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"This whole thing is a deep state 
operation aimed at fear mongering 
with a viral bioweapon, then hoping 
that the economy/stockmarket crash 
so they can blame it on Trump ....... 


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CORONAVIRUS: SMALL BEGINNINGS. Background situation from Jan-Feb 2020

COVID-19 statistics and commentary - February 26-29, 2020


COVID-19  Wuhan Coronavirus statistics (screenshots) can be enlarged by clicking on the images. They are taken from this video:

[LIVE] Coronavirus: Real Time Counter, World Map

Screenshots are provided in reverse order chronologically...  For more information, please see COV-19 data in the menu on this blog, or enter keywords Covid19, COVID-19 or Coronavirus into this blog's search box. 

Cases - Coronavirus symptoms can be from mild, negligible, absent, to severe. The case numbers below are for people who have referred to the medical profession. For every 1 case, there is likely an affected 1000-10,000 or more people whose symptoms are mild or they may be asymptomatic. In other words, please don't under-estimate this virus, and please don't read "Cases" as "only" or "all" cases. These figures relate only to the most severe cases where ventilator oxygen therapy or other hospital treatments may be needed. 

Click on screenshots to get an enlargement. Thanks 
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March 11, 2020   
4:36 UTC
24 hours since the last screenshots.

Please note changes in data in the 4th column.

March 10, 2020   
3:59 UTC
12 hours since the last screenshot

March 9, 2020   
15:20 UTC
5 hours since the last screenshot

March 9, 2020   
11:26 UTC
10 hours since the last screenshot

March 9, 2020   
1:26 UTC

March 9, 2020   
1:28 UTC

March 9, 2020   
1:28 UTC
Notable changes  (in the last 26 hours)
  • China - 83 more cases, 49 more deaths, 3110 more recoveries. China will be ready to go back to work soon...  Economic crisis averted!
  • South Korea - 341 more cases, 48 more recoveries. When recoveries out-number cases, the peak has been reached.
  • Italy - 1492 more cases, 133 more deaths, 33 more recoveries.
  • Iran - 734 more cases, 49 more deaths, 465 more alleged recoveries. I am sure Iran is letting infected people go back out into the community. The constantly increasing case numbers point to it. You need to leave up to 30 days to completely clear someone as well as there is a lot of false negatives come back upon initial testing.
  • France - 260 more cases
  • Germany - 149 more cases 
  • Spain - 161 more cases, 7 more deaths = 17 total 
  • USA - 126 more cases, 3 more deaths = 22 total
  • Japan - 41 more cases
  • Switzerland - 64 more cases
  • United Kingdom - 64 more cases (not a typo)

March 7, 2020   
23:30 UTC

March 7, 2020   
23:32 UTC
Notable changes  (in the last 17 hours)
  • South Korea - 274 more cases
  • More data to be added in the morning.

March 7, 2020   
6:47 UTC

March 7, 2020   
6:49 UTC
Notable changes  (in the last 34 hours)
  • China - 22 more cases, 57 more deaths, 3174 more recoveries. Percentage of deaths to recoveries so far (workings by calculator) is 3070 divided by 55415 comes to 0.0554 x 100 = 5.54%. Now, let's work out the percentage of people in China who have reported having COVID-19 ("cases") being 80651 (total cases) divided by 1.4 billion (population) or 1,400,000,000 gives us the following 0.00005761 x 100 = 0.005761%. This means that for every 1,000,000 people in China, 57 people are showing up as cases to their doctor or to hospitals. Of that 57 people per million, 3.2 people are dying, based on the 5.54% rate of mortality we calculated above.

    Really ???   There are 3.2 people dying of Coronavirus per million in China? And yet, ALL cities in China are under lock-down, we see no air pollution, we see that less than 10% of normal traffic is moving, we have videos from local people that the streets are empty, and still the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is asking us to believe that this entire shut-down is happening because 3.2 in 1,000,000 people in China are dying ????  Give me a break! China is fudging its numbers. Add a couple of zeros on China's data and you're probably closer to the truth!

    Think about it... Do you think the responsiveness of other countries all around the world would have been much more swift if the CCP had not decided to give the world false data? Yes! Of course! The reactions of governments all over the world would have been very much different. Now, all we are waiting for is enough data to come out of Italy, Iran and South Korea to show us what the true percentages for communicability are (R naught - RO). Doesn't China's actions (inactions) just make you hopping mad ???  Welcome to 21st century communism - Say nothing. Do nothing, Hide everything... Save face. Doesn't it just make you so cross???!!!

So... China is giving us incorrect figures for cases and deaths. By how many degrees of magnitude? Why? At least we can ascertain that the percentage of deaths compared to case figures, being 5.54% is likely correct. As the emerging crises in both Iraq and Italy shows us (both outbreaks are uncontained as China was throughout January-February), we see the same early reporting rates of mortality for people who present to medical professionals as being somewhere around 2.5% (Iran) to 4.5% (Italy) currently. These rates will get much higher as resources in these countries become increasingly stretched - beds, ventilators, nurses, doctors, medication. The same scenarios are destined to unfold all across the world, unless politicians get a grip and decide to take very affirmative action and like China, command a complete nation-wide shut down and quarantine the whole population! This is likely where all countries are heading. Timeframe: 3 months from first detected cases until restrictions around people gathering are lifted.

Why is China giving incorrect data to the WHO?  What are the real rates of infection in the Chinese population? What are they hiding?  Why have the CCP shut whole cities down and put them into quarantine? This decisive action taken can only point to huge numbers in the population becoming sick in those first 2 months, mid-December to mid-February. Was there no other recourse than for the CCP to command absolute quarantine, right across the country? - Or is the whole Coronavirus crisis just a scam so the CCP can quell protests in Hong Kong, in Taiwan, and in Wuhan city which had ongoing protests about air quality, just before the outbreak of the virus? What is China not telling the world?  Why? Who is paying off Chinese officials to act as such?  Who are the hidden hands?  What is the agenda of the hidden hands? Where are those hidden hands hiding right now? - In rural forest retreats with stock-piles of food and supplies that will last for the next one, two, or even three years?  #DarkToLight   #ThesePeopleAreSick  The people of the world are not stupid  #TheGreatAwakening We see the agendas, eg: Agenda 21 and the Georgia Guidestones. These actions and attitudes are appalling !!!!  It's time these sick people who devised all of this and those who are going along with these plans are rooted out of the population! They are a scourge upon humanity!  

My spouse Swedishly perfectly understates the case in relation to what's happening all around the world in all governments and agencies regarding COVID-19 Wuhan Coronavirus...  I think a lot of people are lying.

Thanks to my spouse for double checking and then triple checking all the maths above. He works professionally in IT as a computer programmer. His maths skills are excellent. What we present here as percentage figures is all based on the data given. The numbers don't add up with the actions that China has taken. It is highly illogical.

  • South Korea - 679 more cases, 6 more deaths, 93 recoveries
  • Iran - 1234 more cases, 16 more deaths, an alleged 739 recoveries. Here's your problem Iran: You're sending home people who have symptoms with the all-clear because their tests are coming back with a false negative. Also stop all of those people kissing and licking religious icons. For goodness sakes! Don't you have two clues?
  • Italy - 778 more cases, 48 more deaths, an alleged 523 recoveries... Same delusion as Iran... Believing what the false negative tests are telling you. Italy - You're seriously going to have to stop kissing everyone you meet !!!  Fast spread.
  • Germany - 174 more cases
  • France - 230 more cases. Way too many... You're on the way to crisis. Confinement now!
  • Japan - 59 more cases 
  • Spain - 120 more cases
  • USA - 129 more cases, 5 more deaths =17 deaths in total.
  • Switzerland -  92 more cases
  • United Kingdom - 50 more cases
  • Sweden - 43 more cases
  • Belgium - 50 more cases
  • Norway - 39 more cases

March 5, 2020   
21:00 UTC
Notable changes  (in the last 20 hours)
  • China - 13 more cases reported, 196 recovered
  • South Korea - 467 more cases, 6 more deaths, 94 recovered
  • Italy - 769 more cases, 42 more deaths, 414 alleged recoveries. Italy is clearing people too soon. You need to allow 30 days after contracting this virus to properly confirm wellness. All of these "recovered" people need to be in zero-contact quarantine with others. Their family members need to be in minimal social contact with others as much as possible. They will all likely be carrying.
  • Iran - 591 more cases, 16 more deaths, 187 alleged recoveries (not possible). See notes above for Italy.
  • Germany - 280 more cases ... More than DOUBLED !!!  See my March 3 @ 3:06 am prediction for Germany. It's starting to happen.
  • France - 138 more cases, 3 more deaths.
  • Japan - 30 more cases.
  • Spain - 54 more cases
  • USA - 49 more cases, 12 deaths in total
  • Switzerland - 25 more cases, 1 death (new)
  • Singapore, Hong Kong - negligible change. Look to these two countries for how to contain, track and treat this disease.
  • United Kingdom - 28 more cases, 1 death (new)
  • Sweden - 42 more cases. ... More than DOUBLED !!!  Is Sweden's slow response going to result in what Germany is heading for?  See my March 3 @ 3:06 am prediction for Germany. Here's two anecdotal examples I experienced in Sweden over this last 2 weeks: (1) I asked my dentist last Wednesday what guidance the Swedish dental association had given re: Coronavirus. My dentist's reply: Nothing. I actually recommended that he make the call. He's a young guy (30'ish) and he said he probably would. That conversation happened when Sweden had one case only. 10 days later, Sweden has over 95 cases and 7 of them (probably more now) are in my city of 107,000 people.  (2) I went to my local little supermarket here in Lund Sweden on Sunday. They are still selling muffins in an open display shelf. It's likely that every supermarket in this nation-wide franchise are still using this sort of bakery display somewhere in their stores. To reiterate: This is not an enclosed display, no doors, and completely open.  At our store, it's right next to the checkout area where two (often long) lines of people stand and wait until they are served. Note: All customers are breathing!  COVID-19 is #Aerosolised !!!  Those muffins are super-contaminated. If they are still by the checkouts tomorrow, I plan to say something... Alternatively, I will simply stick an A4 (home made) poster on there saying: COVID-19 Biohazard. In a conversation 2 weeks ago with a supervisor about the recyling area washroom which was filthy and had no soap in the dispenser, this wash area still hadn't been cleaned up a week later! I think the same lack of action would happen if I just pointed out the dangers of the open muffin display. I think a poster left anonymously would be far more effective! You might have to take similar actions around your city or suburb, to bring public awareness about any Coronavirus biohazard situations you are noticing.
  • Norway - 30 more cases = 89 total ... Way too many cases for a country of only 5 million people. Quarantine needed now!
  • Netherlands - 43 more cases. This is another very small country with very high density population. Netherlands... It's time you started being uncompromisingly honest with your population... Who, what, where, when, how. Currently: You're hiding the facts! Not ok! Do you really want to go the way of Germany? See my comment for Germany above.
  • Belgium - 24 more cases ..... DOUBLED !!!
  • Greece - 19 more cases = 31.  Cases have TRIPLED! for today.

March 5, 2020   
0:58 UTC

March 5, 2020   
0:59 UTC
Notable changes  (in the last 18 hours)
  • China - 139 more cases, 31 more deaths, 2180 more recoveries (ppl 1.4 B). Please see my summary from yesterday on this tab COVID-19 for life cycle duration of this virus.
  • South Korea - 293 more cases, 3 more deaths (ppl 51 M)
  • Italy - 587 more cases, 28 more deaths, 116 more alleged recoveries
  • Iran - 586 more cases (not a typo), 15 more deaths, 117 alleged recoveries. 
Note: The Iranian and Italian authorities are clearing cases way too soon. You need at least 3 weeks before you can clear someone of this disease. All that Iran and Italy are doing is sending infected people back out into the community to reinfect other people. This is a recipe for absolute disaster. Italians seriously need to stop kissing each other on the cheeks as a social nicety during this pandemic. Also, the Muslims in Iran need to stop kissing and licking public icons. That is a double-recipe for disaster! Do these people have no clue?
  • Cruise ship (Diamond Princess) - 112 people have been cleared bringing the total to 212. There were 3700 passengers and crew on the ship. Most people were never ever tested >
  • Japan - 37 more cases
  • France - 73 more cases
  • Germany - 60 more cases 
  • Spain - 63 more cases
  • USA - 30 more cases = Total 158 cases, 11 deaths. This death total indicates that many thousands of people have or are carrying COVID-19. Around 30% of the population will show symptoms. Of cases needing to present to a medical professional, 3% of those people will die. So you do the math... ie: There will be at least 400 people right now in the USA who have overt or serious symptoms - but maybe they don't keep up with the news, don't know what COVID-19 is, and haven't presented to their doctor yet! The USA has got a problem! Contain! Track! and Treat!  That is the only solution. Look to Singapore and Hong Kong for strategies to stop the spread and therefore the death toll of this nasty disease.
  • Singapore, Hong Kong -  negligible changes
  • Switzerland - 35 more cases
  • UK - 36 more cases
  • Norway - 26 more cases
  • Australia - 10 more cases
  • Sweden - 22 more cases
  • Malaysia - 14 more cases
  • Belgium - 11 more cases

March 4, 2020   
6:54 UTC

March 4, 2020
6:52 UTC

Notable changes  (in the last 13 hours)
  • South Korea - 143 more cases, 1 more death, 7 more recoveries, 
  • Italy, Iran - no reported changes. I would say that numbers of sick people are now so huge that neither of these governments want to admit to their people (nor the world) exactly what is happening. Eg: 10% of Iranian members of parliament now have COVID-19. There are 290 seats in the house = 30 or more members are likely unwell. Does this 10% reflect what's happening in the rest of the county as well? >
  • France - 8 more cases
  • Germany - 16 more cases
  • Spain - 9 more cases
  • USA - 22 more cases 
  • Singapore, Hong Kong - no or negligible change. Containment and treatment going well.
  • Switzerland - 11 more cases
  • Australia, Iceland, Algeria - 3 more cases each
  • Canada, Denmark - 4 more cases
  • Iraq, Sweden, UAE - 6 more cases each
  • India - 15 more cases
  • 3 more countries are now reporting.

Summary. Crisis length of time from non-containment until recoveries exceed cases reported.
  • China - 119 more cases, 36 more deaths, 2489 more recoveries. China is well over the tipping point. Recoveries now well-exceed the number of cases being reported (ppl 1.4 B). I think this shows us the natural life-cycle of COVID-19 which seems to be a 6-week cycle in cases where containment was not achieved. Ie: In China's case from around 21 January to 2 March. Are we looking at 6 weeks for other places as well? eg: South Korea's non-containment began on around February 20 so will natural subsidence occur (where recoveries exceed reported cases) around 6 weeks later? This takes us through to the 2nd week in April. Only time will be able to tell if my hypothesis is true.
  • If the above is true, Italy and Iran could expect for recoveries to also exceed reported cases at around the same time - the 3rd week in April ??  However, I do believe that in places where containment was never achieved that the death tolls per capita will be much, much higher. We see this for both countries right now: Italian death toll = 79 and the Iranian death toll = 77 after just 3 weeks of non-containment (since around 12 February). The death tolls in both of these countries will get much, much, higher. 
  • For countries where good containment is happening, such as Singapore and Hong Kong, let's see if the time is any shorter for the crisis period to be over. Their death tolls per capita should be a lot less than countries that did not achieve containment. In fact, Singapore might have already reached its peak yesterday with 2 more cases reported on 3 March juxtaposed against 4 more recoveries. Again, only time will show if my hypothesis is true. Singapore's numbers kicked off on 30 January... so this could point to a 4-week cycle if containment, tracking and treatment measures put in place, are effective.

March 3, 2020
17:47 UTC

March 3, 2020
17:49 UTC

Notable changes  (in the last 15 hours)
  • South Korea - 374 more cases. Instances have really slowed down. 
  • Italy - 466 more cases, 27 more deaths.
  • Iran - 835 more cases, 11 more deaths, 144 people classified as recovered.
  • Japan - 19 more cases. 
  • France - 13 more cases.
  • Germany - 16 more cases.
  • Spain - 31 more cases.
  • Singapore, Hong Kong - little or no change
  • United Kingdom - 11 more cases.
  • Switzerland - 9 more cases
  • Australia - 6 more cases
  • Norway - 8 more cases
  • Austria and Netherlands - 6 more cases each.
  • Sweden - 9 more cases

March 3, 2020
3:06 UTC

March 3, 2020
3:06 UTC
Notable changes  (in the last 19 hours)
  • China - 125 more cases. This is a very sharp downward trajectory. Please compare with figures for the rest of this week, below.
  • South Korea - 600 more cases, 3 more deaths, 4 more recoveries - Early days yet! It takes around 2 weeks for recovery numbers to supercede case numbers ... but with good containment measures in place, it will happen.
  • Italy - 335 more cases, 11 deaths = 29 in total, 66 more people recovered = 149 recovered out of 2036 cases. Containment in Italy is also going well.
  • Iran - 523 more cases, 12 more deaths = 66 in total, 291 people in total are reported to have recovered. Containment in Iran is going poorly. The administration quickly needs to put very good strategies in place, or the whole country will be in a lot of trouble by Wednesday!
  • Cruise ship (Diamond Princess) - 100 people are now reported as having recovered, up by 90 from yesterday. This time-frame is consistent with the life-cycle of COVID-19. It takes 2-3 weeks for this disease to run its course.
  • Japan - 17 more cases. Containment is being done very well! Congratulations Japan!
  • France - 61 more cases. Come on France - it's no time to be lethargic! Pull out your finger! Containment!
  • Germany 50 more cases = total 180. Come on Germany. Containment needed, or you will have a major problem by this Friday! If this happens, you will need to shut down all industry for 1 month, likely to be announced next Monday... And then what happens to the European project ???  The EU organisation is doomed! This is an up-side to the Wuhan Coronavirus. The bioweapon you tried to use against the people is most certainly a boomerang you didn't expect to come hurtling back and hit you in the forehead. Well done Angela Merkel !!!  Open borders clearly works! (sarcasm)
  • Spain - 41 more cases = 125. Come on Spain. You're now in the top 10! You also need to get more serious about Coronavirus. It's no picnic. Strict containment measures needed... not just cancelling a few football (soccer) games! Quarantine! 
  • Singapore, Hong Kong - negligible change. All other countries - Look to Singapore and Hong Kong for how to test for, track, and contain this virus. Both of these very high density places could have been in a lot of trouble, but they took swift, decisive action - unlike France and Germany who still sit on their hands wondering what to do!
  • USA - 12 more cases = 101 total, 4 more deaths = 6 total. Early days yet for the USA. Containment needed!
  • Austria - 4 more cases reported.
  • Netherlands - 8 more cases.
  • Iceland - 6 more cases = total 9 cases. Way too many for such a small country! Containment urgently needed!
  • Qatar - 4 more cases = total 7.

  • 8 more countries in total reporting
  • 1867 more cases world wide = 90,957 in total
  • 64 more deaths = 3120 in total.
  • 3014 more recoveries = 48,146 in total.
  • More than 50% of all cases have now recovered. 

This upward trend of recoveries compared to cases reported will now continue, so long as countries take Coronavirus very seriously and implement draconian quarantine measures among the population for 2-4 weeks. Compensation from the government to individual families will be necessary. Economic suspension of activities will also be necessary so the whole population does not become infected. See Wuhan China's measures... Complete quarantine is indeed necessary. This is a very communicable disease! If too many people overload local hospital resources, it can get very out of control very easily, with a lot of deaths... see what happened in Wuhan China in February 2020. Disaster!  😞

March 2, 2020
7:35 UTC

March 2, 2020
7:39 UTC
Notable changes  (in the last 11 hours)
  • China - 200 more cases, 42 more deaths, 2389 more recoveries (ppl 1.4 B)
  • South Korea - 476 more cases, 4 more deaths (ppl 51 M)
  • Italy - 7 more cases, 7 more deaths (ppl 60.4 M)
  • Iran, Japan, France, Germany, Singapore, Hong Kong, Spain - little or no changes
  • USA - 16 more cases, 1 more death (ppl 329.2 M)
  • Canada - 4 more cases
  • San Marino - 7 more cases found, 1 death
  • Ecuador - 5 more cases
  • Algeria - 4 more cases
  • 1 more country affected

Here are some interesting average comparisons overall for the last 7 days:
  • 725 cases more world wide for this 11 hour period. Note: World wide average increase in cases reported per 12 hours from 26 February to 1 March is 721 cases! (interesting... )
  • 2394 recoveries world wide for this 11 hour period. Note: World wide average recoveries reported per 12 hours from 26 February to 1 March is 1345. ie: The number of people recovering every 12 hours has now almost doubled! 

This is a great sign! I predict we will be out of the woods by-and-large in the next 7 days. By March 15, I think Wuhan Coronavirus COVID-19 will practically be a thing of the past. Very optimistic!

March 1, 2020
21:58 UTC
Notable changes  (in the last 14 hours)
  • South Korea - 210 more cases - Significant slowing down of cases reported, 5 more deaths.
  • Italy - 566 more cases, 5 more deaths, 33 more recoveries. Good job Italy!
  • France - 30 more cases
  • Germany - 46 more cases
  • Spain. - 26 more cases
  • USA - 4 more cases
  • UK - 13 more cases
  • 3 more countries report cases for the first time

March 1, 2020

Here is the problem ...  Resources !!  Ie: COVID-19 has a low mortality rate when people can access ventilator treatment. When the number of needy cases exceeds ventilators available, that's when major increases in death start occurring. See video here > The Last Day To Prepare

March 1, 2020
04:15 UTC
Notable changes  (in the last 14 hours)
  • China - 573 more cases (ppl 1.4 B), 2387 more recoveries.
  • South Korea - 376 more cases (ppl 51 M). Deaths remain the same.
  • Italy - 239 more cases (ppl 60.4 M), 8 more deaths.
  • Iran, Japan, Hong Kong, Germany - Negligible changes
  • France - 27 more cases
  • Switzerland - 7 more cases
  • Norway - 8 more cases (5.4 M) = Total 15
  • Iraq - 5 more cases
  • USA - 3 more cases, 1 death.
  • Around 7 new countries have joined the board.

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