Thursday 22 November 2012

Bio Resonant Propulsion: UFO propulsion. 11:11. Arcturians.

I found myself in another dream last night explaining to a small group of people how the 'Bio-Mat' technology works. I don't consciously remember having another Bio-Mat dream since 2009. Gosh... it's been 3 years !! I 'feel' like i've been in physical contact with Bio-Mat in my dreams since 2009 though. It didn't feel like welcoming an 'old friend' as such. I'm sure i've been with it in my Dream Times since I first dreamt it in 2009. 

The 'mat-aerial' was quite a deep salmon pink colour in my dream (as in 2009) and it felt quite rubbery. I was explaining to half-a-dozen people how the mat-aerial picks up on human electrical brain frequency and comes into resonance with an individual's frequency. Through this connection, the person is then able to simply "think" instructions (for flight) and the mat-aerial automatically follows the thought. The mat-aerial becomes an extension of one's brain when in physical contact with it. It won't 'work' for anyone else after the initial 'set up'.

                 anti-gravity-suit-space    btw. People seriously want to fly, right? We're ready !!

Perhaps 'the veil' is becoming thinner... ???  Last night (in the Awakening World)  I engaged in 2x 11:11 Gate Activation meditations - 22:11 Activation meditations in fact, as the date yesterday/ today for some, was the auspicious 22-11. It's not long now until the Gateway Opens fully on 21-12 to enable all of humanity to go through to the 4th-5th dimensions, should they choose to do so. I've 'felt' it a couple of times in the last few weeks... a bit like 'Braxton Hicks' in the weeks before you get proper labour contractions. I was driving one of these times, so stated clearly (to my angels, guides, Universal Source) that it needed to stop... because it was inappropriate that I should leave my body whilst driving, as attractive as 'flying to freedom' and out of this body was to me at that moment. I was probably 1/4 out of my body and fully conscious, aware, alert.  My body felt 'light'.

Back to last night...

I commenced the first meditation at 11:11pm NZ time. I had a powerful meditation which culminated in seeing the Earth with toroidal energy 'spiralling' through and out of her belly... not quite 'toroidal' in fact, as the energy was flowing out of the North and being 'pulled in' at the South in much the same way that the human chakra field works. The meditation was for 11 minutes... that timing 'seemed right'. I visualised this huge energy field sweeping over humanity for around 1/2 of this time... possibly less as it was fierce energy to hold and behold... at every 'sweep' past me (starting point of the rotation, as it were) the force nearly knocked me off my feet and blew my hair back. Maybe this is where we need to 'hang on to our hats' !! Ref: Nov. blog "Arcturian Contactee." 


A little later, I joined in the second meditation at 00:11am as part of the global meditation, 11:11 GMT. This meditation was much 'quieter' (less dramatic) but I heard the 'whispers' of thousands of people as we all joined in meditation together around the world. It was slightly distracting, but I just held the energy for Peace, Unity, Awakening.

Is this perhaps why the dream came to me again last night... ??? The Activation ?? And perhaps because i've also been led to open myself to the Arcturian off-world family in the last week or so. I was doing quite a lot of research around the Arcturians last night, of whom I know very little about. I slept really heavily afterwards, by the feel of it... 9 hours out to the count. And when I took my head off the pillow in the late morning (no work today), it was much too fast and I got a huge burst of vertigo !!! That's around 4 hours ago now. I'm feeling much better now. But that will teach me... If you go 'travelling' at night into the 4th-5th dimension and expect to leap out of bed in the 3rd, you might have a problem. Mmmm... Not a good idea  : (   For future reference: allow yourself to return slowly into your body before moving. I hope this helps someone else who might be on a similar journey to myself.


  1. I also know that way of merging with the Ship. I always do it and I feel AllOne with it. It's like if Me I am my ufo...
    I see with his cells eyes all around and no possible to crash or having an accident .
    Because I see Wii am going, just like when I'm walking on the street...
    This is the reason why UFO LIGHT SHIPS ARE ALIVE!

    1. Yes. They are Alive... responsive... but not of themselves sentient. Sentience is transferred to the cells via the Thought-connection of the sentient being who pilots them.

  2. I know that kind of light ships way if driving. I always merge with if before taking off... My soul merges with its bio-mat, and we are as One.
    It's easy to get merged, just let him find your higher resonance frequency and let it connects to you...
    He will find you. You just relax.
    Nice times when flight fighting combat texts...
    Eastern quadrant of Lyra skies! A quite quite place... Just right to have an examination...
    See you there sometimes...
    Teach me again if you like...
    Ah ...i remember that I had a half exam where I had to drive for a shirt track a Mother Ship alone...
    It was difficult because my thoughts were shared into plenty of telepathy commands all at once.
    I got it, but I don't have the patent because it has been just a trial that was given to me to see if I could do it or not in the next future.


  3. Yes... Thank you Alexa for this confirmation. I also know that bio-mat-aerial technology exists in other dimensions we are not yet able to access. That's probably what the other 90% of our brain is for... to process all the other dimensions that exist but are currently "turned off" to us at the moment... Like a veil has been pulled down over our sensory perceptions...

    It's like a radio receiver that has not yet been tuned into the exact frequency of sound, and so the listener (whose JOB it is to turn the dial to tune in) is completely unaware of people talking to them in a radio studio somewhere... In the same way, Humanity needs to learn to RECEIVE... "Ask and you shall receive..." said Jesus. We need to go through the steps to put up our individual and then our collective antenna. It's our own RESPONSIBILITY PERSONALLY, to try out what works for ourselves from an astounding number of methods we can use to "tune in". We need to find the methods that work for us personally... and then LISTEN...

    To LOOK, to LISTEN, to FEEL, to be AWARE... And then slowly, we break through the shell that keeps us Earth-bound in the 3-4D. But we need to Tune In first... and figure out how to become RECEIVERS.

    The quantum field is mysterious and inexplicable from our fixed 3-4D Earth point of view. But it's a place where all Possibilities are continually Expanding towards the Light. ALL is Possible... The quantum physicists are baffled by what they find, so it's nearly impossible for averagely intelligent earth humans to try to fathom what's going on by using the usual conventional empirical methodology. The Universe is alive and exploding... Transforming and Mutable... Will we ever get the same results from 'an experiment' that is repeatable? Probably not. Our Earth's Solar System is hurtling through space at an astounding 17,000 miles an hour. Our Solar System is constantly being bombarded by new energies throughout the galaxies that we do not understand. Because an experiment works well today, it doesn't mean it will work in the same way tomorrow. Our environmental MacroSystem is constantly being challenged. So we must be prepared to constantly be creatures of change and adaptation. And we are... This is our natural Cause... To BE IN Change. This is a feature of the ever-exploding Universe. Dynamism. And WE are That !! : )

    This is why Earth Humans need to go to "skill sets" such as: intuition, prayer, meditation, music, dance, painting, tarot, clairvoyance, lucid dreaming, channelling, the dreamtime, HEART, guides, angels, crystals, past life memories, invention, innovation, cannabis, ayahuasca, vision, revelation, dreams, drumming, remote writing, remote viewing, UFO-gazing, photography, intercourse, orgasm, sacred ritual and keeping the ceremonies, fire-gazing, childbirth, tree-hugging, gardening, bird watching... ALL of these and a hundred more experiences besides, connect us to each other, and the unseen realms. It is not empirical.

    ALL of these are keys into the quantum field that science can not possibly, in no way, empirically explore. Scientists shackle themselves in their attempts to elucidate that which can not be fathomed. Meanwhile, mere Earth Humans like us learn to FLY... as we keep connecting with the realms that are not yet manifest (seen) by our Earth eyes : ) But they will be... soon. Much sooner than we think. It's all about to change... within our lifetime if we want it.

    Ramallah ~ February 12, 2015. 11:39am


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