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The Sun is Scorching in NZ: 1 Month Into Spring !!!

Record Arctic Ice Melt! August 2012

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Arctic Ice Melt: 2007 Compared to 2012!

The Point of No Return?
Staggering Images of the Minumum Ice Levels over the Past 30 Years Reveals an Obvious and Clear Conclusion....
The Rate of Ice Melt is Accelerating!!

We have Broken the record of Ice Melt that was Reached in 2007 already this Year...and We have more than 3 Weeks left in the Melting Season!

The 2007 Image shows the Minimum Ice Content over a 30 Year Time Frame..
and we have Passed that 2007 Melt Off Record Already!

The Implications are Obvious..Climate Change is happening and our Earth is changing and will never be the same, and has been in recent years... We just had the hottest summer on record and all of Greenland's surface ice is gone!

In my opinion we could be past the point of no return as we can not slow or stop the rate of melting, we never could to begin with. The powers that be knew this. They've been preparing for the changes to come.

The Dense Core of the Ice Sheet Itself is What is Melting, Not just the Annual Ice that Developes evey Winter...
Whats Occuring Now is Clear, but what will Change and When is Accurate Timeline of things to Come is Not Easily Assembled....

But the First Obstacle remains the Same, and that is Awareness! There is no denying what is anymore.....
The Information is everywhere, as are the Signs...
Keep in mind this is climate change (magnetic/pole shift), not global warming, not man-made. Antarctica just set a record high for ice while the arctic melted away. The global warming theory was brought about to obscure the truth about why or how our climate is changing.


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If you are watching this and listening to this broadcast you are " THE RESISTANCE " .

Earth's Changes Part 1: Galactic Alignment 21 Dec 2012

December 21, 2012: The Sun Alignment and Other Cosmic Events

Stephen Cook: This is from a four-part series by Vishwa Amara from September 2010... It was sent in by reader Pier Marie who says: “It talks about our Sun and the alignment with the Central Sun Alycone and the Greater Central Sun Sirius, and the Galactic Center will form an equilateral triangle in space, as well as how things line up with the galactic equator and bring in a huge amount of new energies to earth.

Earth Changes Part 1: The Cosmic Events

By VishwaAmara  – September 19, 2010

Change is an inseparable part of life, the very fabric of Existence. We experience changes in every detail of our lives. While we label some as good and some as unpleasant, every change at every level is a part of our evolution, a part of our growth. These changes can be seen at the level of the individual, the society, humanity at large and even at the level of the Planet.
Our Earth, along with all life on it, is presently going through many transformations. All these can be collectively called as the Earth changes. These changes happen all the time but at certain periods, when the shift occurs from one Yuga to another, the changes will be maximum and sweeping. In a relatively short period, major transformations happen on our Earth where, the values and way of living of one Era are replaced with those of another Era.

There are many levels where these changes take place. They can be grouped together as:
a) The changes and alignments at the Cosmic level.
b) The Earth changes at the physical level
c) The Earth changes at the spiritual level
d) The changes at the level of the Individual.

Importance of this Transitory period
We’re aware that the dark age has just ended on our Earth and we’re in a transitory period before entering the New age of Light. In this transition, the ways and values of the old age will be replaced with those of the New age, and the old energies will give way to the New energies. Such processes happen in every cycle of Yugas on this Earth.
However, the transition we’re going through in this cycle is special for many reasons. In the very near future, many major events are scheduled to occur almost simultaneously in our Galaxy. The impact of these will be huge for many reasons. Also, the Rishis have recently discovered many Manifested and Unmanifested Universes in God’s creation and have gained access to the immense Energies from those Universes.
The simultaneous occurrence of these events and the access to the New Energies have given the Rishis an opportunity to reduce the duration of the transitory period, and speed up our progress into the New Age of Light. And this has also allowed them to start an entirely new experiment on our Earth, which will later be implemented in all other Earths in our Material cosmos!
Let us understand these cosmic events in brief.


The Major Cosmic Events
Our Earth along with other planets revolves around the Sun. The Sun, along with 6 other stars, inturn revolves around a bigger star, Alcyone, also known as the Central Sun. Alycone revolves around a much bigger star, Sirius, which is called as the Greater Central Sun. This system of stars revolving around one another, is a feature found in all galaxies in our Universe where ultimately, each galaxy consisting of stars and planets, revolves around its own centre. The Milky way galaxy, to which our Earth belongs, has billions of such stars and planets, all revolving around a massive star in its core, called as the Galactic centre.

a) Galactic Alignment in 2012
As the Sun and other stars revolve around one another and move in their orbits, they come in various alignments with each other. On 21st December 2012, two alignments are expected to occur in our Milky Way Galaxy. One, our Sun and the entire solar system will come in direct alignment with the Galactic equator. And two, the Galactic Centre, the Greater Central Sun and the Central Sun will form an equilateral triangle in space at the same time.

 6000 years into the future                  
 spiritual progress                                               
 Plate 62 Se’moin, Book Of Saphah

Our Earth receives energies, both physical and subtle from the Sun as well as other stars. To receive the maximum amount of Energies, it has to come in a proper alignment with these celestial bodies. For example, during an eclipse, where the Earth, Sun and Moon align with each other, very rare spiritual energies flood our Earth because of this alignment. Hence the duration of eclipses were considered sacred and were spent in meditations and other spiritual activities, to make the best use of these subtle energies.

An alignment occurring at the level of the Galactic centre will have an effect which is many, many times higher in magnitude. When our Earth, along with the solar system aligns with the Galactic equator, it will come in direct focus of a huge amount of subtle energies, which emerge from the Galactic Centre. And the triangular formation of Alcyone, Sirius and the Galactic centre in 2012 brings a massive amount of spiritual energies from these Stars to our Earth. This rare celestial occurrence has also initiated many other events, which will be explained later.

galactic center
Star Chart showing the 2012 AD December 21st solstice galactic alignment at High Noon.
This so-called ‘galactic alignment’ is unique to this era. Its configuration has been noticeable since 1850 AD.

b) Photon Belt
When the Sun moves around the Central Sun, it passes through various energy fields in space. One such energy field is the Photon belt, which is a spiritual field, which came out of the Greater central Sun, Sirius. The Photon belt is a field of very high vibratory frequency, which enhances the spiritual condition of our Earth when we enter it. If we’re spiritual evolved at that time, our evolution will be magnified by many folds. And if our spiritual growth is negative, we go into a very fast downward spiral, as it happened during our last entry, nearly 10,000 years ago, when the great civilization of Atlantis was destroyed.
Our Solar system has begun its entry into this field. Our earth is under the direct influence of the Photon Belt from Dec 21st, 2009 and the effects will increase in seven stages. We are now in the third stage of this influence. This entry of our Earth into the Photon Belt, which coincides with the Galactic alignment happening on the same day, will have a massive spiritual effect on Humanity.


c) Completion of cycles
Our Sun takes nearly 26,000 years to complete its orbit around Alcyone (Alcione). This completion of cycle coincides with the year 2012! And the Central Sun, Alycone which takes millions of years to revolve around Sirius, also completes its orbit in the same year. At the physical level, this brings about huge changes like the interchanging of the magnetic poles of the Sun, which in turn will trigger similar changes on our Earth. Such a massive change will have a huge bearing on humanity and all life that our Earth houses.

d) Second Sun
Our Sun has a twin, another star, which is called as the Second Sun. This is also referred to many as Nibiru and Planet X. This star exists at a subtle level and although it usually isn’t visible to the naked eye, it sometimes becomes visible to those who are spiritually evolved and has been photographed.
Since the Second Sun exists at a higher level, it supports life of a higher order, that is, the life in the New Age. As we go into the New age, we’ll use more of the energies from the Second Sun. These Energies are expected to become more prominent post 2012, because of our entry into the Photon belt and the Galactic alignment. They help us in our spiritual evolution and in opening up to newer realities.

Effects of these Events
When important events happen almost simultaneously at the cosmic levels, the effects will also be huge and long lasting. The events which are scheduled to occur after 2012 are going to release a huge amount of energies, both physical and spiritual, which will have massive effects. Some of them are:

a) Reduction of the Transitory period
The 5000 year long dark age ended on this Earth on 14th April, 1974. Before the New Age of Light begins, a transitory period of 432 years is usually provided, for humanity to make a gradual shift from the beliefs and values of the old age and rise to the higher values of the New age. This is also the period when the Rishis invoke many processes at different levels to help us make this shift. One of them is the intense churning process called as Pralaya, which was to lasts for 49 years. The Pralaya began in 1987 and was supposed to continue up to 2036.

Bron comment: Please note my comments regarding the 1 August 2012 crop circle in Avebury UK: "I think this crop circle might be referencing a "starting point" which is now, ie: 8 August 2012 or thereabouts, and will run through to 12 October 2034. Of particular significance are the years 2025 - 2031.  I wonder what will be going on...  ???"  

I wonder if this article by Vishwa Amara gives us the reason? (1987-2036) btw. This is the first time i've ever read this article. 

The unprecedented events which are scheduled to occur at the cosmic level in and around 2012 have given us a rare opportunity to speed up this process and make a swift entry into the Light Age!  The gradual transition which we were supposed to make in 432 years can be hastened up and reduced by many folds, because of the intensity these cosmic events create in our lives at all levels.

The Galactic alignment between the Galactic Centre, Sirius and Alcyone begins in 2012 and will continue upto 2032. [See my comment above: very similar timeframes]. Like the duration of an eclipse, the spiritual effect of this alignment will be present for these twenty years. Among other things, the Rishis have made use of this opportunity to drastically reduce the 432 years of transition and the 49 years of Pralaya, to ease our suffering and take us quickly into the Light age. As a result of this, the Pralaya process will end by 2015 and we’ll enter Satya Yuga in 2018! By the time this alignment ends in 2032, the New Age of Light will be firmly established on this Earth.  [interesting...]

b) Removal of Evil from this Earth—a New Light Age.
Our Earth is a planet where there are equal opportunities for the forces of Light and Darkness to manifest and take effect. These are evident in the 4 yugas, in which Light reigns supreme in one, darkness in another and a shade of these two manifest in the other two yugas. However the reign of darkness has increased over the course of many Mahayugas, resulting in an imbalance in creation and more burden on the Rishis who take care of God’s creation. The Galactic alignment and many other events occurring this time has enabled the Rishis to initiate a very great project, which will not only set right this imbalance but also remove Evil completely from this Earth. This project has been named as ‘Pavitrena Karyam’.

The aim of this project is to ensure that darkness and evil are not only made dormant but also removed completely from this Earth. This also means that the other three yugas will no longer be present on this Earth henceforth and there will be Light Age all the time. More details about the New Light age have been explained in the article, The Light Age.

The Galactic alignment and the huge surge of Spiritual energies it brings about have enabled the Rishis to initiate this experimentation on this Earth, from this Light Age onwards. Also, this is the first time that the Rishis could visit all the Manifested and Unmanifested Universes and also enter the realm of the Primordial God, Mula Brahman. The access to the energies and knowledge from all these Universes is another major reason for the initiation of this experimentation on this Earth.

c)  Further Effects of the Galactic Alignment
The Galactic alignment of 2012 has enabled energies of very high frequencies to be released from the three sources which are coming together in alignment. It is also helping newer energies to come into our Galaxy. All these Energies are already reaching our Earth and this will increase as we move towards 2012.

Normally the Energies are released in the form of rays or spirals. Now the new energies in shape of ‘X’ and ‘Z’ are getting released. These new energies are being released from eclipse which occurred between 31st December and 1st Janurary of this year (2010). The alignment has eased the process of anchoring these higher energies on our Earth.

These new energies are first absorbed by the Photon belt and then released to our Earth. The first impact is the increase in the vibrational frequency of our Earth, resulting in a lot of positive churning to take place at all levels. This churning helps every human being on Earth to deal with his own negativity and get over them, in order to move into the New Light Age.

This alignment has also brought in new knowledge and is helping all humanity to become aware of newer possibilities of life and creation. It has enabled a major push and growth in the whole galaxy. The new experimentation, ‘Pavitrena Karyam’ has become possible because of this growth.

The Galactic alignment is slowly increasing the pace of rotation of the entire Milky way galaxy and will help it shift higher to many levels of consciousness. This alignment is so powerful that it can shift the entire Material Cosmos to the next level of consciousness [ie: becoming increasingly conscious of: "Unity With and Realisation of Ourselves as Creator".  Just my take on it.]  But since this is not the right time for such a shift, the Rishis headed by Vasishtha Maharshi are monitoring the entire process with great vigilance to keep such huge effects in check.   [interesting... ]   : ) 

To read the rest of this article go here:

Used by permission:
Copyright © 2010 VishwaAmara.
Permission is given to copy and redistribute these articles, on condition that the content remains complete, all credit is given to the author and is distributed free.

South Africa - New ERA in Economics

SA Banks must pay out big time

Dear Citizen,
Up to a trillion rand could be refunded to South African customers by the banks. This is pre-
cisely the kind of cash injection that will help bring our country out of debt slavery and into a 
new age of prosperity.

Millions of South Africans who have loans or credit could see their monthly repayments 
reduced substantially. And tens of thousands of people who have had judgments against them 
over the past two decades may be eligible for compensation. Garnishee orders should be 
slashed and small businesses struggling with overdrafts should be released from the shackles 
of debt slavery.

In simple terms – it is very possible that your credit card, home loan, personal loan, vehicle loan 
or any form of credit you may have, has been settled in full by a third party, called a Special 
Purpose Vehicle (SPV).  Because your loan has been settled in full (ie. the bank has been paid 
out for your loan), the bank cannot bring your case to court. Under these circumstances, the 
collections process undertaken by banks, and any judgments taken by the bank as a result, 
would be unlawful.

Once a loan has been securitised (this is the technical term for this process), the bank loses 
the legal right to the asset. Confirmation of this was given to the New Economic Rights Alliance
in the form of the attached letter from the South African Reserve Bank (see page 5, para AD8).

Unfortunately the banks “neglect” to tell the customer that their loan has been settled thanks to securitisation. This is why The New Economic Rights Alliance, a non-profit organisation, was 
formed. We are here to educate the South African people, and take legal action if required. An example of where a bank has admitted outright securitisation, and withdrawn  their court case, 
is the case of ABSA vs Louis Louw. You can read about this case in our legal documents at

Several overseas court cases have also proven that what we are saying is correct. For example:

Securitising loans behind the backs of the customer is a huge business for South African 
banks. According to the Banking Association of South Africa’s website, banks are securitising 
around R30billion per month ( These 
numbers indicate that the banks are offloading private debt very quickly onto the public. This is 
leading to a kind of "financial cannibalism" where one person is forced to rely on another 
person's repayments in order to survive.

If you default on a loan, the debt to the SPV and its investors are covered by an insurance 
policy. This is provided for in the Securities Services Act. Insurance of this nature (usually 
called a credit default swap) nearly sent insurance giant AIG under in 2008. When 
insurance pays out, the debt is settled. So, quite simply, there can be no legal case 
against you because all parties have been settled. In law, this would be referred to as 
de minimis non curat lex.

Securitisation has yielded massive profits for the banks while the customer continually 
loses out. Because they did not disclose what they were doing to the customer and did not 
inform the customer that their debt had been settled, we believe that the bank profited unfairly. 
Is it time to bring the scales of justice into balance?

Feel free to have your lawyer or debt counsellor contact us for more information. Alternatively, 
stand by while we prepare for a class action lawsuit whereby all South Africans can join with 
NewERA and claim from the banks what is rightly theirs.

Please let all your friends, family members and colleagues know about this letter, and to 
join us at


PS. If you would like to demand answers from your bank right now, below is a list of questions 
that you can ask. If you are lucky enough to receive a response, read it carefully. You will 
notice that your questions will probably not be answered directly. Click here for a list of contact 

1.  Am I indebted to the bank right now? (Please answer yes or no).

2.  Please confirm that the bank actually possessed the money they claim to have lent 
me, prior to my loan being granted. In other words, did the bank physically have the money 
they lent me, prior to the money appearing in my account?

3.  Would the bank be prepared to amend the credit agreement as follows: “We, the bank, did 
in fact possess the money we loaned you, prior to the loan being approved.”

4. Was the loan funded by assets belonging to the bank at the time the loan was granted? 
Either way, please describe in detail the accounting process used to create my loan.

5.  Did the bank record my promissory note / negotiable instrument as an asset on its books? 
If yes, how was my instrument used to create my loan, and where is my valuable promissory 
note / negotiable instrument now?

6.  Does the bank participate in a securitisation scheme whereby debts / promissory notes are bundled and then sold-on to a third party/parties via special purpose vehicles, entities or alike processes?

7.  Was my loan securitised? If so, please send me all details regarding the securitisation.

8.  Does the bank have a legal right to collect money it claims I owe it? If so, then were does this legal right come from, assuming the loan has been securitised?

9.  Has my loan with the bank been settled by a special purpose vehicle, insurance policy, or by any other party?

10.  Regarding the security given to the bank by me, has this security been sold on or given as security to another party?


Friday 28 September 2012

Meditation This Sunday

Dear members of the network,

Welcome to join us in the Mother Earth Network’s monthly global healing session for our beloved Mother Earth!

The session takes place Sunday, September 30th, 8.00 pm - 8.30 pm Swedish time zone (CET). Use to translate to your local time zone! During the healing session we will help Earth to activate and spread the female energy from her inner core, of which there is an enormous shortage, both in Earth’s and humanity’s energy systems.

Below you will find background information on the healing session, instructions on how to participate, links to the printer-friendly miniguide for the healing sessions, and the Facebook page for this month's healing session.

Thank you for your participation! Together we are creating miracles!

♥ Light, Grounding and Love 

Maria Bertram & Manne Lindberg, Mother Earth Network


All energy in the Cosmos consists of the male and the female energy. These energies are the foundation of all development and create the polarities of expansion/regression, light/darkness, spirit/matter, heaven/earth, intellect/intuition and so on. The purpose of all development of consciousness is the balance between these energy polarities.

The knowledge of the male and the female energy is a timeless and all-embracing wisdom that applies for all living life in Cosmos, from small organisms to huge galaxies. This ancient and timeless wisdom has today been forgotten and suppressed, but fragments of it have been kept in different cultures all over the world. The most famous examples are the Taoists’ yin and yang, and the indigenous people’s worship of Mother Earth and Father Sky.

On the surface of the Earth, the female energy coming from the core of the planet meets the male energy coming from above. These two energies, in perfect balance, together create the Highest Divine Energy of Love, unconditional love.

Today there is an enormous imbalance, with way too much male energy on the face of the planet, which is the main reason for all the imbalances present on Earth today, such as imbalanced weather and natural disasters. This imbalance is due to mankind’s imbalanced lifestyle and aggressive technology, combined with all the mainly male energies from Cosmos flowing in over Earth preparing her for her entering into the New Spiritual Age.

The energy imbalance has created a very critical situation for Mother Earth and she goes through a tremendous amount of suffering every day.

 Together we can help her rebalance 
her system and ease her pain  

A very long time ago the mission was given to humanity to help Mother Earth to balance her energy system. We are her keepers. She depends on us like we depend on her. We are ONE with Mother Earth. Humanity is now starting to regain this timeless wisdom.

This background information and the instructions for the healing session are based on channeled information from Mother Earth, nature spirits, ascended masters, other civilizations and the Divine Consciousness. A huge network of ascended masters, other civilizations in Cosmos, and nature spirits on Earth participates during the healing session.

These sessions have an enormous impact on the healing of Mother Earth, far beyond our imagination! The effect also increases exponentially with every new individual joining us! When we take part in the healing sessions to Mother Earth, we also receive the energy ourselves, which is tremendously beneficial for our spiritual transformation.


Sit down to meditate. Turn off your mobile phones, TVs, computers and other technical equipment. If possible, sit outside in nature. Make sure you're sitting comfortably and have full contact with the floor or ground (or if you're sitting on a chair - at least with your feet). Put your hands together as if you are praying, and let them rest on your knees. Take a couple of deep breaths, relax your whole body, and clear your mind of distracting thoughts.

Get ready mentally to be a channel for the Mother Earth energy, and focus your intention on channeling the energy from the ground. Read the prayer for Mother Earth. Visualize how a channel opens up from the Earth’s center and how the red glowing female energy starts streaming up and flowing through your feet, root chakra and hands.

Let the energy fill your whole body, then let it continue onward to the worldwide network of nature spirits, masters in the spirit world and cosmic civilizations that will spread the energy to the places on Earth where it is most needed at the time. Once you have opened up the flow of energy, just focus on being present in the now. It is individual how energy feels, but it works whether you feel anything or not.

Please note: Do not send white light to Mother Earth, and don’t channel light through the crown chakra to her, because she will then get more of the high frequency male energy that she already has a surplus of. What Mother Earth needs to heal herself today is the low frequency grounding female energy from Earth’s inner core.

Dear Mother Earth,

In humbleness, love and complete trust, we are asking you, 
Please give us strength and guidance.
Please help us to channel energies from your interior,
to heal you completely, both your body and your soul.

Thank you for letting us humans live with you and take part in your abundance.   
Thank you for your beauty and richness. 
Thank you for all the miracles taking place on Earth every day.
Mother Earth, we are calling on you!

End the session by saying Thank you.


January 9th
February 7th
March 8th
April 6th
May 6th
June 4th
July 3rd
August 2nd
August 31st
September 30th
October 29th
November 28th
December 28th


A one-page printer-freindly miniguide for the healing sessions, including all dates for 2012:

Facebook page for this month's healing session:


The Mother Earth Network is an ever growing, global spiritual network consisting of thousands of people around the world. We, Maria Bertram and Manne Lindberg, run the network from Sweden, outside of Stockholm. Our life tasks are to help humanity and Earth through the transition to the New Spiritual Age, and to take part in re-establishing the female energy on Earth. Maria has for many years channeled messages from the Divine Consciousness (God), Mother Earth, nature spirits, spiritual masters, angels and representatives from other civilizations in Cosmos.

Besides spreading channeled messages, we’re also spreading instructions to a healing technique, Mother Earth-healing, in which you ground yourself in depth, which is a precondition for spiritual transformation and to prepare for the transition to the New Spiritual Age. The network’s main activities are global healing sessions for Mother Earth, through channeled instructions. The network also holds lectures in Sweden with, among other things, public channelings from different sources. Everything the network offers is 100 % free.

Read more about us on the network’s website, where you can also sign up to become a member and receive our newsletter – with reminders and instructions for the global healing sessions for Mother Earth, our future channellings, publications and other updates. You’ll find the website at:

Mother Earth Network on Facebook:

Reproduced with permission from the author, Manne Lindburg.  Mother Earth Network