Thursday 30 March 2017

Kin's domain - Space of Love. President Trump shows the way !!

An open letter to President Donald Trump
Published March 29, 2017

Please copy the text of this letter and adapt it for your own country.
Please send your letter to the politicians in your country who oversee the Environment and Housing.
Thank you.


Dear President Trump,

You are a very powerful man. That is why I am speaking to the Man in you, the man that will change our future. You know that our country is very beautiful, that’s why I believe you love it so much. How much more so would it be if we were able to make it even more beautiful! I know you have an eye for beauty, that’s why you married your beautiful wife and have created many beautiful properties.

I’ll cut to the chase here: we need to create beautiful family estates for everyone. We can call them Kin’s Domains. Each Kin’s Domain will range from 2.5 to 3.5 acres and will belong to Family Communities of 375 acres that are managed by an elected government official. Each small parcel of land will be given to a US applicant based on a lottery system. It will be given tax free on a trial period of five years. After five years, if the owner has not used the land for the purpose of growing food, then the land will be given back to the elected government official for redistribution.

Every Kin’s Domain may have full grown trees, surrounding hedges, a pond, houses and outbuilding, gardens, orchards, meadows, with full access to plumbing, electricity, and roads. In this way a family or single owner may provide our nation with top-grade food products that can be sold locally and we will have a completely self-reliant and sustainable nation. Not dependent on foreign products!

I do not know your political relations with President Vladimir Putin, but I trust it is a good one. Putin has already passed a law granting free parcels of land to Russian citizens in the Far East. This will happen all around the world. Why not let America be one of the leaders, if not the ultimate leader in this grand dream? I propose that you let Oregon be a pilot testing ground for this work, starting with 375 acres. If it succeeds, then other parcels of land can be started right away and we can make this country beautiful again! Please see the attached law proposal, modified and edited from the book “The New Civilisation” by Vladimir Megre.

Administrator of "Kins Domains Network Oregon"

Thursday 2 March 2017



Sweden used to have these freedoms... It doesn't now !!

- FREEDOM for your women and children to wear what they want

- FREEDOM to go out for a beer and not be hassled by these people or be drugged and gang-raped

- FREEDOM to put a Christmas tree in your town square if you want

- FREEDOM to go Christmas caroling around your neighbourhood without being attacked

- FREEDOM to hang non-halal blood sausage in your shop window

- FREEDOM for a woman to walk down the street on her own

- FREEDOM for a woman to show her face and hair in public, and not feel cautious about being attacked

- FREEDOM for your children to get a good education at school. Teachers currently just "manage" classrooms.

- FREEDOM to not have to wait for 6 hours in a hospital ER because "dark" shooter victims keep taking priority

- FREEDOM to sleep in peace at night

- FREEDOM to know that your teenage son is not being beaten up by gangs of Muslims

- FREEDOM to know your 13 year old daughter isn't being gang-raped by 20 Muslim men at a summer music festival

- FREEDOM to know your day's labour isn't going to ungratefuls

- FREEDOM to know your car will not be burned out in the morning by jealous Muslims shouting "Allahu akbar!"

- FREEDOM to work and make money without someone physically attacking you for being "white and rich"

- FREEDOM to wait at a train station after dark and not get raped

- FREEDOM to have blonde hair. Many women now dye their hair dark so they "blend in" and don't have to fight off the arseholes stroking or pulling at their hair in the street! Ffs !!

- FREEDOM to be over 70 years old and for there to actually be enough room for you (a former Swedish tax payer) in social housing. Elder homelessness has become an epidemic in Sweden

- FREEDOM to be over 30 years old and not have to wait for 6 years before an apartment becomes available

- FREEDOM to sentence criminals according to their crime

- FREEDOM to DEPORT criminals of all ages back to their OWN COUNTRY OF BIRTH - even if they have residency !!

- FREEDOM to pass your own laws to protect your quiet living and tax-paying population

- FREEDOM for the press to write the TRUTH and not be muzzled by the Swedish Constitution. The press is currently so damned scared they will be sued for being "racist" that they don't tell their own people about what is happening in their own country... Such as the dangers for young women going out to bars at night. No Swedish publication prints exactly what has happened to so many young women if they start talking to Arabic men at a pub - Abduction!! Gang rape!!  "Taharrush" - "the rape game". You have to go to overseas news outlets for the Truth, and the Swedes don't know to do that!  *god help us*

- FREEDOM to fully vet and check out the immigrants you do accept to live in your country

- FREEDOM to have a happy life

- FREEDOM to know you do not live in a conflict zone


- Donald J. Trump


Here's the bill YOU PAY to keep these ungrateful lunatics in your country...

Please bear in mind that Sweden has a population of only 9.5 million people. A conservative 500,000 of these are the Muslim immigrants and refugees who started arriving in droves since 2006.  They all have their hand out for the "free money" that socialist Sweden pays its citizenry when they have struck hard times.

NOTE: The large majority of these "refugees" are not refugees at all - they are economic opportunists !!

After marching through Turkey and entering Europe, they got to the Baltic States. When the immigrants realised they were not going to get fine houses and lots of Euros in Bulgaria, Hungary and Poland, over they marched into Germany. And when they found out that even ISIS fighters* who repeatedly come and go from Sweden get paid an unemployment benefit when they cross back over the border, no problems, then that's where these lying opportunists headed.

* The Swedish authorities have a Register for ISIS fighters. The authorities know exactly who these killers and rapists are!  And yet, do they get turned out of the country ??  - "That would be racist," comes the catch-cry.


Here's the bill to the Swedish tax-payer.

Report on Breitbart 2015 

SWEDEN SPENT 73 BILLION KRONA = US $8,032,832,400  on paying immigrants "free money" in 2016 !! 

SWEDEN SPENT 583 BILLION KRONA = US $$64,152,620,400  on paying immigrants "free money" 2015 !! 

Total for 2015 + 2016 put together?

US $72,186,000,000 

SEK 656,000,000,000

Ok. I see the game now #KalergiPlan #EnrichingTheBanksters

See how Hungary dealt with that little problem:
Hungary Kicks Out The Bankers - August 2013

And Iceland: 
Iceland Declares Independence from International Banks  2008-2012

And how do the Muslim immigrants thank the Swedes for their crowns (krona)? 

They BURN your cars, grope between your women's legs on the bus and punch them in the face when they're out buying groceries. They rape your 12-year-old girls in gangs. A lot of these people have  < 80 IQ points* and are third world illiterates, even in their own languages. Most are incapable of joining the dots together. They will never realise that the "free money" they get comes from the labour of the Swedish people. They don't get it !!

* Someone is officially deemed to be "mentally challenged" (handicapped) if their IQ is 70 and under.

So what will happen... ??  

The Swedes will get REALLY fucked off as a nation - ALL 8.5 MILLION native Swedes and quietly integrated immigrants from all countries for the last 80 years, will chase every last little fucker out of their country

- All of those with angry faces, sneering, name-calling, belligerent, methamphetamines-dealing, illegal gun carrying "gansta" wanna-bees, anti-democratic"Sharia Law NOW" banner-waving protesters, rapists and pedophiles, human traffickers of 10-year old 1/2 Swede-1/2 Arab girls (lots of money changing hands between the girl's father and wealthy old uncles in the home country), "Allahu akbar" shouting, flag-burning, bearded cap wearing, blood sacrificing, brutal male circumcision and female clitoris-removing hijab and burka-wearing Muslims  !! 

The Swedes will KICK THEM OUT !!

The Swedes will then realise what a precious thing they have claimed back - THEIR CULTURE !! 

>>  Quiet, calm, peace-loving, kind, considerate non-reactive, extremely stable, extremely polite, extremely generous, extremely intelligent... Sweet and good. A nation of people who go about their own business and don't interfere in other people's affairs.  

This is your culture !! It's beautiful !!

Stand up for it !! NEVER lose it !!


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- And you don't think you have any culture ??

What a crock. Sweden's culture is the best !!!  

The whole world knows it and you are

letting it slip through your fingers !! 

NOW it's time to FIGHT for it and get it back !!


Never say "die"