Sunday 1 March 2015

On location: Christ Church Primary School CE, Hampstead, London

Welcome to Hampstead...  This is where it all happened  : (

Here's the school. Talk about a prison :-/ And then to make it doubly horrible, add in the "after school programmes" they were running :-/


C C Hampstead Church Cottage

Published March 1, 2015

Hampstead CC "Lady of the House"

Published February 28, 2015

Hampstead CC London

Published February 25, 2015

Hampstead Parochial Church of England Primary School

This is the other school that has/had children involved in the Ritual Sexual Abuse and Child Sacrifice Cult in Hampstead...

It all looks nice and "normal"...  Nothing to see here...

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  1. Have just described the case from an EU perspective. Here's the 2-page version:


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