Tuesday 4 January 2022

Pfizer partnered with Chinese Communist Party (CCP) tech giant a YEAR before the pandemic outbreak



Steve Bannon, Bannons War Room on Rumble said:

Pfizer, whose CEO was just named businessman (CEO) of the year, tell us what they're doing in being in partnership with the criminal regime in Beijing...

Journalist Natalie Winters answered:

At the National Pulse we've done a lot of research into how we got Covid-19, the virus itself. This of course implicates the Chinese Communist Party, people like Peter Daszak and groups like EcoHealth Alliance.

Now we looking at how we got the totalitarian over-reach, really I think the authoritarian over-kill aided and abetted by big business, by Big Pharma that we're seeing in response to Covid-19.

Pfizer is one of the most guilty companies when it comes to carrying out this approach, mandating tests to go back to school, whether you're working there, or as a student.

In the story we published today, it even blew my mind which at this point takes a lot...  In the year preceding the alleged onset of Covid-19, Pfizer actually partnered with Alipay which is an offshoot of Alibaba which a Chinese Communist Party-linked tech company. It's a massive, massive industry - It's been flagged by the US State Department for its very concerning and very close ties to China's Military. It really functions as part of the country's (China's) goal to overtake the United States in terms of technology and cyber supremacy.

This company is very closely linked to the CCP, it's actually weaponised by Beijing not just for vaccine passports - this is one of the primary platforms that the regime has used throughout the pandemic to tell people whether they're allowed to go outside their house, to go into a certain store, if they've been allegedly exposed to Covid-19, but it also functions very closely to the state's (China's) apparatus for Social Credit Score.

In other words, anytime you look around here in the USA and you see this authoritarian model encroaching, especially under the Biden regime, the technological infrastructure and foundation for that is  supplied and really epitomised by Alipay.

So it's really bizarre that Pfizer around a year before Covid-19 started, partnered with the company to help increase access to vaccines... They kind of euphemise as "educating the Chinese people about medicine", but anytime you're involving the Chinese regime and people's personal health decisions, there's always some form of mandate or something forced involved. What's even more concerning, although anyone who's paid attention to the news knows that corporate America loves to display their complete and utter reverence for the Chinese Communist Party... In a tweet the company put out, they actually said they were "Proud to stand with China's leaders" in partnering with Alipay and a lot of the regime's various initiatives when it comes to health, at least allegedly.

Some there's really, really interesting Tweets coming from Pfizer, i've shared some of these on my Twitter where they talk about "Pfizer celebrates being the highest ranked company to work for in China". 

We're just documenting these insane ties between Big Pharma and the CCP, but more concerningly, these Vax Passports and really, Social Credit Scores - which I think is the final iteration, the final "variant" of this pandemic.