Thursday 12 March 2015

SABINE McNEILL UPDATE: "Fact Finding" Case Ends, March 12, 2015

                        Photo: Sabine McNeill - Tireless advocate for abused children 

Sabine's message: March 12, 2015

Anti-climax of the case: no hearing today! 

Sabine McNeill
London, United Kingdom 
Living in EXILE on the European Continent

12 March 2015

It must have been decided yesterday, dear Supporters,

For the 'other side' would hardly have travelled for nothing.

"The case listed before Judge Pauffley today appears to be in chambers with a different case number. Therefore, the case doesn't appear to be proceeding today."

The million-dollar questions are:

1. was the judgement handed down yesterday?

2. did the Application make a difference that Belinda McKenzie handed to Judge Keehan yesterday?

3. did my email to the judge's clerk with so much evidence against the alleged abusers make a difference?


Only time will tell and we get answers to questions from 'authorised' people.

Already I asked the three MEPs who are 'interested parties' in the Judicial Review to enquire. The mother will, hopefully, too. She is too stressed, exhausted and afraid to be located to contact anybody.

For Belinda's application, please visit:

I shall upload the full details next... In the meantime:

Keep calm, stay tuned and remain active wherever you are! For no matter what the judge has decided or will decide regarding the fate of the children, the case ain't over until the fate of the alleged abusers will be decided upon!

I have been told that the children are fine: from someone who knows the foster parents with whom they are staying!

Power to All of Us!


                        Photo:  Belinda McKenzie: Tireless advocate for abused children

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