Sunday 8 March 2015

Hampstead School parent invited to join Ritual Sex and Sacrifice Cult.


Here's the text below so it can be translated:   (This video has been removed)

YouTube Search engine:  "papa kills babies"
February 23, 2015

Mecca Wrecka.  I'm not sure what you mean. Here you have everybody and their aunties and uncles abusing and killing children in the UK, figuratively speaking. What the hell?

June Wiggan.  Everything is completely true. I am from the local Hampstead area and my children used to attend Christ Church Primary School.  They would often come home telling me about weird encounters, such as specific kids getting taken out of class by the head mistress Katy Forsdyke for no apparent reason, and how the staff touch the kids and manipulate them. I was first approached to joint the cult in an after school meeting and when I declined, I was subtly told that if I told anyone about it, then there would be severe consequences to myself.

Vicar - Reverend Paul Conrad, 10 Cannon Place, London NWW3 1EJ.
Phone: 020 7435 6784

He seems like a lovely guy when you meet him. You would never have guessed he has several secret rooms rooms in the church to carry out unspeakable practices.

47 Hollycroft Avenue NW3. This is the current address of the children's father.  I know him personally.  He is a very successful and very wealthy man. That's why he has a lot of higher ranking authorities working with him to brush things under the carpet.

Details of the school: Christchurch Hill NW3 1JH
Phone:  020 7435 1341

There are several teachers with heavy involvement, but the head teacher is the main instigator of these horrendous acts in school.

The link for Photo Shelter no longer works.

My child also told me the school is often setting up any sort of pointless after school class and extra curriculum activity as an excuse to get their hands on and do awful things to these poor children.

It's only a selected number of children getting involved, because the parents have to be a part of it. The parents who get invited but decline get threatened to make sure they keep quiet.

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