Thursday 19 March 2015

No donations this month

That's an outstanding achievement don't you think ??

I'm just asking for a $1 a month from my readers. Many of you will be returning to read my blog many times during the month. At $1 - this is very cheap up-to-date information.

Please remember that i'm also running # Whistleblower News.

This is a 12-hour a day job for me, 7 days a week currently until I can get some assistance. I "should" be looking for work.  But this is an urgent need and I have some writing and journalism skills.  I can not continue here as I am, without your assistance.  I have signed my life away - NZ unemployment assistance requires that you look for work. If you don't look for work, you can lose your tiny bit of support from them.  I have a roof over my head, a comfortable bed to sleep in, an internet connection and cheap power, a great land lady, and around $50 a week for food (25 pound). My car has been off the road since mid-December because I can't afford to fix it or register it on my low income.  I have a lot compared to many people, I know...  But I go hungry a lot. This doesn't worry me hugely...  because the story of the #WhistleblowerKids needs to be told and put out into the world.

You could help my hungry tummy by loosening your purse strings... and you could also give me time to cook a meal a day for myself by volunteering to help me with research, distribution and promotion - I need around 8 - 10 people who know how to use Facebook and/ or Twitter really well who can help me out for 30-60 minutes a day.  This will give me back a life.  At the moment, I don't have one.  I only have this relationship to this computer screen...  because this job, NEEDS to get done.

So loosen up the purse strings. Or see if you've got 30 minutes a day to give me. I don't ask for much. My requests are very simple...

Take out 1 singular shiny coin... and deposit it in my PayPal...  look up and to the right.


aka BronnyNZ
aka Ramallah

Together...  We can do EVERYTHING !!!   : )


  1. Thank you so much to the two people who donated NZ$20 overnight. Thank you so much xxx

    Please support this blogger so she can continue doing this good work for The People.
    Thank you : )

  2. Please note: Comments are only posted if they are relevant to the article. I always censor people's comments heavily. I have never made any comments that I do not censor. People who know me, know my bite !! I don't live in Cheltenham, user "Postnein". You're not much of a detective. I live in Aotearoa New Zealand, the last populated islands before you hit the South Pole. That's around 15,000 kms from Cheltenham. I think you'd better check your bearings.


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