Tuesday 23 May 2017

European politicians BETRAY Europeans. The END of rational thinking.

Here is the 1922 Kalergi Plan in action for the genocide of the white races of Europe. Freaking DISGUSTING !!  The people of Western Europe are being sold out by their own politicians !!!

France: No-Go Zones Now in Heart of Big Cities 

by Yves Mamou - May 23, 2017  (excerpt)

Mentioning no-go zones in France was, until recently, taboo. It was regarded as "racist" or "Islamophobic" -- most of the time both -- to talk about that. In May 2016, Patrick Kanner, France's Minister for Urban Areas, harassed by journalists, finally acknowledged the truth : "There are today, we know, a hundred neighborhoods in France that present potential similarities with what has happened in Molenbeek." He was referring to the infamous neighborhood in Brussels, under Salafist control, which has become the epicenter of jihad in Europe.

What is new, is that no-go zones are no longer relegated to the suburbs, 
where migrants and Muslims have usually been concentrated.

No-go zones, through mass migration, have been emerging in the heart of Paris, Bordeaux, Toulouse, Marseille, Grenoble, Avignon -- districts "privatized" here and there by a mix of drug traffickers, Salafist zealots and Islamic youth gangs. The main victims are women. They are -- both Muslim and non-Muslim -- sexually harassed; some are sexually assaulted.

Please go to the link to continue reading this article.

To the politicians of Europe I would say (in the words of Donald Trump) "You're fired!"
They are doing a horrible job, so many of them.
They need to stand down, right now !!

#Impeach  #TreasonByEuropeanPoliticians  #SendToJail 

I posted the above on a dozen or so Facebook groups and was somewhat bemused by the following conversation on a Group that seems to have a predominance of Californian Americans on it. I think they generally got peeved that I referenced Donald Trump on my post...

AR said: The french killed 1 1/2 million moslems during their illegal foreign occupation, guess karma has found its way back home  ;) and cited the following link >>  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Algerian_War

AR continued: They used Algeria to test nukes and did not warn them about radiation poisoning, nice. Shit makes my garden grow. Not really a war but a wholesale rape of the country

My reply (BL): It's exactly as the American military has done in the Pacific Islands in the 1950s, to the Aboriginal people in the outback of Australia, and to the people of Japan in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. This is not a case of "I'm allowed to fuck you over because you fucked me over". This post is all about finding out who is really behind all of this shit. Some answers are here on this Facebook permalink >>

Please see the following video on Facebook showing the outrage the morning after the Manchester bombing >>

British Activist Speaks Out On London Terrorist Attack  (length) 01:52

After yesterday's terrorist attack in London, one British activist HAD it!
Watch him pull zero punches in this exchange with the press.

AR claimed he wasn't an apologist. I showed him how he was:

BL:  "Apologists" do exactly that AR. They don't talk to the topic - they take attention away from the topic and bring up excuses to try to convince that a behaviour is justified.

In this case, it seems you're trying to justify that it's perfectly 100% fine for Muslims to commit terror attacks in Europe and Britain. Is this how committed you are to George Soros's #NWO agenda, to the killing of the native people of Europe, exactly as the "Kalergi Plan" (1922) says? This is how dumbed down you are A. Please wake up !!

AR:  lol, so the French did not rape Algeria then either? Did not kill 1 1/2 million Moslems? All a hoax?

BL: Oh for Christ's sakes !! And the USA PMCs did not smuggle Muslim children into sex slavery since Bosnia 1998 and still continue to do so today !!  See my blog article >>  U.S.A Private Military Contractor "DynCorp" is a Child Sex Trafficker !!  and this article also >>  CHILD TRAFFICKING: U.S.A. Private Military Contractors (PMCs)

BL:  Just because one country's government, (eg: France, Britain, Belgium, the Netherlands in South Africa, all examples) commits crimes against innocent people of another country, that does not give license for that same offending government to stand by and do nothing to protect the people (of eg: France, Britain, Belgium, the Netherlands) from the tsunami of "refugees" who now occupy these countries.

Aside:  Here's how the scenario plays out in a family situation... 
What kind of family is this? How does this family end up?

"Murray" has a lot of nice toys he keeps in a locked cupboard. For safe-keeping, Murray leaves the key in his mother's care. One day Christopher decides he wants to see all of Murray's nice things. Mother is a bit of a psychopath who secretly has no respect at all for Murray, so she agrees. Mother doesn't have much going on in her life. She decides she wants to have a bit of "fun". She's bored and feels like a stirring up a little "entertainment" for herself.  Christopher goes to the cupboard and destroys everything in there, except for the very best things that he wants to keep for himself. Mother makes no attempt to stop him.

Murray comes home from school. He gets the key off Mother as normal and goes to the cupboard. Imagine his devastation when he sees all of his beautiful things wrecked, torn, and broken. He weeps in anguish for three whole days. He is inconsolable. He asks Mother what happened. Mother says she doesn't know. She thinks maybe a burglar came into the house when she went out shopping. Murray noticed a strange light dancing in his mother's eyes and has a feeling he can't trust her. Murray becomes highly vigilant.

Later that week, Murray observes his younger brother Christopher going into the attic by himself. Murray sneaks after him, and to his astonishment, there sits Christopher with a dozen beautiful toys all around him - Murray's toys! Mother comes around the corner and grabs a hold of Murray's shoulder just as he lunges at Christopher with a pocket knife. 

"What's happening boys?" commands Mother. Murray is wailing and telling his story and Christopher has hidden in the corner behind the curtain. Mother says, "I see you're overcome with grief Murray, but that's no reason to accuse your little brother of something he didn't do. Those are his toys. Don't you remember?"  Murray feels like somebody just punched him in the stomach. Is he actually confused? Is he remembering things correctly? Perhaps Christopher had some toys that look like his ??  If Mother says they are not his toys then this must be true. Christopher comes out from behind the curtain and takes possession of the toys again. He begins to play with them with an obvious smile on his face. He isn't going to speak a word about this "arrangement" with his mother. Mother doesn't take the pocket knife off Murray.

Later that night, Murray remembers everything fully, and realises that Mother is lying !!  He finds his knife, sneaks into his brother's bedroom and stabs Christopher 20 times as he sleeps in his bed. Murray turns around and notices the pink flutter of his mother's dressing gown before a heavy club comes down on the back of his head. Father has come into the bedroom as well and Murray floats into semi-consciousness. He hears Mother say, "I really don't know what has gotten into them." Murray can't believe his ears: 

Surely Mother loves her two children? Surely they are precious to her? Surely she didn't construct this whole thing for her own entertainment?  What sick pleasure is she gaining from all of this? Before his young life expires, Murray realises that indeed, Mother is a psychopath - and Father is either drugged by her, is too stupid to know Mother's games, or is also in on it.

This is exactly as it is with our governments. They don't care about the "children" (people) of their countries nor if these "children" tear each other apart. They've got much more important things on their minds - such as making a good media impression, "growth" (GDP), balancing the budget and winning the next election. The loss of two children is merely "collateral damage" - a sacrifice nade willingly to keep Mother happy. She is indeed, a psychopathic.

This is the game.

_ _ _

All of this is part of the "Kalergi Plan" (1922) and was eventually agreed to by America by the late 1950s. It was always written into the Kalergi plan that the USA would administer this plan. This lets the old European families off the hook who would claim, "All of the strife in the world has nothing to do with me."

The old families of Europe (see them listed on the Facebook permalink) are "Mother" and the USA is "Father". After Trump became the President, "Mother" had to change the game-plan. Mother would now have to use the court of public opinion to bring Father down. The new "Father" knows full-well what the game is. 

BL:   By your own rationale AR, American people must be the problem since it has been American soldiers who have committed so many attrocities all around the world in the name of "peace keeping" It should therefore be American citizens who should suffer the consequences of bringing so much grief to Japan, to the Pacific Islanders, and to the Aboriginal peoples because of nuclear bomb "testing" in these countries. Obviously, this is non-sensical. It was the American government in the 1950s-1970s who did these atrocities - not the people. In the 1950s, the USA administration finally agreed to the Kalergi Plan. It took 3 decades for the USA to agree, but eventually "Mother" twisted their arm up their back. Note: the decision was not made by the American people themselves. The American people knew nothing about the agendas of the Kalergi Plan. The people had no idea the Plan was for white genocide which was to be done through dark-skinned (African and Arab) immigration into Europe, and by enforcing mixed marriages !!  This was all explained in detail in "The Plan" which (just to remind you again) was written in 1922.  The plan was always to weaken the white blood-lines and to ethnically weaken all native Europeans in Europe !! 

Are you starting to see the insidiousness of this plan yet? The mechanism by which America runs the "United States of Europe" is through NATO !! Yes, NATO is the very mechanism by which America pieced together the "United States of Europe". We now call it the "European Union". So you can see now why the old European families are so upset that Trump is telling the European NATO members it's time the pull their own weight. Trump is no longer prepared for American young men and women to be the canon fodder for the European elite families' wars !!  Remember the truism: "Every war is a banker's war". The "Kalergi Plan" was always the plan for Europe !! - White Genocide !!  The Plan could only be achieved by completely destroying feelings in native Europeans of "nationalism".  

Oh yeah... That's why this word "nationalism" is synonymous with "Nazi" as perpetuated by the Jew-owned media. It was very important for the Kalergi Plan, that native Europeans abandoned these feelings of love for their own countries.  These days, you can lose your job in Europe if you say you love your country. You are considered a "Nazi" if you express patriotic feelings of love towards your own European country. You are branded a "nationalist", ie: "Nazi". Obviously, it's a very bad idea to have appreciation for the country where you live, or appreciation for your ancestors before you. *sarcasm*  All of this social engineering is part of the Kalergi Plan.

This is the extent of the magic trick that stupefies the minds of humanity - in just the same way that Mother cast a spell over the minds of her children and got them to take revenge on each other for a situation that she had created herself. And please be mindful... It's very difficult for "children" to feel betrayal by a "parent".  All citizens of a country believe the propaganda of their government, and that the government is working for the people. This is true for very few countries, such as Bhutan who nobody has ever heard of. Likewise: A child always wants to believe what the parent is saying. Therefore: the parents can be extremely manipulative if they want to be. 

Are we starting to see the big picture yet? It's much, much bigger than a "You did it first"... "No. You did it," set of "arguments" that honestly, hold no water at all in the light of the macro-political agenda of this world's controllers. People have, through no fault of their own, been brainwashed by a biased, politicised bought-and-paid-for media, and through a "liberal" education that whole-heartedly embraces the tenets of Cultural Marxism ... but today is a very good day to challenge those paradigms you currently hold to.

Here is a brief list of key issues driven by Cultural Marxism/ Critical Theory.
  • Feminism - resistance to white male oppression
  • Racism - resistance to white European oppression
  • Global warming - resistance to capitalist oppression
  • Multi-culturalism - replacement of white European oppressors (Christian oppressors in particular)
  • Environmentalism - more resistance to capitalist oppression
  • Social justice - blanket resistance to all of the above oppressors

Source:  https://truebluenz.com/2016/01/10/what-is-cultural-marxism-and-what-is-critical-theory/

BL:  Such liberal beta-leftist George Soros-loving diatribes belong to Cultural Marxism. A Jewish agenda ?? You betcha !!!! There's no "holocaust rememberance day" for the 40,000,000 Russian nationals who were murdered by the Jewish Bosheviks that ran Russia from 1917. NONE !!! It makes you wonder who's really behind all of this, right?

AR:  what is your solution to our common issues?
AR:  how do we unite as one human race in a spirit of love, peace and mutual co operation?

BL:  Qu 1) Learn our histories - not the ones the Jesuits have re-written for us.
BL:  Qu 2) "Unity" can only be achieved when people know who they are. Currently, YOU A. couldn't tell me who your great grandfather was, where he came from, and what his occupation was. "Unity" comes out of knowing who you are as a Living Human Being - not as the Legal Fiction called "Person" which is an actors mask... in Latin: "persona" means "actor's mask". If you accept yourself as a "person", you are simply an actor on the stage of your life. You can only imagine how much cognitive dissonance this causes in the human psyche. This is why the world doesn't "feel right" to most people. They have a very good reason to be feeling this deep discontent (here's where the roots of "dis-unity" begin). Such people who are unaware of who they actally are (eternal beings indivisible from The One), are only ACTORS - many of them CRISIS ACTORS on the stage of their own lives. This brings about the uneasy sense that "none of this is real", and how right they are! They are not living in the real "I am" presence of themself as eternal beings. When people don't know who they are, they live in constant inner disconnection. When people have "unity" within their own being, within their own psyches, there is inner peace and you know where you belong in the world. The struggle ends. In the Vedas, the emergence of One's Self as a unified integrated being with all IS "unity". This is the foundation of "unity" between all people of every race - of discovering for yourself Who You Are. You are then unified within your being - not disparate.

BL: The people of the Middle East and Africa who currently invade Europe need to go home to the lands of their Fathers and rebuild their countries - just as Europeans had to do at the end of WW2. The ability for the Arab people to be able to do this was discussed by Trump and Sergei Lavrov of the Russian Federation just a week ago (see the video below). The joint plan Trump, Putin and Assad are working on right now is the creation of safe zones in Syria for the people to return to.

BL:  The days of the USA's hegemonic unipolar dictatorship of the world's countries (most usually a dictatorship that puts the world's mineral resources into USA corporations' hands - eg: the Bush family's oil company's pillage of Iraq's oil resources in the 2000s), has now come to an end with the election of Donald Trump. Why do you think the Jew-run media is making such a pig's breakfast of mis-reporting all the good and great things that Donald Trump is achieving in the White House so far?

- It's because those media owners are the very same people who have major financial interests in oil, in banking and in the USA's military industrial complex. It's the very same people !! So of course they will besmirch every move that Donald Trump makes, because he (very directly and imposingly), is their enemy!  - And they want to bring him down. It's logical, right?

Trump Defends Firing Comey, Meets Russian FM Lavrov At White House (May 10, 2017 Headlines)

Published on May 10, 2017

Lavrov Meets Tillerson For Syria Discussion. Moscow and Washington are looking to "remove all the barriers" to having a better relationship, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said, following talks at the White House. Mr Lavrov met with President Donald Trump and Secretary of State Rex Tillerson on Wednesday. Improved relations and the war in Syria apparently dominated the agenda.

The war in Syria, in particular a Russian plan to create "safe zones", was discussed, Mr Lavrov said. He praised the talks with Mr Trump and Mr Tillerson as "constructive". The US administration has broadly welcomed the Russian plan. The Trump administration is open to the concept of safe zones in Syria: both the president and the secretary of state have spoken about them in a general way. Rex Tillerson calls them 'stabilization zones' where security and local governance could be restored, allowing the return of refugees.

Thursday 18 May 2017

Trump-Russia Comey-Flynn FAKE NEWS! Cover Story for SETH RICH murder.


Published on May 17, 2017
Cristina Laila for the Gateway Pundit reports, Former FBI Director James Comey testified under oath May 3rd that the Trump administration had not pressured his agency to halt any investigation for political purposes. Here is the video that is stopping democrats in their tracks. Sub for more at Next News Network: http://nnn.is/the_new_media   #Comey #MAGA @ Donald J. Trump

In the above video former FBI director James Comey under oath gave testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee on May 3, 2017.

Senator Mazie Hirono (D Hawaii) asked:
Can senior officials halt an FBI investigation? 
Hirono: Has it happened?  
Comey replied:  Not in my experience.

That is: There was never ever any interference from Trump requesting Comey to stop any investigation of Mike Flynn. The fake news story about Trump asking Comey to stop any investigation into Mike Flynn, is an absolutely bogus story !!  It is a cover story !!

See below the real story the fake stream 
media never wanted you to see.

See the Washington Post (WP) breaking of this story on Tuesday May 16, 2017 entitled:

News agencies from all over the world picked up on this story, including TV1 News here in New Zealand. See this link for what was televised in NZ  >>

Consternation and confusion overtook Capitol Hill today as lawmakers were shaken anew by reports that President Donald Trump had asked then-FBI Director James Comey to stop investigating ousted adviser Michael Flynn.

I was so freaking disgusted at this story on Tuesday that I phoned up the 0800- TV1 newsroom after i'd seen their lunchtime broadcast at 12pm and gave them a bloody good bollocking about using the Washington Post and ABC as their sources. I told TV1 NZ that they need to get with White House protocol (changed last week) and start getting their news from Fox News. I told them they were embarrassing themselves and New Zealand because they continued to disseminate fake news !!!  That was two days before all of this (other evidences and links) came out - but my gut told me the Washington Post - ABC story was a pile of steaming cow dung - and by god it is !! #FollowYourGut

You can tell the calibre of a publication by the psychopaths they employ  >>  

Washington Post article:  John Podesta [the molester] 

- announced February 23, 2017

More reasons for this bogus Trump-Comey cover story following...

Video: FBI Director Says FBI a Total Joke and Fraud!

Published on May 14, 2017
Former FBI assistant director, James Kallstrom, total destroys James Comey and the rest of the FBI in this shocking interview. Kallston talks about how James Comey intentionally allowed the terrorist organization Muslim brotherhood to infiltrate the white house the rest of the US government!

And as promised...  Here is the reason why the Trump-Comey story has gained such traction as a cover story by the global fake stream media.  Subscribe to this following video channel Destroying the illusion who detected the scam.

5.16 - Seth Rich Investigation Deepens & Secret Space Program Patents Online?

Published on May 16, 2017
The WTF is really going on news report - by Jordan Sather

Today's Sources:

Secret Space Program (SSP) K2D4 NETWORK Youtube Video TR-3B Patent - https://goo.gl/Iw714r
Patent Publication #: US 20060145019 A1 Triangular Spacecraft - https://goo.gl/J3ds62

Here's the Zero Hedge article about Seth Rich 
that YOU were not supposed to see !!! May 16, 2017.

See the full Zero Hedge article here >>  

by Tyler Durden - May 16, 2017

The following screenshots are provided below to preserve against the removal of this Zero Hedge article, thereby bringing into refute the foundation of the argument outlined above. The screenshots are evidential only, and are not in breach of copyright. The Zero Hedge article is linked to all screenshots below unless otherwise indicated. This entire work belongs to Zero Hedge and journalist Tyler Durden.

                     This is a video >> Click on the image >>

Friday 12 May 2017

Donald Trump was actively surveilled admits CIA former director James Clapper


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As HUGE as this expose is, the #FakeNewsMediaWhores #MSM  - who purport their conspiracy theories about alleged Russian influence of the USA election on November 8, 2016 - will NEVER report this - so WE the little bloggers, news hounds and promoters (that's you) are the ones who need to get this information out on your networks and out to the world. Please join the rEVOLution of TRUTH now. All of these old conspiracists DIE NOW as the LOVE rEVOLution grounded in TRUTH begins! #TruthWaves  Thank you.

Trump unconstitutionally "unmasked" by the CIA in 2016, meaning: All of Trump's private activities became publicly accessible through an "information request" to the CIA !!  What the... ??? !!!

Donald Trump was unconstitutionally identified, ie: "unmasked" by the CIA during the Obama-Clinton administration in 2016...  That is: He came up as a "person of interest" clearly identifiable to all agents in the CIA as somebody who is a "threat to national security". Additionally, under this "unmasking" policy, if members of the public, the press for example or any private individual at all, wanted to make a request to the CIA about their findings on Donald Trump in the CIA records, they would be given the information !! 

This is the depths to which the depravities of the CIA ran under the James Comey - John Brennan - Barack Obama - Hillary Clinton, reign of terror. This declaration came from the mouth of retired CIA director James Clapper on May 10, 2017. It was never ever picked up by the MSM, therefore, it's time for you to start sharing this article. It is WE who bring about the shattering of the illusion for humanity. It is WE who shift the tide of public opinion and perception.  Therefore:  It is YOU right now who needs to share this information into your social media networks. Do we want this shift in perception to come about? Yes we do! So please do your part right now... Thank you.

And even though Donald Trump came under this level of unconstitutional surveillance and was "unmasked" by the CIA in their report-writing, do you know what they found on Donald J. Trump? NOTHING !! NOTHING !! All the CIA could do was let the media whores go crazy and print a bunch of phoney baloney that never ever happened - the alleged influence of Russia on the outcome of the US election on November 8, 2016 - which is a pack of LIES !! That "influence" by Russia never ever happened. Donald J. Trump won the USA election fair and square, even though the Clinton News Network (CNN) et al. threw everything they had at him. Even then, Trump won !! George Soros et al. sinking Titanic #NWO stinking #GlobalistAgenda #KalergiPlan was screwed on that day!

This conspiracy theory of "Russian influence" perpetrated by Big Bucks Media MSM was refuted three times by former CIA director James Comey who told Trump personally that he was NOT under CIA investigation relating to Russian influence on the elections. This conspiracy theory, constantly being perpetuated by Big Media MSM, is totally false. #FakeNews #MSMConspiracyTheory

What is "unmasking"?

If a national security official who receives an intelligence report feels like he or she needs to know the identity of a U.S. person in an intelligence report, that official can make a request to "unmask."

Published on May 10, 2017 
Danny Gold for Liberty Writers reports, Today was the senate hearing for former Attorney General Sally Yates about Russian election interference. However, the REAL shock came when the senators were questioning retired CIA director James Clapper.

Source article by Danny Gold of "Liberty Writers" - Published May 8, 2017.

Trump Was Right: CIA Director Clapper Leaked Something HUGE About Government Spying


Former CIA director James Clapper "unmasked" 
- by DP News. May 9, 2017

Today was the senate hearing for former Attorney General Sally Yates about Russian election interference. However, the REAL shock came when the senators were questioning retired CIA director James Clapper.
Clapper served under Obama and has been accused of being the President’s go-to-guy for spying on Americans.

The Senator asked Director Clapper, “Have you used unmasking on President Trump, any of his campaign staff or any US Senators?”

The really sad thing here is that the media will not even bother covering this.

Sure, they will talk all day about a bunch of conspiracy theories linking Trump to Russia. When the head of the CIA admits publicly to doing something unconstitutional, however, nobody says a damn thing.

Luckily there are people like you and me who actually wanna know the truth and help get it out there. That’s why it’s up to us to show President Donald Trump was 100% right about them “unmasking” politicians for their own gain.

Help to share this out to all your family and friends. This is not just a political issue, this is an issue of national security.

Source: DP News - linked on "Article" above.

Thursday 11 May 2017

Human technologically advanced civilisation of 40,000 BCE. Evidence of Vedrus?

Source  - Digital Journal, by Stephen Morgan. Published May 8, 2015.

40,000-year-old bracelet made by extinct human species found

In what is quite an amazing discovery, scientists have confirmed that a bracelet found in Siberia is 40,000 years old. This makes it the oldest piece of jewelry ever discovered, and archeologists have been taken aback by the level of its sophistication. The bracelet was discovered in a site called the Denisova Cave in Siberia, close to Russia's border with China and Mongolia. It was found next to the bones of extinct animals, such as the wooly mammoth, and other artifacts dating back 125,000 years. The cave is named after the Denisovan people — a mysterious species of hominins from the Homo genus, who are genetically different from both Homo sapiens and Neanderthals.

The Denisovan cave in Siberia

Anatoly Derevyanko and Mikhail Shunkov, Vera Salnitskaya said: We know that the Denisovans migrated out of Africa sometime after the first wave of Homo erectus, and well before us, Homo sapiens.The Denisovans were unique in many ways, having branched away from other humanoid ancestors some 1 million years ago. Indeed, the recent discovery of a female Denisovan finger bone and various teeth shows that they had no morphological similarities to either Neanderthals or modern humans.

However, tens of thousands of years later, and prior to becoming extinct, they did coexist with us and the Neanderthals for a period, and skeletal remains of hybrids, and genetic studies confirm that they also mated with our forebears and the Neanderthals. Strangely, however, DNA evidence also suggests that, at some point, the Denisovans must have interbred with an as yet unknown and undiscovered species of humans beings. Skeletal remains show that the Denisovans were probably far more robust and powerful than modern humans, and were, until now, assumed to be a more primitive, archaic type of humans than us. But, the discovery of the bracelet suggests this was far from true. Amazingly, the skill involved in making this adornment shows a level of technique at least 30,000 years ahead of its time.

Until now, scientists had believed that such skills had only evolved among humans in the Neolithic period, which began at about 10,000 BC. Indeed, originally, they believed that the bracelet had somehow become mixed up with materials dating from a later period. However, experiments have now definitely ruled that out, and they confirm that it could not have been made by homo sapiens or Neanderthals. After 7 years of analysis, the scientists are confident that the piece was made 30,000 years before the beginning of the Stone Age.

Note: The stone Age ended between 8700 BCE and 2000 BCE - Wikipedia

General reconstruction of the view of the bracelet and compraison with the moders bracelet

The Daily Mail quotes the head of the Museum of History and Culture of the Peoples' of Siberia and the Far East in the city of Novosibirsk, Dr Anatoly Derevyanko, who said:
"The skills of its creator were perfect. Initially we thought that it was made by Neanderthals or modern humans, but it turned out that the master was Denisovan."
Mikhail Shunkov, deputy director of the the Institute of Archaeology and Ethnography in Novosibirsk, part of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, suggested that the find indicates that the Denisovans were more advanced than Homo sapiens and Neanderthals. What is incredible is that the craftsman who made the adornment, seems to have used something similar to a modern drill.
The Siberian Times quotes Dr Derevyanko, who wrote in the Russian magazine, Science First Hand, that when they studied the diameters of the bracelet, they found that the rotational speed of the drill must have been quite high, and with minimal fluctuations.
"The ancient master" he said, "was skilled in techniques previously considered not characteristic for the Palaeolithic era, such as easel speed drilling, boring tool type rasp, grinding and polishing with a leather and skins of varying degrees of tanning."

Drilling marks on Denisovan bracelet

Held in place by what they believe was a leather strap, the bracelet itself was made from a type of stone called chlorite, which could only have been imported from some 200km (125 miles) away.
The bracelet was very delicate and was probably worn at special occasions by some important person, such as a Denisovan princess.
Shunkov explains; "All jewellery had a magical meaning for ancient people. Bracelets and neck adornments were to protect peoplenfrom evil spirits, for instance [presumptive]. But this item, given the complicated technology and "imported" material, obviously belonged to some high ranking person of that society."  Commenting on its beauty, Anatoly Derevyanko added; "The bracelet is stunning. In bright sunlight it reflects the sun rays, at night by the fire it casts a deep shade of green."
The archeologists are reported to have also found a ring made of marble, but they have not yet disclosed any findings about it.

Article source: http://www.digitaljournal.com/science/40-000-year-old-bracelet-from-extinct-human-species-discovered/article/432798#ixzz4gntw7Jae

Wednesday 10 May 2017

HUNGARY an EXEMPLAR for the West. Co-creating kin's domains. Our New Earth !!

A MESSAGE FROM HUNGARY by Szilard Engelhardt

- sent May 10, 2017 Hungary time >> Buddha's birthday :)

Szilard: I just wanted to let you know: at present I have my focus on the connections to our family domain neighborhood [kin's domain village] and other networks in Hungary, rather than online. My intentions with my YouTube channel are also changing as I grow in understanding of my mission.

To cut a long story short: I feel this year is bringing a lot of change where we live - we try to do our best to actively shape the emerging love realities in Hungary. And I hope we can let the world know what is going on on our side just to inspire others and keep connection globally.

Today we had this cafe event "Wednesday Cafe" and we were very happy to know that others from around the globe are with us.

Heartfelt blessings from our family domain,


Bron's reply: Thank you so much for your message Szilard. I know what you say is true... "my focus on the connections to our family domain neighborhood and other networks in Hungary".

That's right my dear friend !! You there in Hungary - the 1/2 way point between Russia and the West - are the direct intermediary for the whole of the western world and the New World. You have a heavy load to bear...

You are our exemplar !! By you showing us what to do, we can follow in your footsteps. Without you, we are left wandering in the dark forests. So it is very important for "Terra Animam" to push on through to new heights not seen before - with connection to each other, love, activities, political actions and laying the foundations for bringing the Free Land legislation into your parliament... For the people (readers) of Hungary to come together in ways not seen yet >> to become the fire and power-house for western countries to become activated !!

By your most EXCELLENT example, we too in the west will EXCEL !! Thank you all in Hungary Ännie​, Christoph​, Yella​ and you all, for choosing to come here at this time and leading the way. We follow your example and the example of our brothers and sisters in Russia who are living in many 1000s of kin's domain villages already 🙂 We follow you on this path... a good path... a very good path ❤ ❤

Love Bron xxx

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An aerial view of kin's domains - 1 hectare family land plots in Hungary.


FREE LAND GIFT. Russia shows the way! All countries follow!

Here is my first foray into that most horrible world of video-making. I don't much like the image, but I think the telling of the story is pretty good. When we get up to "6th form biology" the phrases I was looking for was "natural selection" and "survival of the fittest". They escaped me in that moment... and I don't even know yet how to edit this section out so it doesn't look like a great big stumble... But even despite the horrible imperfections of my "15 minutes of fame", I hope you catch the spirit of the message. Thank you.

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Video:  FREE LAND GIFT. Russia shows the way!

Published on May 9, 2017

In the Russian Duma on May 2, 2016 President Putin signed an Act of parliament that gifts 1 hectare of land (2.47 acres) to every Russian family. This had been predicted by the Siberian mystic and recluse, Anastasia. She also predicted that every country in the world would be gifted free land to every family by their governments. Anastasia's words to humanity: "Take back your Motherland".

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