and Rome...  [cited above]

B: btw. In a recent Real Eyes'ation just at the weekend... myself and another friend worked out that the world of ETHER = "etheric" and so on, is to do with ETHICAL = ETHICS.

B: Therefore, we can not tap into the world of Ether - of Spirit - of where Infinite Consciousness dwells, until we Enter into living 100% ETHICAL in our daily lives...  "Common Law". Harm None !!

B: THAT'S why the Puppet Masters are dead frightened of us... Because as soon as people Live Ethically, they have a direct link to Consciousness. You can hear Consciousness directly in your heart, in your mind's Eye, in your mind's Ear, in your body, in your Thoughts. As soon as people have this Connection, they are FREE !!!! Because they SEE !!! And the Puppet Masters in that moment Lose their Power !!

B: So may I suggest for OCCUPY DEMOCRACY, that quite a lot of attention is given to people living ethically with each other - with Clean Dealings - and with NO Deception...  And doing this with an awareness that living this way opens up to being Directly Spoken to by CONSCIOUSNESS itself.

B:  btw. Consciousness is not "God". The Black Magicians anthropomorphised for us this "God" in the likeness of humans. The REAL Creator - Consciousness, is absolutely without Limit.  "God" is fundamentally flawed, because that concept dwells in and endorses "The Duality."

B: Consciousness has no judgement. It is simply experiencing itself as mother, foetus, cat, blade of grass, molester, soldier, picture frame, couch, teaspoon, fibre, fur, crystal, rocket-ship, nomad, investor, cloud, whisper, dance, eroticism, priest, monk, destitute, in abundance...

B: There is no judgement or bias within it. It is simply here to have the experience. It does not know pain. It has come to learn pain.

B: Therefore, this is NOT to say that all things should be allowed, as represented in the black, white, black, white tiling in the Masonic lodges. There IS bad crap that happens in the world that needs to change. And which Humanity NOW is rising up against. This is the mo. 'modus operandi' of Humanity. But the mo of Consciousness is not necessarily that - to stop inhumanity. Because it is simply enamoured of "the experience".

B: They're two different things, right ?? ... I mean... I'm still working it out... as so many Star People and Collectives are still trying to work out "Consciousness". So I don't claim to have a definitive answer. But this "concepting" of Consciousness is MUCH closer to the Truth, than what the church's concepting of "God" is. The concept of "God" is very, very, very far away from the Truth

B: Now... we get on to the hard core topic of what "imagery" is...

B: These are some examples of the Imagery the Puppet Masters are creating for us... It's everywhere...

P: Well - I was going to say "hopefully" but...  I'm going to add this all to my phone it will be some good reading for later. Thanks.

B: Kewl. I'm sure these will come in handy to share with other people during OCCUPY DEMOCRACY.

B: Here are some more LITERAL images that are being created for us, to try to make us embrace particular ideologies. In this case, that women who go to war are... ??  Godamn !! I'd LOVE to be this woman !!  See how their images suck people into DOing and BEing what THEY want ?? The antidote is for us to simply: SEE THE GAME !!  - to SEE the Tricks of the Babylonian priesthood !!  No Compromise !!

B: I don't put up with their mind control mechanisms any longer !! But you can't get to that point of REFUSAL unless you get to the point of SEEing first.

B:  It takes a while to drop the words "believe, hope, faith" and word "person" = means "mask" in Latin (Roman language). I've been dropping "person" since mid-2013. It's the hardest one, because there IS NO alternative in the English language.

B: A "person" is the fictional entity in law... It IS the Mask. That's why you get asked in court, "Are you this Person?" They are addressing the Fiction they created in your Berth Certificate - all to do with Roman Admiralty Law of commerce.

B: If we address people as "that person", we immediately denigrate them into their Fictional Legal Entity. I get around it by persistently using, "them", or their name, or "Living Man/ Living Woman".

"The People" is all good. "Person" is a fiction. Please a-void the tongue of the Row-mans who forever ply the un-Holy-See of Vatican Inc.

P: I touch on fair bit of what you are say, it will be good to look into then in greater detail, thank you very much.

B: You're welcome. I'm sure you know HEAPS of this already, otherwise you would never be attracted to come and talk with me. We're on the same Resonant Frequency, so can HEAR and FEEL each other. So please don't think i'm treating you as a "beginner". I just want to throw these resources your way for easy reference material for you to grab, when you have conversations with people on these topics when you're at OCCUPY DEMOCRACY @ Westminster

B: More on the Imagery the Puppet Masters have been controlling us with...

P: It's very good of you. It will save me lots of google searches...

B: Hehehe.... You're welcome. We are all cogs in a huge machine... All turning in perfect harmony and being oiled by the Living Spirit's wisdom... that's my part often... of adding the oil

P: Lol, a very good way of putting it.

B: Hehehe... I thought you might like it... This is how Spirit speaks to me. I'm often given mental images when i'm writing, then as in the case above, I think "Oh cool... that's a perfect image for the man/woman i'm talking to."

B: Here's info about the English Cestui Que Vie Act (1666) - a very important act in history... Yes, on yet ANOTHER blog of mine. I create these blogs mainly so I can archive and find stuff again. I'm not trying to be a smart-ass or anything. It's about being able to efficiently recall...

B: Here's an example of another ILLUSION the Babylonian Black Magicians have created for us. If people DOUBT the illusion created for the Slave population (us) by the illusion-masters, I just show them this article. For people still stuck in the Matrix, every step of this article, in this information here PROVES we are living in an illusory "reality" created by these Black Magicians - who are using "The Science of Imagery"

P: I must agree about the bin Laden compound photos the body is definitely going through a wall.

B: And we all beLIEved what the msm said about bin Laden's "compound" being raided. I sure did. But we are waking up.

Note: Bin Laden's "compound" was no multi-million dollar mansion... That was Outright Media LIES.  THEY afterall, create the images for us to beLIEve in... These images are created by the Talmud-reading media moguls who are legitimately ALLOWED to lie to the Goyim (non-Jews) so they can make a profit off us. It's these Talmud-readers who own a HUGE MAJORITY of the world's music, magazine, video, movie, news, radio, digital media outlets, including Porn and Facebook... The Babylonian magicians are definitely creating the images they want us to see... NOT images like this one btw. which is the REAL DEAL

B: IMF CEO Christine Lagarde exposed (unwittingly) the numerology the Black Magicians use in January 2014... Check out the numerology of those dates for events that Lagarde cites. You can't make this shit up !! This isn't so much the "imagery", but shows another aspect of the Energy Play the Magicians use. I'm not so knowledgeable about how to counter the numerology games they play. Other people will have this knowledge. But for me [and by implication, for all people] for now, it's simply good enough that I/we can SEE it

B: Ok... This is an example of the Imagery the puppet masters created in this video...  Also: It's an example of the Tricky, Tricky, Tricky games they play within our senses... In this case, with our sense organ of HEARING...

B: I add this one as well, as somebody (an illuminati member btw.) asked me how I worked it out. How do I know it was an illuminati member? I could feel them - see... coming back to living 'ethically' again. When you live ethically, you are tuned in to the ethers... into Consciousness... and you can KNOW ANYTHING.

B: "Ask and you shall receive..." (Jesus). We ARE RECEIVERS. That's part of the reason I grow my hair long as recommended by the American First Nations wisdom... Your long hair acts like an antenna - and is constantly picking up on various vibrations and "knowings" tele-transporting- transmitting to you from The Field.

P: I've seen about the hair. Mine used to be well as long... bald spot's a bit of an issue now. lol. Send anything you like, it's all very helpful.

B: Ok. Cheers.

B: Alright... Here is the HEART of what Anastasia teaches us about "the science of imagery" ... this is the foundation of what Anastasia teaches. Please find a copy of Book 1: "Anastasia" at your local library. You're about to have ALL your small scattered "knowings" all brought together and be made sense of. This series of books WILL change your life !!

B: Commentary from the author Vladimir Megre on what Anastasia taught him about "the science of imagery". Profound... once you Real Eyes what this really is...

B: It's MUCH BIGGER than just "positive thinking" and it's MUCH HUGER even, than "The Secret" or "the law of attraction"- Those teachings only contain a small part of the Big Story of Who We Are and how we ABSOLUTELY AFFECT the entirety of the Cosmos, through our Thoughts.
B: Megre, quoting Anastasia: "A person [Living Man or Woman] himself is nothing other than a materialized image, and being a materialized image, a person himself may create and materialize images. This comprises his Universal power that can be surpassed by no-one and nothing. 
"If a person is not conscious of the abilities bestowed upon him by the Creator, then this person is himself blocking his most majestic power, and this person falls under the influence of other images, and materializes their ideas up to the point of the destruction of himself, his family, his lineage, his country, and the entire planet."

                     Image result for Anastasia Ringing Cedars        

B: These are artist's impressions of what Anastasia might look like. She has never been photographed or seen to enable drawing her before. When there's a need, I communicate directly with Anastasia in the Siberian taiga, using my "ray" as she calls it. We reach out to each other, and are mindful of each other (like right now). When we are joined like this (I feel slight pressure on my third eye and temples right now) I can ask her any questions and I will "hear" her reply to me.

B: One time, she showed me how to help cure a physical ailment I had. I did what she said, and in 3 days, I was better. I'd been suffering with the condition for around 6 weeks.

B: She is happy to reach out to anyone on Planet Earth, who is of pure heart and intent She WILL help you. Just ask. She will show you in pictures, or words... or in a feeling, knowing or desire. She still lives in the Siberian taiga (her home) and is in around her mid-40s by now. She has two children to Vladimir Megre. She raises her children away from Industrialised Society... and is raising them in the ways of the Ancient Vedrus. xx

B: She DOES ask that you don't tune into her for a long period of time. She is constantly busy in Creating Images for the whole earth... towards Humanity living as Whole Human Beings in alignment with ALL of Creation, with ALL animals, with Each Other... as Whole Beings, fully Awakened. So we must not tune into her for long and disrupt her from her work. I only tune into her occasionally, when I have need, and it's never for much longer than 2 minutes. She is easily able to convey to me what I need within that time. 

B: Here's the introduction to my blog, "Co-creating Our New Earth." Or since we're into homophones, we could call it, "Co-creating Our New Worth" ... and that's perfectly fine too/ That works !!

P: I've a feeling I've already experienced this

P: It's good to hear/read an explanation of it. It's been happening a lot over the last few months. I've felt a presence and wonder who/what it was...

P: Thank you Bronwyn these words have helped very much...

B: Ah... right... Yes... She tuned into Megre when he was a young man of 15 or 16 years old... and re-told him about things he'd long since forgotten, that were significant of his spiritual path. Megre is around 15 years older than Anastasia. There is no time or space in this holographic matrix.

B: She tunes in to people, and assists them bring Awakening to the world, to fulfill her 'dream' to live in complete harmony with Nature and our Creator, and to bring about a Pristine Garden Paradise growing all across the Earth

B: Oh wow...

P: The "time" was the part key point - just scan reading. I was at work and could clearly hear or feel someone talking to me. I haven't told anyone this but I clearly remember being told that someone was busy and couldn't stay in communications with me for too long... I was filled with an immense feeling of well being. It made me cry...

P: I will read the books, there's no way I couldn't now...

B: Wow.... Wow.... That's AMAZING... !!!!  See... and I was thinking to myself, "They don't want to know all this detail..." but I just followed my inner guidance and continued writing it all anyway. I can feel her smiling at us both now... and saying "thank you" to Creator. I have tears welling up now too. Beautiful, beautiful story. Thank you for telling me

P:  I see the matrix everywhere. I don't need to smoke weed or anything... It's just there and overlays everything... I'm beginning to realize why now and have been for the last few years... Thank you, these words mean so very much.

P: I was very young when I realized and I'll put this, in the way I explain it: We have a conscious mind, a subconscious mind and the universal mind... I used to write a lot and spend many hours on my own for the best part of 10 years. It was like a quest if that makes sense...

B: That's so Wonderful  !!  It's always wonderful seeing the bigger picture.

B: I talked to my [adult] son a few years ago about the Quantum Field and how this hologram works. He just stood in amazement at our conversation... for AT LEAST 30 minutes... He was in amazement and he just said, "Wow !! You're talking like you're on acid. Yes !! I get you !!" [btw. no drugs involved at all]

P: lol, cool.

B: Yup. Totally makes sense. I sure hope you've still got your writing

P: I haven't got my writing unfortunately I left them in a cabinet when I moved... It's odd because a week before I moved to Cambridge UK - where I lived from childhood - a friend came round. I clearly remember saying to him I'm either going to start blowing up motorways or I'm going to Cambridge... The next time he came round a week later I was gone... Met someone and moved to Cambridge. He still says how it's odd...

B: Wonderful !! Instant manifesting !! So you KNOW exactly how "the science of Imagery" works, first hand. The lover you were attracted to was the "expedient means".

B:  Nice... And ~ (back to Anastasia... i'm nearly done... ) ~  

B: Anastasia is helping to Bring her Dream to all of humanity. These are old'ish Feb 26, 2013 figures for the Russian Federation... There will be MORE Villages now. And these are not individuals or families... These are Whole Villages !!! - all Following Anastasia's dream !!

btw. "The Ringing Cedars" books are/ were HUGELY popular in Russia, right from 1996. People are embracing the Dream and taking action !!

B: And even Vladimir Putin KNOWS about Anastasia's Dream... how could he NOT know, when he ratifies legislation in the Russian Federation like this !!! 

Homestead Act for Russian Far East – Putin supports free land handout - January 19, 2015. RT

P: I was drawn to the book and the co-creating the earth as soon as I saw it. I've always had an affinity to Russia... When I was a school I had written in my jacket, I was not born. I was sent over by the Russians to cause confusion... I've often thought that myself about going to Cambridge... We never really got on. It always seemed to me the only reason we met, was to get away from that town... To start a new chapter... This convo has been brilliant...

B: Hehehe... Excellent !! I had the feeling you didn't stay together for very long. Thank you for confirming !!

P: I've gamble a lot in the last few months, I've given up work and have risked and still risk losing quite a lot if not all but it feels right and I just gone with the flow... this has renewed my confidence...

P: To be fair I hated the job I was in, it was the right choice... The rest I feel is forming as we speak... It is indeed a good day to start a revolution... A love revolution.

B: Anastasia says we ALL have the blood of the Vedrus in us... the Hyperboreans that the Greeks talked about... They spread down through Asia Minor and into India where elements of the Vedic traditions still exist - albeit distorted - and those bloodlines went to ALL other places on earth. The Vedrus (originals) were forced south out of their Northern homelands in the last great Ice Age... Images on this video (linked)

Vedas and human DNA. Arkaim - the cradle or Aryan Civilization I

B: Gambling I think = feelings of boredom and "hopelessness" and feeling isolated.  I used to work in a casino !!

P: That describes it very well...

B: I gambled a bit too... when I worked at the casino - not IN the casino... (against the NZ law) but just on pokies in the pubs. I was usually feeling bored, isolated, unloved, forgotten, when I did it. "I didn't matter"

B: No regrets or remorse or judgements. I just came here to experience ... Consciousness wants to experience all these various states.

B: So please now... Please just tell your soul-being that it is now DISCONNECTED from this money-paradigm and that SIMULTANEOUSLY, you don't need to get rid of all your money !! - And that You now understand You simply don't need it anymore. I think this is what your soul-being wants to hear from you - Just a thought... You need to test that out for yourself.

P: I haven't got any money, lol, so that won't be to hard... Things will work out. I know that in myself, what I'm doing is right... That's all that really matters. 

B: So.... for the final wrap-up about Anastasia, her "dream", and the Science of Imagery...

Kins Domain in Rodnoe, Russian Federation

B: Isn't it AMAZING that Putin and his government have PASSED this into legislation ???? Whoever wants to go into the East of the Federation will be GIFTED "a 1 hectare (2.5 acres) plot of land to every resident of the Far East and to anyone who is willing to come and live in the region so that they could start a private business in farming, forestry, game hunting or some other enterprise.”  (Note: you need to be a Russian permanent resident to apply.)

Wow !! Wow !! Wow !! This IS Anastasia's Dream... nearly to the letter !!

P: I've seen that about Russia, it stuck me as the right thing and have always thought that's how it should be...

B:  FAR OUT !!! And you see... this is just one little 20-year-old Living Woman, connected to Consciousness who had a "dream" [visualisation] in 1990 that she has been fervently holding onto for the last 25 years !!!

B: Do you remember the world in 1990?? Do you Real Eyes how FAST this is !!!! ??? This is an absolute EXPLOSION of Expanding Reality on the Planet. Now that Russia is doing it, other countries in the world will ALSO follow this model, once leaders in other countries see this production model working so wonderfully well !!

P: I feel it's right inside me, it's the only way forward really!

B: THIS is how POWERFUL we ALL are !!! This is how we Overcome the Puppet Masters... the Black Magicians of Babylon, Egypt and Rome who have "stitched us up" with their various UNREAL conjurations that keep us in FEAR (as you said at the top of this convo) and addicted to (feelings of reliance on) - MONEY !!!

The goddess Juno Moneta !!  All of that is CRUMBLING now !!

B: And i've just Shared a post to your Timeline from my Russian friend Yuri, who's the editor of The Space of Love magazine which is in Russian and English languages- a publication inspired by Anastasia's/ Vladimir Megre's writings

P: The paradigm shift is in full swing now, the world, the universe is shifting... I've know this a while, I feel at my very core... Every where I look, everyone I meet only echos this feeling. It's why I made the choices I have in the last few months...

B: Krasnodar region, IS the place to go, I understand...  So I think it's really cool too that the #WhistleblowerKids story is all tied up into Russia and my connections... and your connections, with Russia as well.

This is no coincidence. I feel Anastasia nodding and saying "Yes."

P: I've been drawn toward Russia my whole life, I'm beginning to see why... There's a few things to sort here first but I'm inclined to agree...

B: Yes. So have I. I studied Russia at high school, by electives. - Geography and History. My "dream" was to some day go on the Trans-Siberian railway. That was in the 70s-90s, way before perestroika

P: I've always wanted to go to St. Petersburg for as long as I can remember...

B: Oh... "the place to go" ??  Hehehehe... I wondered if you'd take that literally... That may be a pointer from the Universe... I don't know. But I mean, to go to Krasnodar to see how eco-villages in Russia are run...

There's tours to these places. Contact Yura...

P: I can see that as well, maybe just to visit hey... I can see me not wanting to return though, but if we sort this country out maybe I'd have to return... lol.

B: This is in Russian language, from Yuri - his experience of visiting the school at Tekos, Russia

B: English language version:

B: Ok... We are nearly there. I'm just trying to find one last post about the "High Priest" as Anastasia calls him. I've tracked him. My impression is that hels living West and North of Jerusalem. I've just spotted a few other good articles you might enjoy....

Anastasia teaches how to keep bees in the books. It's much different to the modern hives we have today. It is simply going back to nature. It's very simple... basically, get a hollow log or create a log shape inside a large rectangular box. Put honey and some fresh flowers in there. The bees do their thing. In the second season, you can take a little honey out. Bees need the honey to survive through the winter, Anastasia says.

B: Here's the "hair" information. My dad used to sport a ponytail with his bald patch. It's not a bad look Especially if you're wearing a cap or beanie most of the time, for the elements. The ultimate deception !!

B: Here's a bit more about the Vedrus Sorry about missing pics, etc. These are old, old articles. Images tend to "fall off" pages after a few years I try to fix them when I see them.

B: It's such pressure on mums and dads to try to keep it all together in this very dysfunctional society of separation. We're meant to be living in supportive, no-money villages, after all. Here's a bit more about the trek of my life... the long walk I took to get to here.

P: The UK wants broken families, it's their agenda...

B: Yes. That's right. I really "saw" that too, as an Awakening Real Eyes'ation only just this week myself.

P: Living it for the last few years has made it very clear to me...

P: Thanks for all these, the time you're saving me is immense...

P: Thanks for a vision of the future... I'll hold it in my heart...
Peace and love sister, we are one.

B: And I saved this link for nearly last by the look of it.... I didn't mean for our conversation to come around to this... But here we are. A perfect acticle saved until this point in the conversation...

B: Our friend Yura/ Yuri has 46 hectares of land in Russia. That's approx 115 acres. He wrote this declaration in mid-2012. You'll see the sort of man he is from the way he writes. He used to live in New Zealand, in Auckland, for a decade. I've never met him face-to-face. He's a good friend. I feel him as intelligent, honest, earnest, hard working, creating solutions all around him. Please beFriend Yuri and tell him you know me. Yura/ Yuri (as I know him) has VERY GOOD English language.

B: Love to you... I also know how it is to feel that one's life is in the balance. I lived that way for 14 years.

P: Love to you too and thank you so very much. You have lifted my heart this evening. It means very, very much to me.

B: You are most welcome my dear friend. I feel your heart... and some of the troubles of it...  Let me leave you with this most wonderful Russian woman, singing in Florida USA...

Inspiring to love

Published on Oct 31, 2014
Our songs are an inexhaustible source of the heart's joy, unconditional love for everyone and everything, and that the most profound faith in our common the most beautiful and harmonious Future! This Future gives to tired human hearts the hope and optimism to overcome all of life's difficulties and clear internal obstacles on this complicated path of self-perfection. Each song will inspire you and lead with confidence through the Path of the hearty Love and Light of Knowledge to the understanding of your own Essence. We have been constantly receiving the replies from people that by singing or even just listening our songs they were able to get rid of different diseases. Their thoughts enlightened, the mood became more intimate and peaceful!
Please visit
to listen to songs and learn about the effect of sound on the human consciousness, as well as healing features of music. Songs are in Russian with English subtitles to understand the true meaning of lyrics.

Please subscribe to our YouTube channels (links are on the YouTube video)

P: It's beautiful, it's playing as we speak...

B: Yes. It's really beautiful... and she's really beautiful and so full of light I met these wonderful Energy Light-Being people... as we all are... through an ex-pat Russian man on Fb living in Florida, named "Kraullarrd". These are "spiritual names" btw. I dreamt of Kraullarrd around a week before he befriended me on Fb

This is the project Kraullarrd is developing in the USA

Here's the website

P: I'm going to give this some serious time, it is in line with a few personal studies I've been looking at. Again thank you.

B: Here are the BEST uplifting songs of Vibration i've ever been privileged to see and hear. Please DO watch these ladies... They are so "quaint" with their wee glovvies, etc. but so PURE and FULL of LIGHT !! - so different to our putrid Rothschild-Jewish-Talmud Goyim hating-and-using world we have become accustomed to.

B: When I discovered this Ayfaar Songs page, I just played and played the music... My soul was so hungry... Even though it was in a language I couldn't understand... So thirst-quenching. I think you may be in this same position as I was, around six months ago dearest... and I was trying to find my place in the world also.

This is my favourite...
Please DO Watch it...

P: It's on now, and your right it resonates...

B:  I can't remember if I gave you this one or not... the play list for all the Ayfaar videos. Some in English... most not.

B: Of course... Iissidiology is different to The Ringing Cedars... but have many of the same messages. Just while we were in the mood for "all things Russian", I thought i'd show you Ayfarr and Iisiidiology from Russia.

P: That's cool, thank you...

B: I must go now. It's been a Great Day. I hope your heart feels warmed, and that you feel a sense of "belonging" in this world You are not alone Dearest. And you DO have a wonderful Future ahead of you xx No problems. I hope you get some sleep before you leave for OCCUPY. I must go now too. Cherio....

P: Speak soon and thank you.

B: You're most welcome. Stay in touch over OCCUPY. I'm wanting to get the info. up on "Co-creating" We ARE Co-creating our Wonderful Future together, on planet earth xxxx