Tuesday 24 March 2015

PEACEFUL PRESENCE DAILY !!! - "Investigate Christchurch Primary School"

Pupils at Christ Church Primary School. Picture: Nigel Sutton
Christ Church Primary School in Christchurch Hill, Hampstead, topped the borough’s own league table, with 100 per cent of children achieving Level 4 or above.  Image Source

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Please consider attending daily PEACEFUL PROTESTS at Christ Church Primary School CE, Hampstead London, if you're free...

This event is for the REGULAR PRESENCE and peaceful demonstration outside or near Christchurch Primary school EVERY DAY until the police are pressured into doing a full investigation into the #WhistleblowerKids' claims - birth marks, tattoos and piercings on his teacher's and other parents 'privates'. This will either prove or disprove the children's claims of ritual abuse at the school.  If any police want to come that would be cool too... Someone needs to arrest the offenders!

HRS - Hey everyone. I'm in contact with a friend of Ella's family now who has informed me that all of the teachers suspected of abuse have left the school. Its not been confirmed if the head teacher is still there. But I'm wondering if we might be better off using specific addresses we have instead? We have a team of doctors ready to examine them.  All we need now are some 'peace officers' to arrest them if the birthmarks, moles and genital piercings match up.

Camden News - by TOM FOOT 
Published: 11 June 2009
Christ Church Primary School headteacher Katy Forsdyke with some of her pupils who have earned praise
Christ Church Primary School headteacher Katy Forsdyke with some of her pupils who have earned praise
‘Excellent’ pupils win praise from inspectors

CHILDREN at a primary school in Hampstead are “confident and articulate” and leave with a thorough grasp of “global issues”, according to a recent report.

Christ Church Primary School was given an “outstanding” overall rating following an Ofsted inspection in April.

The inspectors heaped praise on school schemes such as Money Week and Careers Day – part of a series of finance events preparing pupils for their “future economic well-being” – and other projects raising awareness about other faiths, cultures and world events including natural disasters in Burma and China.

In a letter to pupils, inspector Kekshan Salaria said: “Your behaviour is excellent and you work and play together happily.”

Her report states: “Pupils achieve outstandingly well in the core subjects English, mathematics and science and in their personal development.”

Headteacher Katy Forsdyke, described as “excellent” in the report, said: “We have a fabulous school community.”

Chairman of governors Geoff Palmer said: “It’s excellent to see that the school has improved further since our last report.”

There are 181 pupils at the voluntary-aided primary school in Christchurch Road.


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