Wednesday 14 October 2020

IT'S ALL GOING TO COME OUT !!! Obama-Biden murder of Seal Team 6 #OsamaBinLaden


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Biden, Obama, Clinton - Seal Team 6 murder. #OsamaBinLaden #Benghazi ALL COMING OUT NOW !!! @AnnaKhait - "The amount of documentation that will come out is absolutely EXTENSIVE."


BREAKING: Full interview about the blackmail and extortion os 152 billion US dollars sent to Iran to cover up the deaths of Seal Team 6 by the Obama-Biden administration. - @AnnaKhait on Twitter

Bush Knew Bin Laden Murdered in 2001- by Gordon Duff, Veterans Today. February 5, 2012.


Veterans Today article by Gordon Duff

Pakistan TV Exposes Osama bin Laden Killing Hoax - December 28, 2015


Pakistan TV Exposes Osama bin Laden Killing Hoax

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"Everyone is about to know the name ALLEN HARROW PARROT." - @AnnaKhait

October 11, 2020 @AnnaKhait on Twitter.

Breaking: New information about Benghazi and the deaths of Seal Team 6 and the connection to Obama and Joe Biden,. This explains the 152 billion "trade deal" with Iran as a coverup. All of this was just disclosed at #AMPFEST. Whistleblowers just came forward. Video and audio coming soon. This is HUGE !!!


BREAKING CIA Whistleblower Implicates Biden, Hillary, Obama and Brennan in Murder of Seal Team 6


October 14, 2020

Please find a very stable upload of Allen Harrow Parrot's interview on Pure Social TV