Thursday 27 April 2017

Alternative media is AWAKENING... David Vose, Jordan Sather, Bronny NZ and others

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Videos by Jordan Sather:

Video:  Plausible/Possible/Probable Syria Scenario #2...

Image result for Plausible/Possible/Probable Syria Scenario #2...
Published on Apr 7, 2017 - by Jordan Sather
After the Syrian chemical attack a few days ago, Trump decided to retaliate with 59 cruise missiles. Here's the trick: they weren't meant for Assad.  LiveLeak: "Russian Drone footage of Shayrat base after US airstrike" -

Why I Think Trump & Putin Are Trolling The World Right Now

Published on Apr 15, 2017 - by Jordan Sather
My deduction of current events. I believe the world is being distracted by war while the pieces are aligned behind the scenes to take out the Cabal.

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January 22, 2017  "What will NATO do regarding Russia now that Trump is in?" - a reader question

April 11, 2017  Yuan gold-back currency in use NOW. Are Syria "bombings" a smokescreen?  

April 13, 2017  Putin says, "It's illogical that Assad used sarin gas on his own people."  

Videos by David Vose:


Published on Apr 21, 2017  - by David Vose
A new ERA is here. Can Trump pull it off?


Published on Apr 22, 2017  - by David Vose
BREAKING NEWS - This is huge the veil is about to come off!

That's right David... The veil IS lifting  :)  :)  :)

July 14, 2014  or  14-7-14 (magick numbers) 

Black Magic - Humanity's PERCEPTION is covered over by a "net" or VEIL !!

What PUTIN just said will STOP the WORLD

Published on Apr 19, 2017  - by David Vose just before he woke up.
Let us hope Trump know what this video says. Let us hope we can get the word out.

Thursday 20 April 2017


The Schumann Resonance Bursts and Affects on Human Consciousness 
- by "Destroying the illusion" Jordan Slather

Published on Apr 19, 2017
Information on the Earth's natural resonant frequency, or the Schumann Resonance, and how it affects our own brain waves and levels of consciousness.

Russian Schumann Monitoring Website -
Earthbreathing: "The Discovery of Schumann Resonance" -
Bibliotecapleydes: "The Schumann Resonances and Human Psychobiology" -

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"That Vladimir Putin video"   (also linked below)

I think what Jordan explains in this video relates very well to a blog article I wrote in November 2012 called:

Meditation 22 Nov 2012. 22:11 Gateway Activation

Please go check this article out.
Human consciousness is definitely shifting. Science shows us this is so  #SchumannResonance

Why I Think Trump & Putin Are Trolling The World Right Now

Published on Apr 15, 2017
My deduction of current events. I believe the world is being distracted by war while the pieces are aligned behind the scenes to take out the Cabal  - Jordan Sather

Wednesday 19 April 2017

CHINA-RUSSIA bypass petro-dollar. Credit bubble to burst. FED system ends 2017

China Gold Back Currency Could Bring Dollar Collapse Economic News Economic Collapse
Published on Mar 24, 2017
Economic news: "The dollar's days are numbered... Iran recently said they don't want to use the US dollar... China is pioneering this step that will secure the death of the US dollar." - China and a new attempt by the largest bank to increase gold backed accounts. Program for citizens to exchange gold between each other and increase citizens opening gold backed accounts. The worlds case for use of the dollar is weakening as more reliable alternatives come out. Dollar collapse is sure to follow as the world seeks a more stable store of money. Gold's reliablility will have countries around the world seek to bank in gold. The United States being behind the trend could bring economic collapse 2017, faster than we think.

PUTIN WANTS GOLD BACK CURRENCY - Claims Russia Will Never Become A NWO Cashless Society

Published on Feb 29, 2016

Turkey Now Using Gold Backed Accounts! BRICS Gold. Dollar Collapse Dangers Economic Collapse 2017

Published on Apr 4, 2017
Developments could begin the dollar collapse much faster than we think. Turkish government moves to use gold in their economy. They begin to issue gold-backed bonds in an attempt to use gold in their economy more and. Turkish banks promote gold-backed accounts. Russia and China attempt to bring BRICS nations on to gold back currency. Economic collapse off the petro-dollar in 2017.

Trump And A New Gold-Backed Dollar

Published on Jan 24, 2017
Take five minutes and watch this RTD educational documentation originally written by Nick Giambruno, Senior Editor at Casey Research about President Trump's impact on gold, the dollar and the international monetary system.

Click the link for more educational RTD Min-Docs: For more great informative and educational videos from monetary experts on the future of the dollar watch RTD Interviews at RTD UNIVERSITY. The best monetary and financial education not available in a classroom -

JUDGMENT DAY: Russia & China Bypass the Dollar With GOLD

Published April 7, 2017
In this conversation with Andy Hoffman we discuss the Russia and China's rapid move away from the dollar and toward gold. It will soon be judgment day for the petro-dollar.

Following are reports explaining why the Chinese and Russian governments are taking the very legitimate action of co-creating a gold-backed international currency... the gold-backed yuan and renminbi. On the day the "music dies" for people in the USA because they have been failed by the 1913 Federal Reserve Act, China and Russia are prepared. As Edgar Cayce said in the 1930s: "Through Russia comes the hope of the world... Freedom! Freedom! Each man will live for his fellow man."   

Video: ECONOMIC COLLAPSE: Trump to Declare Bankruptcy on U.S.

Image result for ECONOMIC COLLAPSE: Trump to Declare Bankruptcy on U.S.
Published March 9, 2017
The world's international trading currency, the US dollar: "It's backed by nothing! It isn't anything. It's only a belief system... Just like I felt in 2008, there is something coming... but this time even worse. They've doubled the debt." Get your free report here >>

Video: The Collapse Is Confirmed! Signs Of The Imminent Economic Collapse 2017 Stock Market CRASH!

Image result for The Collapse Is Confirmed! Signs Of The Imminent Economic Collapse 2017 Stock Market CRASH!
Published on Mar 23, 2017
Will the US Economic Collapse Happen in 2017? The economic forecast for 2017 is more than bleak, and there is more than enough economic data out there to show there could be an economic collapse and stock market crash in 2017.

Economic Collapse Confirmed! Most Credible Video Ever!  (and it is)

Published on Jul 22, 2016
This is a tough topic, because people either don’t won’t to believe it or are not capable because they lack the knowledge to comprehend what is being said. When you understand that our country can only operate based on debt/credit, not physical dollars, you finally see that the USA is a huge Ponzi scheme built on nothing more that our ability to borrow money. Our status as the world reserve currency has allowed us to borrow money that we do not have. The government says that there are 10 trillion dollars sitting in the US Banking system that we can go and easily withdrawal. How can that be true when there only exists 1.4 trillion of real money in circulation (dollars and coins) and more than one half of that is outside the US. This doesn’t include the 10s of trillions more that we owe other countries that have purchased our debt. If our creditors were to all come and ask for their money at one time there would be less than $1 dollar for every $1000 dollars owed. The world economy collapses.

All Great empires based on fiat currencies end in this way. People I talk to like my wife and friends have no clue what is coming. This is a long video and I have edited it to half of its original length. It is the single most logical and credible documentary I have ever watched on the future of the US economy. It makes be sick that the Fed decided to bailout the corrupt bankers instead of the US citizens. Instead of bailing out the banks, the Fed could have paid off every consumer debt in the country and freed up trillions of dollars for the consumer. Instead they padded the pockets of the banking elite. I wanted to puke. Now they are setting things up to try one last historic cash grab. Driving the stock market to all time highs so they can short the hell out of it.

I am 58 years old and a registered professional engineer in Maryland. I have owned 3 very different types of businesses over the past 30 years. I am now retired. I have watched hundreds of videos on the economy and done years of research into past financial failures going as back before the Roman Empire. Dr. Paul Roberts is one of my followers and referenced me in a video I produced on Sandy Hook. People do not want to acknowledge that the fall of fiat currencies is nothing new and that the US has made it this far ONLY because we are the default reserve currency of the world. There have been 440 economies based on fiat currencies in modern history…. They have all come to the same demise, FAILURE. 

Having an education in Engineering with a minor in mathematics I do not believe that the US is exempt from the natural laws of economics. Please watch the video and prepare as you deem appropriate. You may want to research “normalcy bias”; it explains why people have a hard time excepting the true outcome of a situation that has played out the same way again and again throughout history. I keep hearing from my friends and family that the US is different. That is true. The US is in much deeper shit than any country in history. If you doubt that watch the entire video. You cannot deny the logic!!

When is the Big Day? (Bix Weir & Kerry Lutz)  - great commentary !!

Published on Apr 18, 2017
Bix Weir sits down with Kerry Lutz to discuss all the changes in the wind in this time of TRANSITION. Bitcoin and Blockchain. Please see the video for Putin above, published February 29, 2016.

FAKE NEWS: FRANCE RIOTS have NOTHING to do with open doors immigration policy. Thanks Angela Merkel and EU cronies for implementing the Kalergi Plan!

 All images are linked to the video. This happened around a year ago. It is thought that these actions relate to a Palestinian march held in 2016. This footage was taken from an upstairs apartment in Paris. 

Over the weekend 30,000 pro-Marine Le Penn accounts on Facebook were closed. The current French administration doesn't want their own people to see what's really going on. They don't want people to share the message of Marine Le Penn. They want to pretend that the current open door immigration policies are working in France. Clearly, these policies are not working. 

Note: The French audience on this blog is second only to the American audience of 100s of millions of people. Censorship is so bad in France that the French people have
to resort to finding information about their own country on a small New Zealand blog like mine... That truly is terrible !!!!!  :(  :(   FRANCE !!! We are not impressed !!!

Video. BREAKING : EU Panic - France Slips Into Nationalism, 30,000 FB Accounts Banned & More PARIS Footage

 Young French men are running back along the street. They are running away from something...

 The young French men run at speed towards a small line of French police dressed up in riot gear...

 The police line opens up and the young men run right through...

 The police knowingly let the young French men through. That is, these two parties are on the same side.

The French police come up the street. Face guards are down and shields are up... Who is the enemy they are facing off with far up the road? Who is it that the first vanguard of young French men were running from?

Ah! There they are. Dark-skinned Africans and Arabs wearing scarves over their heads holding all kinds of make-shift projectiles and weapons.

 The young French men approach again, backing up the police who went up in front of them...

Anything that moves becomes a weapon...  chairs, table legs, bottles, glass, stones, cement...  
Hand-thrown projectiles are flying from both sides.

That was just another day in Paris France...  Nothing to see here.

Thursday 13 April 2017

Putin says, "It's illogical that Assad used sarin gas on his own people."

All screenshots are taken from the Eurasia Daily video.

"What is your view on the use of chemical weapons in Syria, with side do you think used them? And what is your analysis on this situation in Syria?"

 "You are well aware of my position on the use of any weapons of mass destruction, which includes chemical weapons."

"We absolutely deplore the use of such weapons, and in cases where it is proven, we participate in the consolidation action toward the eradication of these weapons."

 "As you will be aware, the Syrian government has in the past appealed to the international community to come and inspect the sites in which it was found that rebels had used chemical weapons."

 "This call was not answered."

 "The reaction came from the international community, only during the last time that those weapons were used."

 "I'd like to think that common sense speaks for itself."

"The Syrian army was on the offensive, in some places they had surrounded the rebels enitirely. For them to suddenly give away the trump card to those who continually call for regime change, is frankly, a crock of shit."

 "It is completely illogical, especially as it took place during the visit of a UN observer."

 "I am more than assured that this was simply provocation on behalf of those that wuld like to pull other countries into this war, that would like to garner support from other militaries - the US primarily."

 "When it comes to the position of our American friends..."

They keep saying that Syrian government forces were the ones that had used chemical weapons, and that they have evidence..."

"Well then, show us the eveidence, show the UN observers and show us at the Security Council."

 "Saying that you have evidence, but it is secret and not available for scrutiny, it's simply disrespectful to your partners in the international community."

 "If evidence exists, it must be shown. If it is not shown, then it does not exist."

"Alluding to some intercepted conversation, which prove absolutely nothing at all, cannot serve as justification to attack a sovereign country."

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Yuan gold-back currency in use NOW. Are Syria "bombings" a smokescreen?  - April 2017
BREAKING: Assad speaks to BBC. Chemical attack “100% fabrication.” US working “hand and glove” with ISIS 

Tuesday 11 April 2017

Yuan gold-back currency in use NOW. Are Syria "bombings" a smokescreen?

CBSN news on Twitter. The image above links to the Twitter video >>

More on CBS news and NBC news here >>  #FakeStreamMedia

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BREAKING: Assad speaks to BBC. Chemical attack “100% fabrication.” US working “hand and glove” with ISIS
- Published: April 14, 2017
- Published: April 12, 2017

These April 6 And April 7  announcements are very interesting - particularly since this is what the airfield looked like after the "bombing" on April 7, 2017.  Please double-check the date stamp. Hmmmmm... ???

Live Leak drone footage

Live Leak drone footage

Live Leak drone footage

<< More images at the end of this article >>

There is no damage to the airfield, or negligible damage. That's a bit strange, isn't it?  Supposedly "Only 23 out of 59 Tomahawk missiles reached their target" according to Live Leak and yet there is no evidence whatsoever that 23 missiles even hit. Strange... very strange. This is the target that Trump agreed on US news channels, to have gone after, right? So what's the game here?  Observe: The date on the drone feed says April 7, 2017. That's just weird. More advice is needed, so -

Let's have a look at the video where these screenshots are taken from and get Jordan Sather's view of the situation...

Video: Plausible/Possible/Probable Syria Scenario #2...

Video published on Apr 7, 2017
After the Syrian chemical attack a few days ago, Trump decided to retaliate with 59 cruise missiles. 
Here's the trick: they weren't meant for Assad.

LiveLeak: "Russian Drone footage of Shayrat base after US airstrike" -

_ _ _

Alright...  So we "may" have established that there was no attack on the said target at all... and Jordon gets us to look at the possibility that Trump is playing the MSM "big league" and sending his missiles elsewhere, eg: Right into the heart of ISIS operations. It's a possibility, right? Trump always said, (1) I am going after ISIS, and (2) I am not going to give them any warnings. So if Trump "sticks to his guns" (pun intended) on these two points, it might very well be that he, (1) went after ISIS on 4-4-2017 and that (2), he told no-one...  not even after the event, since the whole affair with ISIS is likely not yet settled !!

This explains to me why the whole "confession" (admission) from Trump aka "Press Conference" announcing the attack, felt extremely disingenuous to me, because I would speculate: It was a play-act. He had to to say "we hit the airfield" in a retaliatory action against the alleged bombing of the Syrian people by Assad (which I personally don't believe for an instant), because that is the cover story for what's really going on.

Now... The date of April 4, 2017 also sends us some other signals...  That of a smokescreen. We see another big smokescreen on June 14, 2014 with the bombing of Gaza. Do you remember that one? The smokescreen was to hide something in the financial markets that the puppet masters did not want people to be aware of.

It was only two days before this alleged airfield strike on April 4, 2017 that Tyler Durdon submitted this story on Zero Hedge on April 2, 2017.  Here's what the big financial players on this planet don't want you to know about...

Moscow And Beijing Join Forces To Bypass US Dollar In Global Markets, Shift To Gold Trade

The Russian central bank opened its first overseas office in Beijing on March 14, marking a step forward in forging a Beijing-Moscow alliance to bypass the US dollar in the global monetary system, and to phase-in a gold-backed standard of trade. According to the South China Morning Post the new office was part of agreements made between the two neighbours "to seek stronger economic ties" since the West brought in sanctions against Russia over the Ukraine crisis and the oil-price slump hit the Russian economy.

According to Dmitry Skobelkin, the deputy governor of the Central Bank of Russia, the opening of a Beijing representative office by the Central Bank of Russia was a “very timely” move to aid specific cooperation, including bond issuance, anti-money laundering and anti-terrorism measures between China and Russia. The new central bank office was opened at a time when Russia is preparing to issue its first federal loan bonds denominated in Chinese yuan. If Russia - the world's fourth largest gold producer after China, Japan and the US - is indeed set to become a major supplier of gold to China, the probability of a scenario hinted by many over the years, namely that Beijing is preparing to eventually unroll a gold-backed currency, increases by orders of magnitude.

Meanwhile, as the Russian central bank was getting closer to China, China was responding in kind with the establishment of a clearing bank in Moscow for handling transactions in Chinese yuan. The Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC) officially started operating as a Chinese renminbi clearing bank in Russia on Wednesday, this past Wednesday (March 29, 2017).

"The financial regulatory authorities of China and Russia have signed a series of major agreements, which marks a new level of financial cooperation," Dmitry Skobelkin, the above-mentioned deputy head of the Russian Central Bank, said. "The launching of renminbi clearing services in Russia will further expand local settlement business and promote financial cooperation between the two countries," he added.

Bypassing the US dollar appears to be paying off: according to the Chinese State Administration of Taxation, trade turnover between China and Russia increased by 34% in January, in annual terms. Bilateral trade in January 2017 amounted to $6.55 billion. China’s exports to Russia grew 29.5% reaching $3.41 billion, while imports from Russia increased by 39.3%, to $3.14 billion. Just as many suspected, with Russian sanctions forcing Moscow to find other trading partners, chief among which China, this is precisely what has happened.

The creation of the clearing center enables the two countries to further increase bilateral trade and investment while decreasing their dependence on the US dollar. It will create a pool of yuan liquidity in Russia that enables transactions for trade and financial operations to run smoothly. In expanding the use of national currencies for transactions, it could also potentially reduce the volatility of yuan and ruble exchange rates. The clearing center is one of a range of measures the People's Bank of China and the Russian Central Bank have been looking at to deepen their co-operation, Sputnik reported.

One of the most significant measures under consideration is the previously reported push for joint organization of trade in gold. In recent years, China and Russia have been the world's most active buyers of the precious metal. On a visit to China last year, the deputy head of the Russian Central Bank Sergey Shvetsov said that the two countries want to facilitate more transactions in gold between the two countries.

"We discussed the question of trade in gold. BRICS countries are large economies with large reserves of gold and an impressive volume of production and consumption of this precious metal. In China, the gold trade is conducted in Shanghai, in Russia it is in Moscow. Our idea is to create a link between the two cities in order to increase trade between the two markets," First Deputy Governor of the Russian Central Bank Sergey Shvetsov told Russia's TASS news agency.

In other words, China and Russia are shifting away from dollar-based trade, to commerce which will eventually be backstopped by gold, or what is gradually emerging as an Eastern gold standard, one shared between Russia and China, and which may day backstop their respective currencies.

Meanwhile, the price of gold continues to reflect none of these potentially tectonic strategic shifts, just as China - which has been the biggest accumulator of gold in recent years - likes it.

Excerpts from "Zero Hedge"
_ _ _

This seems to be the way the Puppet Masters roll... If they can cause distraction, they will. If they can get Trump to agree with them to tell a lie that he takes the flack for, to try to protect the general public from knowing that the USD is now in free-fall, then he will.

In the final analysis, we may find that the alleged missile attacks affected no civilians at all (it didn't even happen at all by the look of these Live Leak images), but that story did distract people from realising the sinking of "Lady Liberty" aka "the collapse of the USD" is happening as we speak. And as Jordan says in his video - Perhaps the missiles were being sent into the heart of ISIS territory. Who would know? The subterfuge in the public eye and perception is complete. Whichever way the dice were falling, Trump was screwed (through no fault of his own). "Diplomacy" is a difficult game to play. There are so many moving parts and so many considerations.

From what I can see here, the choice Trump picked by taking "blame" and "hate" on the chin, was the lesser of two evils. Do you know what would happen in America if the average person really knew what was happening on the international financial stage?  There would be looting, rioting and mayhem - so it's actually far better that Trump just took the punch and made it look like he was failing his constituency. He made the correct choice.

Image result for Statue of Liberty sinking

Following are some more backgrounders to this story...

Russia Readies Back-Up System For Potential "Split With International Banking System" - March 25, 2017. 
By Tyler Durden

To put it more bluntly, a war to reset the global financial order is about to be unleashed. Preparations inside Russia are being made in case the ultimate banking sanctions are placed on them, cutting off commerce inside the all-encompassing Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecomm SWIFT system – which runs credit, debt, and banking card transactions across a real time global network... Putin is readying his people to divorce from the international banking system altogether, and start over with a nationalistic platform, backed by thousands of tons of gold, and growing alliances with Europe, China and the BRICS nations, the Middle East and several emerging powers. A major attempt to bring Russia under heel could result in the greatest schism the global system of finance has ever seen. Read more >>

More about the Russia-Chinese "Swift" system here and other related links  >>

BRICS Nations unwavering in TAKE-DOWN of US Hegemony

How A United Iran, Russia, & China Are Changing The World - January 1, 2017. By Tyler Durden

This segment will describe how Iran, China and Russia have over the years adopted a variety of economic and military actions to repel the continual assault on their sovereignty by the West; in particular, how the American drive for global hegemony has actually accelerated the end of the 'unipolar moment' thanks to the emergence of a multipolar world... Events such as the war in Syria, the bombing of Libya, the overthrowing of the democratic order in Ukraine, sanctions against Iran, and the direct pressure applied to Beijing in the South China Sea, have accelerated integration among nations that in the early 1990s had very little in common... The introduction of the yuan into the international basket of the IMF, global agreements for the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB), and Beijing’s protests against its treatment by the World Trade Organization (WTO) are all alarm bells for American strategists who see the role of the American currency eroding... De-dollarization is occurring and proceeding rapidly, especially in areas of mutual business interest. In what is becoming increasingly routine, nations are dealing in commodities by negotiating in currencies other than the dollar...

Another advantage enjoyed by the United States, intrinsically linked to the banking private sector, is the political pressure that Americans can apply through financial and banking institutions. The most striking example is seen in the exclusion of Iran from the SWIFT international system of payments, as well as the extension of sanctions, including the freezing of Tehran's assets (about 150 billion US dollars) in foreign bank deposits. While the US is trying to crack down on independent economic initiatives, nations like Iran, Russia and China are increasing their synergies. During the period of sanctions against Iran, the Russian Federation has traded with the Islamic Republic in primary commodities. China has supported Iran with the export of oil purchased in yuan. More generally, Moscow has proposed the creation of an alternative banking system to the SWIFT system.

The first goal of Iran, Russia and China is of course to make these international bodies less influential. Economic multipolarity is the first as well as the most incisive way to expand the free choice before each nation to pursue its own interests, thereby retaining its national sovereignty. This fictitious and corrupt financial system led to the financial crisis of 2008. Tools to accumulate wealth by the elite, artificially maintaining a zombie system (turbo capitalism) have served to cause havoc in the private and public sectors, such as with the collapse of Lehman Brothers or the crisis in the Asian markets in the late 1990s. The need for Russia, China and Iran to find an alternative economic system is also necessary to secure vital aspects of the domestic economy. The stock-market crash in China, the depreciation of the ruble in Russia, and the illegal sanctions imposed on Iran have played a profound role in concentrating the minds of Moscow, Tehran and Beijing.

In the Middle East, the destruction of Iraq, Libya and Syria has obliged Tehran to react against the alliance formed between Saudi Arabia, Turkey and the United States. In China, the constant pressure on South China Sea poses a serious problem in case of a trade blockade during a conflict. In all these scenarios, American imperialism has created existential threats... The desperate search to extend Washington's unipolar moment has paradoxically accelerated the rise of a multipolar world. Read more >>

Turkey Proposes Trade With China, Russia And Iran In Local Currencies - December 4, 2016. By Tyler Durden

In a surprising twist, one which likely seeks to isolate the Turkish Lira from its dependency on the US dollar, Erdogan said on Sunday that Turkey is taking steps to allow commerce with China, Russia and Iran to be conducted in local currencies... Speaking at the opening ceremony of a shopping mall in Istanbul, Erdogan said that he had proposed Russian President Vladimir Putin to conduct trade between the two countries with local currencies.

“I proposed Putin the following: Let’s do our trade in local currencies. Whatever I buy [from you] I shall pay you in Russian ruble, and whatever you buy from me make the payment in Turkish Liras,” said Erdogan on December 3, quoted by Hurriyet.  He added that he had made the same offer to China and Iran and his offer was found reasonable. “We have given the necessary instructions to our central banks and we will try to conduct such [trade] relationships between us through this way,” Erdogan said. Erdogan again reiterated his call to Turkish citizens to convert their foreign exchange into gold or the Turkish Lira. “Those who keep foreign currency under their mattress should come and turn them into lira or gold,” he said.

The Real Reason The Federal Government Have Been Keen to Blame Russia for Everything: Gold - Rory Hall

The Real Reason The Federal Government Have Been Keen to Blame Russia for Everything: Gold - Rory Hall Published April 5, 2017

As we reported on March 30 China and Russia are taking steps to move away from their out of control “cousin”, the Federal Reserve Note, U.S. dollar, world reserve currency. We learned in March 2016 that Kazakistan had been in formal talks with the Shanghai Gold Exchange regarding gold as currency along the New Silk Road (One Belt One Road) spearheaded by China. Kazakistan also smelts most of Russia’s gold and mines a small amount gold annually and is a member of both the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) and Eurasia Economic Union (EEU).

Then, in October of 2016 we continued covering how China had been working directly with the IMF to get the yuan/renminbi currency added to the SDR basket of currencies for global trade. That now appears to be a cover story for what lay ahead. With the renminbi now a global currency that changes how the renminbi functions within the currency markets and in global trade negotiations.

China began [using] their CIPS system, global trade settlement system, in October 2016, the same time the renminbi joined the SDR basket, allowing China to conduct global trade outside the U.S. owned and operated SWIFT system. Both systems are used to settle global trade transactions and the SWIFT system has been geared to the Federal Reserve Note – U.S. dollar – while the CIPS system is geared to the Chinese renminbi.
China International Payment System (CIPS) was launched last October [2015] and is now entering into the second phase of its implementation. Phase Two will allow for a further widening of the trading band between the RMB and USD, which will in turn give the Federal Reserve additional room to raise rates. I predicted almost two years ago that CIPS would not overthrow or compete with the USD dominated SWIFT. I suggested that both platforms would share a base code and would work together to transform the monetary framework. That is exactly what is happening. China strategically stated their gold reserves for the first time in 6 years in the lead up to the SDR announcement last year. This exact strategic announcement by China was predicted here on POM. Source

Enter Russia and their global trade settlement system based in Russian rubbles. It is not quiet ready for prime time, but not to worry, they are working around the clock to put the final pieces in place. Within the past two weeks Russia announced to the world where the system is, specifically, along with what is already in place.
“There were threats that we can be disconnected from SWIFT. We have finished working on our own payment system, and if something happens, all operations in SWIFT format will work inside the country. We have created an alternative,” Nabiullina said at a meeting with President Vladimir Putin on Wednesday [April 5, 2017]. She also added that 90 percent of ATMs in Russia are ready to accept the Mir payment system, a domestic version of Visa and MasterCard.  Source

Let’s take a look at the next step. Now that Russia and China have systems to conduct global trade outside of the Federal Reserve Note, U.S. dollar, both nations can make decisions that benefit their countries, and benefit their business interest, without fear their currencies will be disabled like what happened to Iran in March 2012. Iran was only reconnected to the SWIFT system in February 2017. Having another nation control your currency is a can be devastating. Iran learned the hard way and both Russia and China now have the capability to keep all currencies functioning both internally and globally, outside the SWIFT, U.S. dollar system.  

[Omg !! This is huge! No wonder the USA is trying to keep this under wraps!]

The Federal Reserve Note, U.S. dollar, has enjoyed a good long run as the world reserve currency. The Federal Reserve, their member banks and the U.S. federal government have stolen from nations around the world, 185 in total. The Federal Reserve, through the world reserve currency status, has been able to push inflation out of the U.S. economy and onto other nations. China and Russia, along with the member nations of the SCO, EEU and BRICS are in the final stages of moving completely away from the Federal Reserve Note, which is quickly becoming useless on the global stage.

China is already using a gold currency. $14.5 Million worth of gold currency was used in transactions during the 2017 Chinese Lunar New Year across the “We Chat” platform. This is not a gold backed currency, this is a gold currency.  [Omg !!]

China Gold Back Currency Could Bring Dollar Collapse Economic News Economic Collapse

Published on Mar 24, 2017
Economic news, China and new attempt by largest bank to increase gold backed accounts. Program for citizens to exchange gold between each other and increase citizens opening gold-backed accounts. The worlds case for use of the dollar is weakening as more reliable alternatives come out. Dollar collapse is sure to follow as the world seeks a more stable store of money. Gold's reliablility will have countries around the world seek to bank in gold. The United States being behind the trend could bring economic collapse in 2017, faster than we think.  [Wow!]

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Why would BRICS nations, who are responsible for a significant portion of global GDP, continue to accept how the U.S. has treated them? The belligerence coming out of the White House and Pentagon, by way of NATO, has created a global divid. The U.S. is broke and can not pay back the owed debt. We can only bully other nations, steal their gold and bomb those that do not fall into line. Russia and China are large enough, wealthy enough and strong enough, militarily, to stand up to the U.S. They have been quietly going about their business – conducting business – while the U.S. has continually conducted war with anyone and everyone. The U.S. has now set it’s sights on these two power house nations. These nations are not Syria, Libya, Iraq or any of the other tiny nations these warmongers have bullied. This time it will be different and the golden rule still applies – he who has the gold makes the rules. China and Russia have the gold, the U.S. has debt.  [Omg!]

And here are the more of the promised images of the airfield that the USA allegedly struck on 4-4-17. 
Live Leak drone footage.

It makes you wonder... right?