Tuesday 30 July 2019

Two sources say: Declassifications start this week! Justice here now !! #Clinton #Obama #FBI #DOJ #IntelAgencies #Trafficking #Bribery #MoneyLaundering #Extortion #Corruption #ChildRape #BabyRape #ChildSacrifice #BabySacrifice #Molech #CultOfMolech #ControlSystem #SwissPharaohs #ReserveBankSystem #BIS #SecretSocieties #MasonicNetwork #SteinStone-masons "hidden in plain sight" #Bloodline #PriestsOfKarnak #Vatican #NinthCircleSatanicCult of the European elite families #SaxeCoburgGotha >> #Battenburg >> #Mountbatten >> #Windsor >> #PrincessDiana and #ZacGoldsmith are siblings "hidden in plain sight" #Rothschild #Soros #UN #EU agents of #CultOfSet #Satan #IsisCult #ISIS mercenary army USA funded under Barack Hussein Obama... Much, much deeper than you can imagine!

July 30, 2019

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NOW it's time to play, "Who's been having Whom?"  - James Goldsmith

John Denver (1985) - activist. John Denver's address to the deep state

July 28, 2019

YouTube ticking time-bomb! German lawyers have you in the cross-hairs!

July 28, 2019

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Saturday 27 July 2019

Evergreen This Hole Goes Deep

July 22, 2019

Death penalty! Child and baby killers are being EXECUTED !!! USA

July 26, 2019

These judgements handed down pave the way for executions of child sacrificing pedophiles such as Hillary Clinton, Barack Hussein Obama and John Podesta (Skippy). They will all be executed.

Do you remember Trump's press conference when somebody asked what the penalty will be for such deep state actors? His reply was: It has to be harsh. People will remember what happened to the criminals in 100 years time. People won't forget.

What would people not forget? The execution of the deep state traitors and other very bad actors!  - - cannibals, pedophiles and child killers  - such as Pelosi, Schumer, Kissinger, Soros, Comey, McCabe, Mueller, handsy-grabby Biden - molester of young children!... all destined for the chair I would predict. Their crimes are foul!

Monday 22 July 2019

Nigel Farage - Absolutely destined to be the new Prime Minister of the UK

July 20, 2019

Andrew McCabe knew Arkansided (murdered) Seth Rich was WikiLeaks leaker !!! #NoRussiaCollusion

July 16, 2019

Interpol man hunt on now. Swedish law courts, police, politicians - BIG FAIL !!!!

Image source: Mitti.se

SWEDEN. Article: Madelene in concrete. Now 36-year-old man is on the run. July 19, 2019 - Mitti.se

Following is my commentary on this situation. Note: I am a New Zealander who now lives in Lund, Sweden. I look at the Swedish situation through very New Zealand eyes.

(1) Why is the sentence only 20 months? Is a Swedish woman's life not worth more than this? He would get at least 15 years of prison time in New Zealand, no parole!!
(2) Is there some issue with his skin color perhaps? Why do judges not sentence based on the rule of law, not on the rule of fear of being criticised for being a Nazi or a racist? Crime has nothing to do with race. If you are a criminal, the sentence should be a standard one for all people living in that country. Does a native Swedish man get 20 months for killing his girlfriend? No. Of course not :-/ He would get a life sentence. So what the fuck is going on here?
(3) Why did the man not start his prison sentence immediately, as soon as he was apprehended? In NZ for such cases, incarceration begins immediately. When sentencing happens 1 year later (for example), it is recognised that 1 year has already been served.
(4) If he is an immigrant, why was he not immediately deported and put into the hands of his own government where he would serve the sentence or pay for the crime under the laws of his own country?
(5) Why did a man hunt not happen as soon as he failed to turn up to court? In NZ, there certainly would have been! The armed police would have been flying around in helicopters, roads would be blocked off, the army would be called in... All ports would have been closed! Yes! For just this one man! He is after all a very violent offender. One goal of the state is to show other such offenders that the state has muscle. If the state does not do this, other violent offenses of this type will surely follow.
(6) Who are the other 779 people who have failed to turn up for sentencing? Where is Sweden's most wanted website? Who are these people? Where were they last seen? Where is their photo image? Where is the phone number so members of the public can phone in if they see the criminal?
(7) Why is Sweden so reluctant to show an arm of force? Who is the boss here? Who makes the rules? Who passes the laws? ... because from what I am seeing here in this news article, it's definitely not the people who tax-payers have put in place and pay to stand in honesty, integrity, common sense, and in strength in the Riksdag !!!

In summary: I am absolutely 100% appalled by the cucks who put on the nice clothing and party costumes (judges, police, lawyers, politicians) who can't even get their dicks out of their hands long enough to wake the fuck up to what their compliance with criminals is doing to the country. Yes! I am that appalled !!!!!!!!  I save my colorful language for only the most deranged of situations - and this indeed is one of them!

Please see the follow up to this story here > Man fled to Thailand - July 22, 2019

Sheeesh... !!!!

Sunday 21 July 2019

Barack Obama's legacy - A litany of crimes. Treason. Murder. Trafficking. Torture. Destabilization created internationally - Libya, Iraq, Syria, Ukraine, Venezuela...

Very well said Sarah Abdallah @sahouraxo on Twitter...

The man who bombed Libya back into the stone age, turning a country that had the highest standard of living in Africa into a war-torn state where terrorists roam the streets and sell human beings in open slave markets, wants to lecture us on building a better future. - Sarah Adallah

Dropping more that 26,000 bombs on 7 countries in a single year alone, which killed and displaced tens of thousands of men, women and children, sure seems like a pretty big scandal to me.  - Sarah Abdallah

Sunday 14 July 2019

The Next Phase Is Called [Justice Phase] NO DEALS

July 13, 2019

POTUS45 knows Alisa and Gabriel's story @19:20 - Dearman indictment imminent? POTUS knows!

Photo taken 2015

July 12, 2019

Search: Dearman, Hampstead children, Satanic child sacrifice on this blog (since February 2015).

See this article on this blog.

Click on these images to enlarge.

Papa kills babies - Secret UK Pedophile ring is being exposed

Gabriel (8) and Alisa (9) in September 2014.

Below: 100,935 sealed indictments for the period 10/30/2017 to 5/31/2019. The average is 5,000 per month. Prior to the inauguration of President Donald J. Trump there were only 1,000-2,000 sealed indictments per year! That is what was normal previously !!


Video: Hampstead Ricky Dearman Resurfaces With Children

Actor "Richard Ford" presents with "Alicia Williams" and "Gab Williams" who won a 2017 eBay award for his product Wonderful Slime July 2017. Here's another video for Wonderful Slime made in December 2018. For such a prize-winning product, please note the view numbers and the channel subscribers.

Is this Alisa's and Gabriel's hands we see here? And what is the material used to create this "Wonderful Slime". Please dear God... Don't tell me it is the self-same silicon material that Ricky Dearman makes his dildos with  :-/  - the very same dildos that he uses to sodomise his children with. How sick can you get? - to get your children to "play" with the very material with which they are tortured!

Q is right - These people are sick!

They really are.

It's weird how Alicia's top looks like it is blood-stained. Coincidence? Gabriel is purposely all in black similar to his father. Is Dearman grooming Gabriel to be the next cult leader?

Symbols [and symbolism] will be their downfall - Q.

Alisa (12) and Gabriel (11) in 2017. Alisa looks like a tired old woman, not like a bright and sparkling pre-teenager. Poor girl. Fancy your own father doing things like that to you  :(   Your mistrust of the world would be absolute.

This is Gabriel Gareeva-Dearman's Facebook profile page >

No way !!  11 million ??  Really?  If this 11 million is correct, he certainly didn't get it from acting !!!  Please compare with Percy Jackson actor Logan Lerman below (who we all recognise) and yet nobody knows Ricky Dearman's acting work. And here he is on this website which purports that this C-grade actor is worth 11 million ???  And pigs do fly! ... or he obtained this money through his child traffiking exploitations.

Source: Researcher is Tom Ford  ... cf. Ricky Dearman's new pseudonym Richard Ford ???  Bad actors simply plagiarise. "Ford" sounds real American pie, doesn't it? What a great deceiver this man is. 


Click to enlarge.

Now what are the odds of that?

Source: qanon.pub  (copy below)

Thursday 11 July 2019


July 9, 2019

The Vincent Vendetta Channel suggests we search Epstein agent Rachel Chandler's Instagram for ourselves. CE has posted a thread from Chandler and her close associates. "These people are sick." - Q

Related image

Images source: CE

Wednesday 10 July 2019

Death sentence imminent for UK journalist who exposed Muslim grooming gangs in the UK. 10,000s of UK working class children, girls and women saved and protected by this man. His crime? "Journalism" - exposing the BBC #FakeNews and the deep state. Help today - support @ tommyappeal.com and please share this information with your networks. Tommy's life depends on you doing this - not an exaggeration.


July 10, 2019

Source TR News: I am going to be sent to jail [July 11, 2019] for asking convicted child rapists, as a journalist “how are you feeling about your verdict?”, I have been refused by the judge to be given at least 4 weeks to prepare a pre-sentence report which is unheard of. Murderers, rapists, terrorists, all of these are given time to prepare pre-sentence reports and other necessary assessments before they are sentenced, but of course not me!

The judge wants me back in court on next Thursday 11th July so my punishment or prison sentence can be expedited. I will say this plainly and straight to the point:


- Tommy Robinson
London UK

Red Pill News - Indictments Unsealed, MORE TO COME

July 8, 2019

Wednesday 3 July 2019

Man made climate change a hoax! Swedish sea levels scientist tells all !!!

June 18, 2019

Are you still under the spell of the Babylonian-Egyptian magicians?  #ThePriesthood #SwissPharaohs

The UN IPCC is misleading humanity about climate change and sea levels. They are publishing false information. Please enjoy this very direct Australian commentary and interview with Swedish paleo-geophysics and geodynamics expert Dr Nils-Axel Morner, formerly head of department at Stockholm University. Here are the statistics:

0.04% of the world's atmosphere is carbon dioxide as we can see on Wikipedia (a heavily referenced article). Nils-Axel actually quotes the wrong figures... It's much less than that! 3% of that 0.04% is created by human activity. That's all !!  That equates to 0.012% of all of the earth's atmosphere. That is tiny!

The question is: Does human activity actually make that much of a difference? The answer is: No! You have been living under the illusion of a fake #GlobalWarmingHoax and #ClimateChangeHoax. It's time to snap yourself out of the dream!