Monday 3 May 2021

Maricopa County Arizona USA vote audit 3 February - 26 April. VIDEOS (short clips). Why aren't you hearing about this on the MSM? What aren't they talking about it?

This CBS news coverage lacks veracity.
Please compare with the factual reporting you see below.

Liz Harris Reviews Maricopa County's 2020 Election - 3 February (10 mins)

Finchem: Arizona is finally getting its audit in Maricopa County  - 3 March (3 minutes) 

Maricopa County Board of Electors is going to turn over 2.1 MILLION votes to Arizona State Senate 
- 3 March (3 minutes)

SHREDDED Ballots FOUND In Maricopa County DUMPSTERS! - 8 March ( 4 mins)

"Dominion Blinked". Arizona State Rep. Says Audit Will Find Fraud in Maricopa County - 1 April (8 mins)

4/16/2021 – Maricopa Mania! Trumps Comms! BLM is mad at Biden! - 16 April (26 mins)

Dominion and Perkins Coie Are 'Losing Their Mind' Over Checking Ballots in Maricopa County -  19 April (5 mins)

Exclusive Inside Look at Center Housing Maricopa Audit of 2.1 Million Ballots - 21 April (6 mins)

'They're Afraid of What We're Going to Find': 2.1 Million Ballots Transferred for Audit in Maricopa - 22 April  (8 mins)

Bannon on Historic Maricopa Audit: 'We're Going to Get to the Bottom of Nov 3' - 23 April (2 mins)

BREAKING: Democrats Cave in Maricopa County Court, Election Audit Will Go On -  23 April  (12 mins) 

Gateway Pundit Interviews Ken Bennett Outside the Maricopa County forensic audit in Phoenix  - 26 April (4 minutes)

The Real Story - OANN Maricopa Country Election Audit with Christina Bobb  - 26 April (6 mins)