Thursday 26 February 2015

WOMEN'S SAFETY AT RISK after Hampstead Ritual Killings Exposed


McKenzie Friend Sabine McNeill talks to Bronwyn Llewellyn about some shock news she received at 11pm UK time. There is now a European Union warrant out for her and Ella Draper's arrest, following their exposing of underground sexual and ritual child sacrifice activities in the locale of Hampstead, London.

A European Union arrest warrant has been issued for McKenzie Friend child advocate and legal support Sabine McNeill, and mother Ella Draper.

Both women fled Britain last week. 

The women brought a Hampstead child sex abuse and ritual child killing cult to light, since followed by a vehement attempt to suppress the information via the British court system. 

A communication received today from Colindale police in London, detailed what McNeill and Draper have been charged with. 

"There are Section 4 Harassment charges against McNeill and Draper as well as additional charges being brought against McNeill under the UK Telecommunications Act," Colindale police said.

The Police advisory continued, "There is an EU arrest warrant out against both of the women. It will only be a matter of days before they are arrested." 

Long time UN child advocacy campaigner McNeill said, "I'm not too happy about this, as you can imagine. It sounds as if they actively try to locate me now."   

McNeill had been advocating for Draper's two children aged 8 and 9, who a doctor confirmed had anal scarring (a girl and a boy) consistent with repeated sodomy incidents.

The children's biological father was named by the children as one of the primary abusers.

As well as sexual abuse, the children gave explicit descriptions in videos made by their mother in August-September 2014 of ritual sacrifice of babies in a group where the father is a key figure.

Draper had been totally unaware of any such abuse until the children's strange specifically sexualised behaviour with each other and other children (ie: sexual touching), was noticed by her de facto partner while on vacation.

In November 2014, McKenzie Friends' Sabine McNeill was approached to supported Draper and the children when they gave statements to police.

A week later, the two children were removed under duress from their family home with their mother, and put into care with CAFCASS where they remain.

No further inquiries nor action have ever been entered into by London police, as the case is considered closed. 

Camden police sought a retraction of the original statements, which the children apparently gave.

In early February that the video footage taken of the children giving their September 2014 testimonies, found their way into the public domain.

It was soon after that, McNeill and Draper became aware that the English judicial system was going to issue warrants for their arrest.

Both women went into hiding, presumably to Europe where both have citizenship in European countries.

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Apparently, IT IS NOT IN THE PUBLIC INTEREST to have a

full inquiry and investigation carried out of the allegations !! 


  1. My prayers are with Sabine and the mother and these poor children.

    What a disaster that they have been taken by CPS, another outfit that McNeill has so valiantly opposed.

    1. Please keep sharing the information into every network you have available Anthony. It's only through widespread public knowledge that Sabine and Ella can be SAFE !!! And the mainstream media is not going to touch that with a barge-pole.

      We NOW have to BECOME the MSM !! Thank you all. SHARE !!

  2. It seems that certain people in positions of power are prepared to turn the world upside down in order to conceal things. May 2015 be the year of full exposure of such things, however gruesome they may be.

  3. Yes indeed. 2015 IS the Year of the SHEEPLE !! :D

  4. Please keep sharing the information into every network you have available EVERYBODY. It's only through widespread public knowledge that Sabine and Ella can be SAFE !!! And the mainstream media is not going to touch that with a barge-pole.

    We NOW have to BECOME the MSM !! Thank you all. SHARE !!

  5. The Establishment has been challenged.

    In the UK, when the Establishment is challenged they have been trained to take the knee jerk reaction - undermine the victims.

    If that fails, Plan B is always then to - PUNISH THE VICTIMS!

    It's pathetic!

    Why do you think Sabine's website is called Victims Unite?

    All of you who are or have been victims of the Establishment, now is the time to unite.

    We cannot sit back and watch a campaigner for the protection of children against rape be subject to a witch hunt by the corrupt British government and it's lap dog judiciary simply because they may have considered the testimony of these children to be a matter of public interest when both social services and police cover up the apparent murder and rape of children simply because the government wants it that way.

    As we already know, the raping and murder of children by members of the UK establishment is being uncovered right left and centre and they don't want the public at large to see the UK Establishment for what it really is a Satanic, puss filled, rotting cesspit.

    Nothing Great about Great Britain any more except the magnitude of it's licentiousness.

  6. I have long been hoping for 2015 to become year of breakthroughs: ...

  7. Good luck are so right.


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