Saturday 30 November 2019

Through A Glass Very Darkly

November 30, 2019

Very difficult to see and hear #CognitiveDissonance. "The choice to know will be yours." - Q

1.25 hour video here > Finders cult 2019

Thursday 28 November 2019

Introducing to this network... Insane fingerstyle Russian guitarist Alexandr Misko. Nirvana Smells Like Teen Spirit. What a treat! Prepare to be absolutely amazed !!!

Nirvana - Smells Like Teen Spirit ("Roundtrip" album release)

November 28, 2019. Alexandr Misko
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SPECIAL DAY! Today I celebrate my 22nd birthday and I’m also happy to release my new album "Roundtrip" - inspired by all the great cities, people and places I got to see while touring!

Listen/download here: 
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"Nirvana - SLTS" - I must have heard this song a thousand times, and I still think it’s one of the best ever written. I know it was written before I was born, but I feel like it would still be relevant if it were released today. I tried to capture the raw spirit in this arrangement. 

Tuning: CGCGGC (Capo on the 2nd fret)
Listen/download "Roundtrip" here: 
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Know who your masters are! Octogon - the Empire of Darkness #SwissPharaohs

July 14, 2017

Very, very important information. Please share with your networks. Chatzefratz's videos need to be shared world wide. Also: Please see "Swiss Pharaohs" in the menu on this blog for much more on this intriguing topic. Deep digs. Thanks.

OUTSTANDING RESEARCH by iPOT! Vatican, Manifort, Ukraine. Out On a Ledger? - Rudy Giuliani leads the way! - 11.28.19

November 27, 2019

This is an amazing piece of research. Please understand and pick up as best you can some of the elements of what Sir Patrick Mack (iPOT) is saying here. Oh yeah... It's a deep dig!  "This is going to be biblical!" - Q

Wednesday 27 November 2019

Ghislaine Maxwell's white banister - Prince Andrew's denial rebutted. Proof.

 Image source

Video: Filming At Ghislaine Maxwell's London House: Epstein Procurer For Prince Andrew

September 12, 2019

Same banister !!!  Not a photoshop!  Definitely Ghislaine's house, the close friend of Prince Andrew as per his BBC interview. Why would anyone photoshop an underage Virginia Roberts (17) into a photo of Andrew "Windsor" (their surname is actually German, "Battenberg"), with Ghislaine Maxwell in the background? Randy Andy's story does not make any sense whatsoever! - that's because he lied !!

Andrew's claim of "I can't remember that photo being taken" is certainly no rebuttal against the fact that this photo exists. It's Andrew. He's in his friend Ghislaine's house. He's got his arm around an under-age sex trafficked girl who says she was forced to have sex with him three times! That makes randy Andy a child sex predator! Yes... She was under-age. She didn't want to be there, being ridden by whoever Jeffrey and Ghislaine set her up with. As a young already sex-abused girl, since the age of seven, Virginia felt she had very few choices in life. She was a prime target for Epstein and Maxwell's manipulations.

If you watch her interview on Australia's 60 Minutes, you will see that at this time in her life Virginia had simply resigned herself to: "Oh well... This is what life is..." (being sexually abused), so she saw no other path for herself at that time.  It's very likely that Jeffrey Epstein took the photo above of Virginia with Prince Andrew.

Tuesday 26 November 2019

Epstein's Lapdancer Reveals All About Prince Andrew

November 25, 2019

Ben Carson just wiped the floor with Adam Schiff and entire Democrat Party!

November 12, 2019

Heart-warming !!!

Queen Elizabeth axes Prince Andrew's royal duties over BBC interview

Queen Elizabeth and Prince Charles force Prince Andrew to cancel engagements. Royal pedophiles. Where are the bodies buried? - Q

November 24, 2019

This house of cards is about to come down! Are the English Anglo-Saxon Celts of Britain ready yet to get rid of the German queen who sits on their English throne?  Wait until all of the pedo-kiddie-fiddling stories come out that have been happening behind all of those palace walls.

Where are the bodies buried?  ... you know the ones Elizabeth. Those 10 native children of Kamloops British Columbia, Canada who were "disappeared" by you and your pedophile husband Phillip in September 1964. Where are they Elizabeth? What on earth did you and your evil husband do to them? Horror upon horror!  It's time you got taken down...  you and your whole brood. The people of England need their country back again!

The Queen of England And The Children Who 'Disappeared'

(excerpt July 3, 2010) Statement of William Arnold Combes
I am an Interior Salish spirit dancer and am 58 years old. I live in Vancouver, Canada.
I am a survivor of the Kamloops and Mission Indian residential schools, both run by the Roman Catholic church. I suffered terrible tortures there at the hands especially of Brother Murphy, who killed at least two children. I witnessed him throw a child off a three story balcony to her death. He put me on a rack and broke some of my bones, in the Kamloops school basement, after I tried running away.
I also saw him and another priest burying a child in the school orchard one night.
In September 1964 when I was 12 years old, I was an inmate at the Kamloops school and we were visited by the Queen of England and Prince Phillip. I remember it was strange because they came by themselves, no big fanfare or nothing. But I recognized them and the school principal told us it was the Queen and we all got given new clothes and good food for the first time in months the day before she arrived.
The day she got to the school, I was part of a group of kids that went on a picnic with the Queen and her husband and school officials, down to a meadow near Dead Man's Creek. After awhile, I saw the Queen leave that picnic with ten children from the school, and those children never returned. We never heard anything more about them and never saw them again even when we were older. They were all from around there but they all vanished.
The group that disappeared was seven boys and three girls, in age from six to fourteen years old. I don't remember their names, just an occasional first name like Cecilia and there was an Edward.
What happened was also witnessed by my friend George Adolph, who was 11 years old at the time and a student there too...


(excerpts September 15, 2018)

The order to arrest Queen Elizabeth was issued in 2013 by six judges of the International Common Law Court of Justice in Brussels. After nearly a year of litigation, Queen Elizabeth and her husband, Prince Phillip, were found guilty in the disappearance of ten native children from the Catholic-run Kamloops residential school in British Columbia. Grieving parents haven’t seen their children since they left for a picnic with the Royal couple on October 10, 1964. The International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State (ITCCS) successfully prosecuted Queen Elizabeth’s kidnapping, along with 50,000 cases of other missing children. 

“Queen Elizabeth had direct involvement in the kidnapping and death of aboriginal children” it was reported on the ITCCS website. “Royal Family members also appeared to regularly participate in Ninth Circle Satanic Cult rituals at the Mohawk Indian School in Brantford, Ontario, Canada.”

In April (2018) a second international trial began in Brussels on global elite members of the Ninth Circle Satanic Cult. A court document had been filed indicating that in January 2012 UK Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby acted under the direction of Queen Elizabeth to destroy forensic remains of a Ninth Circle Satanic Cult child homicide.

... Two eyewitnesses alleged that they saw a young girl being bound to an altar. The five or six year-old child was gagged, repeatedly raped, killed, disemboweled and dismembered. Her blood was consumed by nine red-robed figures that included a member of the British Royal Family.

Former Kamloops School resident William Combes died after a 2010 radio interview where he discussed witnessing Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip leave the school with his ten friends and fellow Kamloops residents. Directly after the interview the healthy Combes was ordered to report for tests at the Vancouver St. Paul’s Catholic hospital. There he was given an injection that put him into a coma. Within hours and without consent of his family members, Combes was permanently pulled off life support.

Last October in Kitchener Ontario Canada Steve Finney was trying to expose this same Ninth Circle Satanic Cult case on 50,000 missing native children that included Queen Elizabeth’s kidnapping charges-conviction. Finney was arrested without cause and held in prison for three days. Protests around the globe organized by the ITCCS appeared effective in Finney’s release.

In March the ITCCS began a second prosecution on global elite members of the Ninth Circle Satanic Cult. Five international judges and 27 jury members were scheduled to hear the testimony of at least 16 adult survivors who have come forward to expose their witness to child kidnapping and murder.

The first prosecution in the International Common Law Court of Justice in Brussels concerned 50,000 missing native Canadian children and included Queen Elizabeth’s kidnapping case. The court’s February 2013 guilty verdict by six international judges on 40 global elites appeared to influence the resignation that same week of Pope Joseph Ratizinger.

- by Judy Byington

Friday 22 November 2019

Swedish "justice". Rätt straff har ingen färg. ie: Correct sentencing has no color.

Gefle Dagblad article

Sweden. Three men were today found guilty of gangraping an underage girl. "She was completely destroyed - she was just crying" reports the newspaper Gefle Dagblad. Guess the sentence... They got 3 months prison.

Tweet here >

Notable replies in comments (Vox pop):

- Rätt straff har ingen färg. Correct sentencing has no color.

- At some point motivated men and women will take charge and the back lash will be epic. Obviously the rapists deserve to be shot but the system that enables this should suffer as well.

- And silence from MSM

- Funny how socialists in this country are using Sweden as an example of how socialism has worked and how happy you all are...

- What are the men of Sweden doing, how can this be allowed to continue? Are Swedish men really this soft? Is this acceptable? I don’t understand?

- That girl's father will not have to wait long ro take revenge and punish properly. I hope there are more men in the family and they are not cowards. My husband would do it if it happenned to our kid. We are Poles.

- In the Middle East they would be killed without any courts.

- How can this be? 

- The Swedish officers of the court are now complicit. Swedes that do not respond to immigrants engaging in behavior consistent with that of savages, have now become silent savages themselves

- Why haven’t Swedish men done something themselves? Are they that lost?

- Sweden does not seem to value it's children!

- So why wasn't one of her relatives there to meet them or the judge with some real justice

- In India , it is minimum 7 years

- Thought UK was soft, that is bloody disgusting!

- Holy hell

- where are ALL the feminists on this topic ?

- I bet Sweden would still give them citizenship

- In Sweden animals have more rights than the swedes

- Sentences like this for raping girls and women promote two things. The first it promotes more rapes as there is virtually no penalty. Second it encourages people to make up their own penalties for these scum and that will be more serious for the offenders.

- the only one who does not seem to cry in Sweden is Stefan Löfven

- The Vikings will return for sure.... it’s in their blood.

- This is just insanity.

- How can we be expected to save our country if we can't even protect our women???

- the deep hidden warrior spirit will break free & the world will be awed by the the power of free Swedish men & women.

- And you have all the citizens resigned to it?

- Sweden is the greatest example of failed, feminist leadership the world has ever seen.

Video. Whistle-blower inquiry: Schiff Attacks Nunes but Regrets it Instantly

November 19, 2019

Democrat case for impeachment crumbles as Deep State realises they’re doomed!

November 22, 2019

Other favourite YouTube channels I have so far found on BitChute and re-Subbed to include:

In Pursuit of Truth
Citizen's Investigative Report
SGT Report
Dr Steve Turley
Dustin Nemos
Just Informed Talk
Red Pill 78 (not on BitChute yet)
Space Shot 76
X22 Report - thanks for the reminder "Unknown" 7 February in comments.

Please sub to any of these creators on BitChute. I will add more of these channels to my blog posts in due course as I find them, for your convenience.

Netanyahu and Democrat indictments. Investigations into Epstein's prison guards. Death penalty for abortion doctors. Gender change teens live with life-time regrets. Woman-identifying boys allowed into naked female swim team's changing rooms!

November 22, 2019

Thursday 21 November 2019


November 21, 2019. BitChute video linked on the image. Please subscribe to Dr Turley on BitChute pending YouTube about to commit a wholesale slaughter of all conservative nationalist pro-Trump voices on its platform from December 12 onwards.

Other favourite YouTube channels I have so far found on BitChute and re-Subbed to include:

In Pursuit of Truth
Citizen's Investigative Report
SGT Report
Dr Steve Turley
Dustin Nemos
Just Informed Talk
Red Pill 78 (not on BitChute yet)
Space Shot 76

Please sub to any of these creators on BitChute. I will add more of these channels to my blog posts in due course as I find them, for your convenience.

Red Pill News - Burisma Head Indicted, Biden Money Laundering Evidence

November 20, 2019

Wednesday 20 November 2019

ROYAL PATTERNS - They are friends and protectors of major pedophiles! Attached: 24 related links on child Satanic ritual sex abuse, cannibalism and cover ups in the USA and UK. It's real. It's been happening. "The choice to know will be yours." - Q

November 18, 2019
Vincent Vendetta channel (UK). Excellent commentator. Subscribe.

"The choice to know will be yours."  - Q

(click on the link above for Q archives)

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GUILTY: Tony Blair "Forced" boys in Public Toilets - 1974 and 1983

"The choice to know will be yours." - Q. November 19, 2019: Victim of Bill Clinton pedophilia - Sodomy of an 8 year old boy. Chilling details of sexual assaults and Satanic ritual abuse on a private yacht 18 years ago in New England.

Thursday 14 November 2019

The Next Massive Disclosure Will Shock The World -- John Paul Rice

November 13, 2019

Extraordinary interview. This will shift you, right there on your foundations!

Related articles...  Many links on the following article:

NEW: ROYAL PATTERNS - Vincent Vendetta channel (UK). Excellent commentator. Subscribe.

Monday 11 November 2019

Nigel Farage drops Brexit Party bombshell !!

November 11, 2019. We are just one month out from UK Election Day on December 12.

Gutted - from Sweden. Wtf is Farage doing? He's a business man... He knows about consumer confidence! Did he just shoot himself and the Brexit Party in the foot? ... On the other hand, what else could Farage have done? A hung parliament again with Labour standing in the way at every turn is complete disaster for Britain. The Brexit Party NEEDS to get rid of the Labour Party in its current form. Therefore, he had no choice but to condense the Brexit Party's energies and to put up a good fight in non-Conservative constituencies. While possibly not winning a majority at the end of the day, (and there's always wiggle room for miracles), the #BrexitParty will undoubtedly become the next opposition. Undoubtedly. Farage is taking an absolute calculated risk... He's just hedged his bets. Was a bookie indeed consulted? I wouldn't put it past him! One other thing is for sure... the only thing that all of Britain is going to be talking about now, because of this shock announcement, is #Brexit #Brexit #Brexit. As PT Barnum of USA circus fame once said: Any publicity is good publicity. How will this all work out for the Brexit Party? Only time has the answer to that question!

I actually think in the end, this the right decision: Farage is sacrificing his own Party for the good of the whole (UK parliament), and that takes guts. That takes insight. Please dear God... help the Brexit Party. Help people understand that this logically, is the only sensible thing that Nigel Farage and his board members could have done. I doubt if he came to this decision on his own... There would have been consultation... But there he is, out there, taking it on the chin for the entire Party. Two things are certain... Nigel Farage has balls and the heart of a lion - and it's going to be a very, VERY interesting election !!!! I will be watching here from Sweden on election night, glued to the livestreams!

Please see post-announcement comments from Richard Tice here >

The WeatherMen II - Of Media Money and Men - IPOT Presents - 11.11.19

November 10, 2019

Wonderful documentary, Please share with your networks. It will help out iPOT a lot! The banning and shadow banning of videos on YouTube right now is full-on. Let's help out by sharing!

Note:  I receive no gratuities whatsoever for making this endorsement. I have never had any contact with video channel In Pursuit Of Truth (iPOT). Thanks.

Hunter becomes the hunted. The legacy of Joe Biden former US VP.

- Q

November 10, 2019

Q !!mG7VJxZNCI ID: 72efc4 No.6954607 📁
Anonymous ID: bc9ab2 No.6954435 📁
Just because the 'public' is unaware of something, does not mean 'nothing' is happening.
MUELLER hearing a tactic meant to delay (H) report?
(H) report release necessary prior to [C]omey release?
(H) + [C] = D
D = the start of the mass awakening (WH, ABCs, State, Foreign, ……)
Post D comes many I's.
When BLACKMAIL no longer holds due to LOSS OF SENIOR LEVEL KEY GOV POSITIONS AND 11th HOUR TESTIMONY…………those previously protected become prey.

Q !!mG7VJxZNCI No.212 📁

Q !!mG7VJxZNCI No.153 📁
Q !!mG7VJxZNCI No.152 📁
[Read very carefully]📁
"Child trafficking victims who’ve spent their formative years servicing the carnal desires of men, often foreigners, who are three, four, five or six times their age. Their madam tells me that many of their customers are western humanitarian workers who’ve come here to help rebuild Haiti after the recent run of natural disasters."
The more you know…
"This is far from a ‘vigilante group’; leading the team is ex-Department of Homeland Security special agent Tim Ballard, perhaps America’s foremost human trafficking expert. "The problem in Haiti is an international crisis,” Ballard explains. “With so many children displaced or orphaned during the recent earthquake and hurricane, recruiters moved quickly to sweep these children up. And the worst part of it all is that in many cases the clients are the foreigners who’ve come here to help, the NGO workers and the so-called humanitarians.”

Q !ITPb.qbhqo ID: 8GzG+UJ9 No.150166936 📁
When was this announced?
When did events in SA transpire?
Who controlled a large portion of Twitter stock?
Why is this relevant?
Define oppression.
Who controls the narrative?
Who really controls the narrative?
Who guards the narrative?
Does the MSM shelter and protect select ‘party’ members?
Does this protection insulate these ‘party’ members?
Who controls the narrative?
What laws were put in place to protect the MSM from lawsuits?
Who specifically passed this law?
What is immunity?
What prevents a news organization from simply ‘making up sources & stories’?
What prevents a news organization from simply ‘making up sources & stories’?
What previous SC ruling provided protection to reporters from having to reveal their ‘confidential’ source(s)?
How many people are unaware of the ‘truth’ due to the stranglehold?
How must people be made aware of an alternate reality?
What are crumbs (think H-wood/DC)
Define ‘lead-in’ (think play)?
What has been occurring recently?
The stage must be set.
Crumbs are easy to swallow.
What if Hugh Hefner was /a Clown In America?
What is a honeypot?
Define blackmail.
How could this be applied?
Fantasy land.
No Such Agency.
The hunter becomes the hunted.
Operations underway.
Operators active.
Disinformation is real.
Disinformation is necessary.
Silent war (some gets out).
The Great Awakening.
Iron Eagle.
Godfather III.
The Hunt for Red October.