Swiss Pharaohs

"The Pedophile" (statue) - Bern, Switzerland

Published February 2016. Additional articles added over time.

Please share this vitally important resource on all social media. Everyone in the world needs to make these connections. "The conspiracy" of why this world is in such a mess doesn't stop with the "shadow government" (swamp) in the USA; it doesn't stop with the SES; it doesn't stop with the Queen of England nor the One Square Mile "City of London", nor with The Vatican... The conspiracy of the Death Cult which stands against all of humanity goes all the way back to Switzerland, and back before that all the way to Egypt - to the Pharaonic and Pharaoh-Priesthood bloodline of Egypt. Think: "Priests of Karnak" who were the priests of Amun aka "Amon" or "Amen"... "Amen, Amen, Amen". Do you get it now?

Keep reading to figure out how, when and why. All answers to your questions are below...

The first link is primarily a word of encouragement: The people of the world are waking up - We are seeing past the smoke and mirrors. The reality of "what is" reveals itself to us, at this most marvellous time in history. The truth has been hidden from us for the last 5000 years. Humanity is ready to see. Our time has come. We are ready.

Introduction and articles following by BronnyNZ - Bachelor (BA) in Classical Studies (ancient antiquities, society, politics, religion, philosophy, Latin language, literature - novel, satire, epic, comedy, tragedy, mythology), 14 year evangelical Christian with excellent Biblical knowledge (1973-1987), deep researcher since 2010 of the globalist agenda including the Reserve Bank system #BIS the formation and funding of ISIS, and of ritual child sex sacrifice and trafficking.

Who Controls the Money Controls the World (FED, BIS)

November 13, 2011

Please see articles published on this blog:

Black Magic - Humanity's PERCEPTION is covered over by a "net" or VEIL !!

See the above articles and videos as your introduction to the Swiss Pharaohs. Then watch Chatzefratz's documentary, "The Pharaoh Show", linked at the bottom of this webpage. You will see then how and why the American SES is an agent of the Swiss Pharaohs. 

Consider this: In old Egyptian demotic (earliest script) the death-cult goddess's name "Isis" is spelt like this: "SS". There are no vowels in demotic, only consonants. Think now about every organization, movement or agency that has "S-S" somewhere in its name or in its abbreviation. You will be able to think of dozens. 

All of these "SS" organizations, movements or agents point directly back to Switzerland - the home of the Knights Templar since 1291 CE; the home of the death cult who sacrifice and abuse children [Note: child slavery was abolished in Switzerland only in 1989]; and whose name "Switzerland" means "the sisters of Isis". There is plenty of evidence of the Egyptian Pharaoh bloodline dynasty ending up in Switzerland. Watch Chatzefratz and you too will be astonished, as I was.

See the above articles and videos to give you a foundation for this information, and then look below, and see the "SS" of the Swiss Pharaohs at work within the governance of the USA - "the hidden hand" - the Senior Executive Service (SES).

Part 3. Senior Executive Service (SES). Mind-map of video from 10:55 to end

Final comment:  I add these last articles below not to have a moan, but to show you the synchronicity of when I was shadow-banned by Google and/or Google Blogger - March 27, 2018 which was the day after I published my article:  SES - "What is the keystone?" Q posts. 28:43 - Good bread.

In that article I bring three threads of information together - the quotes of Q Anon, the work of AIM4Truth and the work of Swiss historian Chatzefratz. Together these three sources of information are a very powerful mix. Ever since I made these connections, this blog has been shadow-banned. That, in my mind, is a very powerful symbolic, synchronistic statement indeed.  ie: "somebody" is trying to keep the truth from you.

Please help get the word out about these things by sharing this resource (webpage) on social media and telling as many people as you can. Through awakening many people, humanity will be able to find its way out of financial (debt) slavery, mercenary slavery, slavery of mind, slavery of purpose. We can get out of this hell...  Therefore: Please be part of the "second Great Awakening" (the first was The Renaissance). Please share this information with your Friends, family and networks. Thank you for your excellent efforts in advance - BronnyNZ.

"The one bank that rules them all." - Babylonian

The Pharaoh Show; Alien Predators in Human Appearance - Swiss Secret Symbols in Switzerland

chatzefratz - Published on Feb 19, 2012

"THE PHARAOH SHOW" - A film in English about "the enemy within" and their secret symbols, so they can better identify themselves among each other and other codes of recognition. They rule the world; We are their slaves. Their base: Switzerland. The Crusades: The last stronghold of the Templars' Accon fell on May 18th 1291. Only two-and-a-half months later Switzerland was founded on August 1st 1291 - which is the exact time it took to travel from Jerusalem to Switzerland by horseback in those days.

So the Templar's treasure was hidden in Switzerland, with which the Swiss banks were founded. All wars were being financed by this treasure ever since. Out of the Templars came the Freemasons. The Pharaoh bloodline (descendants) are still there in Switzerland, and are ruling the world through secret societies.

Remember the reference in the Book of the Exodus: "and the Pharaoh and his army disappeared in the sea" ... the sea of peoples that is. Through mixing with the local people they came across, they are amongst us. They have taken up all key positions within economic, politics, education, health, food production... Switzerland is their biggest base - It's the home of the Templars. This is why the Swiss flag shows a simplified Templar's flag in exactly the same colours. They did it.  - See chatzefratz on YouTube.

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  1. I have been banned multiple times posting my own research regarding the whole secret leaders of the world and was even able to find out exactly who it is that secretly control even the queen and the governments around the worlds and they are those who would be considered entrepreneurs that stay secretly in contact via LinkIn and act as just simple “business contacts” but they do indeed hold their rituals in different locations around the world and CERN is one of their most practiced and heavily ritualistic locations and I’ve even tried using your link as supposed but they won’t allow it to be posted and that’s a clear red flag... I’m just a random person who was blinded until this pandemic forced me to see that something was wrong and then as I did my own research on top of the what I already was aware in the specific field of systemic control and it all comes down the the beginning of the pharaohs and the fact that even the Bible dictates that both God and the Devil walked this earth WITH Adam and Eve wether people are willing or prepared to accept the truth; however acceptance of this fact would mean (letting go) and trusting in your own destiny/ fate to a higher level of existence but that something people are programmed to refer from the time we are born until now thanks to “The Veil” you touched up on with great detail!


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