Thursday 12 March 2015

Ham&High: Royal Court Orders Media Blackout of Mass Murder Cover-up

Thursday February 12, 2015.
Article here   

It's pretty interesting what the mindset of the journalist is when they write this article. They're obviously meeting the 'brief' of the publishing company - Ham & High's owners to placate the public and put down any fears. It's no good having fears... People might stop coming in to work. Those owners will well be all caught up in this too one could strongly suspect.

The "position" the journalist writes from is called "The Angle" in Journo-speak. The article fully backs the actions of the establishment - police, courts, school, Cafcass - and CLOSES THE KIDS DOWN. 

Christ Church Primary School CE, Hampstead gets the "last say" in the article, with a great big FAT QUOTE - A position that the paper has apparently chosen to endorse - since they published it:

"This week the Hampstead primary school sent a letter to parents which said: In relation to the recent allegations the police and social services were immediately notified. The investigation that was undertaken concluded that there was no substance [guffaw] to the allegations so no further action will be taken. "The school is currently working with the Camden legal team and the police on the difficult task of removing the information from the internet"."

- Really ?? Do Ham & High always quote their sources but never give their NAMES... 

And THAT ladies and gentlemen is what you call, "PROPAGANDA".

aka. "The Ministry of Truth", ref: George Orwell, 1984.

Citizen Journalism:

Here is a very good opportunity for people on the ground in Hampstead. 

The Ham & High has moved to a "Citizen Journalism" model.  So "if and when" you see something suspicious in Hampstead, take your photo (clear, not fuzzy, close up on your subject), get your video < 3 minutes including an interview for 30 seconds with somebody, write a brief 250 word article on what you saw, using "Who, What, When, Why, Where and How" as your guide stones. Get an accurate quote and the correct spelling of the people you have interviewed. It needs to be somebody who this situation/ event is having an impact on. 

Here's the statement from the company Annual Report 2013. 
Quote it if you need to:
"In January 2012, Archant launched the unique iwitness24 community news platform that aims to transform the way it gathers news. It is designed to allow readers to contribute pictures and videos in a quick and easy way."

Some additional information about Ham & High

Ham & High Express

Search on Ham & High "Hampstead Child sex abuse"
Only 6 articles come up. Let's just say that the Hampstead & Highgate Express is "under-reporting" on Child sex abuse cases.

The Hampstead & Highgate Express is owned by Archant Limited

The Colman and Copeman families still retain close involvement in the business. 

Remuneration to the Archant Board members. 
Directors’ remuneration report.  See pp.40-42

Here is the Chairman of Archant Limited. I'm fascinated by his name, and kind of wondering why he hasn't changed it yet, as the Meyer family did in the 18th century when they became "Wrath's-child".  I wonder if Richard Jewson lives in Golders Green?

Richard Jewson, Chairman

Adrian Jeakings, Chief Executive

Archant seems to be a subsidiary of Amazon, if the URL following is anything to go by...

Here is how much Archant Limited made in 2013 for telling bland stories to an audience who wants to beLIEve it's "business as usual".
  • Operating profit before amortisation, impairment and exceptional items grew 49.2% to £9.4m (2012: £6.3m) on turnover down 3.6% at £126.6m (2012: £131.4m). 
  • Adjusted earnings per share grew 131.8% to 45.9p (2012: 19.8p). 
  • Net debt at the end of the year stood at £6.8m (2012: £15.7m), reflecting strong cash generation in the year. 
  • Revenues from online activities grew by 19.3% to £7.2m, principally in display advertising. 
  • A significant programme of cost management together with a reduction in newsprint costs saw total operating costs down £7.9m (6.3%) to £117.2m (2012: £125.1m).

It's all different facets to the one big story...

If you want to find the murderers, "follow the money".

Directors and officers:

(why do these many of these people use their second names?)

Please note:  50% of these directors have an "interest" in schools.

JOHN ELLISON Company Secretary 
P John Ellison, 62, was appointed Company Secretary of ECNG in February 1996. (no schools)

RICHARD JEWSON Chairman, Non-executive 
N R P Richard Jewson, 69, joined the board of Eastern Counties Newspapers Group Limited (ECNG) in 1982 as a Non-executive Director and became Chairman in 1996. After running Jewson, the timber and building merchant, for 12 years, he held the position of Managing Director and then Chairman of its holding company, Meyer International Plc, until he retired from that role in 1993. Subsequently he was Chairman of Savills Plc for 10 years and Deputy Chairman of awg plc. He is currently a Director of Temple Bar Investment Trust Plc, Tritax Big Box REIT plc, Raven Russia Limited and a number of other unquoted companies. He is also HM Lord Lieutenant of Norfolk, a Trustee of Transforming Education in Norfolk and chairs the Council for the University of East Anglia. Richard chairs the remuneration and nominations committees. 

ADRIAN JEAKINGS Chief Executive 
N P Adrian Jeakings, 55, joined the Board as Finance Director in October 2002 and became Chief Executive in November 2008. Adrian is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants and was Group Finance Director of The Stationery Office before joining Archant. He is a graduate of Imperial College, London and worked briefly as an engineer before training as an accountant at BICC plc. After qualifying, he joined the instrumentation division of Schlumberger, where he was Finance Director of a number of business units based in France. Before joining The Stationery Office he was Director – Finance Europe for Dun & Bradstreet Inc. Adrian is a Director of the PA Group Limited and is President of the Newspaper Society. He is also a Governor of Norwich School. Adrian chairs the pensions committee

BRIAN McCARTHY Finance Director 
P Brian McCarthy, 51, joined the Board as Finance Director in November 2008. Brian is a Fellow of Chartered Accountants Ireland, having qualified with Arthur Andersen in Dublin and Cambridge. He joined Archant in January 2004 as Finance Director of Archant Regional Limited. Previously he worked as Finance Director of an environmental company and prior to that he held a series of senior finance roles in the English Language Division of Pearson Education. He is also a Director of the Newspaper Licensing Agency and a Trustee of Transforming Education in Norfolk

Sonita Alleyne, 47, was appointed a Non-executive Director of Archant in 2012. After studying Philosophy at Cambridge University, Sonita founded the cross-platform media production company Somethin’ Else in 1991. She was the CEO of the business for 18 years and a Non-executive Director for a further two years. She is a board member of the British Board of Film Classification and the London Legacy Development Corporation, a Trustee for the BBC Trust, a member of the Court of Governors of the University of the Arts and chair of the Islington Arts and Media School Trust. She was a Non-executive Director at the Department for Culture, Media and Sport and a previous member of the National Employment Panel and London Skills and Employment Board. Sonita won the Carlton Multicultural Achievement Award for TV and Radio in 2002 and is a fellow of the Royal Society of Arts and the Radio Academy. She was awarded an OBE for services to broadcasting in November 2003. (no schools)

SIMON COPEMAN Non-executive 
A Simon Copeman, 47, joined the board of ECNG in October 2001 as a Non-executive Director, having previously been a member of the ECNG Newspapers board. Since 1990 he has held a variety of general management, Six Sigma, M & A, sales and marketing positions with 3M UK plc and is currently their General Sales and Marketing Manager of the Traffic Safety and Security Division.  (no schools)

DAVID HILL Non-executive 
A David Hill, 56, was appointed a Non-executive Director of Archant in June 2013. David has been Executive Chairman of Jarrold & Sons Ltd since 2002. He trained as a solicitor and worked in the banking department of City law firm Norton Rose, before setting up an investment banking business. David is a Governor of the 2nd Air Division Memorial Library, a Trustee of the Royal Norfolk Agricultural Association and is a Deputy Lieutenant for Norfolk. He was formerly Deputy Chair of the University of East Anglia Council, Chair of Norwich HEART and Chair of Norwich Playhouse. (no schools)

JOHNNY HUSTLER Executive Director 
Johnny Hustler, 58, joined the Board in January 2008, having served as a Director of a number of other Archant companies during 26 years of service with the Group. After graduating from Leeds University, he went to Unilever and started his media career with Anglia Television in 1983, then joining the East Anglian Daily Times in 1987. In 1995 he moved to Eastern Counties Newspapers Limited as Marketing Director, after which he served in a number of senior commercial roles before launching Archant Life in 2001 and managing its development through to 2011 when he became Managing Director of Archant Anglia. Retiring from that role in December 2013, Johnny is currently responsible for the development of Archant Dialogue and Archant’s new marketing services capability. Johnny chairs the Newspapers Society’s Communication and Marketing Committee and is also a Governor of Norwich School

PETER TROUGHTON Vice-Chairman, Non-executive 
N R A Peter Troughton, 65, joined the board of ECNG as a Non-executive Director in 1991, having served on the boards of East Anglian Daily Times Company Limited and Community Media Limited since 1984. Peter graduated from Trinity College, Cambridge and served in HM Diplomatic Service, before joining WHSmith Group plc, where he became Managing Director News Division and later, as a Director of the main board, Managing Director Retailing. He left in 1995 to become Deputy Chairman of Rothschild Asset Management until 1999. He is Chairman of Lowland Investment Company plc and a Director of JOHIM Global Investment Funds plc, and Waverton Funds plc. A former Trustee of the National Gallery, he was appointed a Trustee of the Royal Collection in 2007. He is Pro-Chancellor and Chairman of the Council of the University of Bath and a Trustee of The Royal Opera House Endowment Fund. Peter chairs the audit committee. (no schools)

MIKE WALSH Non-executive 
N R Mike Walsh, 64, was appointed a Non-executive Director of Archant in February 2010. Mike is a Director of Ogilvy & Mather South Africa and of Ogilvy & Mather Africa Inc and a Non executive of The Brand Union, a global brand and creative design agency. Formerly a main board Director of Ogilvy & Mather Worldwide for 16 years, he was also, for 12 years, Chief Executive of their Europe, Middle East and African operations. He was also Senior Vice President for Business Development for Velti Plc. After graduating from Durham in 1971 Mike joined Young & Rubicam and was appointed to the Board in 1981 before joining Ogilvy & Mather Plc in 1983. Mike was for six years Chairman of the UK Disasters Emergency Committee, which is an umbrella organisation for 13 leading UK charities including The Red Cross, Oxfam and Save the Children. (no schools)

From the Archant Annual Report, 2013

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