Monday 30 March 2015

CAS Demands Apology !! No... Backtracking... Sabine says, "Go ahead."

What an attention-seeker !! 

She definitely behaves like someone with Borderline Personality Disorder  :-/

Since the kids' mom believed all the lying federal agent videos about me, she stabbed me in the back for helping. I'll leave my web site up that I made for them, but I'm not helping them anymore until they apologize.

** SIGN & SHARE PETITION ** 1st petition w/ 16k signatures destroyed by Change.orgon a technicality. 100k needed now! Demanding Emergency Protective Order Join the...
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  • JN. Stay strong! I support you! They're harassing you because you're so good at exposing evil.
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  • Christine Ann Sands The Hampstead whistleblower Sabine McNeill says she wants me to continue despite the slander.
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  • JN Good news!
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  • Christine Ann Sands Well, I was informed that I was probably the first person to bind the demons there in public at the top of my lungs lol
  • JN That was so AWESOME!
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