Saturday 21 March 2015

NEW SPEAK: Orwell's 1984 shows its ugly head in 2015 !!

Angelica said:  we need to expose and challenge these authorities because enough is enough and they are destabilizing society.

Fiona said: Nail on head again sister haha

Philip said:  If you want to CAUSE chronic disease through vaccination and water fluoridation, call yourself the District Health Board. If you want to be the Most dishonest Jewish cocksucker shill on the planet call yourself "Chief Science Advisor"

-  If you want to side with dishonest Police, even though it's obvious that they've done something wrong, call yourself "The Justice Department".

-  If you want to rent out the most overpriced ripoff rental cars in the entire country, call yourself "Budget Rentals"

Ivan said:  "Justice" or JUST US !!

Guineith said: If you want to run a criminal organization and not get exposed, call yourself the Police!

Mischele said: To me it seems like all of our so-called authorities have run amok - can you TRUST any one of them ? Many authorities have been "created illegally" e.g. Waikato River Authority.

-  So WHAT do we do ?

Guineith said:  They have been created illegally. They have been allowed in by us in the past because we (in korero Pakeha) have abdicated the responsibility for the things that God has put in our control. In Maori you would say you have neglected Rangatiratapu... the Sacred order of the Universe. You, we have all given away our Mana, our Authority, and now we are slaves and must fight to be free. But our weapons are korero, words, because it is by words that we were enslaved. We must pray to God and acknowledge our wrongs and begin to walk the path of Tapu Karaiti Ihu. God will help you and He is the only one who can help you, but if you are going to walk with Him, you have to be Tapu, because He is Tapu. If you walk in this Tapu, in this Holiness, you know you will win every time. If anything evil touches that which is Tapu, that evil thing will wither and die. Dedicate yourself to The Atua, The Matua me Te Wairua Tapu and you will win if you continue to walk in their Holy Path and with Karakia (prayers) Waiata (worship) and Aroha (love). Their makutu (curse) will be on their own head because they breached the Tapu. Yes, continue to cry out against them but this is Tu Wairua and in such a battle physical weapons are useless. You must speak out, but pray also constantly and be holy! Your opponents are satanists who worship te atua mate-the death god. But life is stronger than death, so walk the path of life in holiness and you cannot help but win!

Kia Ora,
Kia Kaha,
Tihei Mauri Ora,
I the Ingoa o the Atua,
O the Matua,
O the Wairua Tapu, Amine!

Gael said: In the book Nineteen-Eightyfour, Orwell defined it as "double speak" or "double think". War on terror, democracy, national security, centre for disease control, social security, free speech zone, united nations, federal reserve, etc.

Ishta said: that's what they do...

Israel said: *mental note* Never call the emergency services...


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