Saturday 7 March 2015

WOMAN TAKES ACTION: Sends Letter to Barnet CEO, Andrew Travers. March 7, 2015. "NOW" is the time for you to ACT also. TAKE ACTION !!!

                       "What? What's that you say... 
                      "Is this something to do with this council... ??"  *bluffing*

March 7, 2015

Re: Child sexual abuse. Christ Church Primary School CE, Hampstead.

Dear Mr Andrew Travers and Councillors,

It deeply concerns me to have to write a letter to the CEO and members of the Barnet Council. However we feel we are getting nowhere in getting these children back to their mother.. and bringing these paedophiles to face justice. 

I would like to know the reasoning behind your objections to your inaction over investigating the #WhistleblowerKids allegations: Christ Church Primary School CE "Ritual child sex abuse and Ritual baby sacrifice cult", Hampstead London.

Because of your inaction this can only lead us to one conclusion and that is: You may also be involved in this Satanic Cult ring of Paedophilia, Baby Murder, forcing children to chop the heads off babies, forcing children to drink the blood of babies; of being party to going overseas to collect babies to put to death and perform these satanic cult acts on, and also perform indescribable acts on children - along with making shoes from babies' skin.

Now... I have several copies of this email. I have also sent copies to some very important people (elites) in your country and in Russia. So really it would be in your best interest to take action... just saying.

By the Way. This video is well worth watching. Take note at 9:10

I hope this receives your utmost attention... If you have a heart.
E.A. Arden

CEO Andrew Travers

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Please send your letters into me when you've written them if you'd like them published... Email address at the bottom. Please use a nom de plume for the article, if you want.  
You'll need to use your real name in the letter to Barnet Council.

Let's encourage each other to keep going with this action, and give each other ideas of what to write. Thanks.


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