Sunday 8 March 2015

More Letter Writing: Let THEM KNOW WE ARE WATCHING !!

The London Courts of Just-Us


We need to write letters 

If the authorities know they are being WATCHED by us, the less likely they will get up to their old tricks again... of sweeping everything under the carpet and going back to their old paedophile ways.

We NEED to keep watching, and let them know we are watching.

Here's letters we can write:

(1)  Letters to Camden Police

Here's a few points you might like to add to your letter:

(a)  The lying for the establishment has GOT to END. 
(b)  It's been handled in a very messy way... Why is this? There seems to have been a lot of mismanagement of the children's case.
(c)  Who are they trying to protect?

(d)  Police wages are paid by the Borough Council I believe. 
(e)  Who in the Barnet Council are they keeping tight-lipped for? 
(f)  It appears there has been an effort to turn confusion into chaos.

(2)  Letters to Cafcass

The kiddies are right out of it now. Who knows if they went from the fat into the fry pan. The best we can do is send letters to Cafcass asking:
(a)  are the children are in safe care - What are the arrangements? Are they attending a local school? Are the children still being sexually abused? Are the children gaining weight, etc., etc.
(b)  for the children be able to see their grandparents
(c)  for the children to be able to Skype their grandparents
(d)  for the children to be able to write to their grandparents 
(e)  if not, WHY not ??

(3)  Letters to The Judiciary

The lying for the establishment has GOT to END.

This week: The "Fact Finding" hearing.

The judge heading the inquiry this week at the Royal Courts of "Just-Us" in London MUST SEE the cover-ups done by the police and launch an independent inquiry.

I'll add links for addresses soon.  If you have addresses and contacts for any of these, please write this in comments below.  It would be a great help to me.  Thanks  : )

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